county seat   (郡庁所在地)

The county seat was at St. James on Beaver Island.

The county seat was Manomin (present-day Fridley).

Washington became the county seat on June 30, 1851.

held the seat   (席を握った)

He held the seat until his death five years later.

He held the seat until losing to a Liberal in 1906.

Morton was elected and held the seat until 1906.

lost his seat   (席を失った)

Braun lost his seat in the 2005 federal elections.

In the 2010 general election Malik lost his seat.

He lost his seat in elections the following year.

won the seat   (席に勝った)

Cull ultimately won the seat by a sizable margin.

Matt Foley of the Labor party then won the seat.

Lots were drawn and McDermott-Hill won the seat.

municipal seat   (市議会議員)

The municipal seat is in the "frazione" of Boleto.

Crespina hosts the municipal seat of the "comune".

The municipal seat is the town of Platón Sánchez.

new seat

District 9: This is a new seat, with no current incumbent.

District 6: This was a new seat, with no former incumbent.

District 2: This was a new seat, with no former incumbent.

family seat   (ファミリーシート)

She was buried at the family seat of Holme Lacy.

The family seat is Haddo House, Aberdeenshire.

The family seat was Glympton Park, Glympton, Oxfordshire.

seat of government   (政府の席)

La Paz thus continues to be the seat of government.

Treaties instead used terms such as "seat of government."

It was the seat of government of the district of Osterode.

single seat

Loire 45 The Loire 45 was a 1930s French single seat fighter.

The party did win a single seat to the Provincial Assembly of Province No.

In July 2011, an absolute majority of MEPs voted in favour of a single seat.

won a seat

In 1938 he won a seat in the Oregon State Senate.

In 2015, Perry won a seat on the Bangor City Council.

Five out of 25 female candidates won a seat.

resigned his seat

He resigned his seat in Congress on December 31, 1919.

He resigned his seat in the assembly in 1986.

He resigned his seat in October 1902, and died in 1908.

seat vacated

President Trump nominated Immergut to the seat vacated by Judge Anna J.

He fills the seat vacated due to the resignation of Judge Max J. Kelch.

He was nominated to the seat vacated by Judge José A. Fusté, who retired on June 1, 2016.

win a seat

He failed to win a seat at the 1922 general election.

However, it received only 708 votes (1.5%) and failed to win a seat.

They were unable to win a seat.

parliamentary seat   (議席)

He did not get many votes and also lost his parliamentary seat.

He lost his parliamentary seat in the 2010 parliamentary election.

Dewar spent much of the 1970s looking for another parliamentary seat.

became the seat

It later became the seat of the Panchen Lamas.

In 1817, Walterboro became the seat of Colleton County.

In 1804 Münnerstadt became the seat of a federal court.

back seat   (後部座席)

Malanda was catapulted from the back seat of the car.

Other connections to friends and family take a back seat.

Waller and his wife were in the back seat.

lost the seat

However he lost the seat two years later in 1892.

Standing in this capacity in 1857, he lost the seat.

In August 2010, Favazza lost the seat to Jane Schweitzer.

administrative seat

It is the administrative seat of Sikonge District.

It is the administrative seat for Kilosa District.

Its administrative seat is in the town of Subang.

took his seat

He took his seat in the Commons on 17 February.

Father Theodore died and Brother Vivad took his seat.

Howley took his seat in Congress in July 1780.

retained his seat

He retained his seat as a member of the colony council.

Robson retained his seat again with 67.39%.

He retained his seat, but with a reduced majority of 699.

open seat   (オープンシート)

This was the first open seat election since 1992.

This was the first open seat election since 1982.

Four candidates qualified to run for the open seat.

district seat

MK lost one district seat and gained two, a net gain of one.

The capital of a district is called a district seat (zila sadar).

The district seat is unknown but the city of Matsumoto is a possibility.

whose seat

It belongs to the "Verbandsgemeinde" Herrstein-Rhaunen, whose seat is in Herrstein.

It belongs to the "Verbandsgemeinde" of Baumholder, whose seat is in the like-named town.

He was an older brother of Joseph McGuinness, whose seat he won after the former's death.

rear seat

There was four inches more leg-space for rear seat passengers.

There is 41 cubic feet of storage and 78 with the rear seat folded.

The rear seat backrests can be folded remotely via a release in the boot.

seat belts

Other countries may mandate the use of seat belts.

