color schemes   (配色)

Carrier operations of other nations use similar color schemes.

In 2007, twelve of the models again received new color schemes.

Windows XP includes 22 preset color schemes for this visual style.

colour schemes   (配色)

Other colour schemes (amber, white, green, purple and blue) are also available.

Their packaging was instantly recognisable, featuring simple graphics and colour schemes.

The styling and colour schemes may be equally to blame for the lack of commercial success.

paint schemes   (ペイントスキーム)

A large metal tank badge completed the look, along with some two-toned paint schemes.

Eventually, there will be ten SD70ACU rebuilds painted in the two heritage paint schemes.

On 16 September 2019, Progress Rail rolled out two SD70ACU rebuilds in Canadian Pacific heritage paint schemes.

schemes such

Encrypted authentication schemes such as SASL prevent this.

In some countries these may be known as bicycle rodeos, or operated as schemes such as Bikeability.

This can create coverage issues in the administration of no-fault insurance schemes such as workers' compensation.

classification schemes

Numerous classification schemes have been proposed for bauxite but, , there was no consensus.

In these classification schemes Khmer's closest genetic relatives are the Bahnaric and Pearic languages.

Several classification schemes have been used to subdivide the medicines used for cancer into several different types.

various schemes

Being stuck at their hotel room, they try various schemes to raise money.

On leaving film school, John made a further three short films under various schemes.

During the war he attempted to interest the Nazi party in various schemes for advanced weapons.