Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first section   (primera sección)

The first section of the Blue Line opened in 1985.

The first section of the road was completed in 1861.

The first section was 16 kilometers in length.

section between   (sección entre)

The section between Woodcock Hollow and Cumberland opened on December 13, 2006.

A replacement bus now only serves the section between Sesto Calende and Laveno.

It ran away on a downhill section between Thompson Junction and Dett (now Dete).

cross section   (sección transversal)

The tailboom is aluminum and square in cross section.

Existing land-use data were arrayed in cross section.

A cross section of a polyhedron is a polygon.

northern section   (sección norte)

The northern section supports chaparral habitats.

The first part being the northern section built .

The northern section from to , was opened on 25 October 2018.

rhythm section   (sección de ritmo)

The driving funk/rock rhythm section was played on synthesisers.

Pianist Lino Frías anchored La Sonora's rhythm section until 1976.

His rhythm section (piano, bass and drums) was Briggs, Putnam, and Carrigan.

southern section

There M-94 intersects the southern section of H-01.

The southern section of Line 1 (11.1 km) opened on 28 June 2019.

The southern section is rainy and cool, the central section is dry.

each section

The winner is bolded at the top of each section.

In most cases, each section is self contained.

Scores on each section range from 200 to 800.

central section

However, about 75 km of central section of Fed.

Travel times in this central section can be quite slow.

It is located in the central section of the City of Winnipeg.

middle section

The release (contrasting middle section) is in the key of A flat.

The Church kept the middle section where the Glebe Estate is now.

The finale is a rondo with a particularly agitated middle section.

second section

He led the second section in attacking the bombers.

The steam dome sat on top of the second section.

The second section includes Italo disco songs.

final section

The final section contains three flood defence structures.

A two-page Epilogue appears at the end of the final section.

The final section of the east wing was brought down on 19 December 2013.

eastern section   (sección este)

The eastern section is also known as Hooker Boulevard.

Beverly view is located in the far eastern section of Ashburn.

The beach is located in the eastern section of Pelham Bay Park.

small section

It is also difficult to heat a small section of a piece.

A small section of the people are now employed in cottage industries.

Improved grassland communities (a small section at the Sandylands end).

new section

In 1999, a new section was added to the facility.

The new section of runway was laid down to Heddalsvatnet.

The completion of the new section is expected in 2021/2022.

short section

A short section about truthfulness is given in f.28r–28v.

The short section to Bala Junction closed on 18 January 1965.

Then, a short section of the line is elevated through Victoria Park Station.

section below

(See "Aviation training and career" section below.)

Each category is described as a separate section below.

(See "Procession, burial and monuments" section below).

western section   (sección occidental)

The riding is located in the western section of Winnipeg.

The class were therefore numbered in the western section sequence 950–957.

Its western section is also called the "Horlofftalbahn" (Horloff Valley Railway).

next section

This derivation is carried out in the next section.

(See the next section for examples which contrast the two.)

Unfortunately this is not the case, as shown in the next section.

last section   (última sección)

The first and the last section were leased in 2007.

The last section in Human Condition is Music to our Ears.

The last section south of "Ebertplatz" was completed in 1972.

large section

The book has a large section on Abramovitch.

This dam would have needed to flood a large section of the city.

It now caters to a large section of Urdu speaking population in India.

main section   (sección principal)

The main section is symmetrical, and five bays wide.

The main section of the house measures 54 feet by 23 feet.

The main section has a Georgian plan.

horn section

The horn section backed both bands for most songs.

The band began as a ska band featuring a large horn section.

The song features a jazz section in the middle with a horn section.

original section

The original section was a four-story, brick building.

The original section was built about 1850, as a woolen mill.

The front and rear doors of the original section are centered.

lower section

The wall still contains the lower section of a turnpike stair.

The rapids of the lower section remain in a more natural state.

The lower section of bents was high and the upper section another .

upper section

The upper section is popular with paddle boaters.

The building is situated in the upper section.

The upper section has collapsed and it currently stands at high.

string section

A standard string section (vln., vln 2., vla., vcl, cb.)

She also coached the string section of the Pasadena Symphony.

