Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

scientific research   (investigación científica)

He called for new scientific research in the field.

Finland is highly productive in scientific research.

Alumni have participated in scientific research.

scientific community   (Comunidad cientifica)

Their approach is rooted in scientific community metaphor.

the public and the scientific community .

This protein is not yet well understood by the scientific community.

scientific journal   (periódico científico)

In 1940 he co-founded the scientific journal "Caldasia".

1947–58, a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

A reputable scientific journal is the "Review of Income & Wealth".

scientific name   (nombre científico)

Its scientific name is "Hemibarbus Maculatus".

"small flowers" as in the scientific name).

Its scientific name is Limonia acidissima.

scientific papers   (articulos cientificos)

Votchal is the author about 250 scientific papers.

Several scientific papers he has published include:

He was also the author of many scientific papers.

scientific journals

The Institute publishes several scientific journals:

Berlin has published over 170 papers in scientific journals.

Venter has authored over 200 publications in scientific journals.

scientific evidence   (evidencia científica)

There is no scientific evidence that second sight exists.

The film was criticized for a lack of scientific evidence.

There is no scientific evidence of efficacy for tiger medicines.

scientific literature   (literatura cientifica)

This find was in 1977 reported in the scientific literature.

It was first described in the scientific literature in 1961.

There is an extensive scientific literature on chess psychology.

scientific work   (trabajo científico)

His scientific work has stood the test of time.

His scientific work has to do mainly with addictive disorders.

Following completion of training she resumed her scientific work.

scientific knowledge   (el conocimiento científico)

to explain and promote the further growth of scientific knowledge.

Most often, they were limited by insufficient scientific knowledge.

wonderful examples of industry, based on solid scientific knowledge.

scientific study   (Estudio científico)

Access to Belt Woods is limited to scientific study.

The scientific study of this area of medicine is termed flatology.

Drawing diagrams of observations is an important part of scientific study.

scientific articles

He wrote over fifty scientific articles and papers.

He has also written popular scientific articles.

Even his few scientific articles are not unproblematic.

scientific method   (método científico)

Pascal also wrote in defence of the scientific method.

Whereas skeptics are more focused on the scientific method.

(Arguably, A is a simplified model of the scientific method itself.)

scientific publications

She has more than 120 scientific publications.

Klepach has published about 50 scientific publications.

He authored or co-authored over 200 scientific publications.

scientific studies

RGZ has published five scientific studies (May 2018).

He didn't regret his medicinal and scientific studies.

FGL is the subject of multiple scientific studies per year.

scientific and technical

Initially, IDNDR was influenced largely by scientific and technical interest groups.

It plays a key role in making recommendations to the COP on scientific and technical issues.

Teubner Verlag announced their intention to concentrate on scientific and technical publishing.

international scientific

She advocates for international scientific collaboration.

She has more than 60 research publications in international scientific journals.

Among the international scientific community, his prestige was already uncontested.

first scientific

This work resulted in his first scientific publication.

The first scientific text book on the topic was published in 2010.

The model is considered the first scientific relief model of the city.

scientific names

Common and scientific names are also those of the "Check-list".

The scientific names and classification follow the British Ornithologists' Union (BOU).

Vital Brazil is commemorated in the scientific names of four species of South American snakes:

scientific consensus

Generally, there is no scientific consensus about this.

Pruitt rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.

Fitton rejects the scientific consensus on climate change.

scientific instruments

It carries five scientific instruments.

This is used to acquire targets for the scientific instruments.

In addition, it includes scientific instruments as well as works of modern art.

scientific works

He was the author of more than 200 scientific works.

At present more than 300 scientific works have been published.

Among her scientific works are four monographs and 200 articles.

scientific and technological   (científica y tecnológica)

Tân An is political, cultural, economic, scientific and technological center of Long An province.

By the 17th century, Europe and the Western world surpassed China in scientific and technological advancement.

As with all modern scientific and technological endeavors, computers and software play an increasingly important role.

no scientific

Generally, there is no scientific consensus about this.