There are only two bucket seats with 4-point seat belts.

Isofix is an alternative to securing the seat with seat belts.

assembly seat   (組立席)

Manu (Vidhan Sabha constituency) Manu (ST) is a Vidhan Sabha assembly seat of South Tripura district.

She won the Karera assembly seat in Madhya Pradesh as the Jan Sangh candidate in 1967 and plunged headlong into state politics.

On May 17, 2013, Lopez also resigned from then his assembly seat effective at the end of the legislative session June 20, 2013.

seat he held

The seat he held was the same one held by Thomas Jefferson.

He was elected to Parliament for his father's old constituency of Roscommon in 1821, a seat he held until 1832.

Crookshank was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Gainsborough in 1924, a seat he held for the next 32 years.

retained the seat

O'Leary retained the seat for thirty-one years.

He retained the seat for Labour Labour Party until 1931.

BJP retained the seat with Vijay Rupani declared winner candidate.

safe seat   (安全な座席)

It was considered a safe seat for the party.

The government side has 18 safe seat and 1 fairly safe seat.

seat belt

Police do not believe Moran was wearing a seat belt.

and a seat belt warning light across the range.

Chris "reluctantly agrees" knowing that she will not have a seat belt on.

vacant seat   (空席)

On November 13, Sekula-Gibbs was sworn in for the vacant seat.

A vacant seat, almost, in that train.

It was then Meier decided to pursue a higher office and campaign for the vacant seat.

council seat

She resigned her city council seat in 1986.

Greene lost his council seat at the 1999 local elections.

Tom Fuhrman lost his council seat.

front seat   (前席)

The first round missed, hitting the back of the front seat.

New power accessories included a four-way power front seat.

She gets into the car and stares as the new chauffeur gets in the front seat.

fill the seat

Senator Jon Kyl being appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to temporarily fill the seat.

Senator John H. Overton died in office, a special election was called to fill the seat for a two-year term extending through January 1951.

In October 1851, he ran against Whig Party candidate, Tod Robinson, to fill the seat of Serranus Clinton Hastings, and won a six year term.

contested the seat

He again contested the seat in 1924 but lost by 95 votes.

Patten contested the seat of Higgins in Victoria at the 2009 by-election.

A single independent candidate, Attorney-at-law Ralph Francis, contested the seat of Barbuda.

passenger seat

The driver's girlfriend, on the passenger seat, also died.

10, afterwards taking up tree new pupils in the passenger seat, viz., Lieut.

The base of the front passenger seat flips up to reveal a storage compartment.

seat was won

His senate seat was won by conservative Republican Joseph Griffo.

Neither was victorious and the seat was won by Labour's Lew McIlvride.

In November 2018, Rocca's District 10 seat was won by Michael MacDonald.

winning the seat

In 1887, Ward stood for Parliament, winning the seat of Awarua.

At the 1945 general election, Bing stood for Labour in Hornchurch, winning the seat.

Schuntner was elected to the Legislative Assembly at the 1986 state election, winning the seat of Mt.

win the seat

Perry defeated Republican Thomas White to win the seat.

He is the first Tory to win the seat.

Yvette Clarke went on to win the seat with Assemblyman Perry's strong backing.

reserved seat   (予約席)

It is a reserved seat for the Scheduled Caste (SC).

same seat

His father had held the same seat from 1893 to 1902.

Later that day, he was re-nominated to the same seat.

It is the same seat her father occupied for ten years.

seat is located

The prefecture seat is located in Sansanné-Mango.

The municipal seat is located in Civitella Marittima.

The municipal seat is located in the "frazione" of Civitella Marittima.

lost her seat

She lost her seat at the 2020 general election.

Maor lost her seat in the 2003 elections.

She lost her seat in the 2003 elections.

seat again

He lost his seat again at the 1938 general election.

Draper ran for a U.S. Senate seat again in 1930.

Robson retained his seat again with 67.39%.

take his seat

He was re-elected at the 1923 general election and once again did not take his seat.

In 1854 Lincoln was elected to the Illinois legislature but declined to take his seat.

He was elected as an anti-Treaty Sinn Féin TD at the 1922 general election but did not take his seat.

second seat

John Darling headed the poll, and he won second seat.

E models use the second seat for a weapon systems officer.

