Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

public schools   (escuelas publicas)

She taught music in the public schools until 1899.

He went to the public schools and business college.

The school was ranked 25th among all public schools.

high schools   (Instituto)

or in French high schools as an optional language.

Most testing rooms are classrooms in high schools.

They're mostly in high schools called C4 program.

secondary schools   (escuelas secundarias)

There are 2 higher secondary schools in the V.D.C.

She attended local elementary and secondary schools.

There are 37 state and 23 independent secondary schools.

elementary schools   (escuelas primarias)

The city also operates 67 public elementary schools.

With it, five elementary schools were closed as well.

TDSB several elementary schools in the neighbourhood.

primary schools   (escuelas primarias)

Two primary schools county titles in the one year!

There are over 200 primary schools in Amsterdam.

There are two primary schools in the Ballivor region.

private schools   (escuelas privadas)

There are like half dozen of private schools too.

There are also several private schools in the area.

Side by side with these existed private schools.

other schools   (otras escuelas)

However, it took time for other schools to follow.

The other schools are North Adams and West Union.

The remaining students began attending other schools.

middle schools   (escuelas intermedias)

There are two middle schools located in Bharaul village.

There are couple elementary and middle schools in Khanar.

For the younger students in elementary and middle schools, SAYA!

local schools

Her parents were teachers in Indian local schools.

Burroughs was educated at a number of local schools.

All children in the areas attend local schools.

charter schools   (escuelas charter)

In 1994 charter schools first came into Detroit.

He supports the increased availability of charter schools.

There are currently 135 charter schools operating in Pennsylvania.

public high schools   (escuelas secundarias públicas)

West is one of three public high schools in Manchester.

The analysis covered approximately 22,000 U.S. public high schools.

The cities three public high schools are also known for their productions.

medical schools   (escuelas de medicina)

and five-year veterinary medical schools ("dr.

In Hungary, graduates of six-year medical schools ("dr.

There are 18 medical schools in Nepal that award the MBBS degree.

law schools

programs that are offered by certain law schools.

US News only ranks the top three-fourths of law schools.

Presently, twenty-five U.S. law schools offer health law programs.

schools across   (escuelas de todo)

Hoyt has taught at festivals and schools across Canada.

There are specific Russian, Viennese, and other schools across Europe.

Since its inception it has worked with more than 400 schools across Pakistan.

attended schools

He attended schools in Maidstone and Herstmonceux.

He attended schools in Münchenstein and Basel.

Jean attended schools in Thailand, New York, England, France and Switzerland.

schools include

Private schools include the Okinawa Actors' School.

Other schools include Essa English Medium High School.

Andress High's feeder schools include H.E.

schools and colleges

There are many good schools and colleges in Shibpur.

There are many schools and colleges in Patan.

He has established many schools and colleges in Chandina.

many schools

Greg applied to many schools and eventually chose BYU.

There are many schools and colleges in Patan.

There are also many schools in this locality-

boarding schools   (internados)

There are other primary boarding schools in Surunga.

The district has many Islamic boarding schools.

There are also many Islamic boarding schools.

common schools

He attended the common schools and Athens Academy.

He attended the common schools and Lenox Academy.

He attended the common schools and Geneva Lyceum.

state schools   (escuelas estatales)

All the listed state schools are run by Aberdeen City Council.

The Cayman Islands Education Department operates state schools.

He was educated at state schools and then Cambridge University.

schools outside   (escuelas fuera)

The establishment of schools outside of Telz had furthered this goal.

, there were 20 students from Sagno who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Muggio who attended schools outside the village.

several schools

There are several schools of fiqh thought ( '; pl. ')

In human geography, there are several schools of thought.

Gimo has several schools up to secondary schools (gymnasium).

both schools

She has taught in both schools at the graduate level.

The majority of students have lessons at both schools.

He brought both schools to the state finals.

all schools

The episode mostly ends in a tie for all schools.

The overall percentage of LLB in all schools is 33.7%.

The law applied to all schools, both public and private.

different schools

They are sent to different schools.

The group currently operates five different schools in Hong Kong.

Qasir taught in many different schools adjacent to Dera Ismail Khan.

attended schools outside   (asistió a escuelas fuera)

, there were 20 students from Sagno who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Muggio who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Cabbio who attended schools outside the village.

independent schools

There are no independent schools in the area.

Those qualified teachers working in independent schools could register voluntarily.

In 1927, three four-year administratively independent schools were established: SS.

attended public schools   (asistió a escuelas públicas)

She attended public schools in the metropolitan region.

