İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

rural locality   (kırsal bölge)

Bezbozhnik (rural locality) Bezbozhnik (, lit.

He grew up on a farm in the small rural locality of Babakin.

Egelabra, New South Wales is a rural locality of Warren Shire.

rural areas   (kırsal bölgeler)

At least in rural areas water is provided for free.

In rural areas, some intersections are uncontrolled.

Generally, monks are invited to home in rural areas.

rural district   (kırsal bölge)

The station served the village and the rural district.

This rural district has 22 villages.

The rural district has 100 villages.

rural localities   (kırsal bölgeler)

"godless") is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Vybor Vybor () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Sogra Sogra () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

rural area   (Kırsal alan)

Modrica was a nursery of schools in the rural area.

It covers a rural area in southern Luapula Province.

It served a very rural area in Dumfries and Galloway.

rural communities   (kırsal topluluklar)

Guabina is most popular in rural communities.

Ghana has continued to be a nation of rural communities.

He is the representation of how winter used to attack rural communities.

rural community   (kırsal toplum)

Santa Marta is a rural community in the Department of Cabañas.

Mayo has remained an essentially rural community to the present day.

Several rural community radio stations function with foreign funding.

rural municipality   (kırsal belediye)

center of tribeni rural municipality : Kharaneta.

The rural municipality has two heritage properties:

Neuhorst is a part of rural municipality Corman Park No.

rural population   (kırsal nüfus)

Sahnaya has a rural population and a hot climate.

The writer pays tribute to the rural population of the province.

There he described 10% of the rural population of Ukraine as being "surplus".

urban and rural   (kentsel ve kırsal)

The kitchens can be divided into the urban and rural kitchens.

The hospital serves the needs of patients from urban and rural Pune.

In 1875, the county was divided into urban and rural sanitary districts.

rural districts   (kırsal bölgeler)

Nominal changes only to reflect changes to rural districts.

Data are collected by authorities in selected rural districts and urban slums in the country.

Today there is a large density of plastics industry in the city and rural districts around Ansbach.

more rural   (daha kırsal)

They differ in that GLR takes place on much more rural routes.

They are typically, though not always, found in more rural areas.

past Eastville as it runs north-northeast through more rural areas.

through rural   (kırsal alanda)

The trail then starts heading through rural north Brooklyn Park.

It heads to the north-northwest through rural portions of the county.

The highway zig-zags through rural areas in the southeast of the county.

small rural   (küçük kırsal)

It is a small rural bridge in Corson County, South Dakota.

He also defended small rural landholdings.

He grew up on a farm in the small rural locality of Babakin.

rural gmina   (kırsal güzellik)

Chojnów is the administrative seat of the rural gmina called Gmina Chojnów, although the town is not part of its territory and forms a separate urban gmina.

rural commune   (kırsal komün)

Thạnh Ngãi Thạnh Ngãi is a rural commune of Mỏ Cày Bắc District, Bến Tre Province, Vietnam.

Phú Mỹ, Bến Tre Phú Mỹ is a rural commune of Mỏ Cày Bắc District, Bến Tre Province, Vietnam.

Tân Phú Tây Tân Phú Tây is a rural commune of Mỏ Cày Bắc District, Bến Tre Province, Vietnam.

rural development   (kırsal gelişim)

It also promotes rural development and welfare.

The visit confirmed her understanding that more actions should be directed towards rural development.

IATP develops alternative economic models that integrate environmental sustainability into rural development.

rural village   (kırsal köy)

Hambledon is a rural village surrounded by fields and woods.

Manjalloor Manjalloor is a rural village, 3 km from Vazhakulam.

The indentured workers originated mostly from rural village backgrounds.

rural town   (kırsal kasaba)

Abdelwahab was born in the rural town of Faiyum.

Dunn grew up in the then rural town of Hartland, Michigan.

