İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

home runs   (ev koşusu)

He surrendered a league-high 21 home runs in 1938.

He hit .368 with 14 home runs and 52 RBI in 1969.

He hit .310 with 29 home runs and 89 rus batted in.

runs through   (içinden geçiyor)

The plant's FERC license runs through August 2014.

State Highway 12 runs through Opononi and Omapere.

Provincial Highway S222 runs through the township.

runs along   (birlikte koşmak)

A public footpath runs along the eastern boundary.

The district runs along Central Ave. from Peace Ln.

The Elbe Cycleway runs along the banks of the Elbe.

runs between   (arasında koşuyor)

The Lakewood division runs between Tacoma and DuPont.

Bell Lane runs between Main Street and Engineer Lane.

The gorge runs between Freyung and Ringelai.

runs away

Her father forbids her to see him, so she runs away.

She runs away from Brutus and finds the Prince.

Sara knocks him out and runs away with Therese.

runs batted   (hırpalanmış çalışır)

He had two runs batted in and scored two runs.

He had 1 home run, 10 runs batted in, and 7 runs scored.

He batted .212, and collected 49 hits and 17 runs batted in.

runs scored

He batted .245 (27-for-110) with 17 runs scored.

Right fielder Nemo Leibold hit .302 with 81 runs scored.

He had 1 home run, 10 runs batted in, and 7 runs scored.

runs off

Merle shoots Michonne in the leg, she then runs off.

When done playing, the band runs off the field.

She runs off but he catches her and chokes her.

runs parallel   (paralel çalışır)

Interstate 5 runs parallel to the hills on the east.

It runs parallel to east Chao Phraya river all the route.

line runs

The line runs both underground and on the surface.

The line runs across much of coastal Xihai'an.

The line runs on a platform 8 at the station.

runs north

The Jōban Line runs north and south in the city.

The Oita Kotsu Company runs north of the city.

K-4 then runs north of the town of Herington.

earned runs

In 3 games, he gave up 4 earned runs and struck out 3.

He pitched 3 innings of relief and gave up 4 earned runs.

He also gave up 62 runs, but only 41 of them were earned runs.

highway runs

A highway runs along the eastern arm of the lake.

From there the highway runs southeast toward Sanford.

In between, the highway runs for in rural UP forest lands.

then runs

The road then runs concurrent with Route 94 for .

The horse then runs into bushes and Robin falls off.

Merle shoots Michonne in the leg, she then runs off.

road runs   (yol koşusu)

The A390 road runs through the north of the parish.

The road runs through a fairly rural area in Birkenes.

The A258 Sandwich to Dover road runs through the parish.

now runs

The Bass Coast Rail Trail now runs thought the site.

She now runs her own production company, Socius Realm.

He now runs a construction business in London.

route runs

The route runs on Texas Avenue in both cities.

A main cycle route runs along the Escamplaan through Houtwijk.

Past Custer Park, the route runs past Kankakee River State Park.

runs east

Interstate 88 serves the Illinois Quad Cities and runs east to Chicago.

The fault runs east of the Puracé volcano and south of the Nevado del Huila.

Dobbins Road, named after J.C. Dobbins, runs east and west just north of the park.

runs south

It runs south from Metro Manila to northeastern Cavite.

The route runs south with US 371 in a concurrency along Vine Street.

Outside of town, the trunkline runs south of Runkle Lake through hilly, wooded terrain.

runs across   (rastlamak)

The line runs across much of coastal Xihai'an.

"Thenali" completed 175-day runs across halls in South India.

Michael runs across a crossroad.

runs down   (tükendi)

She leaves the building and runs down a busy street.

She realises through a note he gives her what has happened and runs down to the beach.

A thin, white stripe runs down the middle of the back from behind the head to the rump.

currently runs

Liberles currently runs an active research group.

It currently runs on "The Works" television network.

