music scene   (音楽シーン)

Erna has also worked with his local music scene.

She then disappeared from the music scene for a while.

Havana was home to a thriving music scene in the 1920s.

final scene   (最終シーン)

In the final scene, Helena is reunited with Beall.

A continuity error occurs during the final scene.

In the final scene, they enter their Connecticut home.

crime scene   (犯罪現場)

Lt. McGregor dismisses Kristy from the crime scene.

The crime scene was cordoned off by the police.

In 2007, DNA collected from the crime scene was tested.

opening scene   (オープニングシーン)

ILM handled the de-aging in the opening scene.

The film's opening scene takes place in a restaurant named "J.

Punch danced a minuet with a trained pig in the opening scene.

art scene   (アートシーン)

They were surrounded by the vivid art scene in Paris.

She emerged in the late 1990s from the Los Angeles art scene.

Over the years, warez groups began to enter the ASCII art scene.

rock scene   (ロックシーン)

Alaska also has a prominent metal and rock scene.

The late 1990s were the lowpoint of the Estonian rock scene.

They began gaining popularity in the punk rock scene in 1982.

political scene   (政治シーン)

Maumoon remains a strong independent voice in the political scene of Maldives.

With them, he deeply marks the local political scene since the end of the 1970s.

He has vowed to transform the Wafd Party into a key player in the Egyptian political scene.

first scene   (最初のシーン)

In the first scene, she is singing on an empty beach.

(If we don't know it, we find out in the first scene.)

The first scene of the poem describes a banquet at the Tsar's palace.

scene shows   (シーンショー)

This scene shows the beginning of their friendship.

The next scene shows Floyd already seated in a chair.

The scene shows the main town of the Island."

last scene   (ラストシーン)

The last scene shows the Earth being covered by that light.

The last scene was shot May 1925 after 15 months of filming.

in the last scene, Lola came from behind and kissed Alejandro.

punk scene   (パンクシーン)

In Amsterdam graffiti was a major part of the punk scene.

The nucleus of the group emerged from the late 1970s Liverpool punk scene.

In 1976 Cooper went to England to become involved in the nascent punk scene.

metal scene   (メタルシーン)

These elements are also seen in the Latin American metal scene.

A wide range of political views are found in the black metal scene.

Much of its inspiration came from the melodic metal scene found in the Nordic countries.

club scene   (クラブシーン)

Acox is a regular on the club scene in the Seattle area.

"At the time, I was out of favour with the London club scene.

Napoleon's career began in the Los Angeles club scene in 2008.

scene between   (間のシーン)

The CD film soundtrack contains a special extra date scene between the two.

The film's trailer contained a brief glimpse of a sex scene between Duchovny and Jolie.

The Fun Things were a primary group behind Brisbane's second wave punk scene between 1978 and 1980.

scene when   (シーン)

I was in the scene when Edward looks out of a window to the neighborhood.

In 1999, Johnson emerged on the freeskiing scene when he successfully landed a 1440.

It is the patrol deputy who most often is the first on the scene when one calls for help.

next scene   (次のシーン)

The next scene shows Floyd already seated in a chair.

The next scene takes place on May 11, 1951 in South Korea.

In the next scene, she is chasing a man while doing cartwheels.

jazz scene   (ジャズシーン)

He is associated with the Californian jazz scene at present.

He was from a number of orchestras and active on the Oslo jazz scene.

He was also active in Los Angeles' live jazz scene on Central Avenue.

international scene   (国際シーン)

Her tenure with the airline gave her exposure to the international scene.

Since then the variant has seen little activity on the international scene.

On the International Scene: Prof. Ram Reddy began to gain recognition on the international scene.

fight scene   (戦闘シーン)

Vickery also likened a fight scene to one from a Quentin Tarantino film.

Sammo Hung appears in a brief fight scene against Lee at the start of the film.

