science fiction   (SF)

The country's earliest science fiction story is Al.

His career delves into the genre of science fiction.

This piece is Walden's first take on science fiction.

political science   (政治学)

in American history and political science in 1956.

Ambiguity is a powerful tool of political science.

in political science from Grinnell College in 1993.

computer science   (コンピュータサイエンス)

Erlich's work combines computer science and genomics.

The curriculum is a generalistic computer science one.

in automatic control and computer science.

science and technology   (科学技術)

This was also true of science and technology in the empire.

It honors Goldwater's keen interest in science and technology.

TGF TGF may refer to: In entertainment: In science and technology:

social science   (社会科学)

Fundamentally, finance is a social science discipline.

Kuhn had used the term "pre-paradigmatic" for social science).

They were the first major social science experiments in the world.

science fiction television   (SFテレビ)

Dubbing is commonly used in science fiction television, as well.

Richard Faraday is an actor on a science fiction television series, "Star Peace".

He played Xander Toth in the military science fiction television pilot entitled "".

science fiction novel   (SF小説)

Samuel Butler published "Erewhon", an early science fiction novel.

It was inspired by the German science fiction novel series "Perry Rhodan".

God Game (novel) God Game is the title of a science fiction novel by Rev.

science fiction film   (サイエンスフィクション)

"Edge of Tomorrow" marked Beck's first science fiction film score.

The game was featured in the 1973 science fiction film "Soylent Green".

Silent Running (disambiguation) Silent Running is a 1972 science fiction film.

science and engineering   (科学と工学)

in paper science and engineering (1989, NC State) and an M.S.

Finch is an advocate for more diversity in science and engineering.

Today, its activities cover several fields of science and engineering.

mathematics and science   (数学と科学)

Standards in mathematics and science would also be strengthened.

taught mathematics and science.

Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement.

science degree

Frank was the first NOAA administrator without a science degree.

He obtained bachelor of science degree from King Saud University.

In 1936 Hans Albert obtained the doctor of technical science degree.

natural science

degree in natural science from the University of Toronto.

He was mainly well known for his mathematics and natural science textbooks.

In 1796, he returned to Copenhagen, where he began studying natural science.

science education

She has also promoted science education.

It is a state institution for astronomy research and public science education.

In many countries, there is a significant gender gap in computer science education.

bachelor of science   (理学士)

He obtained bachelor of science degree from King Saud University.

She graduated from the Academy in 1981 with a bachelor of science degree.

Dennis graduated from St. Louis University with a bachelor of science in 1953.

popular science

Jan Żabiński authored approximately 60 popular science books.

In 2011 Hinde began the popular science blog "Mammals Suck ...

From his scientific work he published many books, some in a popular science style.

materials science

The company has made several new discoveries in materials science.

in materials science.

Coverage of this journal encompasses all topics pertaining to materials science.

science fiction short

McConnell also published several science fiction short stories in the mid-1950s.

C-Chute "C-Chute" is a science fiction short story by American writer Isaac Asimov.

Martin began selling science fiction short stories professionally in 1970, at age 21.

new to science

It was described as new to science in 2009.

It was described as new to science by Alix David in 1982.

history of science

It remains a classic in the history of science.

It has been recognized as the first meta-analysis in the history of science.

In the Society he was tasked with writing a textbook on the history of science.

modern science

Many consider Democritus to be the "father of modern science".

Ibn al-Haytham paved the way for the modern science of physical optics.

western patriarchy, among the multitude of cultures participating in modern science.

philosophy of science   (科学哲学)

In 1977, he began studying for a masters in the philosophy of science.

His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science.

In 1967 he defended his candidate's dissertation in the philosophy of science.

science research

Conferences are important events for computer science research.

A large part of research is conducted by science research institutes with semi-controlled by the Government.

In 1952, Alice and David Schwartz founded the science research and manufacturing company Bio-Rad Laboratories.

math and science   (数学と科学)

Wagner teaches everything other than math and science.

