İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

opened the scoring   (puanlamayı açtı)

Sammie Szmodics opened the scoring inside five minutes.

The Pirates opened the scoring in the bottom of the first.

Indiana opened the scoring with a 25-yard TD run by Tandon Doss.

appearances and scoring   (görünümler ve puanlama)

making 32 appearances and scoring 7 goals.

He played regularly this season, making 46 appearances and scoring three goals.

FC Kaiserslautern, making 37 appearances and scoring 5 times in all competitions.

scoring twice   (iki kez puanlama)

He played 37 times for the Blades scoring twice.

He was capped 59 times by Wales, scoring twice.

Wildin made 38 appearances during the season, scoring twice.

scoring two goals   (iki gol atar)

He was capped 53 times by England, scoring two goals.

He had 48 appearances for the club scoring two goals.

There he played 26 matches scoring two goals.

scoring one goal   (bir gol atmak)

He played there seven games and scoring one goal.

At Oldham, he played only 17 times, scoring one goal.

Aas was capped by Norway eight times, scoring one goal.

scoring once

He went on to make 12 league appearances, scoring once.

He 21 appearances during the 2008–09 season, scoring once.

Levski had won the first match 6–0, with Dembélé scoring once.

scoring his first

Stuart looked like scoring his first try but was tackled short of the line.

Bethel also played in the return match, scoring his first international goal.

Thomas struggled to make an impact until scoring his first goals, against Derby County on 9 March.

scoring a goal

He celebrates scoring a goal by performing a backflip..

He made five appearances for the team, not scoring a goal.

Here two teams strive for scoring a goal with special clubs.

scoring system

In Mixed Doubles, the scoring system was changed.

A new scoring system will be effective from July 2012 forward.

The scoring system rewards skaters who have good ice coverage, i.e.

scoring a try

He played in one match at five eighth, scoring a try against Tonga.

Chick scoring a try in the final.

Gartner played at second-row forward, scoring a try in Bradford's victory.

team in scoring   (gol atan takım)

He played for Modo and led the team in scoring.

He led the team in scoring in his rookie year.

Tang led his team in scoring averaging 18 points per game.

without scoring

He made 13 appearances without scoring any goal.

He made two league appearances without scoring.

He finished all but one races, without scoring a point.

scoring three goals

He played in 52 league games scoring three goals.

He played 27 League matches, scoring three goals.

He made 22 appearances for the U-21s, scoring three goals.

highest scoring

This was his highest scoring game with the Cavaliers.

It was the highest scoring playoff game in NFL history.

Juutilainen (highest scoring FinAF ace with 94 victories).

scoring record   (skor rekoru)

He still holds the scoring record at Holy Cross.

This remains the club record all-time seasonal league goal scoring record.

His goal scoring record totaled to 8 goals in four consecutive league matches.

scoring four goals

He played 13 times for the Tigers, scoring four goals.

He made a total of 34 appearances, scoring four goals.

He made 31 appearances during the loan spell, scoring four goals.

matches and scoring

He appeared in 28 league matches and scoring two goals.

Johnston finished his final season playing in 7 matches and scoring 4 tries.

In total he spent 16 season with Maribor playing 286 matches and scoring 73 goals.

scoring five goals

after scoring five goals in 21 matches.

Mitrović began the season in fine form, scoring five goals in six matches.

He appeared twelve times for the England under-21 team, scoring five goals.

goal scoring

Čekulajevs is widely famous for his goal scoring abilities.

In 2001, he joined Árabe Unido and continued his goal scoring form.

This remains the club record all-time seasonal league goal scoring record.

before scoring

Walker moved to third on an error before scoring on Marty Marion's groundout.

The first goal came three minutes from time before scoring a penalty kick winner in extra time.

He scored three goals in first three campaigns, before scoring six times in the following three.

scoring no

Overall, Rösler was capped five times, scoring no goals.

A half back, he was capped by Pakistan 13 times, scoring no goals.

He played 5 matches there, scoring no goals and was released after the season.

games and scoring

He played there seven games and scoring one goal.

He finished his career having played 123 games and scoring 33 tries.

Gielnik played eight seasons at Brisbane, appearing in 83 games and scoring 30 goals.

scoring the winning

Manchester United won the match 1–0, Dennis Viollet scoring the winning goal.

Jones ended up scoring the winning goal for Wales, as the match finished 1–0 to the away side.

He was awarded the keys to the city following scoring the winning try in the 2001 Super 12 final.

scoring average   (puan ortalaması)

The scoring average for the third round was 74.36.

The scoring average for the second round was 75.13.

The scoring average for the fourth round was 74.05.

scoring only   (sadece puanlama)

The season was a disaster for Brabham, scoring only two points.

They lost all three games scoring only a single goal against Hong Kong.