The tunnel currently runs underneath the Adriatic Highway.

runs against   (karşı koşmak)

(Year: 35–18, 250 runs scored, 178 runs against) David Freese's 20-game hit streak.

Jo runs against Mandi for Homecoming Court and their campaign threatens Tyler and Jo's relationship.

Lillee's career-best figures for an innings were 7 wickets for 83 runs against the West Indies in 1981.

runs allowed

He led the American League in earned runs allowed, with (144) in 1939.

For the year, he finished second in the league in home runs allowed with 27.

He led the National League in home runs allowed and was second in hits allowed.

more runs

Goldschmidt hit two more runs the next day as the Diamondbacks won 3-2.

The Yankees would add three more runs in the seventh to put the game away.

Doubles by Steven Patterson and Bradley Zimmer plated four more runs in the inning.

runs up

Kathy runs up the stairs looking for the kids.

An aerial cableway also runs up from the coast to the station.

State Highway 115 begins in Cañon City and runs up Nevada Avenue.

runs before

The steam runs before it empties into Reeds Creek.

When the storm arrives, he runs before the wind.

The stream runs before it empties into the Ottawa River.

river runs   (nehir koşusu)

The river runs in narrow, deep and steep valleys.

The river runs generally from north-west to south-east.

The White Drin river runs through the canyon.

runs past

The River Nene runs past the village in a series of locks.

A conveyance channel of the Rio Grande runs past Bernardo.

At Wellingsbüttel, the Alster runs past Wellingsbüttel Manor.

runs west

The rue Lecomte du Nouÿ runs west from the boulevard Murat in arrondissement 16.

From the Las Yerbitas junction, a paved highway runs west for 25 km to Guadalupe y Calvo.

The route begins at the Oklahoma state line at OK-1 and runs west to Highway 27 at Washita.

runs per

He scored 1903 runs at an average of 105.72 runs per innings.

Beltré averaged .265 and 18 home runs per season from 1999 through 2003.

He headed the bowling averages, with 40 wickets at 11.90 runs per wicket.

runs alongside   (yanında koşmak)

The Wadi Bakka or Wadi Bekka runs alongside the village.

The area runs alongside the A68 road about north of Corbridge.

The station has only one entrance as the Buckingham canal runs alongside.

runs concurrently   (eşzamanlı olarak çalışır)

Westbound US 460 runs concurrently with US 60 Alt.

The process runs concurrently with medicalization.

US 17 runs concurrently with US 50 for the remainder of its course.

service runs

A street car service runs on rails on the Mainstreet.

A ferry service runs between the village and Ardminish on the Isle of Gigha.

The service runs from 0700 until 1900 or later, depending on the day and time of year.

runs around   (çevrede koşmak)

It runs around the western side of the Bedford Basin.

A waymarked footpath runs around Eschenberg.

Garfield runs around the monsters, and the monster trips.

zone that runs

Guam is the closest land mass to the Mariana Trench, the deep subduction zone that runs east of the Marianas.

runs back   (geri koşar)

As he runs back to his room to his wife, he locks the door.

Tom appreciates Jerry's warning and the mouse runs back to his hole.

It then runs back to the neck.

runs roughly

The mountain range runs roughly northwest to southeast.

It runs roughly north to south from King's Road to Glebe Place.

It runs roughly north to south from Tregunter Road to Fulham Road.

road that runs   (çalışan yol)

There's a little road that runs round the back of the ground.

Connel lies on the A85 trunk road that runs between Oban and Perth.

It is easily visible from the SS6 road that runs from Canelli to Asti.

most runs   (çoğu koşu)

In 1978 he scored the most runs in the NL, with 104.

The team that scores the most runs by the end of the game is the winner.

He also broke the record for scoring the most runs (360) in a three match ODI series.

still runs   (hala koşuyor)

De Jong still runs the company and operates as CEO.

Servants of the People Society still runs the paper.

The French series also still runs to this day.

season runs

The 2018 season runs from March through to October.

