İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

same year   (aynı yıl)

These stone pagodas were erected in the same year.

The pair recorded the opera for EMI the same year.

The following courses have begun in the same year.

same time   (aynı zamanda)

Then they go off at the same time and even faster.

The pressure bottomed out at around the same time.

The church's bells were restored at the same time.

same name   (aynı isim)

She released a single of the same name on March 5.

Not to be confused with the film of the same name.

It is based on N D'Souza's novel of the same name.

same day   (aynı gün)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

same way   (aynı şekilde)

The base is not defined in the same way everywhere.

Moving walkways often use balustrades in the same way.

It is fished in the same way as a stick float.

same period   (Aynı dönem)

During the same period engineers got a bright idea.

In the same period he befriended Claude Debussy.

Its profit before tax for the same period was £37.6mn.

same month   (aynı ay)

She returned to Ravensbrück later that same month.

He was also promoted to colonel in the same month.

which first premiered the 27th of the same month.

around the same   (aynı)

The pressure bottomed out at around the same time.

Leslie Crowther also visited around the same time.

", another track recorded around the same time."

same title   (aynı başlık)

She has also authored a book under the same title.

It was also dubbed in Telugu under the same title.

The album is the second of four with the same title.

during the same

In the UK, it topped Expansys' chart during the same period.

The club won Georgian Super Cup during the same year as well.

The other early favourite corgi during the same time was Jane.

exactly the same   (tam olarak aynı)

Leaver achieved exactly the same stats in 1923–24.

The reissue is exactly the same as the original.

While closely related, they are not exactly the same.

using the same   (aynısını kullanarak)

Chimps also fish for ants using the same tactic.

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

Pistorius has been using the same Össur blades since 2004.

same number   (aynı numara)

Each image consists of the same number of pixels.

the same number that in decimal is written as "14").

one with the same number of rows and columns.

same season

On one episode, later that same season, "Uh Oh!"

Later that same season he signed for Étoile du Sahel.

The same season saw three events move to new locations.

same level

I put abstract feelings on the same level as abstract thoughts.

I didn't want to do the same kind of music, but on the same level."

It also assumes that each student's needs accrue the same level of costs.

same thing   (aynı şey)

The same thing soon happened to the second group.

Biodiversity and wildlife are not the same thing.

A person and a human being would be the same thing.

much the same   (hemen hemen aynı)

Other stations across the country did much the same.

Fungi have been engineered with much the same goals.

They then elect another Tyrant, who is much the same.

share the same   (aynısını paylaş)

Most closure planning documents share the same format:

Many traditional Tuvan songs share the same structure.

All variations of 4B1 engine share the same engine block.

same area   (aynı alan)

The River Wid also meets the Can in the same area.

Stands of black pines are found in the same area.

In the same area is the monastery of Fragaiolo.

not the same   (aynı değil)

However, language and ethnicity are not the same.

His daughter senses that he is not the same person.

Dalhua's existence at that time was not the same.

use the same   (aynısını kullan)

These formats use the same color primaries as Rec.

"We use the same mic Clarence used," Anselmo says.

These use the same principles as a gas refrigerator.

same site   (aynı site)

All three reactors were located at the same site.

Sir Watkin built a new mansion on the same site.

Rader, the same site where Knox UMC presently stands.

within the same

Rather, they swim within the same general vicinity.

X1 and X1E boards can be combined within the same system.

Phips dissolved the court entirely within the same month.

used the same

They used the same characters created in SuperPoke!

Players used the same ball until it started to unravel.

The game used the same game engine as "NASCAR Racing 3".

same position   (aynı pozisyon)

Later in Phuket they reached the same position.

Neathery had last served in the same position for Drake.

same manner   (aynı şekilde)

In the same manner ß can be transcribed as ss.

Female workers operate in the same manner as male workers.

The nomen "Scaevilius" seems to have arisen in the same manner.

same location   (aynı yer)

The present Lahore Fort stands on the same location.

In 1852-1853 he was listed at the same location.

At the same location, of precipitation was recorded.

same night   (aynı gece)

That same night, Slade and Copper plan to poach Tod.

