Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

number of seats   (Numero de asientos)

In a classroom there are a certain number of seats.

The church is of long plan and has 250 number of seats.

Total number of seats on the Council after the elections:

majority of seats   (mayoría de asientos)

Labour took control of the Council after winning a comfortable majority of seats.

Before the election, the Labour Party held a majority of seats on Oxford City Council.

Labour members held a majority of seats on both authorities until their abolition in 1996.

parliamentary seats

FRELIMO will hold 160 of the parliamentary seats, RENAMO 90.

The party got five parliamentary seats.

The party got six parliamentary seats.

no seats

It has no seats in the Parliament of Ghana at present.

We Are Family took just over 3% and no seats.

In the 1972 election the party won no seats.

front seats   (asientos delanteros)

It had a V8 from Chrysler positioned behind the two front seats.

The front seats could be adjusted.

In an interior revision, captain's chair front seats became an option.

seats were up

One third of the council seats were up for election.

In the Senate, 40 of the 76 seats were up for election.

The previous time the seats were up for election was 22 May 2014.

seats up

The two seats up for elections were Hobart and Prosser.

Twelve district councils have all of their seats up for election.

The arena seats up to 5,900 for concerts; the arena floor measures .

more seats

Plans have been made to make 4,000 more seats in the west stand.

In the other six provinces it ran a joint list with Unie 55+ which won more seats.

In the 2004 local elections, they secured four more seats, including three in Epping.

bucket seats

There are only two bucket seats with 4-point seat belts.

Some swivel seats are also bucket seats.

The WRX STI has Recaro style bucket seats and a MOMO steering wheel.

church seats

The church seats about 600 people.

The church seats about 550 people.

The church seats about 500 people.

council seats

One third of the council seats were up for election.

Darcy Kuenzi and Sue Kristjansson lost their council seats.

The total number of council seats was reduced from 50 to 46.

rear seats

(60 kWh batteries are located under the rear seats.

Sigma SE offered equipment including five-position, reclining rear seats.

The rear seats face aft.

win any seats   (gana cualquier asiento)

Khan's Movement for Justice failed to win any seats.

Her party did not win any seats during the election.

It got 585 votes, but failed to win any seats.

most seats   (la mayoría de los asientos)

Democrats from Washington lost the most seats (5).

This helped ensure the government's capture of the most seats.

The 1918 election gave Labour the most seats in the house to date.

new seats

15 of the members were appointed to new seats in 1999.

The playing pitch was modernized and new seats were installed.

Two of the new seats were won by Democrats, one by a Republican.

all seats

This whole process is repeated until all seats are filled.

Ticket prices for all seats in the Rose Bowl were listed at $145.

Beginning in 1964, all seats were up for election every two years.

leather seats   (asientos de piel)

Unlike the New Yorker, leather seats were standard.

Maroon and blue leather seats were first offered in 1991 (1992 model year) through the end of production.

The sleeper coaches cost £5 million to build, and have 53 leather seats which can be converted into 42 bunk beds.

elected seats

It had won 10 of 25 elected seats in the legislative council.

In 1926 three elected seats were created on the Administrative Council.

Republicans hold six of the eight elected seats on the Alabama State Board of Education.

seats in parliament

It holds no seats in parliament at present.

The bloc did not pass the threshold to win any seats in parliament.

In order to get into power, parties need to get a total of 50% of the 121 seats in parliament – 61.

seats each

Ceuta and Melilla elected two seats each.

They range from 3-16 seats each according to department population size.

People's Justice Party (PKR) and the National Trust Party (Amanah) will contest 12 seats each.

won two seats

It entered in the 1971 elections, and won two seats.

In 1966 the party won two seats in the Senate.

Fatherland for All, a small left-wing party, won two seats.

seats won

Each party's vote in each district was divided by this amount to determine the number of seats won outright.

If the number of votes cast per party is divided by the number of seats won, the effect on party representation is underscored.

The "Local Government Chronicle" described Labour as 'well placed to regain control' by winning the seats won by UKIP councillors in 2014.

seats available   (asientos disponibles)

There are 910 seats available for undergraduate admission.

Jane Sanders Stadium opened March 24, 2016, with 1,500 permanent seats available.

This policy is in place to keep seats available for passengers making longer trips.

ten seats

Each party contested five of the ten seats in the state.

In the 1920 election, the party won ten seats (3.6% of the nationwide vote).

Seven of the ten seats on Vancouver City Council also went to Robertson's Vision Vancouver party.

won seats

It also won seats in the Dutch Senate.

