Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

second round   (Hiệp hai)

They were defeated by England in the second round.

The second round matches were held on 6 June 2018.

The most fixtures were played in the second round.

second half   (một nửa thứ hai)

The second half was held in Bilbao (October 6–14).

Once again, Michigan collapsed in the second half.

The second half began with a speedy Cardiff attack.

second season   (mùa thứ hai)

The show's second season premiered on May 6, 2019.

The second season began airing on October 3, 2009.

In the second season Toby Onwumere replaces Ameen.

second time   (lần thứ hai)

The second time was when he changed it to Vratsian.

The movie was broadcast a second time circa 2005.

She was married a second time, to Alfred Prettyman.

second album   (album thứ hai)

The second album, "Screens", was released in 2008.

The second album, "London Symphony Orchestra, Vol.

The release of the second album "alles in ordnung?

second place   (nơi thứ hai)

PNA awarded second place to the newspaper in 2006.

Lizzie Deignan took second place before Niewiadoma.

In 2009, she came in second place in Ms. Olympia.

second single   (đĩa đơn thứ hai)

Their second single was released to the same fate.

The second single, "Boots On", peaked at number 2.

Is the second single of the album in United States.

finished second   (về nhì)

He first participated in 2005 and finished second.

Minting won the race and St. Mirin finished second.

In the Eredivisie, PSV finished second behind Ajax.

second wife   (người vợ thứ hai)

His second wife was Anne Morrelly (or "Morriley").

He married his second wife, Lauren Clark, in 2005.

He had one daughter with his second wife, Marilyn.

second largest   (lớn thứ hai)

Its crate factory is the second largest in Israel.

It is also the second largest figure ever overall.

The second largest Malay group were the Javanese.

second studio   (studio thứ hai)

A second studio was opened in the building in 1962.

In 2008, DeLuna began work on her second studio album.

In 2016, "Mare" was released as his second studio album.

second son   (con trai thứ hai)

Ramaswami was the second son of Muttaiya Chettiar.

Their second son, Adrian, was born two years later.

Mills, Herbert's second son, was born in July 1898.

second studio album   (album phòng thu thứ hai)

In 2008, DeLuna began work on her second studio album.

In 2016, "Mare" was released as his second studio album.

In April 2012, Minaj released her second studio album "".

second year

Integrated medical practice begins in second year.

This was the second year they received this amount.

Males usually do not breed until their second year.

second and third

The second and third were both owned by the Aga Khan.

He also renamed the second and third movements.

There are cornices below the second and third stories.

first and second

Her first and second mates escaped into Charleston.

95, the school of the first and second stage No.

Zuni uses overt pronouns for first and second persons.

second floor   (tầng hai)

Railroad offices were located on the second floor.

The second floor is occupied by the school Library.

The assembly hall is located on the second floor.

second most   (thứ hai nhiều nhất)

The Bozos are the second most populous ethnic group.

The Alster is Hamburg's second most important river.

second term   (nhiệm kỳ thứ hai)

Simitian was re-elected to a second term in 2008.

His second term was inaugurated on August 10, 1894.

Senator Jim Inhofe won re-election to a second term.

second consecutive   (lần thứ hai liên tiếp)

1 in the Big East for the second consecutive year.

Josh Langford missed his second consecutive game.

4 ranked team for the second consecutive week.

second quarter   (quý hai)

UCF received a kickoff to begin the second quarter.

In the second quarter, the teams traded the lead.

In the second quarter, UCF scored 20 unanswered points.

second division   (bộ phận thứ hai)

Uruguay, who were promoted from the second division.

The club has never been relegated to second division.

In 1970 they relegated to the second division.

second edition   (Phiên bản thứ hai)

A second edition was published on June 23, 2010 ().

Otherwise wait for the second edition of the rules."

One chapter was added to the second edition in 1971.

second leg   (trợ thủ đắc lực)

for the second leg of 2015 season till 2017 season.

The second leg matches were played on 14 July 2000.

"Higher-placed team plays at home for second leg.

per second

Water flows along the channel at about per second.

The minimum discharge is 240 cubic feet per second.

