security forces   (治安部隊)

Israeli security forces later arrived at the scene.

Egyptian security forces uncovered 60 tunnels in 2007.

Most were arrested by security forces during the night.

national security   (国際セキュリティー)

The force's main role is in national security.

Do not endanger national security or the army's morale.

For U.S. the national security was also highly important.

social security   (社会保障)

It set in place an entirely new system of social security.

Three quarters of these benefits are paid by social security.

His social security death index lists his name under Rusty Slocum.

security guard   (警備員)

He is chased out of the studio by a security guard.

The security guard, 36, was seriously injured.

The robber was killed by a security guard.

security services   (セキュリティサービス)

His girlfriend was known to French security services.

By now he was known to the security services.

SSP stands for security services processor.

security guards

Three people were arrested for assaulting security guards.

Griffin was accompanied into the premises by security guards.

The security guards briefly detained the man before releasing him.

food security

India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index.

Global food security is being threatened by desertification and overpopulation.

Thus, when communities, NGOs and the public move beyond the view of food security, i.e.

internal security   (内部セキュリティ)

It is also performing internal security duties i.e.

It is also involved with internal security.

Armored cars are popular for peacekeeping or internal security duties.

security issues

There are, however, security issues involving Tor onion services.

Since 2013, member states have established consultations on security issues.

BIND 9 was a complete rewrite, in part to mitigate these ongoing security issues.

security measures   (セキュリティ対策)

Eurostar claims to have good and well-funded security measures.

When necessary, the commission could request security measures for those who required them.

Carroll has also worked on homeland security measures and civil and criminal justice issues.

security concerns

Turkey was removed from the F-35 program in 2019 over security concerns.

To address user security concerns, two unofficial security guides are available.

Furthermore, Rwanda had not been able to satisfactorily address its security concerns.

security reasons

for convenience, privacy, safety, and security reasons.

Baderkhan decided to leave Syria in 2013 due to security reasons.

For security reasons, they may also choose not to read the external DTD.

security personnel   (警備員)

Bouncers are security personnel.

Omnipresent security personnel also routinely harass and beat the workers.

The next day, Phelps Dodge increased security personnel in and around the mine.

security system

It has been repeatedly described as a "security system."

A coded security system controls access to the pontoons.

Membership in the social security system for all employees is compulsory.

computer security

Previously as a journalist he specialized in computer security and privacy.

Vulnerability management is integral to computer security and network security.

The following terms used with regards to computer security are explained below:

peace and security

To ensure peace and security for the neighbouring tribes.

Sisi in turn reiterated his administration's support for the Somali authorities' peace and security initiatives.

Therefore, immediate steps must be taken to restore order, peace and security in Quebec, and reconcile God with his people.

information security   (情報セキュリティー)

There has also been criticism of a lack of patient information security.

Trustwave Holdings Trustwave Holdings is an information security company.

Research shows information security culture needs to be improved continuously.

maximum security

The maximum security level is half the capacity.

Paremoremo is home to New Zealand's only maximum security prison.

It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1600 inmates.

private security   (プライベートセキュリティ)

FPS contracts private security companies to guard fixed posts.

Patrick Huels' private security firm that resulted in Huels' resignation.

Security in the Rapid Metro is being handled by a private security agency.

state security   (国家安全保障)

System of the economic state security.

West German state security estimated the membership of FILE to be 1200 people.

– of the border troops and organs of state security of the USSR and the RF were as follows.

provide security   (セキュリティを提供する)

It uses 256-bit SSL encryption to provide security to users.

Deputies in this unit provide security to San Francisco City Hall.

A compositional approach can be used to provide security for open platform applets.

homeland security   (国土安全保障)

The homeland security is notified and plans an air strike.

Carroll has also worked on homeland security measures and civil and criminal justice issues.

The American Bar Association (ABA) states that bollards are used to contribute to homeland security.

safety and security

Bollards are widely used to contribute to safety and security.

He has published papers on the various aspects of aviation safety and security.

In some instances this right may be limited for the safety and security of the prison.

security force

It is currently an unarmed security force.

In practice, this unit did not publicly review security force abuses.

Since then the PA has deployed a special security force to protect it.

public security   (公安)

Alongside police forces, Festival organizers hired a public security agency.

It is responsible for managing the Macau public security and police agencies.

The constitution requires that free speech not adversely affect public security.

security prison   (セキュリティ刑務所)

MCI Concord is a level 4, medium level security prison.

Paremoremo is home to New Zealand's only maximum security prison.