There is no scientific evidence that second sight exists.

There is currently no scientific consensus on a definition.

other scientific   (otro científico)

Further, the SGM supports other scientific conferences.

He was writer of more than 200 books, articles and other scientific publications.

In other scientific contexts, the term "calorie" almost always refers to the small calorie.

many scientific

He was also the author of many scientific papers.

he has authored many scientific papers (over 150 by 2010).

Smitt produced both popular works and many scientific papers.

scientific data

The book is filled with scientific data, and its world-wide scope was unusual at the time.

GZT uses scouts to collect scientific data, provide security, surveillance, and run education programs.

The purpose of the expedition was to assert Britain's claims on the continent, as well as gather scientific data.

scientific journal covering

Cytologia Cytologia is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering all aspects of botany.

Fossil Record Fossil Record is a biannual peer-reviewed scientific journal covering palaeontology.

The Anatomical Record The Anatomical Record is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering anatomy.

several scientific

The Institute publishes several scientific journals:

He published several scientific articles in later years.

Concurrently, he went to the USA for several scientific work stays (esp.

scientific interest

Middridge Quarry is a site of special scientific interest.

Another who cited it out of scientific interest was Thomas Bradwardine.

In addition, there are four sites of special scientific interest on the estate.

scientific basis   (base científica)

Benjamin Robins put artillery on a scientific basis in 1742.

These methods are almost always empirical, without a sound scientific basis.

The health claims have no scientific basis, but the fad caused a sizable spike in celery prices.

numerous scientific

Dyson won numerous scientific awards, but never a Nobel Prize.

As well as numerous scientific papers, he authored and edited several books.

"Oden" has participated in numerous scientific expeditions in the Canadian arctic archipelago.

scientific journal published

Molecular Omics Molecular Omics is a bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Microchimica Acta Microchimica Acta is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Springer Science+Business Media.

Biomedical Optics Express Biomedical Optics Express is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published monthly by the Optical Society.

scientific societies

The scientific societies of Britain had historically excluded women.

Other honours included honorary membership in four scientific societies, an honorary D.Sc.

He belonged to 30 scientific societies (academies, geographical and natural societies), receiving ten decorations.

scientific experiments

2 Plough Court for the Society's scientific experiments.

The Prince wanted her for deep sea and scientific experiments.

In the 19th century, the tower was used for scientific experiments.

scientific career

He began his scientific career under Professor Lubomír Hanzlíček.

In March 1847 he began his scientific career writing on a meteorological 'halo'.

Michał Kalecki's joining of the SGPiS in 1961 marked a new stage in the scientific career of Łaski.

scientific expedition

The island was explored by the French scientific expedition in 1881–1882.

Gregory was the first to mount a specifically scientific expedition to the mountain.

He boards a train which will eventually take him to Mongolia to join a scientific expedition.

scientific approach   (enfoque científico)

At least one scientific approach to creating bestsellers has been devised.

A more scientific approach evolved as knowledge of the human anatomy improved.

DFT represents a scientific approach to flow manufacturing for discrete production.

new scientific

He called for new scientific research in the field.

Molecular medicine is a new scientific discipline in European universities.

Avicenna created new scientific vocabulary that had not previously existed in Persian.

scientific theory   (teoria cientifica)

For Popper, such statements form the empirical basis of scientific theory.

In fact, Popper found that a scientific theory is better if its truth is more "im"probable.

In particular, a scientific theory that is falsified remains scientific and can still be used in science.

scientific information   (información cientifica)

None of these notions of pluralism were based on any specific observation or scientific information.

In addition to scientific information, Hind also collected information on the lifestyle of the Plains Cree.

This is a prestigious exchange program allowing surgeons to share scientific information, stimulate research and collaborate on an international scale.

scientific theories

Ahmadis interpret scripture from the Qur'an to support the concept of macroevolution and give precedence to scientific theories.

The Aristotelian tradition and medieval alchemy eventually gave rise to modern chemistry, scientific theories and new taxonomies.