This was the first song by ELO not to include a string section.

third section

The third section presents David Brower's unraveling.

The third section of the Act defines its short title.

The third section is used for writing notes.

centre section

The centre section is an example of estate satire.

Their fuel was in centre section tanks.

These were bound together in the centre section by a trellis of box-girders.

repealed by section

This section was repealed by section 1 of, and the Schedule to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1871.

This section was repealed by section 13 of, and Part I of Schedule 4 to, the Criminal Law Act 1967.

section of line

It is the terminus of the electrified section of line from Brisbane.

An attempt to remove the section of line here was made, but not completed.

The section of line between Musk and Bullarto was reopened on 17 March 1997.

section of track   (sección de la pista)

This section of track was the CPR's Big Hill.

This section of track was the Big Hill.

The section of track running along 7th Avenue is shared with the Blue Line.

previous section

See the previous section for examples.

The protocol proceeds exactly as outlined in the previous section.

Each section was sunk next to the previous section and joined underwater.

see section

For details and sources, see section on history.

This method is the base for several "ellipsographs" (see section below).

The false-positive rate with screening is about 2–5% (see section Screening below).

section contains

This section contains the following chapters.

The final section contains three flood defence structures.

The input-output section contains file-related information.

section was built

By 1862 the Woodend to Kyneton section was built.

This section was built in the late 19th century.

The original section was built about 1850, as a woolen mill.

center section

A sanitary tee has a curved center section.

The center section of the station contains the baggage room.

The new lighthouse was painted orange with a black center section.

front section   (sección frontal)

The front section is in the Art Deco style.

Smoke charge launchers are mounted in front section of tracks covering plates.

It is four storeys high, with a three-story front section, and a projecting rear.

residential section

The Governor's Mansion is in a residential section of Buckhead.

Next, it would have passed across a residential section of South Norwood.

The main residential section of the City today is the Barbican Estate, constructed between 1965 and 1976.

section called

His family later moved to Lingelihle Township in 1962 to a section called Taptap.

A seating section called a rayok, or 'paradise gallery', consisted of simple wooden benches.

Prior to the line, Macy's New York department store created a section called "Madonnaland" in 1985.

remaining section

The remaining section of Olympia Odos, connecting Patras with Pyrgos, is under planning.

The result was 26.8 km with four lanes with the remaining section, 29.4 km, having two lanes.

A portion of the original bridge was demolished with the remaining section kept open as a fishing pier.

section above

The numbers are continued from the section above.

Drug-induced hepatitis is discussed in a separate section above.

Whereas the younger coral section above the main floor is about 126,000 years old.

another section   (otra sección)

That made it necessary to build another section of the fortress on the same side, to the East.

McGlinchey was awakened and moved to another section of the prison, where he was given the news.

Near its low point in Glade Hollow the route connects with the west end of another section of SR 645.

section includes

The second section includes Italo disco songs.

The section includes calcrete profiles and a complex sand-body.

This section includes unofficial and/or Renault-engined formulae.

rear section

The rear section is called the elevator, and is usually hinged to the horizontal stabiliser.

Until 1958, a ballet school used a remaining rear section, but the site was entirely cleared in 1961.

Similar windows alternate on the addition's main block, and rise near the east corner of the rear section.

section opened

The Neustadt–Bad Durkheim section opened on 6 May 1865.

This section opened on 29 November 1988.

The first section opened in the 1990s near the Michigan state line.

long section   (sección larga)

On a long section, water level is raised by .

This long section required digging a tunnel underneath the Rivière des Prairies.

During the widening work, a long section of the tunnel caved in at the western end of the tunnel on May 31, 1936.

section of road   (tramo de carretera)

It replaced a narrow section of road with dozens of corners.

In 1976 the section of road between US 20 and SR 10 was decommissioned.

First, each section of road was designed to receive greater capacity of traffic.

football section

The club currently only runs a football section.

In 2000, Casimiro de Abreu professionalized its football section.

The club's football section currently plays in Primera Divisió, the Andorran Premier Division.

section patrol

Acquired originally for section patrol duty, "Rehoboth" was designated for distant service in June 1917, and on 14 August 1917 headed for Boston, Massachusetts.

section was opened

On 25 April 1862 the Woodend to Kyneton section was opened.