Walters grew up poor in the rural town of Munfordville, Kentucky.

several rural   (birkaç kırsal)

"godless") is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Vybor Vybor () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Sogra Sogra () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

rural life   (kırsal yaşam)

Pirosmani was fond of nature and rural life.

Their paintings depict problematic aspects of farming and rural life today.

It stresses the superiority of a simpler rural life as opposed to the complexity of city life.

rural and urban   (Kırsal ve kentsel)

The cane toad has since become abundant in rural and urban areas.

The population is divided almost evenly between rural and urban areas.

Economic inequality remains widespread, with a major gap between rural and urban areas.

several rural localities   (birkaç kırsal yerleşim yeri)

"godless") is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Vybor Vybor () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

Sogra Sogra () is the name of several rural localities in Russia:

mostly rural   (çoğunlukla kırsal)

It passes through mostly rural and exurban communities.

The riding was mostly rural.

The highway is mostly rural, except for the segments in Cleveland and Clarkesville.

largely rural   (büyük ölçüde kırsal)

Until 1921 Canada was a largely rural nation.

It is a largely rural pronunciation and is often stigmatized.

It is a largely rural county, populated mainly by Han Chinese.

rural part   (kırsal kısım)

On July 6, 1988, twelve-year-old Sarah Cherry was abducted while babysitting at a home in a rural part of Bowdoin, Maine.

Originally an outlying rural part of Eltham, it became a separate locality with the opening of the Eltham North Primary School in 1925.

In a rural part of Europe, Leon fights hordes of villagers infected by a mind-controlling parasite, and reunites with the spy Ada Wong.

rural setting   (kırsal alan)

Before the industrial revolution, Aalen's economy was shaped by its rural setting.

He felt he could better recover in a rural setting from his lengthy preaching trips.

Known throughout Ireland as Violet Hill, the College has occupied its rural setting since 1829.

through rural areas   (kırsal alanlarda)

The highway zig-zags through rural areas in the southeast of the county.

It travels through rural areas of the county and passes into Burke County.

The route heads northwest through rural areas until it enters Bacon County.

town and rural   (kasaba ve kırsal)

Ayourou Ayourou (or Ayorou or Ayerou) is a town and rural commune in the Tillabéri Region, in western Niger.

Apart from the Dinhata municipality, the subdivision contains one census town and rural areas of 33 gram panchayats under three community development blocks: Dinhata–I, Dinhata–II and Sitai.

surrounding rural   (çevresindeki kırsal)

At the , Tharbogang and the surrounding rural area had a population of 676.

It was based in Tasmania's second city, Launceston, and the surrounding rural area.

many rural   (çok kırsal)

Folk songs are very important and popular in the many rural areas of the state.

Like many rural Australian publications, it is now part of the Fairfax Media group.

They serve all the major cities and many rural areas, complemented by bus connections where needed.

rural settlements   (kırsal yerleşimler)

They live mostly in rural settlements.

There are 22 rural settlements in Armenia with Yazidi majority.

Two major rural settlements grew in the area: Rescalda and Rescaldina.

rural villages   (kırsal köyler)

In rural villages, chiefs or elders are empowered to try minor cases.

However, most came from rural villages in northern and southern India.

Population in 1990 was 1,001,455; 551,124 in the district centers, 450,331 in rural villages.

rural schools   (kırsal okullar)

In 1972, she went to Chad, to work in rural schools.

There are two elementary schools, one middle school and two rural schools.

Prior to 1958, the district was served by a series of smaller rural schools.

more rural areas   (daha kırsal alanlar)

They are typically, though not always, found in more rural areas.

past Eastville as it runs north-northeast through more rural areas.

The road heads through more rural areas before crossing into Freeburg.

rural parts   (kırsal bölgeler)

In rural parts, there are numerous climbing lanes along the route.

Cooperative banks play a great part in providing credit in rural parts of India.

In the rural parts of Ecuador, indigenous beliefs and Catholicism are sometimes syncretized.

rural school   (kırsal okul)

Canales returned to Jayuya and worked at a local rural school.