The demarcation criterion excludes theories that we cannot declare scientific, but it does not say which scientific theories we must keep.

scientific methods

Only in the last decades have scientific methods become available to assess synesthesia in persons.

This was quantified using scientific methods that hadn't been applied to the study of poverty before.

The priority rule came into existence before or as soon as modern scientific methods were established.

modern scientific

This foreshadowed the modern scientific idea of chaos.

That's just one of the many myths that the modern scientific work is undermining.

There have been few studies on the psychological aspects of BDSM using modern scientific standards.

scientific discoveries   (descubrimientos cientificos)

They often came into being as pictorial representations of his scientific discoveries and literature on the subject.

"The United States may now risk falling behind in scientific discoveries as other countries increase their science funding.

His attraction to whatever was new made scientific discoveries appealing to him, but his views on diet were not scientifically based.

scientific understanding

The scientific understanding of trypophobia is limited.

The TIMSS test covered scientific understanding of magnetism.

Though removed from the cultural movement, the scientific understanding advanced considerably.

number of scientific   (número de científicos)

Volgin edited a number of scientific periodicals and historical anthologies.

He is notable for the number of scientific papers which acknowledge his help.

A number of scientific naming schemes can be used to generate arbitrarily long words.

various scientific

The magazine is available to universities and various scientific institutions.

ICCDs are used in night vision devices and in various scientific applications.

She has participated in various scientific activities, both domestically and abroad.

scientific investigation   (investigación científica)

In 1917 he undertook a scientific investigation of the Treysa meteorite.

Only scientific investigation can show which is more likely to be correct.

These phenomena and devices quickly became the subject of scientific investigation.

scientific disciplines

There are many scientific disciplines that study processes related to the mental.

However, in mathematics and many scientific disciplines a distinction is made (see null).

In contrast to scientific disciplines, astrology has not responded to falsification through experiment.

scientific director

The scientific director of the institute is

Prof. Dr. Jörg Overmann has acted as scientific director since 2010.

He was also the scientific director of NICER Institute at Oslo, Norway.

scientific fields

Open problems exist in all scientific fields.

Applications of matrices are found in most scientific fields.

She is also known for her work in actively encouraging women to pursue careers in scientific fields.

scientific institutions

There is active cooperation with the archives and scientific institutions.

The magazine is available to universities and various scientific institutions.

mainzed is a joint initiative of six scientific institutions to promote digital methodology in the humanities and cultural sciences in Mainz, Germany.

scientific contributions

Nayak has been awarded many times for his scientific contributions

The majority of scientific contributions by amateur astronomers are in the area of data collection.

He is also the recipient of the Israeli Ergonomics Society award for his scientific contributions to ergonomics.

scientific paper

He published his first scientific paper in 1906, on the German labor movement.

from Yale University with eight scientific paper publications, one of which was through Science.

The first scientific paper to be published using a computer for calculations was by Ronald Fisher.

scientific inquiry   (la investigación científica)

It is both a place of sacred ceremony and scientific inquiry.

"Game of Thrones" has also become a subject of scientific inquiry.

Anaxagoras brought philosophy and the spirit of scientific inquiry from Ionia to Athens.

more scientific

Other reasons for the decline are more scientific in nature.

A more scientific approach evolved as knowledge of the human anatomy improved.

There is continuing photographic evidence to support their more scientific measurements.

scientific advisory

He is a member of the scientific advisory council of the Islamophobia Studies Yearbook.

In the past, she was part of the scientific advisory boards of the IfW Kiel and the RWI Essen.

Seacology selects its projects by reviewing the recommendations of its field representatives and its scientific advisory board.

scientific achievements

The election is based on scientific achievements.

Fleming was knighted for his scientific achievements in 1944.

Chandrasekhar’s scientific achievements brought him many honours.

scientific advisor

He will remain as a scientific advisor to the board.

His scientific advisor was Valentin Fabrikant.

She has served as a scientific advisor for NASA, ISA and ESA.

scientific management

The Babbage principle is an inherent assumption in Frederick Winslow Taylor's scientific management.