On 12 December 1847 the Wunstorf–Bremen section was opened.

On 21 March 1873, the Monsheim–Grünstadt section was opened.

brass section   (sección de latón)

The A section begins with a strong pulsating beat from the brass section.

Between 1973 and 1977, the brass section comprised six different trumpeters.

The brass section plays in a pointillistic style depicting a later Holst style.

youth section

The youth section hosted Ellon RFC at mini level.

Austria Wien hired Sáfár a goalkeeping coach for their youth section.

He mainly played for the Monaco Espoirs, the team of the club's youth section.

special section

They were published in a 44-page special section.

He narrated a special section of "Blue Peter" on 25 October 2011.

From 1868, the school had a special section to train Cossack officers.

section through

A section through the material also appeared to show grey and white matter.

A new county road section through the hot springs property was constructed in the early 1980s.

Construction was to be phased, starting with the section through Easton from the M32 to Lawrence Hill.

section lists

This section lists monoliths that have been quarried and moved.

This section lists monoliths that have been quarried but not moved.

"Note: This section lists schools with grades only below 9th grade.

separate section

Each category is described as a separate section below.

Drug-induced hepatitis is discussed in a separate section above.

For references to Ross 780, see the separate section in this article.

section was repealed

The section was repealed on April 21, 1972.

This section was repealed by section 1 of, and the Schedule to, the Statute Law Revision Act 1871.

following section

The following section is identical with No.

(Specific works are designated in the following section).

Further name changes are given in the table in the following section.

km section

A 33.2 km section is being widened from 5 meters to 9-11 meters, and projected to finish in June 2018.

Domel to Katra, 8 km section of this highway was previously named as National Highway 1C before new numbering of national highway system was introduced.

The Japanese Government built the 224 km Hakodate - Shikaribetsu section, opened in 1902, with the remaining 28 km section to Otaru opening the following year.

student section   (sección de estudiantes)

The UVU student section is called The Den.

The student section, known as The Inferno, wears gold on game days.

The Show is the name of the student section at all SDSU sporting events.

section within

The section within Grey County was designated several months later on November 3.

Instead, that support is provided by the civil law and Northern Ireland section within the Attorney General's Office at Westminster.

The Vanderbilt mausoleum, designed by Richard Morris Hunt and constructed in 1885–1886, is part of the family's private section within the cemetery.

tail section

Typically, the fenders, leg shields, floors, tail section and cowls are removed.

Uniquely, for ground transportation and storage, instead of folding wings the aircraft features a removable tail section.

The system consists of a bullet-trap tail section which slides over the muzzle of the rifle, an explosive midsection and a front standoff rod.

section north

Construction on the section north to 4100 South has begun.

For the section north Waidmannslust was temporarily shut down in 1985.

The section north of Munday was transferred to FM 267 on January 7, 1948.

entire section   (sección entera)

Remarkably, his entire section survived this perilous manoeuvre.

MS 23 was extended to MS 25 and Smithville along a gravel road, and the entire section north of US 78 was paved in 1960.

Therefore, an entire section of the website is devoted to Ms. Foltz and consists of her publications in the course of the biography-in-progress.

caesarean section   (seccion de cesárea)

Doctors delivered the baby via emergency caesarean section.

A shoulder presentation is an indication for a caesarean section.

Thus the caesarean section is ideally performed before the membranes break.

section near   (sección cerca)

There is a toll section near Como.

The GAP's first section near Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania, opened in 1986.

The only at-grade trackage will be a section near Leeward Community College.

oldest section

The oldest section is 1 1/2 stories, three bays wide.

The oldest section of Priego is its Barrio de la Villa.

The oldest section of Priego is its "Barrio de la Villa".

section consists

The section consists of 1 Trooper,1 Captain.

The main dryer section consists of 43 six-foot dryers split into four sections.

The northern section consists entirely of large, 20–45-story buildings, all various shades of orange brick.

section was added

In 1999, a new section was added to the facility.

The tower section was added on to the building in 1936.

In 1802, a three-story, stone "mansion" section was added.

section was completed

This section was completed with four lanes in October 1944.

