Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

seating capacity   (número de plazas)

The seating capacity was meager, only 5,000 seats.

The seating capacity remained the same until 1960.

The aircraft had a seating capacity of 156 or 149.

seating area   (área para sentarse)

The temple houses a seating area for devotees.

The seating area is still under excavation.

The whole seating area is installed.

seating areas   (áreas de descanso)

New suites and outdoor group seating areas will be added.

Study carrels and lounge seating areas throughout the branch.

Each anchor court features a large sculpture and seating areas.

seating arrangement   (disposición de los asientos)

This seating arrangement is the current updated arrangement as of 9 December 2019.

This seating arrangement is the current updated arrangement as of 24 February 2020.

Secondly, it gives...[a] seating arrangement suitable for testimony meetings and lastly it fits well on the unusual site.

bench seating   (banqueta)

The front of this has bench seating, but facing away from the stage.

In 1928 a new main stand was constructed with bench seating for 310 spectators.

This lakeside venue consists of a rustic altar area with wooden bench seating for 300 guests.

new seating

With new seating and a new foyer, the Baroque style auditorium now accommodates an audience of 302.

The new seating stands and modernization of the corporate zone, made a big difference to the appearance of Brose ARENA.

The Windmill Lane stadium has also seen improvements, with the addition of a new seating area and concrete standing areas, as well as improvements to the bar and clubhouse.