TAG’s season runs from September through July.

A dry season runs from December through March.

runs the length

The building now there runs the length of the block.

A gable roof runs the length of the structure.

The Ribble Way runs the length of the dale.

road runs through   (yol geçiyor)

The A390 road runs through the north of the parish.

The road runs through a fairly rural area in Birkenes.

The A258 Sandwich to Dover road runs through the parish.

runs his own

He runs his own record company, Lundgren Music.

He married and runs his own clinic in China.

Optamus (Griffiths) runs his own label, Opt Shop records.

highway that runs

The route is mostly a four-lane highway that runs through wooded areas in Central Jersey.

BR-232 is a highway that runs east-west, starting in Recife - Pernambuco and goes up to west ending in Parnamirim.

The Trans-Kalimantan Highway Southern Route is a semi-circular highway that runs along the coastlines of Kalimantan.

time runs

It must be done before the time runs out.

The team not holding the disc when time runs out scores a point.

If time runs out, it is game over.

runs east–west

Ship Street, Oxford Ship Street is a short street in central Oxford, England that runs east–west.

State Highway 45 runs east–west from just south of Highway 183 in Cedar Park to 130 inside Pflugerville (just east of Round Rock).

I-696 (Reuther Freeway) runs east–west from the junction of I-96 and I-275, providing a route through the northern suburbs of Detroit.

no runs

Stammen pitched 6 innings and allowed no runs.

In the nightcap, Burdette pitched a full inning, allowing a hit but no runs.

he pitched 8⅓ innings, allowed no runs, struck out two, and received the win.

runs during

The Orioles had 8 home runs during the game, a franchise record.

Services included twice daily evening runs during commute hours.

The season runs during the winter and is called the Fiesta Brava.

state highway runs   (devlet karayolu çalışır)

The state highway runs from U.S. Route 23 Business (US 23 Business) north to SR 600 at Stonega.

The state highway runs from the North Carolina state line, where the highway continues as North Carolina Highway 89 (NC 89), north to U.S. Route 58 and US 221 in Galax.

Known for most of its length as Kentucky Avenue, the state highway runs from U.S. Route 23 Business and US 58 Alternate Business in Norton east to US 58 Alternate near Norton.

trail runs

A mountain trail runs through the ancient forest here.

The first segment of the trail runs downhill for 0.9 mile.

The trail runs and is maintained by Three Rivers Park District.

train runs

The train runs at an average speed of 70 km per hour.

The train runs with 17 coaches.

The train runs over the level crossing first and then stops on the platform.

runs every

It runs every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes.

It runs every 20 minutes between 05:30 and 22:30 hours.

The colony runs every August for up to 20 invited artists.

test runs   (test koşuları)

In the event not all of the planned North Wales Coast Line test runs were completed.

The summer of 1901 saw a series of test runs, culminating in record-breaking speeds of .

20 October 2013: J549 undertakes its first test runs after completion of a 9-year overhaul.

runs north–south

61, which runs north–south along the west coast.

It runs north–south through Texas County for a total of .

It runs north–south, separating Cornwallis Island and Devon Island.

touchdown runs

"I just saw green," said Williams of his two touchdown runs.

Rice scored on touchdown runs of 7 and 15 yards and finished with 99 yards on 18 carries.

Williams had two short touchdown runs to give the Hokies a 14–0 lead in the second quarter.

runs several

The society runs several internal debating competitions each year.

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning runs several off-campus programs.

It is also the name of an organisation that runs several lodges in the okavango-delta.

runs northeast

It runs northeast towards the town center and interchanges with I-89 at Exit 4.

The route begins in Hughes at Highway 38 and runs northeast across US Route 79 (US 79) at North Hughes.

PA 10 runs northeast through agricultural areas with some trees and homes and crosses into Upper Oxford Township.

runs via

It runs via Gaylord and Atlanta through forested terrain.

