İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

scholarly articles   (Akademik makaleler)

He wrote many scholarly articles, book reviews, and editorials.

He has published 10 books and several hundred scholarly articles.

He is the author and editor of numerous books and scholarly articles.

scholarly work   (bilimsel çalışma)

Aside from her scholarly work, she has written fiction.

His scholarly work was largely centred on Virgil and Dante.

Lamont has received the following awards for her scholarly work:

scholarly journals   (bilimsel dergiler)

It’s a Comprehensive inventory of scholarly journals.

"The Study Quran" was reviewed in scholarly journals.

He has also made contributions to several scholarly journals.

scholarly research   (bilimsel araştırma)

Faculty often choose to teach courses in the area of their current scholarly research.

His chief work is "Beaumarchais et son temps" (1855), marked by much scholarly research.

Later scholarly research points to only one thrust to Kerala, under Naralokaviran Kalinga Rayan (c. 1097 AD).

scholarly works   (bilimsel çalışmalar)

She has published more than 100 scholarly works.

He has written 20 books and over 100 scholarly works.

The name "Fata Fata" is commonly found in scholarly works.

scholarly journal

He was among the original Editorial Advisors of the scholarly journal Dionysius.

He was also among the original Editorial Advisors of the scholarly journal "Dionysius".

Since 2011, he has been co-editor of the "Economic History Review", a scholarly journal.

scholarly debate

There is scholarly debate about the relationship between the two books.

Hitchcock's portrayal of women has been the subject of much scholarly debate.

Its position, capital, and even existence remain a matter of scholarly debate.

scholarly consensus

However, no scholarly consensus has yet been reached.

The scholarly consensus is that the constitutions were drafted by Innocent III himself.

There is no scholarly consensus on whether Catullus himself arranged the order of the poems.

scholarly publications

Benson's scholarly publications include "J.M.

His early scholarly publications (1842-1847) were in mathematics.

Swepub is the national database for scholarly publications in Sweden.

scholarly books

He has also edited a number of scholarly books.

Thousands of scholarly books are available on the platform.

While at North Park, he published a number of popular and scholarly books.

scholarly literature

Some scholarly literature spell Prāyaścitta without diacritic as Prayascitta or Prayashchitta.

They have become known in the scholarly literature as the Lewis Painter and the Nausikaa Painter.

At certain points in the 1970s, "Chicano" was the preferred term for reference to Mexican Americans, particularly in scholarly literature.

scholarly attention   (bilimsel ilgi)

Crowley began to receive scholarly attention from academics in the late 1990s.

A great deal of scholarly attention has been given to the meaning of this word.

Sir Jadunath wrote several articles in English and Bengali journals, bringing the manuscript to scholarly attention.

scholarly study

This was the first modern scholarly study of its kind.

Education policy analysis is the scholarly study of education policy.

Although available for scholarly study since at least 2003, little of their contents has been published.