Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

water and sanitation   (agua y sanitización)

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

Its four main areas of work include nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, and advocacy.

supply and sanitation   (suministro y saneamiento)

Water supply and sanitation in Vietnam

Private sector participation in water supply and sanitation is controversial.

Water supply and sanitation in Syria Syria is a semiarid country with scarce water resources.

sanitation services   (servicios de saneamiento)

water, electricity and sanitation services.

Through its 14 water and sanitation directorates (Establishments) it is also in charge of providing water supply and sanitation services.

The project involves improving water supply and improve sanitation services to all of the 2 million inhabitants of the city of Kampala at that time.

poor sanitation   (mala sanidad)

However, the buildings offered poor sanitation.

When she was eight, Ethel contracted erysipelas, a disease associated with poor sanitation.

Inadequate food, overcrowding, poor sanitation, and inadequate medical care were pervasive.

sanitation facilities   (instalaciones de saneamiento)

An estimated 56 percent of the population had access to adequate sanitation facilities in 2010.

Due to damage to sanitation facilities, there were outbreaks of diarrhea and cholera in the weeks after the storm.

The city established many large, well-landscaped municipal parks, which also included public sanitation facilities.