arrived safely

The crew arrived safely in Puerto Madryn on 12 April.

HG 84 had lost five ships, yet 17 ships arrived safely.

Al three British ships arrived safely at Plymouth in late March.

landed safely

The other aircraft landed safely at Atsugi.

This allowed 150 people, and one dog, to be landed safely ashore.

The aircraft was landed safely.

returned safely

The astronauts returned safely on July 24.

However, all three aircraft returned safely to their carriers.

The men returned safely to England.

land safely   (安全に着地する)

Janet is able to land safely and win the race.

It did and the junk reached land safely.

One F-16, piloted by Captain Lee Bryant, was able to land safely at Shaw.

home safely   (安全に家に帰る)

They recover the treasure and return home safely.

Del entertains her and escorts her home safely.

Every member returned home safely.