İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first two seasons   (ilk iki mevsim)

The first two seasons were hosted by Akshay Kumar.

The first two seasons adapted one novel each.

James won the NFL rushing title in his first two seasons.

consecutive seasons   (ardışık mevsimler)

Whitley Bay have also won in three consecutive seasons.

They enjoyed league success, finishing third in consecutive seasons.

Until 2012, FK Dečić spent six consecutive seasons in the First League.

seasons before   (önceki sezonlar)

The Capitals lasted two seasons before folding in 1986.

The EISL lasted two seasons before folding.

The team went on hiatus for two seasons before returning in 2017.

played two seasons

In 2006, he moved to Daegu FC and played two seasons.

He played two seasons in Major League Baseball.

He had played two seasons after leaving Sussex.

previous seasons

The format remains largely unchanged from previous seasons.

As for all the previous seasons, new hosts were introduced.

ET, unlike July 1 from previous seasons.

next two seasons

He remained in Washington for the next two seasons.

He played the next two seasons with the SeaDogs.

They alternated regularly the next two seasons.

several seasons

He played for several seasons in the lower leagues.

She also captained the team for several seasons.

Alberti and Capusotto took part over several seasons.

first three seasons

Roy was a regular character in the show's first three seasons.

He scored ten league goals in his first three seasons combined.

He hardly managed to score runs at the end of the first three seasons.

spent two seasons

He spent two seasons in the town of Gualdo Tadino.

Noema-Barnett spent two seasons in Ireland with CSNICC.

Vinson later spent two seasons in the New England League.

more seasons

After two more seasons in Portugal, with C.F.

It took a two more seasons, but Partizan eventually recovered.

After that Zayaev returned to Tavria for couple of more seasons.

played three seasons

He played three seasons for the Chicago Bears.

He played three seasons for the University of Maryland.

Aldridge played three seasons with the Washington Mystics from 1999-2001.

ten seasons

He posted a record of 113–182 in ten seasons.

Warkentien then worked for the Portland Trail Blazers for ten seasons.

All ten seasons have been released on DVD individually and as a box set.

few seasons

He went on to spend a few seasons with the Giants.

She spent the next few seasons focusing on singles.

The club was the next in a few seasons that had 12 clubs.

played four seasons

Until now, they played four seasons in European cups.

It played four seasons in "Tercera" before folding in 1948.

Mullen played four seasons in the league between 1971 and 1975.

next three seasons

He was a steady performer over the next three seasons.

The Rams would finish each of the next three seasons 3–9.

In the next three seasons, all of which were spent in the Championship.

both seasons

Greene was invited to the Pro Bowl in both seasons.

They won the Prep B title in both seasons.

For both seasons, episodes aired Friday nights at 8:30 p.m.

full seasons

All leagues play full seasons (by today's standards) with playoffs.

He remained at Molineux for nine full seasons, and 345 games in total.

He also spent two full seasons with the reserves, in the third division.

seasons between

Pearce coached North Sydney for two seasons between 1947–1948.

Mound IV was completely excavated over two seasons between 1957 and 1959.

Felsch played for the St. George Dragons for five seasons between 1994-1998.

spent three seasons

Vining spent three seasons with Clemson.

He spent three seasons with the Fever.

He spent three seasons in the NASL.

winning seasons

He led the Packers to five consecutive winning seasons from 2000 to 2004.

While part of Freedom Football, Stony Brook had winning seasons every year.

They had nine winning seasons, and won the conference championship once (1968).

seasons later

Three seasons later, he returned to Sevilla.

The AAGPBL folded three seasons later.

He returned to Wehen two seasons later, where he remained for one season.

following two seasons

He spent the following two seasons with Spennymoor Town.

That would remain his only cap in the following two seasons.

In the following two seasons, the striker scored seven goals in 29 games.

following seasons

She did not compete in the following seasons.

For the following seasons he started to play more frequently.

Cousins' popularity continued to increase over the following seasons.

successful seasons

Club's most successful seasons came in late 90s and early 2000s.

His most successful seasons as a pitcher came from 1955 through 1957.

After two successful seasons in Argentina, Mandra was recruited to play for 2.

later seasons

Manoux portrayed Dustin Crenshaw in two of the later seasons of "ER".