It is a large rural school built 1897-1900 by Eli Shomaker, with roof of wood shingles.

Also with the rural school being open on the west, there was a new tool for community workers.

rural settlement   (kırsal yerleşim)

Until the mid-19th century Misterbianco was a small rural settlement.

Many Slovenian surnames are linked to Medieval rural settlement patterns.

The entire settlement has been named a national historic rural settlement.

rural land   (kırsal arazi)

Under the new system, most territorial authorities cover both urban and rural land.

In August 2003, Baugh purchased a small piece of rural land in Northern California.

The highway runs north through rural land with nearby buildings and enters Burlington Township.

village and rural   (köy ve kırsal)

It served the village and rural district of Grayrigg, Cumbria, England.

St Mellion St Mellion () is a village and rural civil parish in east Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.

Tharbogang Tharbogang is a village and rural locality in the Riverina region of southwest New South Wales, Australia.

rural regions   (kırsal bölgeler)

She works to introduce and maintain high quality water systems in rural regions.

This reflects the fact that 7.5 million people in rural regions live below the federal poverty line.

A shortage of women in rural regions, however, meant that some farmers were forced into bachelorhood.

predominantly rural   (ağırlıklı olarak kırsal)

The constituency is predominantly rural.

The municipal territory extends over a predominantly rural area of .

The region is predominantly rural, with much open space, forests and farms.

rural gardens   (kırsal bahçeler)

Because of their dense and widespread population and their adaptability to pasturelands and rural gardens, their prognosis is a positive one.

It is a terrestrial species found in steppe, grassland, olive groves, cultivated land, meadows, rural gardens, sparsely vegetated sand dunes and scrubby areas.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, dry savanna, moist savanna, swamps, freshwater marshes, intermittent freshwater marshes, plantations, rural gardens, heavily degraded former forest, and ponds.

living in rural   (kırsal alanda yaşamak)

Benoît is a young teenage boy living in rural Quebec.

The country was predominantly rural with 65% of the population living in rural areas.

Especially for women living in rural areas of France, the closing of the churches meant a loss of normalcy.

other rural   (diğer kırsal yerler)

Alongside many other rural publications in Australia (e.g.

Like a number of other rural newspapers, it is owned by Fairfax Media.

The school building is typical of other rural schoolhouses built in Kansas.

rural people   (Kırsal insanlar)

The story celebrates free love among young rural people.

The key focus is on the rural people.

This was opposed by some rural people who had been incited to war.

rural roads   (kırsal yollar)

It has some at-grade intersections with rural roads.

Almost all the rural roads are paved.

The motorway is a dual carriageway with 4 lanes and has some at-grade intersections with rural roads.

rural municipalities   (kırsal belediyeler)

They are based on rural municipalities and cities.

It runs through the rural municipalities of Cavite.

The district contained 4 market towns and 22 rural municipalities.

through more rural   (daha kırsal)

past Eastville as it runs north-northeast through more rural areas.

The road heads through more rural areas before crossing into Freeburg.

The road continues north through more rural areas and curves northeast.

rural counties   (kırsal bölgeler)

In terms of more rural counties Mongiardo and Conway split the vote.

Two of the remaining three are rural counties in Northern California.

McCain did, however, win several of the more rural counties in Southern Illinois.

rural poor   (kırsal yoksul)

Because of this, his main support base has been the rural poor.

Today she is remembered for her lyrics, which told of Thailand's rural poor.

He had followers amongst the rural poor, who began worshipping him as a saint.

rural women   (kırsal kadınlar)

Like rural women, urban women are responsible for food issues.

Fertility differences between rich and poor and urban and rural women are narrowing.

Idealized rural women, going about their daily chores was the main subject of his work.

rural poverty   (kırsal yoksulluk)

Thaksin's policies were effective at reducing rural poverty and at providing affordable health coverage to the people.