Further sections of the waterway runs via the canal to Nakło nad Notecią through 14 water locks.

6 feeder runs via Pickering which received gas from a treatment plant for the onshore Lockton gas field.

runs throughout   (boyunca koşar)

Downtown Nuevo Laredo runs throughout the whole avenue.

It runs throughout the year except Deepavali and Pongal festival day.

A broad and uninterrupted bright yellow lateral stripe runs throughout the body.

runs to win

India set Ceylon 259 runs to win in 75 minutes.

England were left needing 124 runs to win.

Ireland beat Namibia by 27 runs to win the third-place playoff.

line that runs

They lie on the imaginary line that runs from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the matrix.

Stia is home to a terminal railway station on the line that runs down the valley, following the Arno, to Arezzo.

Non-stop trains occasionally run on this route when there are track works on the main line that runs via Woking.

runs just   (sadece koşar)

The European route E6 highway runs just south of the village.

Chicago Avenue runs just to the north of Westlake Hospital in Melrose Park.

It then runs just north of Geneseo and along the Rice/Ellsworth County line.

runs near   (yaklaşıyor)

Des Moines County Highway 99 runs near this site.

The GR 10 footpath also runs near the dolmen.

The A91 road runs near to the ground and is accessed from junction 9 of the M80 motorway.

career home runs   (kariyer ev çalışır)

Ron had 26 career home runs, 130 RBIs, and 27 stolen bases.

Jones' 259 career home runs as a centerfielder ranked 13th most in MLB history.

He retired at season's end with a .261 career batting average, 44 career home runs, and 268 runs batted in.

runs short

Also she runs short races during the year.

When the match ended, Warwickshire were 133 for 5, nine runs short of victory, and the match was drawn.

PR 210 runs short concurrences with other provincial roads on three occasions: with PR 302 through La Broquerie, with PR 207 through Ste.

runs directly

The Artists' Way runs directly by the mill.

The dam survived the 1906 earthquake despite the fact that the fault runs directly under the dam.

As the river runs directly through the biosphere reserve, it has a strong impact on ecosystems within it.

runs approximately

Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes and has two parts.

The range runs approximately from U.S. Highway 50 to Walsenburg.

Each episode runs approximately 30 minutes (including commercials).

runs towards

It then runs towards Richmond upon Thames through the west of Kew.

In the ensuing melee, Madanlal escapes the mansion and runs towards the shore.

When a survivor runs towards them, he tells them an unknown alien is chasing him.

runs southeast

From there the highway runs southeast toward Sanford.

The route runs southeast into the town of Orwell, where it crosses Route 22A.

The trunkline turns east on Rogers Road south of Patricia Lake and then runs southeast into Antrim County.

runs northwest   (kuzeybatı çalışır)

Past Leeper, the highway runs northwest, intersecting PA 208, and exiting the county.

While the Dukes Highway runs northwest from Bordertown, Cannawigara Road runs due west.

The route runs northwest, passing through the center of town and crossing over U.S. Route 202 (US 202) / SR 4.

runs a number   (bir sayı çalıştırır)

The force also runs a number of BMW X5s for use as escort vehicles.

The company also runs a number of gas stations under the Esso banner.

The DCC runs a number of regular events to support different aspects of its mission.

runs and took

In three Tests, he scored 94 runs and took five wickets.

Leech scored 8 runs and took one catch.

From the middle order, he scored 8 runs and took one stumping.

only runs   (sadece koşar)

The club currently only runs a football section.

The Dodgers scored twice in Game 1, but those would be only runs they would score in the "entire series".

Bill Dickey provided the game's only runs on a home run in the sixth after a two-out walk off of Mort Cooper.

railway runs

The railway runs on a wide turn to the right to the east.

In its last section the railway runs beside Quebec Route 389.

A now dismantled railway runs through the Community, generally following the Wye valley.

river runs through   (nehir geçiyor)

The White Drin river runs through the canyon.