Two young boys (brothers) who make occasional appearances in the third and later seasons.

Bauer reused the ICER rifle prop when making Mack's "Shotgun Ax", which appears in later seasons.

first four seasons

He spent the first four seasons of his career in Pittsburgh.

The first four seasons of the show were aired on Zee Classic.

The team never regained its strength of the first four seasons.

final two seasons

He captained the Big Green for his final two seasons.

For its final two seasons, "Uh Oh!"

Jelks missed his final two seasons in 2015 and 2016 due to injuries.

recent seasons

As in recent seasons, a fixed semi-final bracket is set in advance.

As in recent seasons, a fixed semi-final bracket was set in advance.

They have since won the same league a further four times in recent seasons.

previous two seasons

The format for the 2018–19 competition was the same as the previous two seasons.

Arbroath had narrowly missed out on promotion in each of the previous two seasons.

His chance came after recording 224 points in the SJHL over the previous two seasons.

seasons playing

McKellar spent five seasons playing with Richmond.

He spent two seasons playing in the Premier League Malaysia.

He spent two seasons playing for the Colts before leaving football.

last two seasons   (son iki mevsim)

His last two seasons with Houston, and , were disappointing.

He earned All-Region honors in each of his last two seasons.

Jaroslav: We spent a lot of time at races together for the last two seasons.

eleven seasons

As of June 2018, 126 episodes of the series have aired over eleven seasons.

In the eleven seasons of the league, 54 umpires have officiated at least one IPL match.

His tenure with the Saints spanned eleven seasons and he coached the Colts for four seasons.

all seasons

Females are receptive to males in all seasons.

All-Tournament selections including all seasons except 2010–11.

Weather is warm but windy in all seasons, and rainfalls are rare.

half seasons

Carey played one and a half seasons with Washington.

Aves in the Segunda Liga after one and a half seasons.

He spent two and a half seasons with Koblenz, scoring eleven times.

played five seasons

He played five seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles (1947–1951).

Reaves played five seasons for the Blue Bombers from 1983 to 1987.

He has played five seasons in the CFL and was named CFL All-Star in 2008.

losing seasons

The team then had losing seasons for the next eight years.

They had one winning season (1989) and four losing seasons.

There the Rams began a dismal stretch of 12 straight losing seasons.

spent four seasons

He spent four seasons there before joining Lokomotiv.

OFK Grbalj spent four seasons in the Second Yugoslav League.

Picinich then spent four seasons managing in the minor leagues.

subsequent seasons

LNR chose to continue with this system for subsequent seasons.

Fiorentina were runners-up again in the three subsequent seasons.

league seasons

In six and a half minor league seasons, he has hit .268.

In eight minor league seasons, Brooks had a .300 career batting average.

Originally from Canberra, Gray played with the Swans for five league seasons.

straight seasons   (düz mevsimler)

He was named first-team all-Pac-10 three straight seasons, 1990–92.

Between 1987 and 1990 he played every single game in three straight seasons.

This was the first time the franchise made the playoffs four straight seasons.

between seasons

Spaces on the wheel were occasionally changed between seasons.

The most significant prey species differ between seasons and geographic regions.

Temperature differences between seasons are extreme, which is typical for Siberia.

next four seasons

Napoli where he played for the next four seasons.

He then played for the Mustangs for the next four seasons.

Fette stayed on for the next four seasons as an instant replay official.

dry seasons

Benin has two rainy and two dry seasons per year.

These species survive the dry seasons through seed dormancy.

The area experiences an annual shift between rainy and dry seasons.

senior seasons

He earned All-State honors his junior and senior seasons.

Simonds played his junior and senior seasons for Gainesville.

Tate was named All-Academic Big Ten during his junior and senior seasons.

first five seasons

Throughout the first five seasons, the audience is told his name only once.

Once at Illinois he won three Big Ten titles in his first five seasons (1949, 1951, and 1952).

For the first five seasons, he was the lead blocker for another former Cornhusker, Roger Craig.

seasons during

Glenn played his best seasons during his nine-year career with Purefoods.

Dhawade has three distinct seasons during the year: summer, winter, and the rainy season.

