instrumental in securing   (確保の手段)

A few years later, Greenough was instrumental in securing a government post for Coleridge during his period in Malta.

At the Battle of Sourton Down on 25 April, his ambush of Hopton's troops was instrumental in securing the Royalist defeat.

Broad was instrumental in securing the $50 million deposit from the project developer that opened Grand Park in summer 2012.

thus securing   (したがって、確保)

Hugh IX's son, Hugh X, married Isabelle of Angoulême, thus securing Angoulême (1220).

The CDP won four of the available seats in Kadiogo, thus securing Compaoré a parliamentary seat.

The League ruled Bees at fault, fined the club and awarded the win to Kwara United, thus securing the promotion.

before securing   (確保する前に)

He started with ATS before securing a full-time drive with Arrows for the 1985 season.

He made his Formula One debut in 1978 as a privateer before securing a drive with Brabham.

He rejoined Rentistas in 2012, months before securing a return to Guatemala with Municipal.

role in securing   (確保における役割)

He also played an instrumental role in securing the charter for the Georgia Railroad in 1836.

Thomson played a key role in securing the legislature's choice of Matthew H. Carpenter as U.S.

Umesh Yadav was picked for the ICC Champions Trophy 2013 and played an integral role in securing India's victory.