Some Kurdish politicians won seats during the Syrian elections in 1990.

None of the senatorial candidates in the party won seats in the Senate.

county seats   (asientos de condado)

Administrative county seats are shown in bold.

One of the county seats was taken by Newport's uncle, Richard Corbet.

Railroads reached most county seats by around 1920 and shaped development significantly.

additional seats

In the 1972 elections the party won two additional seats.

The trains also offer 8 additional seats for a total of 390.

Seventy seats are offered and ten additional seats are allocated to foreign nationals.

seats coming

In the last European Parliament election in 2014, Sinn Féin won 3 seats coming second in seats and third in votes with 19.5% of the vote up 8.3%.

reserved seats

A total of seven lists comprising 67 candidates will compete for the reserved seats.

The five reserved seats are separated one for each governorate of: Baghdad, Duhok, Erbil, Kirkuk and Nineveh.

The elections were historic as it was the first time the parliamentary elections had reserved seats for the Assyrian minority.

seats were won

The remaining 4 seats were won by the Left Front parties.

Two of the new seats were won by Democrats, one by a Republican.

Six of the new seats were won by Democrats, three by Republicans.

defending three seats

The Protectionist Party was defending three seats.

The Anti-Socialist Party was defending three seats.

The Nationalist Party was defending three seats.

both seats

He held both seats until the ending of the dual mandate in 2003.

Hawaii gained a second seat at reapportionment and elected both seats at-large.

Labour held both seats at the May 2012 county council elections and Plaid Cymru gained one back in May 2017.

seats allocated

The number of seats allocated is proportional to the popular national vote, and this determines the cut-off point.

In constituencies with three or more seats, closed list proportional representation is used, with seats allocated using the largest remainder method.

The party that wins the run-off will be given the additional seats required for a 54% majority, with all seats allocated in the first round preserved.

remaining seats

Other parties hold the remaining seats.

The remaining seats were won by independents or by smaller parties.

In 2014 the Liberal Democrats lost all their remaining seats on the Council.

seats were contested

27 seats were contested in Western Cape province.

The last time these seats were contested was in 2014.

Five fewer seats were contested because of boundary changes.

lost their seats

Many of these elected officials lost their seats in 1982.

Most of the urban liberals and all female delegates lost their seats.

The new party did not participate in the 2003 elections, and both lost their seats.

passenger seats

Most -200Bs had an internally stretched upper deck, allowing for up to 16 passenger seats.

One coach was converted into a workshop with all passenger seats removed and workbench facilities installed.

Any aircraft with 30 passenger seats or more, or over landing weight requires prior permission from the Airport Director to land.

available seats   (asientos disponibles)

A total of 850 candidates ran for the 91 available seats.

She was one of three candidates for two available seats on the school board.

In a race for three available seats, he finished third among four candidates.

won three seats

In the 2009 election, the party won three seats.

BJP won four while INC won three seats of seven vacant seats.

At the 1978 municipal elections, Manof won three seats in the Netanya city council.

bench seats

There is a waiting room with bench seats and a cycle rack.

All furniture was homemade and consisted mostly of just plain bench seats.

There are three bench seats accommodating up to nine people though models to seat six and twelve passengers were available.

win seats

He was one of 16 UNITA candidates to win seats in the election.

Tassoua was one of three FDN candidates to win seats in the election.

The majority of the 111 lists that competed in the election did not win seats.

seats reserved

It received 7.25% of the votes, and accordingly was allocated 3 of the 45 additional seats reserved for women.

Bal Thackeray got seats reserved in engineering colleges for the children of these Kashmiri Pandits in Maharashtra.

Hayes' wife and daughter mistakenly sat in seats reserved for white customers in a shoe store in Rome, Georgia, 1942.

defending two seats

The Democratic Labor Party was defending two seats.

The Anti-Socialist Party was defending two seats.

seats contested

In the recent 2011 general election, it managed to capture 81 of 87 seats contested.

This, however, did not stop Labour winning a comfortable majority of the seats contested.

In the elections to the State Legislature in 1945 it won 12, of the 19 seats contested by its candidates.

rows of seats   (filas de asientos)

Two rows of seats have room for five passenger.

The lower zone had 27 rows of seats and the upper one only 8.

The further variant GAZ-69A (UAZ-69A) has four doors, folding canvas top and two rows of seats.

all the seats

Elections took place for all the seats on the district councils on 30 May 1973.

The sentence "all the seats were occupied" was taken from a BBC Teaching English record.

It also declared all the seats of the legislature vacant and set a date for new elections.