Victoria Libertas was officially founded in 1946 and had its best seasons during the 1980s.

best seasons

These players were statistically represented with their best seasons.

Glenn played his best seasons during his nine-year career with Purefoods.

He was soon traded to the Boston Braves, where he pitched his best seasons.

couple of seasons   (birkaç mevsim)

He then had a couple of seasons at Marathón.

For the first couple of seasons, Duthie commentated for the show alongside Colin Murray.

Over the next couple of seasons, attendance sharply declined for the CART-sanctioned race.

distinct seasons

It has four distinct seasons and abundant rainfall.

Guam has two distinct seasons: Rainy and dry season.

There are three distinct seasons in this town.

twelve seasons

Over twelve seasons, he compiled a 134–72–28 record.

He went on to play twelve seasons with the Sidekicks.

He also played twelve seasons in the American Soccer League.

championship seasons

He had two championship seasons with the minor team.

He enjoyed two unsuccessful championship seasons in this grade.

He enjoyed two unsuccessful championship seasons with the minor team.

played six seasons

He played six seasons for the New York Giants (1937–39, 1941–43).

He also played six seasons in Japan for the Seibu Lions (1980–1985).

He played six seasons for the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons.

successive seasons

Crops also failed for two successive seasons.

Athena remained in the First Division for five successive seasons (1969–1973).

Yorkshire County Cricket Club won their sixth championship title, their third title in successive seasons.

different seasons

Group size varies between sites and at different seasons.

Animals might have different coat quality for different seasons.

He led or tied for the team lead in interceptions in five different seasons.

seasons as head   (mevsim başı)

Molnar was fired after two seasons as head coach.

He went 3–36 in his first four seasons as head coach at Macalester.

Over his eight seasons as head coach, he compiled an 88–49–13 record.

rainy seasons   (yağmur mevsimi)

The rainy seasons are the same as for the highlands.

The rainfall pattern is bi-modal with two distinct rainy seasons.

Near the Afram River, much of the surrounding countryside is flooded or swampy during the rainy seasons.

football seasons

He played in the quarterback position in 22 games for Michigan during the 1955, 1956 and 1957 football seasons.

He attended Northern Michigan University for two football seasons, red-shirting as a freshman with a broken right thumb.

List of Jacksonville Dolphins football seasons This is a list of seasons completed by the Jacksonville Dolphins football team.

played seven seasons

He played seven seasons for the New England Patriots (1984–1990).

Allen played seven seasons for the Eagles, three seasons for the New Orleans Saints, and four seasons for the Oakland Raiders.

He was drafted in the 7th round (171st pick overall) of the 1984 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, and played seven seasons in the NFL.

spent five seasons

McKellar spent five seasons playing with Richmond.

Until 2006, they spent five seasons in Yugoslav First League.

He moved to Portugal in July 2004, where he spent five seasons with C.D.

many seasons

Wisconsin had been a joke for many seasons and I couldn't see it."

Doncaster began the 2004–05 season in a third division in as many seasons.

Telonicher was the third head coach for the Lumberjacks in as many seasons.

played eight seasons

He played eight seasons for Philadelphia, and was an all star three times.

Gielnik played eight seasons at Brisbane, appearing in 83 games and scoring 30 goals.

After the AAFC dissolved in 1949, Ford played eight seasons as a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns.

only two seasons   (sadece iki mevsim)

He coached the Adelaide Rams for their only two seasons.

They played in the Southern Football League for only two seasons.

On November 25, head coach Mike Sanford Jr. was fired after only two seasons.

third seasons

It was the top-rated show in its second and third seasons.

The second and third seasons aired on Tuesday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

The second and third seasons were released in June 2018 and March 2019.

next few seasons

She spent the next few seasons focusing on singles.

CBS would periodically use this concept the next few seasons as well.

Brothers dominated the next few seasons, winning the 1980 to 1984 premierships.

second seasons

The first and second seasons have been released on DVD in full.

Locksley led his Lobos to 1–11 records his first and second seasons.

This is most evident in the first and second seasons of the animated series.

early seasons

Hargitay said the show is now written more thematically than in early seasons.

During the early seasons of the Bartercard Cup, Leuluai was the coach of the Eastern Tornadoes.