Fascism admired advances in the economy in the early 20th century, particularly Fordism and scientific management.

Lipmann was very critical of the scientific management approaches of Frederick Winslow Taylor and Lillian and Frank Gilbreth.

major scientific   (mayor científico)

The major scientific findings from the SMM are presented in several review articles in a monograph.

The first major scientific impact was the discovery of Hadean (>4000 million year old) zircon grains at Mt.

Wegener was then recognized as the founding father of one of the major scientific revolutions of the 20th century.

medical and scientific   (medico y cientifico)

He largely printed translations of foreign works and medical and scientific texts.

He published thirty articles related to his research in Australasian medical and scientific journals.

Household appliances, computers, CDs, telephones, medical and scientific equipment are being produced.

important scientific

This was the first important scientific expedition sent by the government for marine exploration.

Darwin's most important scientific work, "Zoonomia" (1794–1796), contains a system of pathology and a chapter on 'Generation'.

This is many times done illegally with artifacts stolen from research sites, costing many important scientific specimens each year.

used in scientific

It is also widely used in scientific research into the CCK receptor.

Ro64-6198 Ro64-6198 is a nociceptoid drug used in scientific research.

The algorithm is often used in scientific works because of its advantages.

scientific principles

The expansion of scientific principles of pharmacology is still on-going today.

But Mead was a patient man, employing scientific principles and keeping detailed and careful notes.

He also organised for the first time the valuation of industrial businesses on scientific principles.

scientific field

He also worked in the scientific field of herpetology.

Her work mirrors, and pushed for more innovation in, the scientific field of genetic engineering.

Acoustic theory Acoustic theory is a scientific field that relates to the description of sound waves.

scientific discovery

A less confrontational vision of scientific discovery is proposed by Adloff.

Wordie's interest in expedition and scientific discovery was heightened by these two men.

The possibility of extraterrestrials remained a widespread speculation as scientific discovery accelerated.

scientific analysis

Louis Pasteur carried out scientific analysis on paint as well.

A scientific analysis shows that he mixed oils, plant based paints and gouaches.

A gravesite was uncovered in 1890 and scientific analysis proved they were actually Acadian soldiers.

scientific and educational

Chechen State University is a large scientific and educational centre for the Chechen Republic.

It was founded in 1947, and is the world's largest scientific and educational computing society.

Had more than 100 scientific and educational publications, including a monograph, 7 textbooks, etc.

scientific conferences

Further, the SGM supports other scientific conferences.

She is regularly an invited speaker at scientific conferences.

EUPHA has been organising annual scientific conferences since 1992.

scientific and medical   (científica y médica)

He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, and an active member of other scientific and medical societies.

He is also a recipient of many scientific and medical awards and honours including the G. Malcolm Brown Award.

The Broad Foundation's first major investment in scientific and medical research was in the field of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

current scientific

Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) uses current scientific evidence to guide decisions.

However, current scientific opinion still accepts these animals as members of the vertebrates.

"O. bicornis" is the current scientific name for this bee, although it was formerly known as "O.

scientific discipline   (Disciplina científica)

Molecular medicine is a new scientific discipline in European universities.

Until the mid-1960s computer programming was considered more an art (or a craft) than a scientific discipline.

Its principal message is that programming should be considered a scientific discipline based on mathematical rigor."

scientific purposes

Japanese whaling ships are allowed to hunt whales of different species for ostensibly scientific purposes.

Kites were used for scientific purposes, especially in meteorology, aeronautics, wireless communications and photography.

Kites have been used for scientific purposes, such as Benjamin Franklin's famous experiment proving that lightning is electricity.

scientific interests

By the 1890s, her scientific interests centred on mycology.

He had a wide range of scientific interests in the field of biology.

Shufeldt's scientific interests began during his years in surgical practice.

scientific activities

She has participated in various scientific activities, both domestically and abroad.

Participant of more than 40 international scientific activities in Ukraine and abroad.

CMI's scientific activities are managed from the President's office in Oxford, United Kingdom.

scientific progress   (progreso cientifico)

They are all stiff, rationally minded and profess belief in scientific progress.

