modern scholars

These are, however, not accepted by modern scholars.

This has been the subject of debate among modern scholars.

However, other modern scholars have challenged this position.

other scholars   (他の学者)

This opinion was supported by other scholars, f.e.

Some other scholars have acceptex the association.

Since that time, other scholars have described other waves.

scholars such

Religious scholars such as Laurence B.

He cites in his work scholars such as Z. Frankel, A. Geiger, S.J.

This view is met with scepticism by scholars such as Chris Wickham.

scholars believe   (学者は信じている)

Some scholars believe the two women were a lesbian couple.

Several scholars believe the passage is a non-Pauline interpolation.

However, modern scholars believe the location to be in or near Isfahan.

many scholars

However, many scholars restrict the term "myth" to sacred stories.

Holding this same view of the Brahui are many scholars such as L.H.

Game theory was developed extensively in the 1950s by many scholars.

among scholars

The reasons for the delay are debated among scholars.

However, photocopies of the proofs circulated among scholars.

There is no consensus among scholars.

most scholars   (ほとんどの学者)

Jayaswal's theory has been rejected by most scholars.

These claims are not taken seriously by most scholars.

The letter is dated by most scholars to around 930 CE.

legal scholars

Other legal scholars disagreed.

Nevertheless, legal scholars dispute the for-profit school's mission.

This belief has garnered criticism from legal scholars, particularly Robert Bork.

scholars argue   (学者は主張する)

Some scholars argue a "privileged/non-privileged dynamic" exists.

Some scholars argue that superstardom has a useful role in society.

Alternatively, some scholars argue that it is a pseudographical work written after 61 CE.

scholars consider   (学者は考慮する)

Some scholars consider it the oldest known skeleton of a black African.

Modern scholars consider the family to have been entirely of Greek origin.

Stanley Payne notes that very few scholars consider him to be a "core fascist".

number of scholars   (学者の数)

A number of scholars call this story the "combat myth".

By 1901 the number of scholars had risen from about 160 to 380.

It has subsequently drawn the attention of a number of scholars.

scholars agree   (学者は同意する)

Most scholars agree she was probably born around the year 1233.

Not all scholars agree to it.

Most scholars agree that there was no romantic relationship between Pocahontas and Smith.

scholars have argued

Other scholars have argued for a Turkic origin of the name.

Several scholars have argued that the pastoral epistles attack Marcionism in particular.

Some scholars have argued that the Book of Revelation incorporates imagery from ancient mythology.

religious scholars

This goes against the beliefs of religious scholars around the world.

Those religious scholars always argued and debated with him, in which Sadhna always outwitted them.

The KAICIID Fellows Programme is a one-year training and capacity building program for religious scholars and teachers.

scholars have suggested

Other scholars have suggested that it was written from Caesarea or Ephesus.

However, other scholars have suggested that she was a "precursor" to Hurufiyya.

Some scholars have suggested William Leslie Welton, a leading Birmingham architect of the period.

leading scholars

Other leading scholars of the Ibadan School include Saburi Biobaku, J.F.A.

He is one of the world’s leading scholars in Old Testament Wisdom literature.

He is one of the world's leading scholars on early child development and the economics of pre-schools.

scholars suggest   (学者は提案する)

Some scholars suggest that this is the later Greek Ephesus.

Some scholars suggest that Arius may have been poisoned by his opponents.

Several scholars suggest direct borrowing of Siduri's advice by the author of Ecclesiastes.

group of scholars

In April 2015, Pielke joined with a group of scholars in issuing "An Ecomodernist Manifesto".

A separate group of scholars make up a class of intended to attract blessings and good fortune.

Bacon ("The Lord Verulam, Chancellor of Parnassus") heads a group of scholars who act as the judges.

several scholars

He encouraged new talents and was always accompanied by several scholars.

In this he was preceded by several scholars who rejected Pauline authorship.

The suburb Kopay is blessed with several scholars because of very strong schooling system.

biblical scholars

Szekely's claims were rejected by biblical scholars.

It has mainly been advocated by English biblical scholars.

The foregoing Otto analysis is heavily disputed amongst biblical scholars.

later scholars

However, to later scholars in the field, it was evident that cultural influences dominate map-making.

All of the above led Aleksander Brückner and later scholars to believe that Gąska and Stańczyk are merely two nicknames of the same person.

He paved the way for later scholars for a cultural and religious renaissance in Kashmir which continued for centuries till the advent of Islam.

scholars including

His thesis has since been revisited by New Testament scholars including David Trobisch, Joseph Tyson and Robert M. Price.

It is named for Austin Farrer, who wrote "On Dispensing With Q" in 1955, but it has been picked up by other scholars including Michael Goulder and Mark Goodacre.

According to scholars including Neil Forsyth and John L. McKenzie, the Old Testament incorporates stories, or fragments of stories, from extra-biblical mythology.

prominent scholars

He learned from very prominent scholars of his time.

Its membership consists of no more than 435 members elected for life among the country's most prominent scholars and scientists.

By the late nineties, feminist science studies had become well-established and had many prominent scholars within its field of study.

contemporary scholars

The majority of contemporary scholars believe the historicity of the events in the Joseph story cannot be demonstrated.

Some contemporary scholars equate Mesmer’s animal magnetism with the Qi (chi) of Traditional Chinese Medicine and mesmerism with medical Qigong practices.

Like many contemporary scholars, Bobbitt believes that the Constitution's durability rests, in part, in the flexible manner in which it can be and has been interpreted since its creation.