Speeds of 65 terabits per second have been observed.

during the second   (trong lần thứ hai)

The accusation was dropped during the second hearing.

Magician Ed Alonzo joined Spears during the second act.

It killed 150,000 Americans during the second pandemic.

second series   (loạt thứ hai)

Filming of the second series began in August 2013.

The second series began airing on 20 August 2012.

There is currently no DVD of the second series.

second highest   (cao thứ hai)

It is the second highest point on the Mendip Hills.

He was the reserve team's second highest tackler.

It was the second highest rated show on Fox that week.

second part

In the second part is a thin barry wavy of argent.

It is based on the second part of the storyline.

His son, Kal is the main villain in the second part.

second tier   (bậc thứ hai)

This relegated Donegal Celtic to the second tier.

Oliveirense, freshly promoted to the second tier.

Bundesliga, the second tier of German football.

became the second

John Henry Wise became the second instructor in 1926.

In 2014 Malgorzata E. Cavar became the second moderator.

Romer Labs thus became the second division of Erber Group.

second game

From the second game onward in the original R.B.I.

Kramer came back to win the second game 417 to 406.

It was the second game by the studio after "Xiama".

second lieutenant   (Thiếu uý)

On 1 March 1940, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

He was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the 4th U.S.

He resigned from the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in 1835.

second book   (cuốn sách thứ hai)

Their second book "Ego Trip's Big Book of Racism!"

His second book "I Feel Great and You Will Too!"

It is the second book in the "Century Trilogy".

second generation   (thế hệ thứ hai)

His mother was a second generation Irish-American.

This was to be the "second generation" of Throw.

The Fire HD 7" second generation used Fire OS 3.

second stage   (giai đoạn thứ hai)

The second stage has been continuing since 1999.

The second stage happened between 1928 and 1930.

Taça Rio is the second stage of the competition.

finishing second

Mouton later stated that "finishing second was fantastic.

The USA won the championship, with Canada finishing second.

This crew came close to defending the title, finishing second.

only the second   (chỉ thứ hai)

He is only the second Italian to hold the post.

He is only the second film director to be so honoured.

He was only the second announcer ever hired by the team.

second marriage   (cuộc hôn nhân thứ hai)

There were three daughters of the second marriage.

There were no children from this second marriage.

His second marriage was in 1990 to Loryn Locklin.

second phase   (giai đoạn thứ hai)

The second phase was completed in October 2010.

A second phase of renovation, then added: 1.

The second phase of his career was devoted to politics.

second team   (đội thứ hai)

Tackle Steve Bennett was named to the second team.

James was a second team All-Big Ten center in 2012.

He made the 2007 Pac-10 All-Academic second team.

placed second   (đặt thứ hai)

She competed in Idol 2017 where she placed second.

That crew placed second in both of its match races.

second day

On the second day, the film collected ₹5.78 crore.

Australia was well ahead by the end of the second day.

Laurebinayak at about can be reached on the second day.

second goal   (mục tiêu thứ hai)

He scored the second goal on debut in the 42nd minute.

He also scored the second goal in the match.

A second goal cited by Kagame, was the overthrow of Mobutu.

second week

The album dropped to number 84 in its second week.

It sold a further 8,700 copies in the second week.

The song slipped to number 7 in its second week.

second level

However, ÍA suffered relegation to the second level.

It now competes in Germany second level, the 2.

The is a second level crossing within the station area.

second innings

(He also took two wickets in the second innings.)

Johnston bowled the second over of the second innings.

His figures in the second innings were 9-47.

second child   (đứa trẻ thứ hai)

She is the second child and has an elder brother.

Isabelle Barnette conceived a second child in 1910.

The couple's second child, a girl, was born in 2011.

second straight   (thứ hai thẳng)

He was named to his second straight All-Star team.

Rory McIlroy won his second straight playoff event.

1 ranking for the second straight season.

second match

A second match was played to determine a winner.

On the second match, he scored 2 goals against Kedah.

First match The second match was a more even affair.

second only   (thứ hai)

Later, Zhu Xi defined "junzi" as second only to the sage.