Construction and initial laying out began in 1930 and the last section was completed in 1939.

After a 1986 bond issue, it started being developed and the first section was completed in 1990.

junior section

(587 in the adult section and 268 in the junior section.)

Gradually, the club began to expand, the number of teams in the club grew and a junior section was established.

However, its junior section which had opened in 1961, remained in existence and has extended its age range up to 16.

same section

Teams were drawn against a team from the same section.

In the same section, Nickelback grossed $49,908,542 from the tour.

competition section   (sección de competencia)

The film participated in the competition section of the 8th Moscow International Film Festival in 1973.

In its early years it had a competition section for professional as well as amateur film (8 mm, 16 mm).

At the 6th festival in 2011, the competition section was established, which awards the Grand Prix, Most Promising Talent Award and ABC Award.

section of land   (sección de tierra)

There are currently approximately seven owners who own lots in the original section of land.

In 1831-32 he bought a section of land (the Helsarmel Estate) at Leichhardt from a Captain Piper.

In 1823, Prickett claimed a section of land on the west bank of the Fox River near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

top section

The pulpit consists of the top section of a former three—decker.

Officially there is no raft or canoe access to this top section.

When the top section of a belt is in resonance, the vibrations of the machine is increased.

percussion section   (sección de percusión)

It is one of the few aerophones in the percussion section of an orchestra.

British brass bands consist only of brass instruments and a percussion section.

Whistle (disambiguation) A whistle is a single-note woodwind instrument, in the percussion section of the orchestra, and with many other applications in sport and other fields.

section of highway

The lower section of highway had been constructed in 1911 as a roadway.

The closed section of highway 21 was reopened for public use on June 8, 2018.

This section of highway is closed at night and motorists are advised not to stop inside the reserve.

section of town   (sección de la ciudad)

Van and his friends head over to a party in a predominantly bourgeois, gentile section of town.

There are also nine incorporated boroughs which may provide additional services to a section of town.

(The Dutile Elementary School has a North Billerica address but is located in the River Pines section of town.)

section covers

This section covers Kelsen's years during his American years.

This section covers the theoretical and scientific aspect of this rāgam.

section south

The last section south of "Ebertplatz" was completed in 1972.

The EA for the section south of the Speed River began in early 2007.

It and the final section south to Highway 401 were opened on November 7, 1975.

see the section

For history behind the names C*- and B*-algebras, see the section below.

(For further discussion of tin mining see the section on the economy below.)

For a linear listing of the subshells in terms of increasing energies in multielectron atoms, see the section below.

development section   (sección de desarrollo)

Tchaikovsky did not clearly emphasize a development section in "Hamlet."

The exposition then repeats before a short development section, where Beethoven explores other ideas.

A new development section leads to the repeat of the recapitulation, and the scherzo concludes with a brief codetta.

section along

The section along Guelph Line was decommissioned and the concurrency with Highway 5 was removed.

The section along the river and the section west of Harts Lane share the 19428 zip code with Conshohocken.

The section along the river by Miller Park has been named Mike Atkins Way after Mike Atkins who died in 2013.

bow section   (sección de proa)

"E3"s torpedo loading hatch is open and the bow section is largely intact.

The damaged bow section and the accommodations block were removed at Dubai Drydocks for scrapping.

The ship's bow section was badly damaged, so much so that her propeller was raised out of the water.

section became

The women's section became known as Maktab-e Tawhid.

Another section became something of a museum.

Then, when the Homestead Act was enacted in 1867, the quarter section became the basic unit of land that was granted to new settler-farmers.

opening section

The opening section is concluded with .

The opening section begins with a dialogue in which the writer espouses a wisdom contest found in other Old English texts.

The official tempo for the opening section is a metronome setting of 60, with the second part played in a broader manner, at a metronome setting of 52.

other section   (otra sección)

The other section extends southeast from the entrance.

and the Rev Allan Grime and his family occupied the other section).

The other section escorted another group of B-36s in a similar mission over Detroit.

north section

Some interior work was done on the north section).

At the north section of it were built 3 soldier staying holes.

In the north section of it were constructed 7 soldier staying holes.