The fourth grade is tested in reading, math and science.

medical science   (医学)

The 2019 awards focused on medical science and public health.

The 2016 awards focused on medical science and public health.

THe 2013 awards were focused on medical science and public health.

cognitive science   (認知科学)

Many different methodologies are used to study cognitive science.

The biannual Heineken Prize for cognitive science is named after her.

The line between cognitive psychology and cognitive science can be blurry.

science fiction writer

The science fiction writer Jules Verne was also a favourite.

The Telegraph (UK) called him a "masterful" science fiction writer.

Bruce Elliott was a minor science fiction writer prior to working at "Rogue".

science fiction series

Japan has a long history of producing science fiction series for TV.

Also in 2011, Ryan guest starred on the American science fiction series "Terra Nova", playing a murderer.

There was also a reference to Douglas Adams' science fiction series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".

new science

The new classrooms included new science labs and special-ed facilities.

The debate defined the field of research of a new science: anthropology.

The year 1946 saw the dedication of a new science hall as part of the Academic Hall.

information science   (インフォメーション・サイエンス)

"See the history of information science."

Her academic training was originally in information science.

Today her research is focused on quantum information science.

military science

In 1992 he earned a PhD in military science from the Iraqi War College.

He served until 1985 where he was sent to study a three year military science.

Subjects taught at the school included military science and uniform requirements.

science understanding

In Biology, 60% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, 18.64% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, just 54.62% showed on grade level science understanding.

level science

In Biology, 60% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, 18.64% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, just 54.62% showed on grade level science understanding.

science teacher

Miles Warren aka Jackal, and a science teacher of Midtown High School.

Raymond was a science teacher at Midtown High School in Queens, New York.

Prior to her political career, Paddack was a science teacher and adjunct professor.

science achievement

Reflects on grade level reading, mathematics and science achievement.

level science understanding

In Biology, 60% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, 18.64% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, just 54.62% showed on grade level science understanding.

science labs

They may also be used in American science labs.

In the same year, five science labs were operational.

The new classrooms included new science labs and special-ed facilities.

grade level science

In Biology, 60% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, 18.64% showed on grade level science understanding.

In Biology, just 54.62% showed on grade level science understanding.

science fiction author

He is the father of late science fiction author Jay Lake.

David R. Palmer David R. Palmer (born 1941) is an American science fiction author.

Waters) (1938–1998) was an American magician, writer about magic, and science fiction author.

grade science

In 4th grade science, 95% of the pupils were on grade level.

In 4th grade science, 91% of the pupils were on grade level.

In 4th grade science, 90% of the pupils demonstrated on grade level understanding.

environmental science

Catalysis is relevant to many aspects of environmental science, e.g.

Xu has a MS degree in environmental science degree from Peking University.

She studied environmental science and public policy at Harvard University.

science department   (科学部)

She is the first woman to lead a science department at MIT.

The computer science department offers basic computing courses in HTML and Java.

Following that, he returned to academia at his alma mater's political science department.

between science

Professor McGlade worked to strengthen the link between science and policy.

In some cases, it can be difficult to identify exact boundaries between science and non-science.

As a result, it has become one of the liveliest areas in the discourse between science and religion.

art and science

Renaissance humanism, exploration, art and science led to the modern era.

He states that ""photography offered the perfect blend of art and science"".

Other schooling under "omuteko" included the art and science of war, history, and culture.

library science

Leibniz also contributed to the field of library science.

Beghtol received a master's degree in library science from the University of Toronto in 1979.

She attended Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal, where she earned a degree in library science.

forensic science   (科学捜査)

It is frequently used in anthropology, archeology and forensic science for a variety of tasks.

DNA methylation is a common epigenetic mark being studied as potential evidence in forensic science.

A separate block for forensic science and toxicology with lecture halls, mortuary and autopsy rooms are available.

science laboratories   (科学実験室)

Secondary Section Three science laboratories with prep.

