Фразы и примеры предложений

not say   (не говори)

In my agitation and rage I could not say a thing.

But the Bible does not say what weapon Cain used.

An American would not say "two dollars twenty".

sources say   (источники говорят)

Some sources say her given name was "Irmgard".

Some sources say Concorde typically flew per passenger.

Some sources say Boston were heavy underdogs.

say goodbye   (прощайся)

The two of them say goodbye and then Sarah leaves.

They lovingly say goodbye before she is gone.

Then we'd say goodbye and go somewhere else."

say anything   (скажи что-нибудь)

I won't say anything about New Year's resolutions.

Brent once again denies it and promises not to say anything.

Although she doesn't say anything about it, trouble is on the horizon.

not to say   (не сказать)

That’s not to say it’s dumb, teenaged, or facile.

That's not to say that Grant was without reservations.

However that's not to say it isn't important.

say what

But the Bible does not say what weapon Cain used.

He has a right to say what he wants to say.

As long as we stand true and say what we believe, it's fine.

people say

I don’t argue when people say Nijam was a flop.

Some people say they are "prescriptively true" or false.

His ideal world would be one in which people say things head.

say something   (скажите что-то)

"Why would you say something like that, Grandpa?"

One of the "seviri" bends to say something in Storax's ear.

Sometimes family members or friends of the dead will say something.

used to say   (раньше говорил)

"Schools were good in those days," he used to say.

"We smoked them", her captain used to say.

"Publishers are crooks and they drink my blood," he used to say.

others say

but others say the meaning of the Indian name is lost.

This inability to hear what others say is called death.

While most accounts say the race was held in Catford, others say it was Germany.

did not say

Officials did not say whether or when the summit would resume.

He did not say whether the government knew or suspected who paid the protesters.

The spokesperson did not say which cities other than Plano were being considered.

say no   (скажи "нет)

She does and Zeus cannot say no to her.

"You just don't say no to "SVU".

Unable to say no to Saul, she relents and listens to what Estes has to say.

does not say

But the Bible does not say what weapon Cain used.

("Maha Yazawin" does not say that Shin Arahan was from Thaton.

Gibson comments: "This does not say much for MacLaren as a captain.

later say

So I turned to sports," he would later say.

He would later say that he does not regret using anything.

Bono would later say that the comments were taken out of context.

say whether   (скажи, есть ли)

Officials did not say whether or when the summit would resume.

The specification does not say whether conditions are implemented with CLOS.

Then the players in turn say whether they want to bid for a contract or pass.

want to say

But what I want to say is that this is not acceptable.

"There's nothing I want to say," he said.

On film Edward can capture what I want to say through music”.

final say

However, the "gana" members had the final say in his elections.

According to Fältskog, she and Lyngstad had the final say in how the lyrics were shaped.

All were still employed by the state, and the pharaoh had final say in their appointments.

say how

Police do not say how they obtained the photo.

"It's impossible to say how much I owe to Gregg," he said.

He went on to say how he chased the sparrows that ate the millet.

did say

However, he did say that the album was too early for a release.

Curtis Harrington did say she shot some additional scenes for the TV relief.

It did say that in the last decade, the number of requests have increased by 12 to 16 percent annually.

say nothing

The Court ... decided to see nothing and to say nothing."

I decided to stand back and say nothing".

Gurn finds his hat, but Madge convinces him to say nothing.

just say   (просто скажи)

I would just say it's metal; it's a metal album.

There is an immense struggle to just say I love you."

But let's just say for a moment that it does.

able to say   (могу сказать)

"PC" specialises in printing things that no one else is willing or able to say.

But I do know that by the time the picture is finished I'll be able to say it in one sentence.

"There are things I am going to be able to say in fiction that I can’t say in journalism right now."

say the least   (мягко говоря)

"It was slightly overwhelming to say the least."

Jacobs added: "To say the least, I was a little shocked.

