season saw   (シーズンソー)

season The 1990–91 season saw Leeds United A.F.C.

The 1905 season saw a mood of optimism in Latrobe.

Awards season saw D.C. United get several honors.

saw action   (アクションを見た)

Armored cars also saw action on the Eastern Front.

He saw action at Ganawari and other skirmishes.

With the Tiger-Cats, Suter saw action in just two games.

saw service   (見たサービス)

The class saw service into nationalisation in 1948.

It only saw service in Canada, 25 were built.

"Titania", however, saw service in the Second World War.

never saw

As a result, he never saw the finished courthouse.

Her mother added, "I never saw my child’s body.

Wright claimed he never saw his father again.

saw no

Drewry's Bluff saw no battle action for two years.

"Bellamira" saw no further editions after 1687.

He saw no indication for type 2 being female gravemarkers.

what he saw

Hubley liked what he saw and was influenced by it.

During his time abroad, his work incorporated what he saw.

Tommy tattles at school about what he saw Audrey's mother do.

saw the release

2007 saw the release of their third album "42:19".

2007 saw the release of three singles - "Awesome!

1999 saw the release of a remix EP, "Fan No.1".

century saw   (センチュリーソー)

The 20th century saw much development to the quays.

The twentieth century saw huge population movements.

The 18th century saw another golden age of Bordeaux.

saw the first

1 May 1854 saw the first stone of the spires laid.

1976 saw the first resident of Secunda moving in.

The war also saw the first use of the T-90 tank.

first saw

When I first saw it I couldn't believe it."

She was also called "bishōjo", by Kahoko when she first saw her.

The battalion first saw action in the Western Desert Campaign of 1940.

year saw

McGhee's junior year saw huge increases in production.

The following year saw Perbatasari active in three films.

The next year saw the club's most successful domestic year.

saw the club

The next year saw the club's most successful domestic year.

2008 saw the club build a terraced stand.

1989 saw the club competing in the Senior grade of football.

saw the introduction   (はじめに)

1959 saw the introduction of the refined L495 Titan.

The EFI system saw the introduction of knock control.

The 1860s saw the introduction of the ironclad.

when he saw   (彼が見たとき)

But it was in 1878 when he saw his first real success.

He once trembled when he saw My Melody serving him coffee in front.

Ali recognised his shield when he saw it in the possession of a Jew.

saw little   (少し見た)

From this time onward, Fichte saw little of his parents.

For 1979, the Bronco saw little change from 1978 models.

Although over 100,000 were struck in the first year, the coin saw little use.

saw many

The election saw many allegations of irregularities.

The reign saw many firsts in Burmese history.

Binns saw many of its branches close during the decade.

what they saw   (彼らが見たもの)

All three airport employees failed to identify what they saw.

The rescue team's members were very distressed by what they saw.

John Locke and others attacked what they saw as the absurdity of Filmer's views.

saw active

The Second World War ended before he saw active service.

He saw active service on the Frontier Waziristan operations.

Only half of these saw active service.

period saw   (のこぎり)

This period saw the vaulting added to the choir area.

The early modern period saw great improvements.

The Edo period saw the economic and cultural growth of Aizu.

saw the band

2013 saw the band ‘Outro’ winning the competition.

2010 saw the band ‘Rubber Band’ winning the battle.

2008 saw the band splitting amicably.

election saw   (選挙を見た)

The election saw many allegations of irregularities.

The election saw the Labour Party gain control of the Council.

In 1950, the general election saw the Liberals return just nine MPs.

saw active service

The Second World War ended before he saw active service.

He saw active service on the Frontier Waziristan operations.

Only half of these saw active service.

saw combat   (戦闘を見た)

Király saw combat on the eastern front and was twice wounded.

It saw combat in Italy, Flanders and most European campaigns.

At some point he saw combat, a fact he confirmed to Venus Flytrap.

saw mill

The ONRR was owned by E. P. Rentz, who owned a saw mill at Silver Springs.