He attended public schools until graduation from high school.

He attended public schools in Brooklyn.

business schools   (escuelas de negocios)

CEIBS follows the European model of business schools.

It is also the home of INSEAD, one of the world's most elite business schools.

Finance, which is another specialization of business schools, is related to accounting.

schools within

There are two high schools within a radius of 3 km.

There were nine other private schools within the town.

A partial list of the schools within the Trust follows:

number of schools   (numero de escuelas)

Inala has a number of schools and educational institutions.

There are a large number of schools servicing the community.

There is a number of schools called Woodlands School or have similar names:

various schools

Desai's social work included foundation of various schools.

Bhavnagar has various schools and educational institutions.

There are various schools and colleges in Banganga municipality.

grammar schools   (escuelas de gramática)

There are 184 primary, secondary and grammar schools in the city.

There was a great deal of variation between direct grant grammar schools.

Its use by ordinary teachers in grammar schools had been outlawed in 1928.

new schools

Twelve new schools were granted chapter status.

It also housed classrooms until 1929, when the new schools were inaugurated.

All the Albanian-language students left the schools and demanded new schools to be opened.

schools throughout

Initially, schools throughout the county were to remain open.

Estelle attended Hartford public schools throughout her youth.

Applications for children would be made through schools throughout the country.

schools such

Brazdeikis committed to Michigan over schools such as Vanderbilt and Florida.

Chark had offers from schools such as Memphis, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, among others.

McNamara had offers from schools such as Duke and Florida, but chose to attend Syracuse.

schools located

There are two middle schools located in Bharaul village.

Some training schools located here are

It has several public elementary schools located in populated areas and sitios.

member schools

Listed below are the current 18 member schools.

Most of the member schools are in rural/smaller towns.

The college has held sporting rivalries with the other member schools for many years.

residents attended schools

, there was 1 student in Maggia who came from another municipality, while 119 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

, there were 51 students in Morbio Superiore who came from another village, while 63 residents attended schools outside the village.

, there were 3 students in Besazio who came from another municipality, while 76 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

schools of thought

In human geography, there are several schools of thought.

Brahmajala Sutta records sixty-two such schools of thought.

This may have been the result of competing schools of thought.

schools and universities

It has been taught in both high schools and universities.

He gives clinics and lectures at music schools and universities worldwide.

The French retaliated by banning all instruction in Esperanto in French schools and universities.

international schools

It is ranked as one of the top international schools in Thailand.

There are multiple ROC Chinese international schools in South Korea:

She grew up in Myanmar and studied in international schools in Yangon.

schools including

There are 15 higher schools including 3 universities.

He received numerous offers at other schools including West Virginia University.

Upon his return he taught at various schools including Crescent Girls' School and Gan Eng Seng School.

government schools   (escuelas gubernamentales)

The Ministry of Education operates public government schools.

It has three government schools and three private boarding schools.

The Ministry of Education of Bahrain operates public government schools.

parochial schools

He attended parochial schools in the city, and was an altar boy.

The district is fed by its own middle school and by three nearby parochial schools.

The Sisters of the Holy Family conducted 6 parochial schools and 3 boarding schools.

public elementary schools   (escuelas primarias públicas)

The city also operates 67 public elementary schools.

Berkeley has 11 public elementary schools and three middle schools.

There are six public intermediate schools and 23 public elementary schools.

schools around   (escuelas alrededor)

The event is open to high schools around North America.

Chess is taught to children in schools around the world today.

There are many lower primary and upper primary schools around Thuneri.

junior high schools

The junior high schools contain grades 7 through 9.

Iwaki has 39 public junior high schools.

Miyakonojō has 35 elementary schools and 19 junior high schools.

religious schools

Numerous other religious schools then followed.

At Frankfurt he organized two model religious schools.

It is one of the few Arabic religious schools in the country.

schools operated

It is one of two high schools operated by Dalton Public Schools.

This third school was added to the schools operated by the district.

In 1910 still another school was added to the schools operated by the district.

art schools

Post Byzantine art schools include the Cretan School and Heptanese School.

His formal training came from a series of art schools in the New England area.

Now Chugye University for the Arts has become among the nation's top art schools.

training schools

Punch also managed six flight training schools.

Several training schools are located here.

Some training schools located here are

schools serving

The schools serving this area are as follows:

K-8 schools serving Armour Square include Haines and J.

Plaquemines Parish School Board operates public schools serving the community.

schools statewide   (escuelas en todo el estado)

Fifty-three percent of schools statewide received lower SPP scores compared with last year's, while 46 percent improved.

schools are located

Principal army schools are located there or nearby.