B and D models add a second seat behind the pilot for training.

bench seat

New this year as a no-cost option was a 60/40 bench seat with center armrest.

The Bonneville and Parisienne Brougham had a front bench seat without an armrest.

Common or typical features were a front bench seat and steering column gear lever.

seat up

Talladega Superspeedway can seat up to 143,231 people.

He kept this seat up to 14 October 1973.

indicates seat up for re-election.

held his seat

He held his seat until the following election in 1996.

He held his seat until his defeat in 1937.

He held his seat in 1946, but stood down the following year.

former seat

The family's former seat is Tyntesfield near Wraxall, now owned by The National Trust.

The riding is also the former seat of two-term Premier Dennis Fentie of the Yukon Party.

He ran as an independent in the by-election for his former seat in Parliament, but lost.

losing his seat

Long was defeated by 138 votes, losing his seat.

He served as the DLP's parliamentary leader until losing his seat at the 1964 election.

He served a brief term, losing his seat to Democrat Thomas Johns Perry on October 1, 1845.

seat held

One LM seat held by a rural member was lost to the Country Party.

Bleachers down the right-field line seat held about 1,000 more people.

In 1948, Fitzgerald ran for the United States Senate seat held by Leverett Saltonstall.

seat when   (座席)

Henderson would fill Ben Leber's seat when he was unavailable.

The castle was Adolf's seat when he was crowned King of the Romans on 5 May 1292.

In 1978, Republicans lost their remaining Senate seat when Paul Tsongas unseated Brooke.

seat of power

The seat of power is there but remains open to constant change.

Hesby is a historical seat of power dating back to the Middle Ages.

Matsue continued to be the seat of power in the Sanin Region for many years.

seat was moved

In 1850, the Catholic patriarchal seat was moved to Mardin.

Pinsk-Zarzeche country was renamed as Zapynsky and its seat was moved to Stolin.

In 1941, its seat was moved to Uq (), the present-day county seat of "Akqi Town" ().

congressional seat   (下院議員)

The nomination made her the first Indiana-born woman to run for a congressional seat, but she was note elected.

She decided not to seek re-election in 1992, and instead campaigned for the congressional seat held by incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Petri.

In 2013, Harris ran for the congressional seat vacated by Jesse Jackson Jr., but dropped out after two months, endorsing Robin Kelly.

federal seat   (連邦議会議事堂)

As Joyal had not resigned his federal seat, he returned to Ottawa.

In 2004, he attempted unsuccessfully to regain his old federal seat as an independent.

He was defeated by Percy Chapman Black when he ran for reelection to the federal seat in 1940.

parish seat

St. Orsola Church The St. Orsola Church, parish seat since 1920, was erected in 1914 and it's a single body with the old part of the building.

Alexandria, Louisiana Alexandria is the ninth-largest city in the state of Louisiana and is the parish seat of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, United States.

Notable structures in the inner city are: Protestant Michaels' Church (former parish seat of the city), the "Elmar-Doch-House", the Crown Inn and Pub, the Lower Gate, Villa Waldemaier, the burgher tower "Türmle", the Castle Pharmacy, the weavers' settlement, the Heathland Smithy, the Old Mint and old Peters' Church (today cemetery chapel).

seat distribution

Parties not reaching the threshold are not taken into consideration for seat distribution.

marginal seat   (限界席)

Moore was first elected to the marginal seat of Bligh at the 1988 state election.

This constituency was a Labour-Tory marginal seat throughout its 33-year existence.

Wilton is still regarded as one of Labor's most effective marginal seat campaigners.

senate seat   (上院議員)

Both parties heavily targeted this senate seat.

After losing his senate seat Casabianca renounced politics.

His senate seat was won by conservative Republican Joseph Griffo.

every seat

Together they fielded a candidate in every seat.

This was the first Queensland state election in which the Greens contested every seat.

After its completion in 1977, the stadium was completely enclosed and every seat was covered.

seat in parliament

In the 2014 parliamentary elections, Lucas did not gain a seat in parliament.

In 1584 he took his seat in parliament for Melcombe in Dorset, and in 1586 for Taunton.

The party received 0.81% of votes in the 2004 general election, winning just one seat in parliament.

old seat

Lakshamn to defeat Ayodhya Prasad and regain his old seat.

He contested his father's old seat of Southampton in 1910.

He ran for his old seat in the 2nd district in the 2008 election.

first seat

The first seat of the society was located in Florence.

