İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

order to save   (kurtarmak için sipariş)

The body, in order to save costs, has flat windows.

May reveals herself to Alison, in order to save Normie.

She wanted the money in order to save her family's farm.

save money   (para biriktir)

To save money, rock was hand-hewn rather than blasted.

The third story of the design was not built to save money.

To save money, the engines of the liner "New York" were reused.

save percentage   (tasarruf yüzdesi)

and coming 2nd in the league in save percentage.

He recorded his career best GAA of 2.37 and a save percentage of .915.

Before 2000, there was no award for leading the league in save percentage.

attempt to save   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

Felicia is taken away by Delray in an attempt to save her career.

In an attempt to save his mother, Jimmy tearfully confesses to David's murder.

The herdsman is liable for cattle if he does not attempt to save them or if he neglects them.

trying to save   (kurtarmaya çalışmak)

In one case she got injured trying to save Tai Yung.

She explains she is trying to save his life.

Meanwhile, Louise is trying to save Matt.

able to save   (kurtarabilir)

Tobias arrives at the home and is able to save Bill.

He is able to save the child, but not the woman.

"Susan" was able to save "Countess"s crew.

save the world   (dünyayı kurtar)

Only by saving Adelle can he save the world from Evil.

My mission is to save the world's endangered species."

Lord Vishnu directed Sri Mahalakshmi to save the world.

save his life   (hayatını kurtar)

She explains she is trying to save his life.

Even though Burns did not want to, he agreed to save his life.

To save his life, he fled to a refugee camp in Carinthia, Austria.

effort to save   (kurtarma çabası)

Lambert was loth to leave his men without an effort to save them.

He must distract her with stories about his life in an effort to save himself.

This was done to show use of old technology in an all out effort to save humanity.

not save

I cry out to you “Violence!” and will you not save?

Lesson #2: Rationality alone will not save us.

He also protects women from sexual abuser but can not save his own wife.

time to save

Tony arrives in time to save Thor from falling as Asgard disappears.

He arrives just in time to save an exhausted Wonder Woman from the rampaging creature.

Toa Vakama Hordika visited Ta-Metru just in time to save Norik and Gaaki from three Visorak.

help save   (kurtarmaya yardım et)

Merlin frequently helps the princess, Riri and Juju to help save the dragon.

When he returns to Sarpeidon's past, Spock follows him, intending to help save him in the battle.

Idealistic young Mary captures Wilbur's heart, and may be able to help save his life or help him find peace.

try to save

Taking a small harpoon gun, Eric dives to try to save the net.

The men try to save him but Hardik pushes them, too, and they hang onto Robert.

Two selectable heroes, Roy and Arnold, try to save their land from hordes of monsters.

save time   (Zamandan tasarruf)

To save time soil compaction was used instead.

Thus they utilized express trains where possible to save time.

Furthermore, adapting the Albatross principles could save time.

tries to save

Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) tries to save a turtle.

Himeno tries to save her and she's attacked by the tree.

When Kent tries to save his brother, he is murdered by Isabella.

save lives   (hayat kurtarmak)

Damage control surgery is meant to save lives.

Geiger once said "To save lives, you must risk your own."

It will save lives."

managed to save

Chow managed to save Xue and his troops.

Karen managed to save the doll and sew his arms and legs back on.

He managed to save a few notes and pencil sketches and little else.

save the life   (hayatı kurtar)

Doctors save the life of Yakov Novichenko, but he loses his right hand.

Nearing the court of King Louis, Quentin tries, but fails, to save the life of a gypsy.

As such, abortion was banned in nearly all cases, except to save the life of the mother.

way to save

Scott struggles to find a way to save Stiles without killing him.

Finch was created using the cut-and-cover technique as a way to save money.

"The way to save your work and reach more readers is to advertise yourself."

efforts to save   (kurtarma çabaları)

The house was demolished in April 1969 despite efforts to save it.

4 million to two families who made considerable efforts to save the victims.

The book focused national media attention on conservation efforts to save the Belt Woods in Maryland.

tried to save   (kurtarmaya çalıştı)

John Law's successor, the new Tarantula, tried to save him, but arrived too late.

Thomas tried to save Victor, but accidentally struck him in the face with a hatchet.

At the 2000 Camp David Summit, the US tried to save the Accords by reviving the negotiations.

save weight

The valve cover is made of magnesium to save weight.

By not using old-fashioned rivets, it was hoped to save weight.

The car also has door straps instead of normal door handles to save weight.

unable to save   (kaydedilemiyor)

Crash is unable to save November's boyfriend (Carlo Ljubek).

