private sector   (民間部門)

From 1999 to 2002, he worked in the private sector.

He worked in the private sector for 25 years.

He worked in the private sector in the area of logistics.

public sector   (公的機関)

The economics of the public sector is one example.

Almost 19% of employment is within the public sector.

100 crore for the public sector as calculated by them.

economic sector   (経済部門)

The main economic sector in Tubas is agriculture.

Today tourism is the most important economic sector.

The main economic sector of Cavarzere is agriculture.

tertiary sector   (第三次セクター)

The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 294.

The tertiary sector dominates Sapporo's industry.

The number of jobs in the tertiary sector was 28.

secondary sector   (二次セクター)

96 people were employed in the secondary sector in 23 businesses.

The number of jobs in the secondary sector was 1, in manufacturing.

The secondary sector employed 771 workers in 67 separate businesses.

primary economic sector   (一次経済部門)

There were 57 people employed in the primary economic sector in 11 businesses.

There were no jobs or businesses in the primary economic sector in the municipality.

Of these, a total of 194 people worked in 49 businesses in the primary economic sector.

agricultural sector   (農業部門)

The agricultural sector was affected seriously.

The agricultural sector contributed 45 percent or Rp.

The clovers point to the agricultural sector.

financial sector   (金融部門)

In the 1990s, Europe went through a power shift in its financial sector.

He published an article regarding restructuring the financial sector in Qatar.

Benin’s financial sector is dominated by banks, and in general remains shallow.

service sector   (サービス部門)

The Estonian service sector employs over 60% of workforce.

Similar developments have taken place in the service sector.

The service sector accounts for 51 percent of the country's GDP.

energy sector   (エネルギー部門)

The goal for the energy sector is shown in the table.

After leaving office, he worked in the energy sector.

The second largest energy sector is industry.

industrial sector   (産業部門)

RVs, cabins, marine), the industrial sector (i.e.

The main industrial sector of the rayon is processing.

There was no child labor in the modern industrial sector.

banking sector   (銀行部門)

Two problems still remained in the banking sector.

He also worked in the banking sector since the 1970s.

Much of the banking sector was nationalized.

education sector   (教育セクター)

These changes in the IT infra-structure proved invaluable for the Higher education sector.

The education sector of Kota has become one of the major contributors to the city's economy.

Once a member, they are required to help in the education sector of the public school systems.

manufacturing sector   (製造業)

The manufacturing sector is located mainly in the industrial areas.

Brazil has the second-largest manufacturing sector in the Americas.

The small manufacturing sector primarily processes agricultural products.

health sector   (健康部門)

The health sector employs 70,000 employees in 30,000 companies.

In the health sector there were 4 public and 1 private clinics.

In the health sector there were 13 health clinics and 01 hospital with 60 beds.

services sector   (サービス部門)

Anne are in the health and education services sector.

Its business is primarily oriented towards the services sector.

The services sector is by far the main source of employment in the city.

business sector   (事業部門)

The other ministers are linked to the business sector.

Besides, Wong plays a role in the business sector in Hong Kong.

It is spoken by all educated Haitians and is used in the business sector.

tourism sector   (観光セクター)

There is also a growing service and tourism sector.

The tourism sector have been growing in the recent years.

The tourism sector also contributes substantially into the economy.

technology sector   (テクノロジーセクター)

Moulton worked in the health care technology sector.

The most valuable companies are now in the technology sector.

Atlanta has, indeed, been nicknamed the "Silicon peach" thanks to its burgeoning technology sector.

electricity sector   (電力部門)

The electricity sector is highly politicized.

The electricity sector is being privatized, resulting in very high prices.

Wind power could be a major contributor in the electricity sector of Morocco.

agriculture sector   (農業セクター)

The family here mainly depends on the agriculture sector.

It has a semi-industrialized economy with a well-integrated agriculture sector.

Within the last four years, the region has seen growth in the agriculture sector.

informal sector   (非公式部門)

The informal sector .