The next round took place at the same night.

The same night, Abyss appeared and attacked Bad Influence.

remained the same   (aynı kaldı)

The seating capacity remained the same until 1960.

The overall size of the council remained the same.

The scenario remained the same for the whole night.

same place   (aynı yer)

There is a famous Datta Mandir in the same place.

47170, found in the same place as the previous two.

She took the same place at 1987 World Championships.

same size

A cash card has the same size as a Visa/MasterCard.

Both classes were the same size: high and wide.

Both machines are the same size and general configuration.

same person   (aynı kişi)

His daughter senses that he is not the same person.

One theory holds that he was the same person as the more famous .

He probably is the same person as Champa king, Jaya Indravarman IV.

same date   (aynı tarih)

The North wing is of the same date as the porch.

On the same date he was promoted to lieutenant.

On the same date the 13th Tank Battalion "M.O.

same amount   (aynı miktar)

Kuipers raised $232,223 and spent the same amount.

Heacock raised $393,212 and spent the same amount.

Ukrainec raised $16,506 and raised the same amount.

same team   (aynı takım)

The same team also made "North of the Border" (1946).

In addition, teams will not play the same team twice.

same type   (aynı tip)

0000 cross bonds of the same type were used every .

The same type of match was also held in Toronto.

He decided to create a pen using the same type of ink.

later the same

He married Constance of Hungary later the same year.

British troops regained possession later the same day.

He also met with Suu Kyi later the same year.

essentially the same   (aslında aynı)

This was essentially the same as alternative no.

ICD-10 uses essentially the same definition.

Reasons for this breakup were essentially the same as they were in 1990.

uses the same   (aynısını kullanır)

The game uses the same Activision game engine as "".

The doubles competition uses the same format.

It uses the same S-box as AES in a custom construction.

same event   (aynı olay)

She was the 2013 World Champion in the same event.

She won a national title in the same event in 1965.

He competed in the same event at 2016 Olympics.

same week

1 the same week it did on the Latin Albums chart.

The actor began filming his first scenes that same week.

did the same

Ira tells the daughter to move out, Roth did the same.

In a parallel ceremony in Milan, Maximian did the same.

"Gladiator" did the same movie without the ape costumes."

roughly the same   (kabaca aynı)

Installation rules are roughly the same as in Japan.

Rules are roughly the same as the original US version.

same species

The two species may belong to the same species complex.

A" was the same species as "G. glyphis".

Coalitions between organisms of the same species have also evolved.

same reason   (aynı sebep)

Norway finished above Israel for the same reason.

are difficult to locate for the same reason.

For the same reason, "backhand smashes" tend to be weak.

same group   (aynı grup)

A different branch of the same group settled in Iğdır.

The same group publishes a Sunday paper, the "Sunday Mail".

Before 2011, Elshinta was in the same group with Indosiar TV.

shared the same   (aynısını paylaştı)

The two men shared the same passion for the gothic.

Not all countries shared the same priorities.

Eden doubtless shared the same view.

same direction   (aynı yön)

Thrust is produced in the same direction, either way.

Any still available parts went in the same direction.

His uncle George of Greenlaw pushed in the same direction.

same age

Marjory was a widow and the same age as Hawke.

The bride was probably of about the same age.

Therefore, they have the same age at the end of a season.

same university   (aynı üniversite)

He also completed his PhD at the same university.

He joined as a faculty member of the same university.

She received her PhD from the same university in 2000.

same building

8HA's sister station, Sun 96.9, is based in the same building.

In the same building there is also an aquarium of small sea animals.

Today the garage is running in the same building as Mac's Auto Service.

same family   (aynı aile)

The aardwolf is in the same family as the hyena.

These four matriclans are of the same family.

The same family has owned the property for over 100 years.

same role   (aynı rol)

In 2010, he left for the same role at Cincinnati.

Kamal Haasan starred in the same role in both languages.

In 2002, Lamb moved to the Dallas Stars under the same role.

same sex   (aynı seks)

Young birds are duller versions of the adult of the same sex.