When Asterix meets a wild boar or a Roman legionary, a separate fight scene ensues.

deleted scene   (削除されたシーン)

and also appeared in a deleted scene in "Edward the Great".

It is unknown if the deleted scene can be considered canon or not).

In a deleted scene, Dr. Catheter examines a bat injected with "genetic sun-block".

literary scene   (文学シーン)

The work criticizes plagiarism and authorship in the early-19th-century literary scene.

Eun made her entrance to the Korean literary scene in 1995 with her short novel "Duet".

Gloag's first novel was an unexpected success and launched him onto the 1960s literary scene.

hop scene   (ホップシーン)

The single became a staple in the German hip hop scene.

Today, the Belgian hip hop scene is growing.

The album features MCs from Toronto's underground hip hop scene.

hip hop scene   (ヒップホップシーン)

The single became a staple in the German hip hop scene.

Today, the Belgian hip hop scene is growing.

The album features MCs from Toronto's underground hip hop scene.

scene was filmed   (シーンが撮影された)

The final scene was filmed at Breitnau.

The film's crash scene was filmed several miles downstream in Pope County, Illinois.

The lay-by is still there but the M25 now bridges the road where the scene was filmed.

fled the scene   (逃げた)

The terrorists fled the scene and were not captured.

He burgled the apartment and fled the scene.

The terrorists immediately fled the scene and were not captured.

each scene   (各シーン)

"Twelve years, two years shot at each scene," he said.

Copland describes each scene thus: 1.

In this manner, each scene was given "a perpetually smoky look".

every scene   (あらゆるシーン)

In "Hello I Must Be Going", she appears in every scene.

However, he complimented Van Heflin for "stealing every scene he is in".

Instead, the director would read their lines aloud to them before every scene.

scene during   (中のシーン)

Howard Leese makes an appearance in the night scene during the solo.

In the opening scene during a power outage, a stunt actor did the gun play.

Crews remained on scene during the night and all day on Saturday October 4.

death scene   (死のシーン)

The final day of shooting on November 30 was Kane's death scene.

A critic from "The Times" remarked that the pair's death scene together was "truely affecting".

This detail reflects her death scene in "Undertale", and was described by Kotaku as "weirdly unsettling".

murder scene   (殺人シーン)

Sir Eustace's corpse is still lying at the murder scene.

An eyewitness reported that police marked the site as a murder scene.

De Palma called the elevator killing the best murder scene he has ever done.

same scene   (同じシーン)

This scene follows the same scene from the Disney film.

The 1962 art was updated by Rudy Nappi, and depicts Nancy, Bess and George in the same scene, wearing Kennedy suits.

The same scene is re-enacted in variations of increasing complexity, gradually unveiling layers of stories from the past.

sex scene   (セックスシーン)

She felt in control and directed the logistics of the sex scene.

The film was the first by a major film studio to include a gay male sex scene.

The film's trailer contained a brief glimpse of a sex scene between Duchovny and Jolie.

underground scene   (地下シーン)

In Colombia, there is a large underground scene.

Patricio Rey gained popularity in the underground scene.

In 1970, Chamberlain left the underground scene and the art world behind.

social scene   (ソーシャルシーン)

Robertson was very active in the Geelong social scene.

He and his family lived nearby and were part of the social scene.

Claiborne was a fixture of the New York City social scene for decades.

arts scene   (芸術シーン)

Boquete boasts a very lively music and arts scene.

The vibrant music and arts scene defines the region's culture.

After moving to Toronto, Ontario she became more active in the arts scene.

dance scene   (ダンスシーン)

The new band took the English country dance scene by storm.

Towards the end, he and Braxton have a dance scene together.

Meanwhile, DJ Lynnwood broke ground in the local dance scene.

another scene   (別のシーン)

In another scene a son of Kassa named Ptahmose is mentioned.

In another scene, Statham had to hang off a building's balcony.

