then sailed   (それから出航した)

The two vessels then sailed in company to Canton.

She then sailed for North America on 9 September.

He then sailed from London on 4 July, bound for India.

ship sailed   (船が出航した)

Three of her crew deserted before the ship sailed from Lourenço Marques.

The ship sailed to Singapore for major repairs, which lasted until late 1941.

The ship sailed into Biscay in 1936 and was anchored off Santurce for some time.

when she sailed   (彼女が出航したとき)

"Prince Henry" remained in the Mediterranean Sea until March, when she sailed for Gibraltar.

She completed her second tour of duty in Korea on 3 July 1952, when she sailed from Yokosuka.

The transport remained off the beaches until the 24th when she sailed to Eniwetok and Pearl Harbor.

sailed back   (帆走)

"Varuna" sailed back to Calcutta on 24 August 1801.

The submarine sailed back to Kiel in July 1944.

She sailed back to Lunenberg empty, to her new owners.

sailed up

Gen. Henry Prince sailed up the Tar River.

From there she sailed up to Surat, which she reached on 2 April.

They also sailed up the Nile as far as Luxor in three local boats.

fleet sailed   (船団)

On March 15, 1606 this fleet sailed from Pintados.

The fleet sailed back towards Genoa, with Clement unable to pay it.

Eventually, the Persian fleet sailed to Halicarnassus, in order to establish a new defense.

sailed north

Billings then sailed north.

In June the expedition sailed north along the west coast of Whidbey Island.

The following year, he sailed north to Italy where he hoped to instigate a revolt amongst the Ligures people.

ships sailed

Union ships sailed south and blocked off one port after another.

The ships sailed from there to Corsica, Spain, Italy and Algeria.

Also in 1602 two merchant ships sailed from the Philippines to New Spain.

sailed south

Col. Laurence who had sailed south from Sandy Hook.

"Wasp" sailed south from New York on 1822.

Union ships sailed south and blocked off one port after another.

sailed through

The ships sailed through the San Vicente Strait, then west into the Pacific.

On 6 June 1966 "Holder" sailed through the Panama Canal on her way to the Pacific Fleet.

Clavijo sailed through the Mediterranean, passing Majorca, Sicily and Rhodes to Constantinople.

sailed again

She may have sailed again on 17 February 1798.

But at the age of thirty, he collapsed and never sailed again.

By the time "Britannia" sailed again war with France had broken out.

sailed around   (出航した)

The task force then sailed around Euboea to the first major target, Eretria.

They sailed around Cape Horn and made landfall on the Juan Fernández Islands.

From 1979 to 1983, Declan Mackell sailed around the world alone in a Contessa 32 named "Sean-Ois".

sailed away

The would-be captors then gave up and sailed away.

"Black Joke" pursued for two hours, and then sailed away.

The village women then sang as the delegation sailed away.

sailed via

She had sailed via Africa, which she had left on 6 June.

"Susan" sailed via Madeira and arrived at Sydney on 8 July.

Dillon sailed via Resolution Bay at Tanna, in the New Hebrides.

sailed across   (航海した)

Departing on Christmas Day, they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean on a honeymoon trip to Europe.

He also sailed across the Atlantic Ocean several times to visit Anticosti Island that he owned in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

After gaining her American work visa, Madhur sailed across the Atlantic on the "RMS Queen Mary" to join Saeed at Winooski, Vermont.

sailed down   (出航)

She again sailed down to Assab and held the same exercises as before.

The ship sailed down the Shannon River and on the 17th, anchored at Carrigaholt for the night.

When the Portuguese first sailed down the Atlantic coast of Africa in the 1430s, they were interested in gold.