İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

satellite television   (uydu televizyon)

NBC 1 is also available on the DStv satellite television platform.

Cable and satellite television services are available throughout Canada.

Al Forat Al Forat Network () is a satellite television network in Iraq.

satellite imagery   (uydu görüntüleri)

The satellite imagery comes from DigitalGlobe.

It is easily visible in satellite imagery at .

In addition, new satellite imagery was added once again.

via satellite   (uydu üzerinden)

Winfrey teaches a class at the school via satellite.

This channel is broadcast via satellite to sub-Saharan Africa.

The programme can still be followed via satellite and the Internet.

cable and satellite   (kablo ve uydu)

Multi-channel cable and satellite systems are also available.

It is available throughout the world via cable and satellite.

This format is available on all major cable and satellite providers.

satellite campus   (uydu kampüsü)

A satellite campus is located in Jeungpyeong County.

It has a satellite campus in Maydolong, Eastern Samar.

The first satellite campus was inaugurated in Alabat in July 1991.

satellite radio

He served as chairman and CEO of the satellite radio company.

EWTN also has a presence on satellite radio and shortwave radio.

Not all content is shared across the two satellite radio services.

communications satellite   (iletişim uydusu)

Kosmos 2468 and Kosmos 2467 are Strela-3 communications satellite.

Kosmos 2467 and Kosmos 2468 are Strela-3 communications satellite.

Tele-X Tele-X was the first communications satellite serving the Nordic countries.

first satellite

The first satellite launched from Kenya's soil was in 1970.

The first satellite campus was inaugurated in Alabat in July 1991.

In the same year that they opened their first satellite office in Chicago, Illinois.

satellite communications

Telephone, radio, cell phone and satellite communications would be cut off.

Today it continues to support satellite communications as part of the ESA network.

The station intercepted satellite communications over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

satellite images   (uydu görüntüleri)

This fault has a prominent trace on satellite images.

The crater can also be seen well on satellite images.

The fault is prominent on satellite images and topographic maps.

satellite navigation   (uydu seyir sistemi)

Most recent versions can use satellite navigation.

Other notable satellite navigation systems in use or various states of development include:

On certain projects, the EU and ESA co-operate, such as the upcoming Galileo satellite navigation system.

satellite channel

As of 2012, "Cheers" has been repeated on UK satellite channel CBS Drama.

By 2016 it had reappeared on another satellite channel, Talking Pictures TV.

The suite room also featured a TV with satellite channel and video facilities.

satellite rights

The satellite rights of the film were sold to Sun TV.

satellite campuses   (uydu kampüsleri)

In 2009, satellite campuses were established in Eldoret and Kisumu.

The University of Michigan may also refer to two satellite campuses:

SLSU has satellite campuses in: Lucena, Tagkawayan, Alabat, Polillo, Tiaong, and Infanta.

satellite data

On September 28, satellite data and ships' observations indicated a closed circulation.

Recently, Greenland's three largest outlet glaciers have started moving faster, satellite data show.

These projections have the possibility of changing as satellite data only dates back to 40 years ago.

satellite station   (uydu istasyonu)

There followed work at Essex FM and satellite station EKR.

At that time RAF Faldingworth was a satellite station of RAF Scampton.

In the early 1960s, KTVB built a satellite station in La Grande, Oregon.

satellite providers

Al-Manar was soon carried by many satellite providers.

This format is available on all major cable and satellite providers.

NHL Centre Ice is available with these cable and satellite providers:

satellite service

direct broadcast satellite service.

It also broadcasts on radio channel 42 on the Optus Aurora satellite service on Optus C1.

The satellite service provided access to FidoNet and Usenet newsgroups in large volumes at a reasonable fee.

satellite system

Prior to launch, Space Imaging changed the name of the satellite system to IKONOS.

The surface buoy then radios the information to the PTWC via the GOES satellite system.

The Transit satellite system was used extensively for Doppler surveying, navigation, and positioning.

satellite bus

It was built by EADS Astrium, based on a Eurostar E3000 satellite bus.

It was constructed by the Spar Aerospace, and is based on the HS-376 satellite bus.

It is not clear from the sources if the Spacebus 100 satellite bus is still on offer.

satellite dish   (uydu anteni)

Today there is still no mobile phone access and internet and television access is by satellite dish.

To receive the signal a small frequency converter is used instead of a satellite dish for DVB-S. DVB-MC uses frequencies below .

Amid outcries from satellite dish owners, National Programming Service, LLC uplinked the station again exclusively for satellite subscribers.

digital satellite   (dijital uydu)

A second, digital satellite, Nilesat 102, was launched in August 2000.

Among the most familiar to people are digital cable and digital satellite.

Higher-end receivers for digital broadcast radio and digital satellite radio commonly feature built-in IPGs as well.

satellite systems

Multi-channel cable and satellite systems are also available.

The world leader in compact satellite systems, Surrey Satellite Technology, is also part of Astrium.

Mstislav Keldysh said in July 1969, "We are concentrating wholly on the creation of large satellite systems."

satellite launched

A Nimbus satellite launched in 1968 failed to reach orbit.

The first satellite launched from Kenya's soil was in 1970.

The satellite is the only Danish satellite launched into space.

satellite dishes   (uydu antenleri)

Many villagers own TVs as well as radios and satellite dishes.

Many villagers own TV's as well as radios and satellite dishes.

Communications were downed on the island, with satellite dishes and cables destroyed.

new satellite

In addition, new satellite imagery was added once again.

In the 1970s Monarto was proposed to be the site of a new satellite city of Adelaide originally known as "New Murray Town".

Customers with High-Definition receivers or High-Definition DVRs can see new satellite readings under the "Satellite Strength" menu on their receiver.

satellite communication

In 1994, he proceeded for his masters in satellite communication systems.

For example, in the early days of the satellite communication, parametric amplifiers were used.

The design also includes satellite communication antennas for connectivity to DISA's Global Information Grid.

satellite network   (uydu ağı)

Musical Soul Food" satellite network.

In the Kurdish satellite network of "Medya TV", she presented a program on women's rights called "Jîlemo".

The station was linked by four other stations that were also owned by TWIM by a satellite network called TWIM.

satellite town   (uydu kent)

The small community is largely a satellite town of Valka.

At that stage, Inala was planned as a satellite town set on a broad, high, gently sloping ridge.

Being a satellite town of the capital Yerevan, Abovyan is connected with the capital city with public vans, locally-known as "marshrutka".