Modern-day sources do not necessarily agree with contemporary sources concerning the unofficial champions from early seasons prior to 1959.

list of seasons

This is a list of seasons played by the club in English football.

List of Jacksonville Dolphins football seasons This is a list of seasons completed by the Jacksonville Dolphins football team.

List of ZFK CSKA Moscow seasons This is a list of seasons played by ZFK CSKA Moscow, the women's football section of Russian sports club CSKA Moscow.

summer seasons

He would play for the Dynamo for four summer seasons.

Much of this is due to Maria Benitez’s 37 years of sold-out summer seasons.

In the winter and summer seasons, winds are mostly from directions between southwest and northwest.

professional seasons

Duggan's last six professional seasons were spent in the Three-I League.

Nacho played for CD Málaga during nine professional seasons, achieving promotions to La Liga in 1979 and 1982.

Greeder played seven professional seasons and was the captain of the Toledo Goaldiggers when they won the Turner Cup in 1982.

regular seasons

This table consists of all club that have participated in EuroCup regular seasons.

The regular seasons were played from May to August with post-season play in September.

In addition, they appeared in 5 and won two Super Bowls, at the end of the 1971 and 1977 regular seasons.

seasons played

This is a list of seasons played by the club in English football.

Hapoel Jerusalem holds the record for most seasons played, with 14.

It is ranked 5th in the Liga I All-Time Table, with 48 seasons played.

last three seasons   (son üç sezon)

In the US, the last three seasons had music substitutions.

He was named a first team all-conference selection in each of his last three seasons.

In 2002, Evans signed to play with the New York Jets with whom he spent the last three seasons of his NFL career.

following three seasons

He subsequently made eight more appearances in the following three seasons.

An ankle injury forced him to retire in 2006, following three seasons at Everton.

In summer 2007 he moved to FK Mogren where he will play for the following three seasons.

next five seasons

However, in the next five seasons, he featured just eighteen times.

He remained a first team regular for them over the next five seasons.

In the next five seasons, he only won a total of five games in SEC play.

other seasons   (diğer mevsimler)

At no time did they equal the best of their form in other seasons.

Bowling more frequently than in other seasons, Hobbs also took 28 wickets.

The first season of show premièred on 11 December 2011 followed by four other seasons.

played nine seasons

He played nine seasons in Major League Baseball as a catcher from 1972 until 1980.

In total he played nine seasons at Tatabánya before making his move to the Netherlands.

Nichols played nine seasons in the AHL and IHL, winning a Calder Cup with the Adirondack Red Wings in 1989.

all three seasons

Fittipaldi was the sole driver of the car in all three seasons.

For all three seasons, the hosts have been Bil Dwyer and Zach Selwyn.

In Region 2, Cinema Club UK has released all three seasons on DVD in the UK.

all four seasons

Warner Archive has released all four seasons on DVD in Region 1.

The book describes life on the outer beach during all four seasons.

This season features 12 returning contestants representing all four seasons.

thirteen seasons

It also extended the club's longest ever premiership drought to thirteen seasons.

In thirteen seasons at Wests he never played in a premiership-winning team at club level.

He spent thirteen seasons in the Football League and two in the North American Soccer League.

seasons saw

The following few seasons saw Galway fail to build on this.

The 1976 and 1977 seasons saw Brabham fall toward the back of the field again.

The next four seasons saw Fangio achieve success that would not be matched for many years.

spent six seasons

Subsequently, Martyn spent six seasons at Leeds United.

she joined Ferencvárosi TC, where she spent six seasons.

Taylor moved to Birmingham City in 2004, where he spent six seasons, and played for Norwich City on loan.

spending two seasons

This included spending two seasons (1999 and 2000) on the Surrey C.C.C.

After spending two seasons with Crumlin, Watkins moved to first class team Cardiff.

On 19 June 2013, he returned to his former club, Sepahan, after spending two seasons in Qatar.

seasons due

In 2002, "Family Guy" was canceled after three seasons due to low ratings.

In 2002, the series was canceled again after three seasons due to low ratings.

He subsequently missed much of the following two seasons due to persistent injuries.

just two seasons   (sadece iki mevsim)

Under Walsh the team rose from the cellar to the top of the NFL in just two seasons.