The town's central economic activity was centered on a flour and a saw mill.

The saw mill had a capacity of per day for hardwood and per day for softwood.

years saw

The next years saw an increase in students from 300 to 2,700.

The subsequent years saw him evolve as a student and youth leader.

The following years saw her working on various soundtrack melodies.

ever saw

Pete Rose said it was the worst swing he ever saw.

I just thought this was the sweetest thing I ever saw."

Only two of them ever saw Ireland again.

saw the return   (帰ってきた)

The first show saw the return of Amy Lamé.

The 1986 season saw the return of Bobby Cox as general manager.

It also saw the return of many prominent players from military service.

saw the team   (チームを見た)

The 1945 season saw the team end in fourth place in a 6 team league.

1976 Montreal Olympics saw the team secure their first bronze medal in the competition.

1992 saw the team repeat the achievement, becoming the first team to do so in league history.

saw more

The 1994 IYRU Cup saw more than 1000 sailors from 76 countries.

This period also saw more women gaining access to higher education.

In the same time, Dufferin Hospital saw more than 100 minor cases per month.

saw several

The season saw several new faces join the team.

November also saw several major confrontations.

Round 37 saw several changes in the standings.

match saw

This match saw a victory for Sealy and his team.

The second match saw the Bryans eliminated Dlouhý/Paes.

The match saw Lindwall at his best.

saw limited

After signing with the Bears, Griese saw limited action.

With the advent of cell phones, the call boxes saw limited use.

Before it was widely banned, it saw limited use in psychotherapy.

saw another   (別を見た)

The 18th century saw another golden age of Bordeaux.

The next round saw another injury to a player.

The film saw another DVD release on September 13, 2005.

saw fit   (フィットを見た)

The TCCB gave Barrington permission to cancel the tour if he saw fit.

This order authorised field commanders to execute essentially anyone they saw fit.

Kou Zhun was a great speaker and had a reputation of offering criticism as he saw fit.

saw the rise   (上昇を見ました)

The late 1960s saw the rise of soul and R&B music.

The early eighties saw the rise of punk rock in Estonia.

The 15th century saw the rise of a new kingdom, Medri Bahri.

saw an increase

The next years saw an increase in students from 300 to 2,700.

This saw an increase in the number of ships using the harbour.

The 1980s saw an increase in support for Faroese independence.

following season saw

The following season saw Egervári guide Dunaújváros to a runner-up spot.

The following season saw Toulon shining and beating Paris Saint-Germain 5–1.

The following season saw him move into the centres and playing another 30 games.

saw an opportunity

The artist saw an opportunity.

Both Russia and Austria-Hungary saw an opportunity to expand in this region.

Sarmiento hence saw an opportunity and founded Sonic Vista Studios one year later.

saw the creation   (創造を見た)

1992 saw the creation of a Doctor of Missiology degree program.

February 1918 saw the creation of local Extraordinary Commissions.

1983 saw the creation of Collective High Schools of Mikołaj Kopernik.

season also saw   (シーズンも見ました)

The season also saw the emergence of Denis Glennon.

The 2018 season also saw a major uniform change.

The season also saw the struggling Dales fail to win a game from fourteen starts.

saw a number   (数を見た)

October 2000 saw a number of major changes to the show.

The 2012–13 championship also saw a number of first-time participants.

The fifth series, which began in April 1987, saw a number of changes to the format.

then saw

The Lord then saw a divine person doing tapasya.

I then saw him at various times in and about Ford's Theater.

He then saw a crowd of solemnly attired, noble men of grave appearance.

saw the emergence

The season also saw the emergence of Denis Glennon.

This decade saw the emergence of several rivalries between drivers.

This period also saw the emergence of the new stencil graffiti genre.

saw its first

In comparison, Japan saw its first railway in 1872.

Hughes STEM saw its first students in 2009.

