other sections   (他のセクション)

The highway is mostly named Maharlika Highway, but other sections uses different names.

On the down side, plans for other sections of the new line have still not been finalised.

The BNP often received a hostile response from other sections of the British extreme-right.

different sections

Finding and jumping to different sections was often difficult.

The spire was delivered to the site in four different sections.

Another common use is to partition land into different sections.

large sections

Tibet conquered large sections of northern India during this time.

Mangroves cover large sections of the northern shores and southern Saco Bay.

Attempts of removing the graffiti destroyed large sections of the paintings.

several sections

The pamphlet is organized into several sections:.

The film is split into several sections identified by dates.

The data base has several sections.

following sections

The magazine is split into the following sections:

SP-377 It is fractioned in the following sections:

The university is organized into the following sections:

main sections   (主なセクション)

Harb tribe has two main sections, Banu Salim and Masrooh.

It forms the links between the main sections of the estate.

Composite valley of the Great Morava has three main sections.

all sections

At call, all sections are accounted for and uniforms inspected.

Once all sections were popped that ship was considered destroyed.

This enactment brought uniformity of law for all sections of Hindus.

various sections

The Marching Band consists of various sections, broken down by instrument.

Within these sub-branches there are various sections headed by section chiefs.

The 19 various sections fall into two main categories: observing, and special.

separate sections

The sensory trail consists of 9 separate sections, called pods.

The line is made up of two separate sections, with the total length at .

The station consists of two separate sections, one for each line, at the same level and 150 metres apart.

cross sections   (断面図)

Cutting an object into slices creates many parallel cross sections.

Although the SI unit of total cross sections is m, smaller units are usually used in practice.

There exist an infinite number of cross sections which yield the two-dimensional Vicsek fractal.

new sections

Medium adds traffic and new sections to the Easy course.

At Pandora too, the work of development now turned to driving new sections underground.

The new sections will be built to match the historical character of the original bridges.

certain sections   (特定のセクション)

Later certain sections were allocated for baby burials.

This may be unusual in certain sections of Indian societies.

Trail conditions vary based on the amount of traffic certain sections receive.

divided into sections   (セクションに分割)

The property has been divided into sections.

In anatomical sources, the aorta is usually divided into sections.

The text is divided into sections, called "prakāśas" which include:

distinct sections

The station consists of three distinct sections.

The Indoctrination Course consists of two distinct sections.

The façade has three distinct sections which are harmoniously integrated.

sections between

The trail was completed in sections between 2003 and 2010.

The State Street side was built in five sections between 1916 and 1924.

It is a 2 1/2-story, seven bay stone dwelling built in three sections between 1738 and 1820.

many sections

Fishing is available on many sections of the river.

The corridor is overgrown and many sections are utilised for livestock grazing.

In the 1960s, many sections of the line were converted from double track to single track.

small sections

Instead, each chapter contains a number of small sections, which offer a much clearer division of the prose.

A few small sections of the Roman London Wall exist, for example near the Tower of London and in the Barbican area.

Shredders are organisms that feed off of coarse particulate organic material (CPOM) such as small sections of leaves.

major sections   (主なセクション)

The study is divided into three major sections.

The development consists of roughly five major sections.

Part of this expansion was to create three major sections.

most sections   (ほとんどのセクション)

At most sections, the Federal Route 170 was built under the JKR R5 road standard, allowing maximum speed limit of up to

At most sections, the Federal Route 432 was built under the JKR R1 road standard, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 20 km/h.

At most sections, the Federal Route 424 was built under the JKR R5 road standard, allowing maximum speed limit of up to 90 km/h.

sections of society

As an educationist he tried his best to reach all sections of society to help them in uplifting their educational standards.

Entali, once part of salt lakes beyond the Maratha Ditch, later a marshy area for economically distressed sections of society.

In 2012–13 there were 380,000 visitors to the building from all sections of society – an increase of over 40% from the previous year.

short sections

This ends with made paths and some short sections of boardwalk.

Most of the route is on public footpaths but there are short sections on roads.

Most of these agreements permit access only on certain days of the year or for short sections of the river.

sections below

The sections below discuss these career phases in more detail.

The individuals in the sections below earned recognition for meritorious performances.

The roof has some 34 different pitches, closely articulating the spaces and sections below.

respective sections

This band is open to students through chair auditions, which also determine placement within the respective sections.

All prefects will support the college by completing the assigned duties and by taking charge of discipline of other students in their respective sections.

Four teams competed in a round robin competition, with the top two teams and the bottom two teams proceeding to their respective sections of the play-offs: the top teams play for advancement to the Group I.

both sections

The buildings in both sections have brick exteriors.

Windows in both sections are double-hung, six-over-six units.

In both sections, the instruments open the fugue, but play with the voices once they enter.

lower sections

All production cars were painted white, with peacock blue lower sections.

Smallmouth bass and northern pike can be found in abundance in the lower sections.

It carries all the straight track sections connecting the upper and lower sections.

southern sections

Visitor seating is in the south end zone and the southern sections of the east side.

Its northern and southern sections are called, respectively, Yelebesov and Baityk Batyr Streets.

Even on the through platforms, the southern sections are indicated with an "a", and the northern sections with a "b" (2a/b, etc.).