The aliens are of course shown using scientific progress in order to enjoy a high standard of living.

The inability to adapt to scientific progress presents a disparity between modern Theosophy and the society's original motivations.

scientific society

MikroBioKosmos became a scientific society, with Kyrpides its first president.

In 1971, he founded the first scientific society devoted to transplantation medicine in Europe, La Société Francaise de Transplantation.

Russell argued for a "scientific society", where war would be abolished, population growth would be limited, and prosperity would be shared.

scientific racism   (racismo científico)

On one hand, Haeckel was an advocate of scientific racism.

Historically, this aspect of eugenics was tainted with scientific racism and pseudoscience.

In modern usage, the term "eugenics" has close ties to scientific racism and white supremacism.

scientific findings

In the past, they had focussed attacks on specific adverse scientific findings and reports.

The major scientific findings from the SMM are presented in several review articles in a monograph.

In 1975 she notably published her scientific findings on sea shore plants in the Islands of Estonia.

scientific and cultural

The acceptance of this theory brought scientific and cultural change which commentators called the "Plate Tectonics Revolution".

As director and host, Naím presents brief reports on global tendencies and interviews influential political, scientific and cultural leaders.

He joined Throop's board of trustees in 1907, and soon began developing it and the whole of Pasadena into a major scientific and cultural destination.

scientific equipment

"Curiosity" has an advanced payload of scientific equipment on Mars.

Future applications for 3D printing might include creating open-source scientific equipment.

Household appliances, computers, CDs, telephones, medical and scientific equipment are being produced.

scientific committee   (Comité Científico)

The scientific committee includes Islam experts, philosophers, sociologists, historians and legal experts.

Nieuwdorp was also a member of the scientific committee of various national and international exhibitions.

In 1992, she was president of the European Science Foundation scientific committee for the Ocean Drilling Program.

scientific and engineering

He enjoyed how McPhee explained scientific and engineering concepts so a layperson could understand them.

The school has also received nine national and ministerial awards for scientific and engineering advancement.

Following this action in late 1959, the Board made a study of the structure of scientific and engineering advisory bodies.

scientific value

The criterion of scientific value as such is truth.

Professionals and amateurs alike collect fossils for their scientific value.

This last activity however reduced rather than augmented the scientific value of the original material.

technical and scientific

But the government also needed his technical and scientific input for other projects.

As Hunter's science fiction career blossomed, so did his technical and scientific illustrations.

Not all proposed borrowings become widespread, but many do, especially technical and scientific terms.

cultural and scientific

Points are awarded for the size of a civilization, its wealth, and cultural and scientific advances.

Significant historical, cultural and scientific value brings the special Rare Books collection with more than 13, 000 items.

It is a national news daily covering political, economic, cultural and scientific affairs, mostly with a centre-right, conservative view.

scientific organizations

It is one of the largest scientific organizations in the Czech Republic.

John Augustus Just was a member of scientific organizations from many countries.

"SCTA signs three agreements with German scientific organizations in the antiquities area."

scientific staff   (personal cientifico)

Research is undertaken by resident scientific staff.

Other scientific staff included the meteorologist Edmund Dymond on his 1937 research trip to Baffin Bay.

The scientific staff includes three Senior Principal Scientists, four Senior Scientists, and one Nature Education Officer.

scientific computing

The 400 Series had little to do with scientific computing and more with word processing and business services.

These pipelines were found to fit scientific computing needs well, and have since been developed in this direction.

She completed her doctorate in 1996 in scientific computing and computational mathematics at Stanford, under the supervision of Joseph Oliger.

scientific expeditions

It has participated in several scientific expeditions in Arctic and Antarctica.

In 1904 and 1905 she was on scientific expeditions in South Africa and Rhodesia.

He was the owner of several private yachts that he used for scientific expeditions.

scientific activity

Since 1918, Ishiwara's scientific activity began to decline.

Eventually he was released and was able to continue his scientific activity.

It had a profound influence on his later thinking on programming as a scientific activity.