In another scene, the character Mini-Me wears a Maple Leafs sweater.

scene featuring   (シーン特集)

This showcased Toronto's rising hip hop scene featuring Big Lean, Pressa, Prime Boys amongst others.

It involved the pivotal opening scene featuring the characters of the T-800, Sarah Connor, and John Connor.

The 2000 version is played during an emotional scene featuring Emma Thompson in the 2003 film "Love Actually".

cultural scene   (文化シーン)

In the 1990s, Baarová re-appeared on the cultural scene of the Czech Republic.

cultural scene.

The area has since been subject to gentrification, and now exhibits a vibrant cultural scene.

scene involving   (関係するシーン)

A fight scene involving hero Vishal and Lal was picturised in Dindigul for seven days.

The meeting ends with Holmes narrowly averting a public scene involving the enraged Kitty.

The production then moved to Stockton, California to depict a scene involving Al aboard a train.

scene changes   (シーンチェンジ)

The scene changes to Yamada's childhood.

The scene changes to his childhood.

The scene changes to Venus' palace.

chase scene   (追跡シーン)

The road was also used as part of the car chase scene from the James Bond film "Skyfall".

The front cover of this issue featured an artist's impression of the 'escape from Rio' car chase scene.

A complex chase scene in "Spider-Man 3" (2007), though set in New York City, was filmed along Cleveland's Euclid Avenue.

scene then   (シーン)

The scene then switches to Roxanne's confessional.

The scene then shifts to events in the recent past.

The scene then shifts to an ATM where money is seen ejecting.

battle scene   (戦闘シーン)

The last big battle scene with Radslav was shot in March 1930.

Much of the footage of the final battle scene was recycled from earlier films.

Jackie Chan appears as a guard during the underground lair battle scene and gets his neck snapped by Lee.

scene was shot   (シーンが撮影されました)

The gondola scene was shot at Bridal Veil Falls.

The Playboy Mansion scene was shot at the actual mansion.

The stadium scene was shot in DY Patil Stadium apparently.

local music scene   (地元の音楽シーン)

Erna has also worked with his local music scene.

He participated in the local music scene there, presenting a play with musical accompaniment.

In the UK, there were also fanzines that covered the local music scene in a particular town or city.

musical scene   (音楽シーン)

His own compositions, however, made little impact on London's musical scene.

Gary left home at 15 and was drawn to the musical scene of Topanga Canyon, California.

Therefore, he became a pioneer in introducing electronic musical instruments into the musical scene of Iran.

party scene   (パーティーシーン)

Harmer also doubled for him in the party scene.

It was used for a party scene in the 1985 movie "Weird Science".

The dance takes place as part of an office Christmas party scene.

closing scene   (閉会シーン)

The hand that is seen on the closing scene was a technician.

The closing scene shows the duo performing with the male dancers and extras in the music video.

In the closing scene of "Thunderball" 1965, A sky hook-equipped CIA B-17 rescues James Bond and Domino.

hardcore scene   (ハードコアシーン)

The band traces its roots to the late-1980s hardcore scene in the Eastside of Los Angeles.

In 2015, Brian Leak of "Alternative Press" celebrated Code Orange as being "at the top of their game, not to mention the hardcore scene".

"Salad Days" is the name of a documentary film released in 2014 about the evolving punk and hardcore scene in Washington DC during the 1980s and 1990s.

scene showing   (シーンショー)

The Chicago Board of Censors ordered cut a scene showing a girl at a table thumbing her nose.

In the beginning of this movie there is a 15-minute scene showing the landing of American troops at Omaha beach.

A scene showing Bogart's character machine gunning the defenseless aircrew of the downed German bomber was cut by censors in foreign releases of the film.

described the scene   (シーンを説明しました)

He described the scene with Basil impersonating Hitler as "so tasteless, it's hilarious".

Writing in 1921, he described the scene: Orpen was well aware that this landscape was a vast graveyard.

The noise you hear at the moment is the sound of the air-raid siren," Murrow said as he calmly described the scene.

local scene   (ローカルシーン)

The new line-up began to gig extensively on the local scene.