Several training schools are located here.

Nearly all of these schools are located near or to the south of Lancaster Avenue.

graduate schools

The graduate schools were opened in 1958.

Postgraduate education is divided between the seminary and the graduate schools.

Extension School alumni have been admitted to all of the graduate schools at Harvard.

following schools

The neighborhood is zoned to the following schools:

Bond Education Group consists of the following schools:

The district operates the following schools.

vocational schools   (escuelas vocacionales)

CGD also builds vocational schools.

Secondary education is provided by gymnasiums and vocational schools.

local public schools   (escuelas públicas locales)

Young Oliver grew up there, and attended local public schools.

Students of color were integrated into the other local public schools.

He was educated in local public schools and attended Denison University.

superintendent of schools   (superintendente de escuelas)

As of 2016, Kevin McIntyre, Ed.D is the superintendent of schools.

He then became a superintendent of schools in the Los Altos district.

She was appointed superintendent of schools for Gilpin County, Colorado in 1895.

rural schools   (escuelas rurales)

In 1972, she went to Chad, to work in rural schools.

There are two elementary schools, one middle school and two rural schools.

Prior to 1958, the district was served by a series of smaller rural schools.

schools and other   (escuelas y otros)

It encompassed the Tivat Arsenal and a number of schools and other establishments.

The celebrations included ceremonies in schools and other public institutions and festive articles in the Hebrew press.

The modes of dispersal are unclear, though it is associated with homes, schools and other institutions, and barbershops.

schools before

He received offers from numerous schools before committing to Florida.

Born in Koroit, Victoria, he was educated at state schools before becoming a shearer.

He attended local schools before moving to Michigan where he attended Albion Seminary.

operates public schools   (opera escuelas públicas)

Rapides Parish School Board operates public schools.

Chicago Public Schools operates public schools.

taught in schools   (enseñado en las escuelas)

It is taught in schools in refugee camps in Thailand.

He taught in schools and was a farmer.

The languages taught in schools are English, Italian, French and German.

music schools

He gives clinics and lectures at music schools and universities worldwide.

The Alberto Nepomuceno Conservatory is one of the city's leading music schools.

With the harp as her chosen instrument, she finished both the lower and upper music schools.

schools as well   (escuelas también)

Also there are private schools as well.

It has both primary and secondary schools as well as a hospital.

Primary and high schools as well as a private college are established.

separate schools

Hopkins is divided into three separate schools.

Etz Chaim and RIETS, while separate schools, had a close relationship.

Two are Roman Catholic separate schools: Holy Saviour School and École Val-des-Bois.

schools were closed

Several schools were closed across southern Florida.

With it, five elementary schools were closed as well.

Lutheran churches and schools were closed and German language newspapers were banned.

most schools   (la mayoría de las escuelas)

Unlike most schools, the administrative offices were located on the second floor.

Indian religions like Jainism, Buddhism and most schools of Hinduism consider atheism to be acceptable.

Most people accept that evolution is the most widely accepted scientific theory as taught in most schools.

first schools

The first schools and churches were established in the area in the late 1880s and 1890s.

Five Ways was one of the first schools in the West Midlands to introduce computer technology in 1978.

Fairlands takes children moving up from Cheddar First School as well as other first schools in the Cheddar Valley.

technical schools

There are 13 schools, 1 gymnasium, 1 lyceum, 4 trade schools, 5 technical schools, 2 musical school.

He established schools and a number of cities, as well as training institutions and technical schools.

Ringsend Technical school opened in 1893 and technical schools were also set up in Galway and Limerick.

public charter schools   (escuelas públicas chárter)

All eleven schools are tuition-free, public charter schools with no entrance requirements.

Students who live in the District's attendance range may choose to attend one of Pennsylvania's 157 public charter schools.

Students who live in the Pine-Richland School District's attendance area may choose to attend one of Pennsylvania's 157 public charter schools.

higher secondary schools

There are 2 higher secondary schools in the V.D.C.

Among them only Manohar and Bhagwati are higher secondary schools.

and government higher secondary schools for boys and girls and prominent computer institutes e.g.

more schools

4 more schools were built along with a community centre.

Later it was expanded to four more schools.

India still has numerous Jesuit missions, and many more schools.

list of schools

Following is the list of schools in this area.

List of schools in Melaka This is a list of schools in Malacca, Malaysia.

List of schools in Sarawak This is a list of schools in Sarawak, Malaysia.

residential schools

There are urban, rural and residential schools.

