sandy soils   (砂質土)

It is highly salt-tolerant and prefers sandy soils.

It grows in damp situations in heath on sandy soils.

It grows well in sunny and relatively humid sandy soils.

sandy beaches   (砂浜)

Excellent sandy beaches are found in many locations.

Along the sandy beaches, shorebirds can be seen.

On the coastline are numerous sandy beaches and mangrove forests.

sandy beach   (砂浜)

The town has a white sandy beach at both high and low tide.

The other natural sandy beach is Changi.

White sandy beach stretches north to the commune of Hai Ninh.

sandy soil   (砂質土)

The nests are laid in sandy soil or loess.

The sandy soil of the delta gave rise to the copra industry.

The sandy soil of the lateritic "buckshot" plains is rich in iron.

grows in sandy   (砂浜で育つ)

It grows in sandy or lava soils.

It commonly grows in sandy soils in alluvial areas and on lower hillslopes.

It grows in sandy soils, red clays, and old fields to the borders of swamps, streams, to bottomlands.

sandy loam

A small gravel deposit at the northern end was mapped as Ste-Philomène sandy loam.

It has sandy loam lateritic soils over deep clay, with gilgais in the otherwise level plain.

Poorly drained areas have Arrowsmith peat, Parksville sandy loam, or Tolmie loam (the latter two are gleysols).

sandy areas

They are usually found in desert and sandy areas.

In more open sandy areas of the Western Cape, the plant flowers annually.

They are found in fine-grain or sandy areas that are close to the Pacific Ocean.