Reeves' dialogue amount is second only to the main character.

The brain to body mass ratio in some is second only to humans.

second husband   (người chồng thứ hai)

Hannah Leavitt married as her second husband Capt.

Henrietta and her second husband had no children.

Pharantzem married Arsaces II as her second husband.

second and final

It was the second and final time the rig was used.

The second and final one is "Son of Godzilla" (1967).

It was the second and final marriage for both parties.

second film   (phim thứ hai)

In 1933 he made his second film titled "Haji Agha".

Their second film was "Dead Presidents" in 1995.

His second film was Manoj Bajpai starrer Jugaad.

second novel   (tiểu thuyết thứ hai)

"The Garden of Evening Mists" is his second novel.

In 2019, her second novel,"The Runaways" published.

It is the second novel in the Emberverse series.

second episode

Spencer is named as Eddie in the second episode, "Dr.

She appeared in the second episode of the ninth season.

Reviews for the second episode were generally positive.

second best

is Parellis' second best throw in his career.

It would be their second best selling single.

Czech Republic was the second best team in the world in 2005.

released their second

They released their second album, "Morgue", in 2005.

In 2005, they released their second album, "nevland".

Vib Gyor released their second single on 5 March 2007.

second daughter   (con gái thứ hai)

He married in 1806 the second daughter of the Rev.

They gave birth to their second daughter in 1930.

Their second daughter, Lena, was born in 2014.

second volume   (tập thứ hai)

In the second volume of his "Acta Sanctorum O.S.B.

Matt Webb colored one issue of the second volume.

A second volume was launched as part of Marvel NOW!

came second

He had four more wins and came second nine times.

He also came second in the National Championship.

Tom came second at the Greenwich Trials in 1881.

ranked second

In 1932 he was ranked second on the Greek rankings.

Diego is ranked second nationally in the 10,000m.

The song ranked second on the Top 50 for nine weeks.

second behind   (đứng sau)

In the Eredivisie, PSV finished second behind Ajax.

Ickler qualified second behind pole position winner Moffitt.

His 25 multi-platinum albums is second behind The Beatles' 26.

second baseman

He spent 1939 with the squad as a second baseman.

He also appeared in one game as a second baseman.

The Cubs' second baseman, Johnny Evers, noticed this.

second set

The second set of six episodes aired spring 2011.

In the second set Nadal broke in the 3rd game for 2–1.

The second set represents the "group" class.

second base

Feller then tried to pick off Masi at second base.

He played for 19 seasons, mostly at second base.

Leonard, playing second base, committed nine of them.

second solo

As of June 2011, Nick's second solo album reached No.

A second solo album followed: "November 1989".

In 2010, he released his second solo CD "I Have Returned".

second language

It has a growing number of second language speakers.

There is also an English as a second language program.

Most still learned it as a second language.

second oldest

He was the second oldest of the four Lonardo brothers.

The church also has the second oldest bell in the city.

Anaïs was the second oldest sister of the Colin family.

won his second

He won his second race, the first of 11 victories.

Rory McIlroy won his second straight playoff event.

A year later, he won his second World Championship.

second attempt   (lần thứ hai)

Nine days later, a second attempt also failed.

This was the second attempt to revive the Sockers name.

A second attempt also saw the line parting.

second class

He graduated with a B.Sc second class honours degree.

There must be no second class citizens in this country."

Schmundt was awarded the Iron Cross first and second class.

second group

The same thing soon happened to the second group.

A second group of Irish settlers arrived in 1620.

They were ultimately eliminated in the second group stage.

second appearance

Gale Weathers' second appearance was in "Scream 2".

This was Tugnutt's second appearance on Team Canada.

He made his second appearance in January 2017.

second version

The second version was compiled and released in 1999.

A second version was released for the Game Boy Color.

A second version of the compiler used only 240 bytes.

second most common   (phổ biến thứ hai)

The second most common site is the cervical region (C5–C6, C6–C7).

It is also the second most common dialect of Hakka spoken in Taiwan.