It also owned two residential schools in the north-west of England.

The children had to attend residential schools like Onion Lake or Blue Quills Residential School.

few schools

There are a few schools in Bagwali Pokhar.

He ran a few schools through trusts.

There were few schools available to the population, particularly in rural areas.

schools offer

Many secondary schools offer French as a foreign language.

Only a few high schools offer the subject as a third language.

Presently, twenty-five U.S. law schools offer health law programs.

day schools

All in all, there are 19 Jewish day schools in Australia.

Pupils from day schools were admitted free from aged 11 to 16.

In addition to the boarding and day schools the sisters conduct orphanages.

such as schools

They also accept requests to speak at private venues, such as schools.

Others sheltered in solid buildings, such as schools or theatres, and in canals.

They share basking spots and large food sources, such as schools of fish and big carcasses.

professional schools

Acting classes and professional schools targeted at under-18s are widespread.

The organization builds and runs local and high schools, orphanages, medical centers, computer education centers and professional schools.

The CSRC serves the entire campus and supports faculty and students in the social sciences, life sciences, humanities, and the professional schools.

schools were established

Graduate schools were established in 1999.

Two well-regarded private schools were established in Middleton.

In 1927, three four-year administratively independent schools were established: SS.

oldest schools

It is one of the oldest schools of West Bengal.

It is one of the oldest schools in the country.

It is one of the oldest schools in the city.

small schools

It is a solution for rural small schools in Wales.

The marbled hatchetfish is usually kept in small schools.

They normally form small schools and feed on benthic invertebrates.

language schools

Most language schools are private and for-profit.

Total immersion Italian language schools are popular in Italy.

Before 1921, there were 514 Belarusian language schools in West Belarus.

feeder schools

Andress High's feeder schools include H.E.

Thom's feeder schools include Coronation Park Community School, Dr. L.M.

One of the feeder schools is Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, a Manx language primary school in St John's.

attend schools

Students beyond that level attend schools in Bülach.

Most school children in Mattegoda attend schools in Colombo.

Middle school students also attend schools in the surrounding towns.

such schools

They also have the right to govern such schools.

Evidence of such schools dates back to the 6th century CE.

Brahmajala Sutta records sixty-two such schools of thought.

schools and communities

Leadership in art education: Taking action in schools and communities.

The Anorthosis Famagusta Futsal club was founded on a desire to produce a futsal squad that could regularly compete at the highest level, together with a commitment to introduce and accelerate the game's development in surrounding schools and communities.

The Center for Schools and Communities works in with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to assist schools and communities as they research, select and implement bullying prevention programs and initiatives.

schools and graduated

He attended the local schools and graduated from St. John's high school.

He attended Lowell public schools and graduated from Lowell High School.

He attended the public schools and graduated from Mayville Academy in 1836.

schools during

Disruption of education also occurs with the destruction of schools during wars.

Shrimp are often solitary, though they can form large schools during the spawning season.

Surry County closed only its white schools during the initial phase of massive resistance.

between the schools

The annual season opening double header alternates between the schools.

The all-time series between the schools ended in Pitt's favor, 58–22–1.

Pregame Line: Louisville -3.5 This was the eleventh meeting between the schools.

magnet schools   (escuelas magnet)

The area offers a mix of neighborhood schools as well as specialized magnet schools.

The Batesville School District has one early learning center, one junior high school, one high school and four magnet schools.

The first approach can be broad, such as instituting charter schools, magnet schools, or for-profit schools and increasing competition.

no schools

Woodland Park has no schools, parks, or businesses.

There are no schools in Mount Lindesay.

There were no schools open to girls.

schools and hospitals

In addition there were many schools and hospitals established as good works.

The Spanish built infrastructures such as roads and ports, as well as schools and hospitals.

Robles has been honored in Guatemala and México with many schools and hospitals named in his honor.

preparatory schools

There was one secondary college and eleven secondary preparatory schools.

This type of school is comparable to U.S. college preparatory schools or English grammar schools.

At the time, it was one of the first military preparatory schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

comprehensive schools

In many comprehensive schools this is simply not possible.

Experiments with comprehensive schools spread from Anglesey to the Midlands and Yorkshire.

One of the three comprehensive schools in Brugherio is named for local artist Filippo de Pisis.

special schools

The Granta School is one of Cambridgeshire's six area special schools.

The Centre is a pioneer among local special schools for its wide use of various therapies.

The Ostalbkreis district provides three vocational schools and three additional special schools.