The Nova became popular in science laboratories around the world.

This phase included state-of-the-art technology rooms and three new science laboratories.

science writer

Another is comedian and science writer Kasha Patel.

She is also a science writer and science communicator.

His brother, Gary Taubes, is a science writer.

science and religion   (科学と宗教)

Mather attempted to show how Newtonian science and religion were in harmony.

MTA organizes conferences on the intersection of technology, spirituality, science and religion.

As a result, it has become one of the liveliest areas in the discourse between science and religion.

science and mathematics

His best subjects were science and mathematics.

When she was in school, she developed her interest in science and mathematics.

In Sabah, UEC-JML science and mathematics are available in Chinese and English.

fields of science

Today, its activities cover several fields of science and engineering.

These discoveries were important in many fields of science and engineering.

They are: Probes tips have a wide variety of applications in different fields of science and technology.

applied science

These discoveries have potential applications in applied science and industry, especially concerning fuel efficiency.

EPN adopted the polytechnic university model that stresses laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering.

In 2000 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in applied science from RMIT University for contributions to natural history.

basic science

Subjects covered: The basic science training takes place at Deep Campus.

Besides a community hospital is built near the basic science campus in Duwakot.

New Block building contains basic science departments namely Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

science awards

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Government of India awarded him the National Bioscience Award for Career Development, one of the highest Indian science awards in 2015.

science fiction novels

He is the author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction novels.

The phrase has been attributed to Ed Howdershelt, who self-publishes science fiction novels on the Internet.

He has written over 300 Chinese-language "wuxia" and science fiction novels, and more than 400 film scripts.

interest in science

It honors Goldwater's keen interest in science and technology.

Although a lawyer by trade, Wedderburn had a keen interest in science.

When she was in school, she developed her interest in science and mathematics.

life science   (生命科学)

Within these, life science R&D activities are the most prominent.

Rapinoe attended the University of Portland, majoring in life science.

The computer science and the life science buildings are also to the west.

studied political science

He studied political science at university.

He studied political science in Amsterdam.

Since 2003, Spahn also studied political science and law at the University of Hagen.

science fiction films

The game pays homage to Kaiju and 1950s science fiction films.

The inventions that the aliens use reminds us of science fiction films.

These are often shown in use in science fiction films (see below for examples).

science fiction stories

Genetic engineering features in many science fiction stories.

Circumbinary planets are common in many science fiction stories:

Flying cars are also a popular theme in fantasy and science fiction stories.

science professor

His mother, Svetha, is a computer science professor at Deakin University.

In 1985, Zimmerman married computer science professor James Gil de Lamadrid.

After leaving IBM, Blaauw became a computer science professor in the Netherlands.

data science

He has taught online data science courses for DataCamp.

She believes that Scotland will become a world-leading destination for data science.

Kyrpides's current research focuses on microbiome research, with an emphasis on microbiome data science.

field of science

He is known in the field of science fiction criticism.

Thus the CGS system never gained wide general use outside the field of science.

He was partly encouraged by one of his science teachers to enter into the field of science.

fantasy and science   (ファンタジーと科学)

He is the author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction novels.

Flying cars are also a popular theme in fantasy and science fiction stories.

The flying car has been depicted in many works of fantasy and science fiction.

master of science

He received a master of science degree in agricultural economics from Penn State in 1991.

Then he earned a master of science degree in organic chemistry in Birmingham University in 1967.

He was given a position at the Provincial Normal School in Toronto as a second master of science and mathematics.

theoretical computer science

In theoretical computer science, such tasks are called computational problems.

in theoretical computer science, information technologies and artificial intelligence.

Included within theoretical computer science is the study of algorithms and data structures.

science classes

He attended science classes in Newport-on-Tay and learned calculus from his father by post.

From the third year, French is taught and it is also the language of instruction for science classes.

They sometimes seek to ensure that their belief is taught in science classes, mainly in American schools.

first science

It is the first science centre built in northern Malaysia.