He finished the campaign with 30 total appearances scoring only one goal.

scoring the first

England won the match 2–0 with Defoe scoring the first goal.

Dunderdale is credited with scoring the first penalty shot goal in history.

Yale wins 3-0, Tommy Sherman scoring the first goal and Lew Irwin the other two.

team scoring   (takım puanlaması)

He finished second in team scoring behind Dave Cunningham.

Weaver had four points during the tournament to tie for fifth in team scoring.

He recorded 48 points over 67 AHL games in 2003–04, ranking fifth in team scoring.

scoring against   (karşı gol atmak)

He made his debut on 17 August 1996, scoring against Newcastle United.

He had an erratic season with Blackburn, scoring against Everton and Coventry City.

After the match, De Zeeuw said scoring against PSG made it his day, as he relished it.

quarter scoring   (çeyrek skorlaması)

UCF took command in the second quarter scoring a touchdown on the following drive.

Mallett hit Michael Smith for a 29-yard passing touchdown to close the third quarter scoring.

Nebraska capped the third quarter scoring with another 21-yard Spielman touchdown reception from Martinez.

scoring six goals

He made 141 appearances for Stoke scoring six goals.

He won a bronze medal in 1948, scoring six goals in seven matches.

Dobbie made a total of 33 appearances, scoring six goals that season.

scoring the only   (sadece puanlama)

at the Salt Lake Stadium 1–0 with Felix Aboagye scoring the only goal.

South Korea won 1–0 with Hwang Ui-jo scoring the only goal in the 76th minute.

Stead marked his debut by scoring the only goal in a match against Middlesbrough.

scoring a total   (toplam puanlama)

Boden won the game by 1-17 to 0-15 with Curtin scoring a total of 0-04.

Denmark won the 2013 Contest placing 1st and scoring a total of 281 points.

Chris Chandler fired a 5 under par round of 67 scoring a total of 31 points.

league in scoring

Malone would lead the league in scoring with 39 goals.

Although he lost the MVP race, he led the league in scoring.

In 1992, he moved to the El Paso Patriots of the USISL, leading the league in scoring.

scoring no goals

Overall, Rösler was capped five times, scoring no goals.

A half back, he was capped by Pakistan 13 times, scoring no goals.

He played 5 matches there, scoring no goals and was released after the season.

scoring just   (sadece puanlama)

Japan is in first place, scoring just 0.4.

He completed the season scoring just 5 goals and 8 points in 46 games.

In total he made 201 appearances for Southampton, scoring just 2 goals.

season scoring

Bravo finished the 2015–2016 season scoring 11 goals in 34 games.

Riggins, who scored 144 points, was second on the season scoring list.

He completed the season scoring just 5 goals and 8 points in 46 games.

appearances scoring

He finished the campaign with 30 total appearances scoring only one goal.

Overall Tindill made 39 appearances scoring 13 goals as second top scorer.

In both stints at Palace, Blyth made 262 first team appearances scoring 12 goals.

scoring seven goals   (yedi gol atmak)

Asensi represented Spain 41 times, scoring seven goals.

In total he made 136 appearances for Southampton, scoring seven goals.

He went on to gain 23 caps for England at under-21 level, scoring seven goals.

top scoring

Luke Lacey top scoring with 23.

South Africa reached 5/166, with Jacques Kallis (49) top scoring, and the match was drawn.

In September Büchner scored 17 victories, the top scoring German fighter pilot for the month.

scoring two tries

Brooker had recently turned 21 when he made his début with the Sydney City Roosters, scoring two tries on debut.

He made eleven appearances for the New South Wales rugby league team scoring two tries with a total of six points.

Belcher also played in the first test against France, scoring two tries in the comfortable 60-4 victory for Australia.

high scoring

Lara holds several world records for high scoring.

Gale-force winds on the second day led to high scoring in the final two rounds.

Isabell showed flashes of high scoring at Missouri, including two 17-point games late in the season.

scoring drive   (puanlama)

At the start of the third quarter, Reich led the Terrapins on a scoring drive after scoring drive.

With just over four minutes remaining in regulation, the Knights went on a swift 75-yard scoring drive.

scoring defense

1 scoring defense for only the second time in school history (1984).

The UMass scoring defense was ranked first in 2005 and fifth in 2006.

Cincinnati was 26th in scoring defense, permitting an average of 20.2 points per game.

scoring eight goals

He won 23 caps for his country, scoring eight goals.

Tindill made 42 appearances mainly at outside right scoring eight goals.

She had a breakout season with the team, scoring eight goals in league play.

scoring goals

He was creating goals and scoring goals."

Now I'm fit, scoring goals, but he didn't call me and even didn't phone."

In this club he made an irregular season, playing 12 matches and not scoring goals.

scoring list

Finished 11th on Michigan's all-time scoring list (1,614).