Most of the population () speaks (%), with being second most common (%) and being third (%).

finished in second

They finished in second place with 29.25 points.

The team finished in second in the 2007 race.

Sussex finished in second place, their best placing yet.

won the second

He won the second Moscow City Championship (1920/21).

Kasparov won the second match and became world champion.

Brabham won the second round of the weekend.

second major   (chuyên ngành thứ hai)

Cars are the second major form of transportation.

The book is her second major novel published in Spanish.

Foote's second major book was published by Alan Swallow.

second line

The numerators of the second line are preceded by 0.

In 1890 a second line between Cairo and Tura opened.

The second line, "That saved a wretch like me!"

second cousin   (anh em họ thứ hai)

She was a second cousin of novelist Mordecai Richler.

He is also the second cousin of Georgina Hagen.

Brooks is the second cousin of Michael and Marcus Vick.

scored his second

Cottee scored his second to level the match at 3–3.

He scored his second goal with Toluca in a match against C.D.

Early in the second half, Boland scored his second of the game.

second overall   (tổng thể thứ hai)

Urán won the tenth stage, and took second overall.

Cecchi twice finished second overall in the Giro d'Italia.

She was the first regular character to die, second overall.

second in command   (lệnh thứ hai)

Baji Prabhu was second in command of this contingent.

Captain Martin and his second in command, Sgt.

St. John was believed to be Rawlins’ second in command.

second wave   (làn sóng thứ hai)

or Samael's "Worship Him" began the second wave.

1980 saw a second wave of immigration from Cuba.

The second wave of two releases came on November 21, 2006.

second consecutive year   (năm thứ hai liên tiếp)

1 in the Big East for the second consecutive year.

For the second consecutive year, they faced the Dodgers.

He later won the same award in 2014 for the second consecutive year.

second period   (giai đoạn thứ hai)

Northwestern's score came in the second period.

Also in the second period, RB Ronnie Brown got a 1-yard TD run.

By the second period, Tulane played conventional football instead.

second story   (Câu chuyện thứ hai)

It is the first part of the series' second story.

The second story takes place in a somewhat barbaric kingdom.

The second story begins with D.C.O.

second successive   (lần thứ hai liên tiếp)

It was Tennyson's second successive All-Ireland medal.

It was his second successive title as captain of the team.

He ended the season with a second successive All Star award.

second title   (danh hiệu thứ hai)

He won the 2020 New York Open, his second title.

The victory marked her second title in just three weeks.

Its second title in the regional tournament.

second position

Tony Kanaan quickly moved up to second position.

The auxiliary verb is still in second position.

Sporting finished better with second position.

released his second

In 2013 he released his second album, "The Pilgrim".

In 2006 he released his second feature film, "".

He released his second cover album in 1998.

second century   (thế kỷ thứ hai)

The city was founded in the second century BC by the Berbers.

Ayaz Kala was built in the second century by the Kushan Empire.

"The second century is about making sure that is not the case."

second solo album

As of June 2011, Nick's second solo album reached No.

A second solo album followed: "November 1989".

In 1979, Kaukonen released his second solo album, "Jorma".

s second

Harlan County Reservoir is Nebraska’s second largest lake.

There is no further record of Robert Cushman’s second wife.

"U-522"s second foray took her to the mid-Atlantic once again.

second track   (bài hát thứ hai)

Work began immediately on building a second track.

The second track was opened to traffic on 12 May 2000.

The second track is a remix of "The Purist" by Alien vs.

second race   (cuộc đua thứ hai)

He won his second race, the first of 11 victories.

The second race in 1864 attracted 40 barges.

The second race also provided less points than the first.

finish second

She ran promisingly to finish second to Fairy Path.

The Orioles would finish second in the American League.

The win saw Roma finish second in Serie A behind Juventus.

second chance   (cơ hội thứ hai)

Given a second chance in the at-bat, Ruel doubled.

But fate favors her and gives her a second chance.

Despite this, Frank got a second chance to apply.

second person   (người thứ hai)

She was the second person to enter on Launch Night.

French has a T-V distinction in the second person singular.

Each runner runs a mile, before the second person takes over.