It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1600 inmates.

security features

These cheques also carried time limits and limited security features.

These new notes include many security features that prevent counterfeiting.

Other security features:

security policy

Zegart is a leading national expert on the United States Intelligence Community and national security policy.

Yun specializes in international security policy and foreign affairs, particularly East Asia and North Korea.

Richard Kugler Richard L. Kugler is an American thinker and writer on U.S. national security policy and defense strategy.

cyber security   (サイバーセキュリティ)

It forms part of the UK cyber security community.

Specifically, the INCB was assigned to develop a national cyber security strategy.

The plan advises a number of security practices as well as promotion of cyber security education.

border security   (国境警備)

Some evidence exists that past border security efforts have been successful.

There was no border security for a kingdom and border disputes were very rare.

The Border Guard has the responsibility for border security in all situations.

security cameras

Police turned off the security cameras inside the home.

The act was recorded by security cameras.

Video of the tornado was captured by security cameras of The Greene Town Center.

security company   (警備会社)

Homer forms his own security company called "SpringShield".

Single, she served as the head of 'Equitativa' security company.

To protect against such moves, a player can hire a security company.

security officials

Marshals, and railway security officials.

However, it was also added by security officials that tensions were still high.

Critics claimed the arrests had been "trying to placate US security officials".

financial security   (財政的安全)

- P. 68-84 Modern problems of financial security of Ukraine.

The navy offered a stable profession and financial security for its sailors.

security situation   (セキュリティ状況)

Without economic progress, the security situation would continue to unravel.

Its mission was to monitor the military and security situation in Sierra Leone.

It served as a symbol of the ameliorated political and security situation in the country.

security clearance   (安全検査)

All candidates must also obtain a security clearance.

In the 1960s, the island's required security clearance for visitors was lifted.

Others listed U.S. security clearance alongside corresponding jobs, such as telecoms or military.

security officer

He is the former chief security officer (CSO) at Facebook.

She then hugged the security officer and detonated the bomb.

The blast immediately killed a child and the security officer.

job security

Public workers have other intangible benefits such as increased job security.

Journalists comply with these rules for various reasons, including job security.

The early objective of the Shiv Sena was to ensure their job security competing against South Indians and Gujaratis.

security systems

Prisons also use security systems for control of inmates.

The students had access to the Meraki and CyberHound security systems.

Of the two, Shor's offers the greater risk to current security systems.

energy security

Denmark had the 6th best energy security in the world in 2014.

Despite the rising awareness of global warming issues, the G8 focussed on "energy security" issues.

EDS focusses on the economic development of the Czech Republic, the adoption of the euro and energy security.

security service

Senior Army officers and security service officials watch in silence.

Croatia's security service is the Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA).

In autumn 2014, Ukraine's national security service banned him from entering the country.

international security

Yun specializes in international security policy and foreign affairs, particularly East Asia and North Korea.

She completed her PhD in international security at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster.

Within the general area of international security, the Foundation has a very strong emphasis on nuclear security issues.

security operations

Between 2004-5, the Egyptian Armed Forces conducted months-long security operations here.

Auxiliarists were sometimes armed during the war, and extensively participated in port security operations.

On 22 August 2012, the State Department urged Egypt to be transparent over Operation Eagle and any security operations in the Sinai.

security officers

Violence in Medan drew the attention of national security officers.

There, they face continual brutalization by armored security officers.

Her connections to national security officers, however, made her a valuable addition on certain cases.

high security

His body was found near the Sri Lankan parliament inside the high security zone.

In 1992, Kwikset introduced its higher quality, high security "Titan" product line.

Although a high security prison, there have been some significant prisoner escapes.

security risk

A state education official accused her of being a poor security risk.

Exposing file system related data to user-space was also seen as a security risk.

providing security

Crucial tasks were the so-called ‘district-work’, the Red Cross department, and providing security.

By the next morning 2,000 sailors of the Pacific Fleet patrolled the streets, providing security and offering aid to stricken civilians.

A trooper's base pay is augmented by working multiple details, directing traffic, overtime shifts, or providing security at special events.

security agencies

The Specialized Security Corps are military security agencies dependent on the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

These people are known, but the security agencies have not been able to arrest these people and prosecute them.

Drug cartels are using new methods in narcotics production and narcotics exportation, to avoid Ghanaian security agencies.

due to security

Baderkhan decided to leave Syria in 2013 due to security reasons.

The images available do not include any military installations in India, due to security concerns.

Mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini later added that the period would be extended due to security concern.

network security   (ネットワークセキュリティー)

A data quality firewall acts similarly to a network security firewall.

Lyon has been active in the network security community since the mid-1990s.

The Marines also operate a network security team in conjunction with the Navy.

other security   (その他のセキュリティ)

intersection, while the remaining members performed other security functions.

As an auditing tool, it can detect fraud, intrusions, and other security problems.

There is no room for the station master or any other security staff in the station.

new security

An extension has been built out the front to allow for a new security entrance.

Between 2001 and 2005, a new banknote series with new security features was introduced to replace older notes.

Force One—a new security force created by the Maharashtra government—staged a parade from Nariman Point to Chowpatty.

security firm   (警備会社)

Patrick Huels' private security firm that resulted in Huels' resignation.

Batista was a consultant for Houston, Texas-based security firm ASI Global.

A privatized security firm runs the Sprawl, a massive prison housing around 420,000 inmates.

security police

Mkhonto was detained and assaulted by the security police on several occasions.

During the September campaign, security police set up the first concentration camps for Poles.

Mhlauli then took the injured to a nearby clinic; this act was also opposed by the security police.

security detail

Pruitt's security detail accompanied the family to the game.

Meanwhile, Gant executes the only survivor of Michael's security detail.

Shamron decides that Gabriel should spend the next year as Anna's security detail.

sense of security

Lulling Dawn into a false sense of security, Rob proposes and she accepts.

Eventually Earl found a sense of security from being an outsider by joining a gang.

"My great-grandfather taught that safety nets offer a false sense of security", he explains.

maximum security prison   (最大のセキュリティ刑務所)

Paremoremo is home to New Zealand's only maximum security prison.

It is a maximum security prison facility with a capacity for 1600 inmates.

1 maximum security prison in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico, via helicopter.

airport security

That Israel has the best airport security in the world?

See airport security for more details.

Pinky poses as a guard while Joe, Bobby, and Jimmy pose as airport security personnel.

maritime security   (海上保安)

The second was maritime security in the Strait of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandab, in which a substantial portion of energy trade and commercial goods go through.

The second was to maritime security in the Straits of Hormuz and the Bab al-Mandab, because a substantial portion of energy trade and commercial goods go through those areas.

On 21 February 2009 VFA-103 and CVW-7 embarked aboard USS "Dwight D. Eisenhower" for a deployment supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and maritime security operations in the Persian Gulf.

security team   (セキュリティチーム)

This security team provide an unknown variable.

The security team commonly includes a Team Leader and two other guards.

Matters are complicated by the private security team hired to protect Alexei.

security threat

The herdsmen are a huge security threat to this country.

Henry Savile and others analysed the union in terms of its security threat.

Iran as security threat.

security camera

120): an example would be the images from a security camera.

Gunno sees Kyle on a security camera and he goes to the armoury to get a gun.

The Doubletree Hotel, located nearby in Crystal City, Virginia, also had a security camera video.

head of security   (セキュリティ責任者)

In June 2009 EDF's head of security complained that the force had overspent its budget "without timely and satisfactory explanations to us".

Chief Dekker, the head of security for H.I.V.E., is a part of the Disciples, and blackmailed Laura to betray her friends for her family's safety.

Mike is a former Philadelphia police officer who works for Gus—and, on occasion, Saul—as a private investigator, head of security, cleaner, and hitman.

security interests   (担保権)

According to the IDF, aid to Syrian civilians was motivated by both conscience and security interests.

The area of borane chemistry was growing rapidly, in part due to the Cold War and national security interests.

The armed forces are charged with protecting the Czech Republic and its allies, promoting global security interests, and contributing to NATO.

security threats

E-commerce websites use different tools to avert security threats.

The EPA justified the size of the detail, saying that it was because Pruitt faced greater security threats.

Up until 2017, this agency awarded temporary residence permits also to people considered war criminals and security threats.

security apparatus   (セキュリティ装置)

The inminban system is not formally part of the North Korean security apparatus, but supports it.

Germany promotes the creation of a more unified European political, economic and security apparatus.

As a speaker of Tigrinya in a security apparatus dominated by Tigrayans, he could move forward with his military career.

personal security

Godzilla becomes loyal to Bóris alone as his chauffeur, butler and personal security man.

Narrow, enclosed structures can result in perceptions of low personal security among users.

When we do find ourselves wanting it, what we are looking for is bodily sluggishness rather than personal security.

minimum security

It operated as a minimum security Sullivan annex until 2010 when the annex portion was closed.