The 46th Ohio saw its first combat on April 6 during the Battle of Shiloh.

saw both

The Song Dynasty saw both an economic boom and invasion by alien states.

The third and deciding game saw both teams deadlocked at 2-2 through 11 innings.

The 2014–15 season saw both teams in the same division so the rivalries were resumed.

saw only   (見ただけ)

.I saw only the figure and all else vanished".

As a result, this season saw only three teams participate.

Benfica, that proved to be short and unsuccessful as he saw only a few minutes of action.

only saw   (見ただけ)

Instead, he only saw Duryodhana and his allies.

It only saw service in Canada, 25 were built.

He is the oldest of three brothers who only saw each other once a year.

game saw

The drawn game saw Farrell appoint Paddy McGuire as captain.

Despite the reviews, the game saw mediocre sales upon release.

The game saw Cork win convincingly on a score line of 3–16 to 0–12.

saw significant   (重要な見た)

Celebrations for both troops and civilians saw significant alteration.

Women's sports saw significant progress in the 2010s decade in Bangladesh.

That is also the period when the magazine saw significant research-based content.

saw action during   (中にアクションを見た)

"Elli" saw action during World War I.

At least one Su-25 squadron saw action during the August 1990 Invasion of Kuwait.

"Elli" saw action during World War I and in the disastrous Asia Minor Expedition.

saw extensive

"Vittorio Veneto" saw extensive service during the war.

They saw extensive use in World War I and in World War II.

It saw extensive use as a heavy switcher and freight engine.

saw themselves

The creation of the Confederacy was accomplished by men who saw themselves as fundamentally conservative.

The Ridwan family saw themselves as the leaders of the wider region and the patrons of other ruling families.

Also, the internalizing of the label "illegal" made it so that these individuals saw themselves as less human.

saw the addition

(The first half of the 19th Century saw the addition of Fort Boyard.)

Summer 2017 saw the addition of routes to Kalamata, Ponta Delgada and Madeira.

The expansion also saw the addition of a 25-seat counter grill to many of the restaurants.

year also saw

However, this year also saw the Great Fire of London.

The year also saw him hit his only first-class century.

That year also saw a change in ownership for the "Herald".

saw the arrival

1892 saw the arrival of the first electric tram, on the Botanical Garden route.

1976 saw the arrival of Silhouette, of Group 5 "Special Production Car" category.

February 1944 saw the arrival of approximately 300 Maltese nationals from Tripoli.

following year saw

The following year saw Perbatasari active in three films.

The following year saw her make a breakthrough as a senior runner.

The following year saw the groundbreaking and start of construction for Tower Hall.

saw the construction

1874 saw the construction of the first breakwater.

1335 saw the construction of the south aisle of the chapel.

1475 saw the construction of the north crossing of the transept.

saw much

The 20th century saw much development to the quays.

He saw much action and was wounded five times.

It is unlikely that Hopkins saw much action.

saw further

The following years also saw further adventures in the National Cup.

In addition, several vehicles saw further use as departmental vehicles.

The next year, 1666, saw further deaths in other cities but on a lesser scale.

period also saw   (期間も見た)

This period also saw more women gaining access to higher education.

This period also saw the emergence of the new stencil graffiti genre.

The Baroque period also saw a rise in the importance of music theory.

saw the development   (開発を見ました)

The Korean War saw the development of the MOS 7lB.

The Early Devonian saw the development of terrestrial flora.

The mid-18th Century saw the development of mobile field artillery.

saw his first

But it was in 1878 when he saw his first real success.

This year also saw his first drive in the Le Mans 24 Hour race.

On August 10, 1861, Greene saw his first combat on the staff of Brig.

saw how

When Sherman's mother saw how violent the game was, however, she made him quit.

A peasant named Crabbe saw how well a doctor ate and asked him how to become one.

Neither pilot aboard Flight 159 initially saw how close DAL 379 was to the runway.

album saw

The album saw the whole band contributing to the songs.

The album saw the band experiment with reggae especially on the lead single "What's Your Number".

