within the scope   (範囲内)

All of that falls within the scope of CBS.

This limits references to the class name to within the scope where the class is declared.

The text within the scope of the embedding formatting characters is not independent of the surrounding text.

beyond the scope   (範囲外)

Such inquiry is beyond the scope of this Aside."

(It may require occasional maintenance, but that is beyond the scope of the first cause argument.)

In 1875 it became cleat that the architect's vision was beyond the scope, size, and budget of the community.

outside the scope   (範囲外)

This however may reasonably be seen as outside the scope of his work.

The design of systems begins in the third row, outside the scope of EAP.

Also, "most crimes under international law...remain outside the scope of Sierra Leonean courts".

size and scope   (サイズとスコープ)

given the size and scope of "Haven", such flaws are easy to forgive."

Studies were being conducted to determine sensible technologies this size and scope.

The British withdrew from their camp soon after, and the American camp was reduced in size and scope.

expanded the scope   (範囲を拡大)

Woolf expanded the scope to include the art of poetry, literature, and in particular letter writing.

In 1982, he expanded the scope of his earlier work in an attempt to explain "The Rise and Decline of Nations" (1982).

Besides the perpetuation of the marching band tradition, Eidem also had a great love of jazz and expanded the scope of NDSU’s program.

limited scope

Gillespie criticized previous literature for its limited scope and inadequate incidence analyses.

The inquiry, led by Senior Counsel Hugh Hartnett was criticised by Rossiter's family for its limited scope.

Despite its widespread usage, the classification has been criticized for its complexity and limited scope of scheme-adjustment.

scope of practice   (練習の範囲)

The scope of practice is defined by the Ministry of Health that has a regulated code of conduct.

The scope of practice is limited to that which the law allows for specific education and experience, and specific demonstrated competency.

Within the scope of practice, however, all judgment and treatment decisions fall to the paramedic, as in the Autonomous Practitioner model.

limited in scope

Her model is more limited in scope than the one that Lovelock proposed.

Early attempts at the provision of labour standards were limited in scope, though.

The final act was substantially more limited in scope than the initial white paper.