Not doing so makes them look bush league at say the least."

say so   (так и сказал)

Although the constitution does not say so, India is now a multilingual federation.

Blanchflower was not impressed with the standard of play and did not hesitate to say so.

Rauschenberg sent a telegram to the gallery declaring "This is a portrait of Iris Clert if I say so."

what to say

Jaroslav: I do not know what to say at the moment.

Embarrassed and speechless as she is, she does not know what to say.

Um, I don't know what to say.

going to say

He never knew exactly what he was going to say, therefore everything would come out of his mouth very alive."

For his part, Frye praised Abbott, going to say the match featured the hardest hits he received in his entire career.

"If she does not win, she is going to say that she doesn't wish to have her name on the programme as a designer of the setting."

accounts say

Enraged, Hera or Artemis (some accounts say both) changed her into a bear.

(Other accounts say ten.)

While most accounts say the race was held in Catford, others say it was Germany.

critics say

Human rights critics say a large number were extrajudicially murdered.

Mittmann's critics say, he never questioned the account he found in police files.

Some critics say that the band's young audience will now be influenced to join the military because of the popular tunes.

wanted to say

He wanted to say, 'This is what one does.

In his final days he saw everyone he wanted to say goodbye to.

Mizuki said "I wanted to say good-bye to Candice in beautiful place.

fair to say   (честно сказать)

I think it's fair to say Eddie was pretty outraged.

I think it would be fair to say he was flying on his nerves."

"I think it's fair to say," Hepburn later said, "that Laura Harding saved my life."

what they say

Therefore, have patience, O Prophet, at what they say.

Despite what they say about each other, they are good friends.

They should be aware of what they say, and refrain from eating too much."

something to say

'The Cats', as reigning champions were the fovourites, however, Tipp had something to say about that.

It's about time, and we still have something to say about rock music that no one else is saying and I feel confident about saying that."

About this process, she has said, "The thing that defines whether or not you're good at this work is whether you have something to say when it's time to say something.

difficult to say

It's difficult to say Israel is racist, in a classic sense.

The _e is not for surname and it is difficult to say it is a part of surname.

Zanuck said there were fourteen major parts, "and six of them it would be difficult to say who was the most important."

safe to say   (с уверенностью сказать)

It is safe to say that this is a decent and proper release for 2012.

It's safe to say that Warren would be proud of Regan and her accomplishments.

I think it's safe to say, "Coke Studio's" latest offering did not fail to make a mark."

reports say

Other reports say she wrote, "we need to start a girl riot."

Some reports say he was 14, others 16.

His body was then burned (although some reports say he was burned alive).

only say   (только скажи)

Crong does not speak and he can only say his own name, "Crong!"

He could only say with certainty that she was not on the bus when he reached the end of the route downtown.

... Captain Pat Conger was the best looking man on the ground and we can only say that it is a pity he is not a Democrat.

never say

I would never say that."

Here I sit and there you are lying; we have so much to say, and we shall never say it."

Henry says he's sorry, but Morgan tells him to never say one's sorry, and walks off alone.

say things

His ideal world would be one in which people say things head.

Let's just say things were not right."

People make mistakes and say things all the time that they regret and didn't mean."

trying to say

Other petroglyphs, we can only speculate about what the people were trying to say.

He instantly begins to blame Amy, who leaves quickly before Ed can figure out what Dougie is trying to say.

I was just trying to say that, and did it in kind of a roundabout way which took a lot more time, I suppose, than they would have liked."

things to say

Down a star and out of things to say, Season 6 flounders."

He knows the online media world and has interesting things to say.

He is a "clever man" who knows the right things to say and Mary believes him.

no say

They also argue that they have no say in deciding key monetary policies.

Shortly after that I realized that she wouldn't listen to Arthur at all; he had no say over her actions."

Braceros had no say on any committees, agencies or boards that existed ostensibly to help establish fair working conditions for them.