In March 2012, Miliband pledged his support for same sex marriage.

Students of the same sex from two classes have PE classes together.

same basic   (aynı temel)

It's the same basic function that music is playing.

This Association had the same basic objectives.

This produces the same basic effect as a front parallax barrier.

very same   (aynı)

He falls in love with her the very same moment.

We like them/us and hate them/us for the very same reasons".

The Indian Bank eventually came into being the very same year.

same city

He was buried in Myrtle Hill Cemetery in that same city.

All games in a pool take place over a weekend in the same city.

same fate   (aynı kader)

Their second single was released to the same fate.

"Chop-Chop" suffered the same fate as "Empire Song".

Leiria, meeting the same fate at the end of the season.

same game

C. B. Fry played at full-back in the same game.

They all come with the same game editor as "Repton 3".

Three matches featured two hat-tricks in the same game.

approximately the same   (neredeyse aynı)

maintains approximately the same number of missions abroad.

The Birmingham television market reaches approximately the same area.

Premolars are approximately the same size and molars have W-shaped lophs.

same time period   (aynı zaman dilimi)

During the same time period, the VNAF lost ten aircraft.

Over the same time period the amount of forested land has increased by .

later that same   (daha sonra aynı)

She returned to Ravensbrück later that same month.

He married Ann Louise Greep later that same year.

On one episode, later that same season, "Uh Oh!"

same company   (aynı şirket)

The same company operated the furnace until 1876.

The couple had been in the same company at the U.S.

Twenty-six belonged to the same company of 7/10 UDR.

same route   (aynı rota)

It traversed the same route as the Historical Parade.

The main body followed by the same route on 8 October.

In the north direction, the same route.

having the same

The resemblance goes as far as B-2 and YB-49 having the same wingspan.

Polymorphs, despite having the same atoms, may have wildly different properties.

Spanish pesos – having the same weight and shape – came to be known as "Spanish" dólar.

same category   (aynı kategori)

Jessica Lange was also nominated in the same category.

It nominated "PTV" in the same category one year later.

Another type of art in the same category was "Naqqali".

same style

I don’t want to do the same style on every album.

Murray created portraits with the same style, especially across gender.

The author wrote in the same style and alluded to Marlowe several times.

almost the same   (hemen hemen aynı)

Front and hindwings have almost the same colour.

The propulsion system was almost the same as the one of the .

It is almost the same size as the Moon.

same kind   (Aynı tür)

It's the same kind of feeling [...] but it's rad."

Not all ants have the same kind of societies.

Likewise, Milton's Satan relies on the same kind of rhetoric.

same design

The badge has the same design as the breast star.

It was reconstructed to the same design in 2007.

The same design is found at the Cathedral of Salvador.

same purpose   (aynı amaç)

Some fish store oils or lipids for this same purpose.

In plants, starch is used for the same purpose.

Upon her release she talks to Jem with the same purpose.

shares the same   (aynısını paylaşıyor)

The (small) MoEDAL experiment shares the same cavern.

It shares the same campus as Pine-Richland High School.

Eltham North shares the same postcode as Eltham (3095).

same school   (aynı okul)

He taught at the same school for the next 40 years.

Pazhani's father is also a teacher in the same school.

His mother Kari Marie Søyland taught at the same school.

same color   (aynı renk)

These formats use the same color primaries as Rec.

If there are two kings of the same color, e.g.

The two players use stones of the same color.

same format

This is the same format as the SITOR-B format.

Most closure planning documents share the same format:

The doubles competition uses the same format.

remains the same   (aynı kalmak)

The religious aspect of Easter remains the same.

Core gameplay remains the same in Empress.

The regional digit remains the same.

same length   (aynı uzunlukta)

Not all plant cells will grow to the same length.

It is worn on the same length at the front and back.

They are about the same length as the palm.

same order   (aynı sipariş)

The image of an element has the same order as that element.

All versions of the album present the same material, in the same order.

The same order appears in Minuscule 427, 734, Tertullian, and Chrysostom.

same venue   (aynı mekan)

Home games are on Saturdays at the same venue.

The same venue was also used by Olympia.