He was born into rural poverty, his father died when he was only a few days old and was educated at a one-room school.

Dumitrescu, the son of farmers, wanted to become an economist and financier to escape the rural poverty in which he was raised.

rural economy   (kırsal ekonomi)

However, the rural economy was still in limbo.

Schofield's research focuses on the English medieval rural economy and society.

Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, locals were mainly occupied in rural economy.

especially in rural   (özellikle kırsal kesimde)

Literacy is limited, especially in rural areas.

In practice, beatings by schoolteachers are common, especially in rural areas.

Alaska has the highest rate of sexual assault in the nation, especially in rural areas.

most rural   (en kırsal)

They closed most rural schools because they believed that teachers were TPLF sympathizers.

It is also one of the most rural, as only 18 percent of its people live in urban centres.

Loxahatchee is perhaps the most rural area within proximity to West Palm Beach, with lot sizes ranging from 1-20 acres.

rural character   (kırsal karakter)

Prior to this time, the area had been a racetrack and had a decidedly rural character.

The rural character and social seclusion of the Jews in the kingdom offered little incentive for his endeavor.

Vacas, located in the "Cono Sur" (south cone) of Cochabamba with altitudes ranging from 3,400 m to 4,420 m, has a rural character.

remote rural   (uzak kırsal)

The conflict escalated in the 1990s, mainly in remote rural areas.

The CCC often provided the only paid work, as many reservations were in remote rural areas.

The funeral, although in a remote rural area, was attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

rural township   (kırsal kasaba)

Toolangi, Victoria Toolangi is a rural township in Victoria, Australia.

Gaoyi Township Gaoyi Township ( is a rural township in Huitong County, Hunan, China.

Cadell is a quiet rural township in the middle of a citrus and wine grape growing area.

rural residents   (kırsal bölge sakinleri)

Suicide rates for rural residents are higher than urban.

Water and electricity were made available to rural residents.

At the time, 70 percent of rural residents in Palmares were without electricity.

rural landscape   (kırsal manzara)

The rural landscape, Ailesberry Farm, contrasts Paradigm City.

The hilltops of the typically rural landscape are covered with islands of spruce and pine.

Coal mining had significantly changed the rural landscape of Sawahlunto into an industrial site.

rural road   (kırsal yol)

The rural road of Chaung-U-A Myint leads to the city.

The bypassed rural road alignment will become a multi use trail.

Through Nash County, NC 97 is mostly a rural road oriented east–west.

rural towns   (kırsal kasabalar)

Leigh Bale was raised in small rural towns throughout the Western United States.

Groark's support was heaviest in suburban and rural towns in northern Connecticut.

The train stopped occasionally and a few hundred people were forced off at rural towns.

mainly rural   (çoğunlukla kırsal)

A mainly rural county, Cheshire has a high concentration of villages.

It had a resident population of 906 (2001) Whakarongo is mainly rural.

The route is mainly rural, however NC 22/NC 42 pass to the west of Bennett.

students in rural   (kırsal kesimdeki öğrenciler)

From 2003 to 2005, the average total SAT score for students in rural Pennsylvania was 992, while urban students averaged 1,006.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education compared the SAT data of students in rural areas of Pennsylvania to students in urban areas.

large rural   (büyük kırsal)

Waves of epidemics wiped out large rural populations.

The new "cities" may include large rural areas as well as urban areas.

It covers a large rural area in the north-west of Copperbelt Province.

rural location   (kırsal yer)

The more rural location provided many chances for painting outdoors.

The song's music video was taken in a shoot in a rural location called Mt.

Icle refused to live in a rural location, and refused to even view the property.

up in rural   (kırsal kesimde)

Van de Flierdt grew up in rural western Germany.

Stanley grew up in rural Dry Fork on the outskirts of Danville.

He grew up in rural Posey County near the Ohio and Wabash rivers.

live in rural   (kırsal alanda yaşamak)

Approximately 42% live in Crete's main cities and towns whilst 45% live in rural areas.