Between other minor parties, the Radical Party obtained its first seat.

There they were first seat.

seat was held

The seat was held for Labour by Shannon Jezzard.

The seat was held for Labour by Frances Mason.

The seat was held for Labour by Joseph Dunne.

contest the seat   (席を争う)

In the third lok sabha elections, he refused to contest the seat in 1962.

On 8 December the former MSP Karen Whitefield was selected to contest the seat.

On Wednesday 8 March, the Irish Nationalist Party in Liverpool decided to contest the seat.

winning a seat

MoDem candidate Robert Rochefort: 8.61%, winning a seat.

The final French National Assembly election in Dahomey was held in 1956, with the PRD and GEN each winning a seat.

After winning a seat in the Senate representing the mining north in 1915, he earned the sobriquet "Lion of Tarapacá."

seat authorized   (座席認定)

He was reassigned by operation of law to the United States Court of International Trade on November 1, 1980, to a new seat authorized by 94 Stat.

Rao was reassigned by operation of law to the United States Court of International Trade on November 1, 1980, to a new seat authorized by 94 Stat.

up his seat

Kerans gave up his seat in the House in 1984 to run for Oregon State Treasurer.

On taking up his seat at 22 he was the youngest serving peer in the House of Lords.

He resigned from the UK Independence Party in 2017 and took up his seat as an Independent.

taking his seat

He was re-elected to the board in 1827 but resigned before taking his seat.

Miranda himself began to receive "hundreds" of death threats after taking his seat.

However, mostly in early Congresses, the date of the member taking his seat can be the one given.

seat for women

In the same election, she was re-elected to the Provincial Assembly of Sindh as a candidate of MQM on a reserved seat for women.

Jamali was elected to the Senate as an independent candidate on reserved seat for women from Balochistan in 2018 Pakistani Senate election.

She was re-elected to the Provincial Assembly of Sindh as a candidate of PTI on a reserved seat for women in 2018 Pakistani general election.

holding the seat

for Tavistock during December 1747, holding the seat until 1754.

In 1881 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Queensland for Rockhampton, holding the seat until 1888.

The electorate of Yeronga was formed in 1950, with the Liberal Party's Winston Noble holding the seat for fourteen years.

state seat   (状態席)

Claude Barnard had also held the state seat of Bass in the 1950s.

In January 2014 it was announced that Michael O'Brien offered Farrell his state seat of Napier, so that Farrell could contest the 2014 South Australian election, representing Labor.

Moss won Labor preselection to contest the state seat of Canterbury in 1986 when the appointment of former Labor minister Kevin Stewart as the state's Agent-General in London created the need for a by-election.

seat and largest

The county seat and largest population center is Chényíng Town ().

Its administrative seat and largest town is Kutno, which lies north of the regional capital Łódź.

Its administrative seat and largest town is Sieradz, which lies west of the regional capital Łódź.

own seat

Among the losses was MacBeth's own seat of Edmonton-McClung.

Giles himself lost his own seat, becoming the second Majority Leader/Chief Minister to lose his own seat.

regained the seat

He regained the seat in 1885, holding it until 1892.

Farnell regained the seat at the 1901 election.

Bulganin regained the seat in a bye-election in 2014.

seat defeating

In the 2010 state assembly elections, Rana Gangeswar Singh of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won the Mohiuddinnagar seat defeating Bulganin.

In the 1998, 2003, and 2008 Tripura assembly election, Sarkar held the seat defeating Narayan Das and Bimal Chandra Barman of the Indian National Congress.

In the 2004 Alberta general election Hector narrowly hung on to his seat defeating Dale Lueken from the Alberta Alliance Party in one of the closest election battles outside of the Edmonton region.

representing the seat

Rita Saffioti Rita Saffioti (born 26 May 1972) is an Australian politician and economist, currently representing the seat of West Swan in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly.

She serves in the Wisconsin State Senate, representing the seat formerly held by Nikiya Harris Dodd, having easily defeated her opponents in the Fall 2016 primary election, and being unopposed in the general election.

He briefly served as a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly in 1971–1972 representing the seat of Blackwood, then in 1974 was appointed to the Australian Senate to serve out a vacancy which ended the same year.

episcopal seat

It is the episcopal seat of the Bishop of Troyes.

This fortress-like episcopal seat was built in the last quarter of the 5th century.