Riggins, who scored 144 points, was second on the season scoring list.

His 1999 season put him at 4th on the all-time scoring list for Indiana Soccer, with 149 points.

scoring position

They hit .305 with runners in scoring position and two outs.

The White Sox stranded 11 runners and were 0–for–7 with them in scoring position.

Also, with runners in scoring position, opposing batters only hit .159 against him.

career scoring

His 48 career touchdowns tied Doak Walker’s SMU total for career scoring.

She now holds the women's career scoring record for the most points at Illinois State University.

He set the then-NCAA Division I career scoring record of 368 points, and most of the school's kicking records.

scoring points

Petrov stated that his goal is to start scoring points by mid-season.

In 2017 he entered three Moto3 events as a wildcard, scoring points in all three races.

A total of 3953 points including 406 tries were scored with a total of 218 players scoring points.

scoring nine goals   (dokuz gol atar)

He made 30 appearances for the club, scoring nine goals.

Sauzée won 39 caps for France between 1988 and 1993, scoring nine goals.

Maldives won the SAFF Championship by scoring nine goals and conceding two.

opening the scoring

He scored in a friendly against Woodbridge Town on 20 July 2011, opening the scoring in a 4–1 victory.

Dembélé netted his first goal on 27 April, opening the scoring in the 2–3 away defeat against Tianjin Teda.

Harkus came close to opening the scoring in the first half, but "shot wide with only the goalkeeper to beat".

scoring leader

Ten days later, Woodside became North Dakota State's career scoring leader in a 90–68 win over Northern Arizona.

Blackmon finished his collegiate soccer career as the Tigers' all-time goal scoring leader, until Camden Riley broke his record one year later.

In 2015, selected Cornine as their Girls Ice Hockey Player of the Year for 2014–2015 after she became Morristown-Beard's all-time scoring leader.

only scoring   (sadece puanlama)

Not only scoring on offense but on defense and special teams as well.

They lost all nine of their regular season games, only scoring 20 points.

They only scoring a single goal while conceding 14 goals in three matches.

league scoring

This style of play would earn him a league scoring title in the 1937–38 season.

He played a total of 13 games, 11 in the league scoring once on his second appearance at Finn Harps.

On four separate occasions, five of the top ten positions in league scoring were held by foreign players.

scoring three times

Hartley would make forty-one appearances in all competitions, scoring three times.

He had a more productive second season, playing most matches and scoring three times.

Warren went on to make forty-one appearances, scoring three times in all competitions.

scoring both

In the return match Levski won 0–2, with Dembele scoring both goals.

Bottomley hit a single into left field, scoring both Douthit and Southworth.

In March, Cocu decided the match against Real Sociedad by scoring both goals (2–0).

games scoring

He played in 52 league games scoring three goals.

Dawson assisted 17 goals in 28 games scoring 5 goals.

He played with PAOK at 183 championship games scoring 49 goals.

scoring ten

He played a total of 43 times for Cambridge during the campaign, scoring ten goals.

He returned to his parent club for the 2016–17 campaign, scoring ten goals and achieving promotion to the fourth level.

By the first half of the 2014–15 season, Done went on to make thirty appearance and scoring ten times in all competitions.

scoring a brace   (bir küme ayracı puanlama)

Romania won 4–0, with Niculae scoring a brace.

Europa won the match 2–0 with Enrique "Kike" Gomez scoring a brace.

On 25 February, he was the MVP of a 4-1 away win against Aiginiakos, scoring a brace.

scoring title   (puanlama başlığı)

This style of play would earn him a league scoring title in the 1937–38 season.

He scored 70 points in 52 games and won the Extraliga's scoring title by 18 points.

Despite the suspension, McDoughtry still won her first scoring title, averaging 21.4 ppg.

scoring the winner

In Russia, they lost 1–0, with Danny scoring the winner.

His highlight was scoring the winner in a 2–1 home win over S.L.

He scored once during his spell at Preston, scoring the winner in a 1–0 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

matches scoring

In NK Maribor he played 58 matches scoring 26 goals.

There he played 26 matches scoring two goals.

In his third season, he played 11 matches scoring one goal.

scoring more

Otieno retired in 2011 having made over 300 appearances and scoring more than 30 goals for Santos.

Hobbs played more attacking cricket after passing 100, scoring more quickly but making more mistakes.

Jorge Mauá started his career playing futsal for Corinthians, scoring more than 250 goals as a forward.

scoring a touchdown

The game then closed with each squad scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

UCF took command in the second quarter scoring a touchdown on the following drive.

He went back again to the Pro Bowl in the strike-shortened 1987 season after getting six sacks and scoring a touchdown off of a fumble recovery.

lowest scoring

After all rounds were complete, the three lowest scoring teams were eliminated.

The lowest scoring team was eliminated and the 2 other teams headed into the final.