"Edge of Tomorrow" marked Beck's first science fiction film score.

It started data-taking in 2013 and this first science run continued until May 2014.

arts and science

The college offers many programs including education, arts and science.

Undergraduate majors include liberal arts and science programs as well as pre-professional programs.

When in 1911 the college became an arts and science college, an honours course in history was introduced.

historian of science

Hume was an early cultural historian of science.

He shares his life with the historian of science Patricia Fara.

As a historian of science, Brewster focused on the life and work of his hero, Isaac Newton.

science courses

He has taught online data science courses for DataCamp.

He was educated in Bangalore, excelling the science courses he took in school.

He chose a pre-law major but took mathematics and graduate level computer science courses.

school science   (学校科学)

He started out as a high school science teacher before becoming a college professor.

These educational science documentaries were popular favorites for school science classrooms.

Inspired by a high school science teacher, Briggs became interested in the biological sciences.

sports science

Abrahams is considered the founder of British sports science.

degree in sports science from Eastern Washington University in 1988.

He studied at Brunel University where he obtained a degree in sports science.

climate science   (気候科学)

Under this chair, the M.Sc in climate science and policy has been initiated with support from UNESCO.

He has called global warming the "greatest scam in history" and made numerous false or misleading claims about climate science.

Fog and other scientists have continued to criticize Lomborg for what one called "a history of misrepresenting" climate science.

physical science

He also taught physical science and biology there.

One year he had evenings devoted to the study of physical science at YMCA.

Aristotle's views on physical science profoundly shaped medieval scholarship.

space science

Analytic geometry is widely used in physics and engineering, and also in aviation, rocketry, space science, and spaceflight.

In addition to making suborbital passenger launches, Virgin Galactic will market SpaceShipTwo for suborbital space science missions.

Three years later, she found the opportunity to do a masters in space science with the International Space University (ISU), located in Strasbourg, France.

science fiction drama

Kirill (web series) Kirill is an online science fiction drama.

Night Sights Night Sights, also known as The Void, is a 2011 science fiction drama film.

Since 2016, he has had a recurring role as Ed in the science fiction drama series "Humans".

domestic science   (国内科学)

It opened in 1909 as a school offering instruction in agriculture and domestic science.

Madhur did her best but guessed that she failed the subject of domestic science altogether.

The domestic science courses covered subjects such as food analysis, sanitation, and contaminants in food.

health science   (健康科学)

A new Health Science Center housing graduate health science programs opened for classes in 2016.

For Public Service, students may take courses in education, health science, fashion and law enforcement.

Founded in 1969, Jaypee-The Health Sciences Publisher publishes books in almost all the areas of health science.

science and art

Reidenberg became interested in animal science and art as a high school student.

Agriculture Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock.

In secondary school, he studied science and art, and was editor of his high-school newspaper.

women in science

Gibson has spent her career championing women in science.

Devlin is an advocate for women in science.

She is a campaigner for the increased representation of Muslim women in science.

science program

Haglund graduated from the science program of Blackebergs gymnasium in 2006.

Her role was to coordinate the science program for the 2016 Homeward Bound program.

The science program is a good example of the direction in which the Enlaces program is headed.

food science

), and also in environmental and food science.

This is a subdiscipline of food science.

It hosted food science conferences.

science fiction authors

thus the star has attracted the attention of science fiction authors and game developers.

More recent science fiction authors illuminate what they contend are injustices that are still prevalent.

During his career as a literary agent, Ackerman represented such science fiction authors as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, A.E.

science lab   (サイエンスラボ)

It had a gymnasium, a library, science lab, and a home economics room.

A library, a science lab and a computer lab are present with dedicated space.

Some of these renovations include an improved cafeteria eating space, a blackbox theatre, and a new science lab.

science fantasy   (科学ファンタジー)

It featured news and articles on fantasy, science, science fantasy, science fiction, and science fiction philosophy.