Torreblanda was an ancient episcopal seat of the Roman province of Byzacena in Tunisia.

seat was abolished

The at-large seat was abolished effective January 3, 1949.

This seat was abolished in 1983.

He held North East Lanarkshire until 1918, when the seat was abolished.

seat back   (背もたれ)

Jim Sutton won the seat back for Labour in 1993.

In 2012, he won his seat back against Terry Jacobson.

However he lost the seat back to Anstruther-Gray at the December 1910 general election.

gained a seat

and in May 2018, he finally gained a seat at the parliament.

Later that year she gained a seat on the Castries Town Board.

Labour had gained a seat from the Conservatives in the interim.

permanent seat   (常設席)

Brazil is currently seeking a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Estonia has supported India's bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

As a result, France secured an occupation zone in Germany and a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

consideration for seat

Parties not reaching the threshold are not taken into consideration for seat distribution.

ejection seat   (イジェクトシート)

1954 - awarded an ejection seat contract.

Once clear of the aircraft, the ejection seat deploys a parachute.

The fourth B-1A was equipped with a conventional ejection seat for each crew member.

won one seat

The Harold Hill Independent Party won one seat.

The LCL won one seat, rural Murray from Labor.

Labor won one seat, rural Murray from the LCL.

new seat authorized   (認可された新しい座席)

He was reassigned by operation of law to the United States Court of International Trade on November 1, 1980, to a new seat authorized by 94 Stat.

Rao was reassigned by operation of law to the United States Court of International Trade on November 1, 1980, to a new seat authorized by 94 Stat.

country seat   (カントリーシート)

Spinola had his country seat at Crane Neck, Long Island.

The marriage took place at Alexander's country seat, "The Buildings," near Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Upon the dissolution of parliament, he retired into privacy at his country seat of Stratton in Hampshire.

main seat   (メインシート)

His main seat was at Tiverton Castle.

Dragonstone became his main seat.

After Tsongkhapa had founded Ganden Monastery in 1409, it became his main seat.

seat being vacated

He then ran for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen Lorrane Inouye.

In 1988 Mica ran for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Lawton Chiles.

In 1998, Henry ran for the United States Senate seat being vacated by Wendell H. Ford.

ancestral seat   (先祖代々の席)

An ancestral seat of Cowan and Krider families, Wood Grove, is in Bear Poplar.

It developed around Hedingham Castle, the ancestral seat of the de Veres, Earls of Oxford.

They are named for their ancestral seat, now known as "Alt-Toggenburg", near Kirchberg, St. Gallen.

take a seat

He was created Baron Airedale on 17 July 1907 and resigned to take a seat in the House of Lords.

Every time I´m sitting in a chair or sofa at least one of my dogs tries to take a seat on my lap.

Chinese "zuowang" compounds the words "zuo" 坐 "sit; take a seat" and "wang" 忘 "forget; overlook; neglect".

defending one seat

The United Australia Party was defending one seat.

The Democratic Labor Party was defending one seat.

gained the seat

Grayson gained the seat: Wheler was elected at Faversham at the next general election.

At this election, the new Unionist MP retired and Pattinson gained the seat for the Liberals.

At the February 1974 general election, Wilson gained the seat by 2,966 votes, thus ending Machin's tenure as an MP of just 11 months.

hold the seat

Rose is only the second Democrat to hold the seat since 1981.

If the senator is not the first person to hold the seat, no number is included in the list.

held a seat

Many members of the Secretariat concurrently held a seat in the Politburo.

Ivens remained active in the CCF after leaving the legislature but never held a seat.

Though no longer premier, Ian remained Leader of the Opposition and held a seat in parliament until 1987.

each seat

Only the Boeing 757-200 does not offer direct aisle access from each seat.

This year the only problem was which one of the 10 people eager to fill each seat would[.]"

Both cabins feature lie-flat seats; Flagship First also includes direct aisle access from each seat.

seat was created

The seat was created ahead of the Assembly's first election held in 1856.

This seat was created prior to the Ghanaian parliamentary election in 2012.

The seat extended as far east as Wynyard and Burnie until 1903 when the Burnie seat was created.

principal seat

It then became Child's principal seat.

The Château de Lusignan, near Poitiers, was the principal seat of the Lusignans.

The manor of Bradfield was from the 13th century until the early 20th century the principal seat of the Walrond family.