This album saw Paige return to mainstream pop and a move away from her previous two themed albums.

when they saw   (彼らが見たとき)

Many people along the way wept when they saw his coffin.

Hope returned to the stranded fishermen when they saw planes flying from the west.

The infidels when they saw the head of Rusal upon the point of a spear took to flight and great bloodshed ensued.

saw all

They saw all the evidence, I accept their decision.

Anand saw all the mess & realized that something had gone wrong.

He saw all that he did and each position he took as an expression of his spiritual beliefs.

later saw

Bittrich later saw action at Hungary.

She later saw commercial service as the Greek cruise ship MV "Rodos".

He went to investigate, and a few minutes later saw the figure of a man approaching.

saw the publication

That same year saw the publication of, "Frauenpolitik als Beruf.

13 December saw the publication of the Joint Expert Panel's second report.

As such, this edition saw the publication of numerous books to assist players.

saw a new

The 1959 revision saw a new system of evaluation.

Meanwhile Mallu pop saw a new trend that was the rise of boy bands.

August 2007 saw a new single "Secret Love", co-written by Morgan Fisher.

elections saw

The elections saw Katema elected to the National Assembly.

The parliamentary elections saw the NPP win 128 of the 230 seats.

In addition, the 2018 local council elections saw Labour gain the Ramsbottom ward.

saw what

Initially Novozhilov saw what he thought to be a meteor.

From there, they saw what they thought was the castle on fire.

One of his maids saw what happened.

saw the establishment   (設立を見た)

1998 saw the establishment of branches in the USA and Singapore.

It also saw the establishment of a Danish colonial empire and some Swedish overseas colonies.

That same year saw the establishment of The Colin L. Powell Center for Leadership and Service.

event saw   (イベント見た)

The event saw Ringo Star, BT and Ronny Cox being honoured.

The 2006 event saw rookie Marco Andretti win his first career race.

The 2012 event saw 12 men's and 12 women's teams divided into 3 pools of 4.

people saw

It was as if people saw [my plays] for the first time.

In October people saw Edyta perform live in 13 cities.

This revolutionized the way people saw NSRED.

saw the beginning

The 19th century saw the beginning of a great deal of abstract algebra.

The 1990s saw the beginning of annual gay naturist gatherings on a large scale.

The 1906 season saw the beginning of the decline of professional football in Latrobe.

saw the opening

The celebration also saw the opening of Walt Disney Studios next door.

Late summer 2004 saw the opening of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame (HOF).

That year also saw the opening of the first goldsmith shop dedicated to filigree.

again saw

That issue again saw the first of several free gifts given away with each issue.

Grimes again saw limited action the following week against the New Orleans Saints.

However, he again saw red for violent conduct in the game against Young Lions on 23 August.

series saw

The first four series saw Ruth Watson in this role.

This series saw the first award of the Tom Richards Trophy.

The series saw occasional controversy.

saw off

He saw off van Gerwen 6–2 to face Wes Newton in the final.

A week later Queens saw off Solway Star 4–0 in the semi final.

Former World Champion Ted Hankey saw off 2001 champion John Walton.

saw the film   (映画を見た)

Forsyth saw the film at the Shetland Film Festival.

2018 saw the film's releases on both Blu-ray and DVD by Code Red and VCI.

Japanese critics saw the film as showing the change to a new epoch and a post-modern sensibility.

campaign saw   (キャンペーンソー)

A disappointing Premier League campaign saw the club finish in sixth place.

The 1909–10 campaign saw him score 27 goals, making him the club's top goalscorer for the season.

season Huddersfield Town's 1921-22 campaign saw Town win their first trophy in their 14-year history.

saw the end

1863 saw the end of his service afloat, due to his recurring malaria.

The Canal Turn saw the end of Lord Windermere, Buywise and Final Nudge.

These years saw the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

saw a large

It was not until the 11th century that the Maghreb saw a large influx of ethnic Arabs.