The Merchant Princes The Merchant Princes is a science fantasy and alternate history series by British writer Charles Stross.

The story was a science fantasy tale of Leeta, a beautiful woman from another dimension stealing the souls of men to try to save her father.

citizen science   (市民科学)

Its discovery has been described as a triumph of citizen science.

It is a citizen science project.

Seung now leads a team working on an online citizen science project, EyeWire.

science museum

COSI is a large science museum in downtown Columbus.

Eindhoven was home to the Evoluon science museum, sponsored by Philips.

In 1986, The Franklin Institute, America's oldest science museum, was experiencing attendance and financial problems.

science and medicine   (科学と医学)

He also led seminars in Renaissance science and medicine.

The word came to English from the New Latin of science and medicine.

During the time, curiosity and skepticism ravaged science and medicine.

science books

Jan Żabiński authored approximately 60 popular science books.

He has written five mainstream science books between 1991 and 2019.

Walter has published four mainstream science books on a wide variety of subjects.

science building

It built a new math and science building of and a library and technology center of.

De La Roche Hall, the main science building at St. Bonaventure University, is named for the friar.

The other buildings are geo science building, commerce and management studies building, laboratory building.

science book

Mackenzie Prize for "best political science book of the year".

The science book explores what happens when a community's glaciers slowly disappear.

Her story was turned into a children's science book by Kari Cornell and Fatima Khan.

soil science

Abdullahi Bala Abdullahi Bala (born March 27, 1967) is a Nigerian academic, author and professor of soil science.

He attended school in Queanbeyan near Canberra, before graduating from the University of Sydney with a degree in agricultural science and a doctorate in soil science and hydrology.

Knowledge from the field of soil science, materials science, mechanics, and hydraulics is applied to safely and economically design foundations, retaining walls, and other structures.

science fiction horror

In 1982 he composed the score for John Carpenter's science fiction horror movie "The Thing".

Day of Wrath (1985 film) Day of Wrath () is a 1985 Soviet science fiction horror film directed by Sulambek Mamilov.

His design was a science fiction horror concept wherein scientists on the Moon open a portal that aliens emerge from.

science fiction magazine

from 1975-1977 he was author and editor of the Norwegian science fiction magazine NOVA.

Rayer was largely associated with the John Carnell era of New Worlds science fiction magazine.

Fantasy Magazine Fantasy Magazine was an American online fantasy and science fiction magazine.

science laboratory   (科学研究所)

In 1978, she became the manager of the analytical science laboratory, working there until 1983.

The sports science laboratory at the Queensland Academy of Sport was named in Baker's honour in 2010.

The single-level facility includes 24 classrooms, library, fully equipped science laboratory, multi-purpose room, computer laboratory and large art room.

science policy

Elzinga has written on science policy from both a conceptual-critical and a practical point of view.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is responsible for implementing science policy.

The regulatory framework has evolved since 2006 till date when the country's first science policy was prepared.

best science

"Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō" won the 2007 Seiun Award for best science fiction comic.

In 2017, SYFY listed "I, Borg" among the 25 best science fiction episodes of the last 25 years.

It later became an acclaimed cult film regarded as one of the all-time best science fiction films.

science and philosophy

Hermes studied agricultural science and philosophy at Bonn, Jena and Berlin.

Growing up, his passions were soccer, math, nonfiction (science and philosophy), and Greek myths.

Language is particularly important, for it establishes a bridge between natural science and philosophy.

contributions to science

Kingsbury received many accolades for his contributions to science and engineering.

(Kennedy) Brattle made more substantial contributions to science than any other American of the day.

For his considerable contributions to science and politics he was made a knight of the Order of St. Olav.

science fiction action   (SFアクション)

She had a small role opposite Scarlett Johansson in the 2014 science fiction action film "Lucy".

In 2016, Free starred as Woody in Rooster Teeth's science fiction action comedy film "Lazer Team".

is a made-for-television science fiction action film which originally aired on November 29, 1994 on CBS.