Sutlej river runs through it.

A tributary to the Malski (Sadinski) Lom river runs through the village.

production runs

Opedal's total book production runs to 7,500 pages.

Each production runs from 2 to 5 weekends.

that could be - and often were - updated or swapped interchangeably during production runs.

road which runs   (çalışan yol)

The road which runs next to the new Midlothian stadium is named in his honor.

The village is situated on the A371 road which runs from Wincanton, to Weston-super-Mare.

The dale is accessible by a narrow road which runs from Dent south to Kingsdale and Ingleton.

number of runs   (koşu sayısı)

In the east, the Quad, a 4-person lift services a number of runs.

In each of the two matches, the home team won "by a great number of runs".

A game is usually composed of nine innings, and the team with the greater number of runs at the end of the game wins.

line runs through

A darker dorsal line and a thin yellowish to white line runs through the spiracles.

A CN rail line runs through the community also, terminating at the Louisiana Pacific mill.

The western line runs through some huge artificial ground-elevations and a number of hill-tunnels.

club runs

The club runs the Greenock Sevens tournament.

The club runs two adult teams and a host of youth teams.

The club runs five senior sides and twelve junior teams.

runs through more

The road runs through more woodland, with nearby residential development increasing.

Here, PA 35 becomes Shade Valley Road and runs through more agricultural areas in a valley.

PA 25 continues into Lykens Township and runs through more rural areas with occasional homes.

runs behind   (geride koşar)

There is a line which runs behind the head.

A crimson line runs behind the head.

England, struggling to cope with this, made only 177 and was forced to follow on 114 runs behind.

long runs   (uzun koşu)

We knew it was going to be good in the long runs.

This avoids long runs of heavy speaker cables.

The following is an annotated alphabetical list of other musicals that set records for long runs.

route runs through

The route runs through parts of Addison, Rutland, and Windsor counties.

The route runs through shopping areas, passing to the west of Nittany Mall.

The route runs through a mix of farm fields and woods with some homes, curving to the north.

print runs

The catalogs were so successful they expanded print runs from 50,000 to 500,000 one year later.

Modern digital typography has reduced the costs of typesetting substantially, especially for small print runs.

Sunday comics sections employed offset color printing with multiple print runs imitating a wide range of colors.

runs all

According to residents, this section runs all year round.

It runs all Higher School Certificate (HSC) relevant music courses.

It runs all national football tournaments and manages the national football teams.

most home runs   (çoğu ev koşusu)

The Bronx Bombers also set a Major League record for most home runs in a season with 240.

Wigginton still holds the school's records for most home runs in a game, most runs in a season, and most doubles in a season.

On May 21, Jones hit his 124th career home run at Camden Yards, tying him with Rafael Palmeiro for most home runs in ballpark history.

runs concurrent   (eşzamanlı çalışır)

The road then runs concurrent with Route 94 for .

SR 17 then stays close to but never runs concurrent with SR 120.

North of Sanford, NC 87 runs concurrent with US 15/US 501 to Pittsboro.

street runs

The street runs from Paradise Square to Quaking Bridge, across Castle Mill Stream.

The street runs along the "Kleiner Tiergarten" park, and past the Moabit courthouse.

The street runs south-west to north-east from Lowndes Street to a junction with Wilton Terrace, Wilton Crescent, and Belgrave Mews North.

runs adjacent

US 75 runs adjacent to I-680 for before turning south at 30th Street.

Lake Shore Drive runs adjacent to a large portion of Chicago's waterfront.

A section of the Brampton Valley Way runs adjacent to the Northampton & Lamport Railway.

owns and runs

St John owns and runs the Ambulance Communication Centres in Auckland and Christchurch.

Within the City, the Corporation owns and runs both Smithfield Market and Leadenhall Market.

Teegarden currently owns and runs Teegarden Studios, located in the historic Pearl District of Tulsa, Oklahoma.