Shanghai saw a large influx of Russian émigrés in the wake of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

In 2003, Fox News saw a large ratings jump during the early stages of the US invasion of Iraq.

when she saw   (彼女が見たとき)

He eventually took Williams to meet Porter, who fainted when she saw him.

Teresita, his daughter, cried when she saw him, also resisted hugging him.

There was a moment when she saw her picture on the monitor and said 'I'm her.'

saw the launch   (打ち上げを見た)

1996 also saw the launch of The Weather Channel's website,

This also saw the launch of another Haymarket specialist job board, Campaign Jobs.

May 2011 saw the launch of Scott's first collection of handbags, named "Lula" after her mother".

saw the potential   (可能性を見た)

He was very generous and saw the potential in others.

As early as the 1970s, he saw the potential in personal computers.

Later, he saw the potential in his native Konkani language, which became his lifelong work.

saw them finish

Five defeats from seven saw them finish the season in sixth place and miss out on a play-off spot.

With also help from the crocs bench saw them finish the season in fifth place with a record of 17-13.

Their form continued to improve during the season, which saw them finish in 5th place, but they were 18 points behind leaders Arsenal.

race saw   (レースソー)

The race saw first bend bumping which left Dorotas Vic to claim the final qualifying spot.

The result of the race saw Norman promoted to the position of favourite for the Epsom Derby.

† The race saw only four competitors and was not counted as a round of the World Championship.

what she saw

She used a device to erase Corrine's memories of what she saw and heard.

As Loki breaks down the barrier, Flowa is surprised with what she saw and writes it down.

To stop Corrine from remembering what she saw, Sarah uses a device to erase that part of her memory.

results saw

The results saw Labour gain two seats from the Green Party while losing one to the Liberal Democrats.

The results saw the PML-N win a landslide victory, winning by the largest margin since the 1977 election.

The election results saw Public Against Violence finish first in Slovakia, both in the federal and Slovak elections.

saw mills

After mining stopped in the community, other industries such as saw mills kept the population busy.

For example, there were three steam saw mills that were utilized in the town, and they were successful.

Although there were three steam saw mills that were used, there were many mill locations that remained under developed.

same year saw

That same year saw the publication of, "Frauenpolitik als Beruf.

The same year saw the start of St Paul's church in Prince's Park.

The same year saw the start of their first youth team, the Blue Jays.

saw the light   (光を見た)

Only 6 issues of the magazine saw the light of day.

God saw the light was good.

Only when the driver told Clemens to look up and he saw the light towers did he realize he was in the right place.

saw use

Armoured cars saw use during World wars 1 and 2.

The RABe 520 gradually saw use on other lines.

IBM 421 The IBM 421 accounting machine saw use in the 1960s.

saw service during

She saw service during the latter stages of World War II and during the Cold War.

HMT Firefly HMT "Firefly" was a minesweeping trawler that saw service during the Second World War.

She saw service during the Napoleonic Wars, though is best known for her time spent as a prison ship.

saw a major   (メジャーを見ました)

The 2018 season also saw a major uniform change.

The station saw a major refurbishment from 1998 to 2002.

In 2010, the 21UX saw a major design revision and a price drop.

saw a change

That year also saw a change in ownership for the "Herald".

"We saw a change in our audience.

Time" (2015), which saw a change in their music and vocal deliveries.

final saw

The subsequent All-Ireland final saw Mayo play Cork.

The All-Ireland final saw Tipp take on Kilkenny.

The subsequent All-Ireland final saw Cork face old rivals Wexford.

saw heavy

They saw heavy use in ground attack missions against insurgents.

Colored Troops saw heavy action.

The branch saw heavy usage in World War 2 with additional freight traffic.

saw the debut

ATP Rankings The 2005 season saw the debut of future world no.

2005 also saw the debut of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth made with whole grain white bread.

9 August 2008 saw the debut of the video for the single "Kicking and Screaming" on MySpace.