The veterinarians were unable to save him after he suffered heart failure.

She is unable to save him, but she redirects his path into the enemy missile.

helped save

This strong finish helped save Rivera's job.

They looked at the painting their relative helped save."

It also helped save the couple money.

save the lives

Westgarth was a registered organ donor, and as a result, his organs were used to save the lives of seven people.

Model's chief of staff Karl Wagener urged him to save the lives of German soldiers and civilians by capitulating.

Sanz Briz himself tells how he was able to save the lives of so many Jews, in Federico Ysart's book "Los judíos en España" (1973).

attempts to save   (kaydetme girişimleri)

She returns home, and although Charles attempts to save her, Emma dies.

The distraught larva attempts to save his beloved mother, but to no avail.

Jacques attempts to save a sailor, and in the process is thrown overboard.

life to save   (hayat kurtarmak)

Stacy sacrifices his life to save the child.

Gambi sacrifices his life to save Black Lightning, and Pierce forgives him as he dies.

The movie centres on Gohil, who fought and sacrificed his life to save the Somnath Temple.

save her life   (hayatını kurtar)

She tries to kill Theresa and Sienna helps to save her life.

He also gives a cap that can save her life if she puts it on.

The woman was trying to raise money for a stem-cell procedure she needed to save her life.

save the day

It is up to Donald and Douglas to save the day for him.

But Duklyon always shows up to save the day.

Just as all seems lost, Lola and her angels arrive to save the day.

manages to save

Joona manages to save Benjamin, but Lydia drowns.

He nearly kills Batman, but Dick manages to save him.

Udhaya manages to save the school kids from the explosion.

campaign to save   (kaydetmek için kampanya)

The council still declined and a massive campaign to save the theatre arose.

Despite the efforts of a local campaign to save the cinema, it closed to the public on 20 August 1995.

A Facebook campaign to save The Hobbit was launched, and by 16 March 2012 had gained over 50,000 followers.

save themselves   (kendilerini kurtar)

The miners had no time to escape the danger or save themselves.

Some Slovene Jews managed to save themselves by joining the partisans.

Bätge and 24 members of the crew managed to save themselves in a life boat.

enough to save   (kurtarmak için yeterli)

Grayson was able to pull it together long enough to save her from Copperhead.

The paint is credited with lowering the water drag enough to save 1,200 tonnes of fuel per year.

However, that hard-earned point was not enough to save them from relegation at the end of the season.

late to save   (kurtarmak için geç)

Lastly, movements were late to save Casa Trinxet.

Lastly movements were late to save Casa Trinxet.

He dies in her arms as Jen returns, too late to save him.

save up   (biriktirmek)

Employees are entitled to save up to 9 days of their annual leave.

Halfway later tells Whitney they should put the baby on hold and save up to buy a flat instead.

Upon graduation in 1894, Avižonis worked as a tutor for a year to save up money for university studies.

based on save

Only the top five goaltenders, based on save percentage with a minimum 40% of the team's ice time.

Only the top five goaltenders, based on save percentage, who have played 40% of their team's minutes are included in this list.

attempting to save   (kurtarmaya çalışıyor)

Raul, attempting to save him, falls and is injured.

This is a memorial trophy to Mrs Violet Murrell's bravery in attempting to save her hack, Garryowen from a fire.

Two normal people become embroiled in the fate of the Fugue, attempting to save it from those who seek to destroy it.

save costs   (maliyetlerden tasarruf edin)

The body, in order to save costs, has flat windows.

To save costs, Adebayo uses his own house as the studio.

This could save costs for public administrations and improve the quality of various public services.

save face   (Yüzü korumak)

To save face, Bhimsen gave Mathabar the governorship of Gorkha.

After Ghemor dies, Dukat intends to save face by claiming Ghemor praised the Dominion on his deathbed.

To save face to the press, Leslie and Tom both jump in right after, acting as if it was a staged stunt.

plan to save

So KD makes a plan to save both Jaitley and Harsh.

He develops an ingenious plan to save her.

In 2016, The Ocean Agency ideated 50 Reefs — a global plan to save coral reefs.

save energy

These being recycled can easily save energy.

This allows the female to save energy.

It also moderates the internal temperature of the building in order to save energy.

save space

He did so possibly to save space and put no year 0 between them.

Dia loads and saves diagrams in a custom XML format which is, by default, gzipped to save space.

In practice, entire or parts of the adder are stored as functions into the LUTs in order to save space.