Felgueiras 1932 at the same venue.

released the same

It was released the same day as "The Delivery Man".

A music video for the song was released the same day.

A movie with the same title was released the same time.

sharing the same   (aynısını paylaşmak)

These shows were nicknamed "Beast" shows, sharing the same nickname as Bob Sapp.

Trains on both lines 1 and 2 call at the station, sharing the same tracks and platforms.

Three routes with four destinations used to pass through the loop all sharing the same track.

same institution   (aynı kurum)

He then earned a PhD from the same institution in 1973.

He received his LL.L from the same institution in 1979.

The same institution offers a Don Craik Memorial Scholarship.

same region   (aynı bölge)

In the same region, a Hizam patrol was attacked by an AQAP IED.

Rugby league has historically been played in much the same region.

Colossae is in the same region as the seven churches of the Book of Revelation.

same side   (aynı taraf)

Wales won another Grand Slam in 1952, with much the same side.

An "inverted" form can also have both pyramids on the same side.

He captained the same side in 2013, although failing to convert in 4 outings.

same class   (aynı sınıf)

She also happens to be in the same class as Tsukimori.

He later returned to Harvard to teach that same class.

They are now college students studying in the same class.

same distance   (aynı mesafe)

62 miles is the same distance as 100 km.

(Halley's Comet was more than 100 times fainter at the same distance from the Sun.)

In the US, bicycling fatality rates are less than 2/3 of those walking the same distance.

along the same

PA 926 has remained along the same alignment since.

To the south of Dryden along the same range is the crater Chaffee.

Further along the same wall is the entrance to the Chapel of Adam.

same subject   (aynı konu)

Several of Hicks's other papers deal with the same subject.

"dai" 題); "kanshi" alternate with "waka" on the same subject.

degree in the same subject from Virginia State University in 1988.

same song

After she leaves, Ben enters humming the same song.

Music Core also gave the top award for the same song on May 4.

The band starts over and plays the same song, but Sorn is skilled.

follow the same   (aynısını takip et)

They follow the same Theraveda sect of Buddhism.

Writers do not all follow the same terminology.

"Mobilized" does not follow the same storyline as "".

same effect

So the copula has the same effect as "exists".

Reducing the total FM transmit noise by half has the same effect.

They have the same effect in law as a sworn statement or affidavit.

same meaning   (Aynı anlam)

Georgian title "mephet'mephe" has the same meaning.

For example, "shoemaker" and "cordwainer" have the same meaning.

The word "discothèque" had the same meaning in English in the 1950s.

same result

It's the same result as not computing them at all.

Stefano Selva repeated the same result in 1993 games.

This means the outcome is always 100% the same result.

held the same

At the time, he held the same rank as Colin Powell.

His father had held the same seat from 1893 to 1902.

He next held the same position for five years in Athens.

all the same   (hepsi aynı)

But it has a distorting effect all the same.

It’s an unfortunate identity, but an identity all the same."

They have not all the same speech, but their tongues are mixed.

same general   (aynı general)

Rather, they swim within the same general vicinity.

It was in the same general location as the present day complex.

", to become an independent magazine with the same general focus.

followed the same

David's international debut followed the same year.

Other union republics followed the same pattern.

The championship followed the same format.

same canton   (aynı kanton)

There were 260 or 30.6% who were born in the same canton, while 82 or 9.6% were born somewhere else in Switzerland, and 145 or 17.1% were born outside of Switzerland.

There were 760 or 32.1% who were born in the same canton, while 205 or 8.7% were born somewhere else in Switzerland, and 563 or 23.8% were born outside of Switzerland.

There were 648 or 28.3% who were born in the same canton, while 199 or 8.7% were born somewhere else in Switzerland, and 491 or 21.4% were born outside of Switzerland.

same evening   (aynı akşam)

on April 3, 2018, the same evening as her 27th birthday.

She was captured the same evening in unclear circumstances.

He was included in the squad against Rochdale the same evening.

received the same   (aynısını aldı)

Others of her books have received the same award.

Chinese characters received the same treatment.

The Atari ST version received the same score.