Many of the punk zines were printed in small quantities and promoted the local scene.

On their return, these artists introduced modern styles such as impressionism to the local scene.

left the scene   (シーンを離れた)

As Ajit was looking at its contents, the beggar left the scene.

They all rushed as fast as they could as the rabbits left the scene.

As "Calcutta" and "Zulu" left the scene, they sank the small Norwegian steamer .

during a scene   (シーン中)

Lee was injured when her hair caught fire during a scene.

", is seen playing on a television set during a scene in the 1986 horror film "Psycho III".

The first day of filming led to them getting lost in the woods during a scene shot on a bridge.

scene before   (前のシーン)

I think back to Poirot’s last words in the scene before he dies.

Glued to the scene before him, Eiji furtively watches and leaves.

This allowed him to accurately depict the natural scene before him.

theatre scene   (劇場シーン)

Canada has had a thriving stage theatre scene since the late 1800s.

These types of edits were not uncommon in the Yiddish-language theatre scene.

Goldoni entered the Italian theatre scene with a tragedy, "Amalasunta", produced in Milan.

national scene   (ナショナルシーン)

She rose to the forefront of the national scene with an Israeli high jump record of in 1950.

Salgaocar broke into the national scene in the second half of the 1980s winning many trophies.

Manziel was launched into the national scene after he led Texas A&M to a 29–24 victory over No.

onto the scene   (シーンに)

She burst onto the scene at the 1978 World Championships in Strasbourg, France.

Eventually, Chautauqua County Sheriff officers were let onto the scene and located Horton.

During these years for the Gardiner McInnes Company, another paint company was emerging onto the scene.

during the scene   (シーン中)

"Time" magazine described the dialogue during the scene with a donkey as "homoerotic".

In an episode of Narcos: Mexico, the Apple III was mentioned during the scene involving the 1988 elections.

during the scene of the family's first East-West Berlin outing, although it does not appear on the soundtrack album.

underground music scene   (アンダーグラウンドミュージックシーン)

The underground music scene in the Cedar Falls area from 1977 to present day is well documented.

After that, in spite of having little success in the underground music scene, he did not present any more demos.

This allowed Cameo to be heard on the UK underground music scene and to gain experience in working on a radio station.

nativity scene   (キリスト降誕のシーン)

In 1223, Francis arranged for the first Christmas live nativity scene.

It portrays the nativity scene and mining motifs as well as local themes.

The "pesebre" (nativity scene) is present in many homes, schools and stores.

scene depicting   (描いたシーン)

The scene depicting a Klingon escape pod required the construction of a new set.

The episode began with a scene depicting Rimmer's father played by Simon Treves.

The right side of the chapel shows a scene depicting Kasa and his wife Bukha'nef with a daughter.

punk rock scene   (パンクロックシーン)

They began gaining popularity in the punk rock scene in 1982.

McIlrath began his musical career in his early years; he was very active in the Chicago local punk rock scene.

This new group entered Philly's punk rock scene and played gigs with The Contortions and Johnny Thunders, among others.

final scene shows   (最終シーンショー)

The final scene shows Coulter taking off her top with her back facing the camera.

The final scene shows the two eating dinner, with a bottle of ketchup on the table.

The final scene shows the insane Baum in the cell, tearing Mabuse's writings to shreds.

climactic scene   (クライマックスシーン)

The climactic scene of the play portrays a fight between two underwater divers.

The climactic scene in "Falling Hare" is described in detail in the novel "The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul".

During production a yacht built for American financier, E.H. Harriman, was used as the setting for film's climactic scene.

folk scene   (民scene)

The album was largely celebrated as an inventive addition to the indie folk scene.

Of particular note is Denver's importance in the folk scene of the 1960s and 1970s.

Polvere ventured to New York City for an adventure, traveling to the heart of where the folk scene began.