The lowest scoring contestant at the end of the round is eliminated and leaves with nothing.

film scoring   (film puanlama)

He has said that he studied film scoring, orchestration, and conducting through UCLA.

This gave him control over the production, songwriting, film scoring and its direction.

Miller's film scoring career ranges across documentaries, thrillers, dramas, and comedies.

scoring the second

His final goal of the season was on 28 November 2009, scoring the second goal in a 5–3 win over Burnley.

He made his debut for the club on 1 February, starting and scoring the second in a 3–0 home win against Ituano.

He scored his only goal for them in a Turkish Cup match against İnegölspor on 26 January, scoring the second goal in a 2–0 win.

scoring the opening

He netted on his Delfín debut, scoring the opening goal of a 2–0 victory over L.D.U.

Tatu started the season well, scoring the opening goal in the 36th minute against Voința.

Barry got his retribution by scoring the opening goal in the team's 1–1 draw at Musgrave Park.

including scoring

With Maccabi Holon Erez won 6 championships and 9 cups, including scoring the winning goal in the 2003 cup final.

He remained at RKO until 1955, then worked freelance for several years, including scoring several episodes of "Wagon Train".

Mora would make 14 appearances the following season, including scoring his first goal for the club against Liberia on November 19.

nation in scoring

He led the nation in scoring in the 1999–2000 season at Fresno State.

LMU led the nation in scoring (112.5 points per game) for the second consecutive year.

Lane was an all-American halfback at Dartmouth from 1925 to 1928, where he led the nation in scoring.

scoring all

He finished third in scoring all time at Davidson with 2,033 points.

The game went to penalties, with both sides scoring all five of their initial spot kicks.

Barbara had an outstanding debut, scoring all three goals and winning the Man of the Match award in a 3–1 in over his former club Marsaxlokk.

despite scoring   (puanlamaya rağmen)

He played full match despite scoring 0 goals.

He was never a regular at Elland Road, despite scoring 30 times in 89 league games.

He needed only five minutes on the pitch to find the net but despite scoring on his debut he was unable to prevent United's loss to their bitter rivals.

open the scoring   (puanlamayı aç)

Frank Nouble scored his fifth goal of the season to open the scoring on 25-minutes.

Sammie Szmodics scored his third goal of the season to open the scoring on 23 minutes.

In the win over Purdue, Belton had 19 carries for 81 yards, with a five-yard touchdown run to open the scoring.

scoring game

This was his highest scoring game with the Cavaliers.

27 December 1977: The highest scoring game of the day is at Highfield Road, as Coventry beat Norwich 5–4.

Halliday though played in the 6-6 record scoring game against Leicester City on Easter Monday 21 April 1930.

low scoring

Shrewsbury finished the season with an innings of 65 not out against Surrey in a low scoring match.

In the low scoring Ashes series of 1956 he had made 453 runs (90.60) and was out only once for less than 50, when he made 43.

Aged just twenty-five, he had kicked 537 goals in only 98 VFL games in what was generally a fairly low scoring period for the game.

scoring offense

The Razorbacks were again looking to win the national championship, and had the number one scoring offense coming into the game, averaging 32.4 points per contest.

Additionally, Missouri ranked fifth in total offensive yards (490.29 per game), eighth in scoring offense (39.86 points per game), and ninth in passing yards (314.07 per game).

The game was played before a record crowd of 88,827 fans at Ohio Stadium and matched the conference's top scoring offense (Ohio State) against the top scoring defense (Michigan).

record by scoring   (puan vererek kayıt)

Liga record by scoring his 23rd goal of the season against Hansa Rostock.

During the 2004 season he tied an NFL record by scoring eight touchdowns in a three-game span.

On October 28, 1984, Kinnebrew set a Bengals record by scoring four rushing touchdowns in a game against the Houston Oilers.

appearance and scoring

After making ten appearance and scoring once, Gordon returned to West Ham in June 2016.

Spence went on to finish the 2013–14 season, making twenty-nine appearance and scoring two times.

In his first season at Guangzhou R&F, Hamdallah made twenty-two appearance and scoring twenty-two times.

scoring records

He played 25 games for the club in the 2001 NRL season as the club were runaway Minor Premiers and set a number of point scoring records.

Although incomplete statistics and goal scoring records exist for the 1999 through 2003–04 seasons, a list of the known top ten goal scorers are provided.

In addition to the career record, Ionescu also held the Miramonte top three single season scoring records with 598 (2013–14), 760 (2014–15) and 834 (2015–16).

both scoring

As a senior, he finished in the top 5 in the nation for both scoring average and rebounding average.

Two goals were in quick succesion for City with Lachlan Wales and Ritchie De Laet both scoring in 3 minutes.

In July he shared first place in the Canadian Open in Ottawa with Nigel Short, with both scoring unbeaten 7½/9.