Sixty percent of Zambians live in rural areas where they have limited access to healthcare.

Only six families are known to be living in Muzaffarabad while some of them live in rural areas.

rural health   (kırsal sağlık)

There was substantial improvement in rural health care during the 1960s and 1970s.

The WVU School of Public Health has a rich research program with a focus on rural health issues.

Other areas of his work were agriculture and cottage industry, rural health and rural education.

rural residential   (kırsal yerleşim)

The land along Intrepid Drive is used rural residential purposes.

Soon after beginning, the route intersects PA 641 as it runs through rural residential areas.

Continuing east, the highway runs adjacent to several rural residential neighborhoods west of town.

located in rural   (kırsal kesimde)

It was located in rural Guernsey County, Ohio, between Quaker City and Fairview.

Forty-six schools are located in rural areas, while the remaining twenty are located in urban areas.

There are a total of 13 registered civil airports and 47 helipads in Greenland; most of them are unpaved and located in rural areas.

entirely rural   (tamamen kırsal)

Apart from the small village of Chetton, the parish is entirely rural.

The site occupied 3,000 acres of farmland and market gardens, and was entirely rural in character.

The parish contains the village of Chelmarsh and smaller settlements, and is otherwise entirely rural.

rural populations   (kırsal nüfus)

Waves of epidemics wiped out large rural populations.

As suburban and rural populations grew New Jersey's traffic circles became outdated.

Therefore, most of the urban and rural populations were limited to lower-class occupations.

both rural   (her ikisi de kırsal)

Armenians in Syria are present in both rural and Urban areas.

His expertise in both rural and energy issues makes him a highly sought-after advisor.

This is true for both rural and urban populations, but in the 0–10 age group, the difference between males and females is less.

rural electrification   (kırsal alan elektrifikasyonu)

In 1940 rural electrification finally powered the property.

Recent developments are also witnessed in terms of rural electrification.

Substantial untapped hydropower potential exists for small scale rural electrification projects.

rural highway   (kırsal otoyol)

K-4 then returns to its normal rural highway configuration.

SC 903 is a two-lane rural highway, from Catarrh to Lancaster.

East of State Road 15 (IN-15), US 20 is two-lane rural highway.

very rural   (çok kırsal)

It served a very rural area in Dumfries and Galloway.

Wang once described a community she grew up in as "a very rural town, and everyone was white.

The upper part of the parish where the church and the Little Chapel is situated is very rural.

rural parish   (kırsal bölge)

Carmyllie Carmyllie (Gaelic: "Càrn Mhoillidh") is a rural parish in Angus, Scotland.

The rural parish celebrates many of its religious festivals from June until late September.

Norðurárdalshreppur Norðurárdalshreppur was formerly a rural parish ("hreppur") in Mýrasýsla county, west Iceland.

traditional rural   (geleneksel kırsal)

There are one or two examples left of traditional rural house architecture.

Needless to say Dhawade is typical example of showcase of vibrant and traditional rural life in Dhule district.

In some traditional rural areas, the wake ("czuwanie") takes place in the house of the deceased or their relatives.

rural farming   (kırsal tarım)

Wang was born on a small, rural farming village in 1985 in Jiangxi Province, China.

Additionally, for many Mexicans, especially those living in rural farming communities, maize symbolizes the origin of life.

Ripete is based far from any large city, in the quiet rural farming community of Bishopville, South Carolina, in 2150 Elliott Hwy.

small rural community   (küçük kırsal topluluk)

Caribou, Nova Scotia Caribou is a small rural community in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Woodland is a typical small rural community with most villagers finding employment in local towns and cities.

His poetry celebrates life in his small rural community with themes of Catholic ritual, the cycles of nature, and love of family and home.

rural lanes   (kırsal yollar)

Torrewa is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Moneynure is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.

Drumlaydan is traversed by minor roads and rural lanes.