Much economic activity occurs in the informal sector and is not reflected in GDP data.

The informal sector consists of 44 million non-farm enterprises as per recent labour survey.

mining sector   (鉱業部門)

There also was a well-developed mining sector.

» The mining sector is small in Ethiopia.

A wave of strikes occurred across the South African mining sector.

transport sector   (輸送部門)

At the back is the transport sector, among other things.

The transport sector is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases.

Air transportation made up 9% of the transport sector's GDP generation in 2005.

southern sector   (南部)

The coals of the southern sector, i.e.

The canal construction in the southern sector was completed by 1656.

The southern sector was assaulted by the 1st and 8th Bavarian Reserve divisions.

construction sector   (建設セクター)

Selenizza is mainly used as an additive in the road construction sector.

CGE was restructured and the construction sector was formed into a separate company, Vinci.

According to a World Bank official, 30 percent of Armenia's economy in 2009 came from the construction sector.

primary sector   (一次セクター)

The village economy is mainly based on the primary sector.

The primary sector, agriculture, produces 15.2% of the state's GDP.

The primary sector of RCHK, ages 4–11, follows the Primary Years Programme.

northern sector   (北部)

The northern sector contains sub-bituminous coal.

One more push might collapse the northern sector.

The island stands on the northern sector of the reef atoll.

retail sector   (小売部門)

retail sector has the highest employment level.

The largest employer is the retail sector, employing almost 12% of Canadians.

In 2018 Sun West Mortgage started business in the retail sector with new DBA name Mortgage Possible.

power sector   (電力セクター)

He resigned his post to protest corruption in the power sector.

As of 2018 there is no similar retirement plan for the captive power sector.

Guangdong was the only pilot to implement auctioning allowances for its power sector.

commercial sector   (商業部門)

Prior to the War the telegraph systems were primarily used in the commercial sector.

It forms the bulk of the retail commercial sector which is anchored by The Shops at Hilltop.

The Australian broadcast radio spectrum was constituted of the ABC and the commercial sector.

each sector   (各セクター)

They may be different in each sector.

These processes eventually resulted in the civil war and sharp slowdown in each sector of the country.

Early 8‑inch and ‑inch disks had physical holes for each sector and were termed "hard sectored" disks.

water sector   (水セクター)

The German water sector has always been dominated by municipally owned utilities.

Water Board (South Africa) Water Boards play a key role in the South African water sector.

Examples include the water sector in the Czech Republic, over half of which has been privatized.

industry sector   (産業部門)

The industry sector accounted for 21.3 percent of total employment."

The largest industry sector is e-commerce, which generated over in 2017.

The industry sector accounts for 37.5% of the economy, while services for 60% and agriculture for 2.5%.

corporate sector   (企業部門)

With this measure, the government provoked angry reactions in the corporate sector.

However, this action restricted the availability of credit to the corporate sector.

He went on to qualify as a CA with Ernst and Young before moving into the corporate sector.

security sector   (セキュリティ部門)

He had promised to reform the security sector and review mining contracts if elected.

For this reason, gender perspectives are a useful tool to achieving the security sector's objectives.

government sector   (政府部門)

A substantial number of people work in the government sector.

He joined the government sector as expert in the Oromiya Water bureau.

Nambawan Super currently caters for both private companies and the government sector.

voluntary sector   (自発的セクター)

In 2011 he was awarded a knighthood for services to transport and the voluntary sector.

It is now a major commercial operation supplying to the public, private and voluntary sector.

Souter was knighted in the 2011 Birthday Honours for services to transport and the voluntary sector.

sector companies   (セクター企業)

SAIL is one of India's largest public sector companies.

Building sector companies bringing large amounts of income in USD$.

Private sector companies operate in mobile telephony, and Internet access.

sector through   (セクター)

She became active in the social sector through the student movement.

Fiji is also planning to diversify its energy sector through the use of science and technology.

Many countries will monitor and control the banking sector through several different agencies and for different purposes.