After just two seasons, jury-box bleachers were built directly in front of and over the clubhouse.

after just two seasons in the top-flight when losing their Relegation Final to newly promoted Milford.

seasons combined

He scored ten league goals in his first three seasons combined.

Bowie played in 92 games in the two seasons combined, starting in 17 of them.

Their ten victories in the 2010 season combined for as many as the team had won in their previous three seasons combined.

seasons he played

Nine times in his first 11 seasons he played in all 16 games.

During the 2016 and 2017 seasons he played for Delhi Waveriders.

Matthews continued his role as a leading pass rusher, recording at least six sacks in the first nine seasons he played.

undefeated seasons

From 1903 to 1905 Brallier led Latrobe to three straight undefeated seasons.

Duffner had amassed a 60–5–1 record and two undefeated seasons in his six years at Holy Cross.

Apopka High School boys varsity bowling team had three consecutive undefeated seasons in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

seasons when   (mevsimler ne zaman)

title and first in 6 seasons when defeating Rathnew in the final.

In 2012, the tournament name was changed for two seasons when Kajotbet took over the sponsoring.

Seasons in bold are seasons when the club won a Double of the league and FA Cup, or of the FA Cup and League Cup.

past seasons

Below is a table with AZ's international results in the past seasons.

In the past seasons, only couples consisting of a man and a woman were allowed.

Also, Angels alumni from past seasons threw the ceremonious first pitch at every home game during the 50th Anniversary season.

number of seasons   (mevsim sayısı)

He then played a number of seasons in the Argentine 2nd division with C.A.I.

The game is run in chapters with a number of seasons, each season lasting about 10 weeks each.

Their best-known programme is the topical RTÉ comedy show, "The Panel", which Ó Briain presented for a number of seasons.

earlier seasons

This season is broadcast on TV4, as were earlier seasons.

The two were teammates on the old Baltimore Orioles in earlier seasons.

Paolo Roberto is the host as with earlier seasons of the regular series.

final three seasons

Méthélie's final three seasons at CSP were difficult.

However, he bowled less often during his final three seasons, with a subsequent drop in his tally of wickets.

During his final three seasons, Northeastern achieved automatic bids to the NCAA tournament and had a 72–19 record.

most seasons   (çoğu mevsim)

They have played there in most seasons since.

Hapoel Jerusalem holds the record for most seasons played, with 14.

He appears to have played most seasons for the Brooklyn Royal Giants.

first six seasons

He led the team (Chargers and Patriots) in rushing his first six seasons.

This variant was first played in 2003–04, and its first six seasons were all won by Agrária.

In his first six seasons as a first-class cricketer, his largest haul of wickets was 31 in 1980.

playing two seasons

Johnson also states that he doesn't remember playing two seasons.

After playing two seasons for PAS Hamedan he joined Shurtan Guzar.

Sanders began his high school career at McKeel Academy in Lakeland, Florida, playing two seasons.

seasons completed

"This is a partial list of the last five seasons completed by the Detroit Red Wings.

List of Jacksonville Dolphins football seasons This is a list of seasons completed by the Jacksonville Dolphins football team.

List of Iowa State Cyclones football seasons This is a list of seasons completed by the Iowa State Cyclones football program since the team's conception in 1892.

first seasons

The first seasons were run using pre-war cars like Alfa's 158.

season 2018 was the first seasons in top-tier of Thai football league, Thai League 1 .

The fledgling club found little success in their first seasons, but did field two teams.

fourth seasons

She appeared on the series' third and fourth seasons as a regular.

It contains music from the second, third and fourth seasons of the show.

She was also a judge on the third and fourth seasons of the television talent competition "Superstar K".

previous three seasons

In the previous three seasons he made 19 hits in 84 games.

The league reverted to a single division after having two divisions for the previous three seasons.

Their ten victories in the 2010 season combined for as many as the team had won in their previous three seasons combined.

seasons before moving

He competed with the squad for two seasons before moving to in 2014.

He played with the Brantford Alexanders of the OHL for three seasons before moving on to professional hockey.

In total, he played 45 league matches for Wednesday in five seasons before moving to Manchester United in the summer of 1935.