Brown was incarcerated at Federal Prison Camp, Montgomery, a minimum security prison in Alabama.

The minimum security program for non-violent, first-time offenders has accepted both male and female inmates from the start.

economic security

a combination of labour market flexibility and economic security for workers.

A statement on women's economic security will be unveiled by Kelly O'Dwyer in spring 2018.

Khalid al-Ansari served on Syria's court of economic security prior to his appointment to cabinet.

increased security

The next day, Phelps Dodge increased security personnel in and around the mine.

Shoham was threatened by the crime groups, and he was given increased security by the police.

The increasing number of newspaper and journal articles on this subject reflect an increased security awareness.

provided security

2 Airfield Defence Squadron RAAF provided security for the airports, which were secured by 2 RAR on 22 September.

Some 58 enlisted men and four officers provided security on the journey, and pistols were distributed to the crew.

C Company of the 1–175 Infantry provided security between the first and second public viewing areas of the National Mall at the 7th Street, N.W.

additional security

The downside is that additional security features would put an extra strain on the battery and size and drive up prices.

The locale was specially selected for the low density of its Muslim population (20.7%), as an additional security measure.

U.S. security officer Eric Nordstrom twice requested additional security for the mission in Benghazi from the State Department.

physical security

To ensure their ontological security, states may even jeopardize their physical security.

As with physical security, the motivations for breaches of computer security vary between attackers.

Modern casino security is usually divided between a physical security force and a specialized surveillance department.

security chief   (セキュリティチーフ)

After Crewman Dalby is insubordinate towards security chief Tuvok, the Vulcan discusses the situation with Captain Janeway.

Fatah-RC is believed to have assassinated PLO deputy chief Abu Iyad and PLO security chief Abu Hul in Tunis in January 1991.

They state that Palestinian security chief Jabril Rajoub provided assurances that if Sharon did not enter the mosques, no problems would arise.

security risks

These security risks have generally centred around RAF Waddington being used as a base for the operation of Reaper drones.

In the long-term, the scientists have proposed to continue optimizing function while minimizing possible security risks that come along with new technologies.

The European Commission has an Action Plan to enhance preparedness against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) security risks as part of its anti-terrorism package released in October 2017.

security vulnerabilities

The BIND 4 and BIND 8 releases both had serious security vulnerabilities.

Its goal was to provide accurate, unbiased information about security vulnerabilities in computerized equipment.

In software engineering, secure coding aims to guard against the accidental introduction of security vulnerabilities.

data security

It specializes in the Tokenization (data security) of sensitive customer data.

On the technical side he has written about information security and data security.

TokenEx TokenEx is a cloud-based data security company, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

security agency   (治安機関)

Security in the Rapid Metro is being handled by a private security agency.

Alongside police forces, Festival organizers hired a public security agency.

It is the first Scotland wide social security agency in the nation's history.

security staff   (警備員)

The security staff works with national and municipal authorities.

There is no room for the station master or any other security staff in the station.

He has several live-in full-time staff members from housekeepers, gardeners, and security staff.

security duties

It is also performing internal security duties i.e.

Armored cars are popular for peacekeeping or internal security duties.

The Volunteer Force units were later absorbed into the Auxiliary Force India, which was created in 1920 for internal security duties.

medium security

The prison currently houses over 550 medium security inmates.

Though it is rated medium security, it also houses up to 98 maximum security inmates.

In 1978 it was remodeled to become a medium security (Custody Level 3) facility for adult male inmates.

own security

He owns his own security business in Puerto Banús.

Homer forms his own security company called "SpringShield".

As the Ming dynasty fell, Korea was worried about its own security.

police and security

Some got past the police and security, but were expelled.

In 2009, two Xenon Gyroplane autogyros were purchased for use by police and security forces.

Today they represent airport, seaport, border, and transport police and security requirements.

security breach   (セキュリティ侵害)

In 2013, Adobe Systems endured a major security breach.

Users often fail to do this, which is why phishing has become the most common form of security breach.

If it was artillery as claimed, it shows that the security breach could only have come from Hezbollah.

security policies

In 1979, it adopted editorial guidelines that prevent articles from criticizing the state of Israel's security policies.

Natalie is credited with developing Atlanta's first information technology security policies in 2004, when Natalie was 21 years old.

He also saw the Army's continuation of wartime security policies at the laboratory as a "meddlesome oversight", interfering with research.

security purposes

There was a metal detector outside of the hall for security purposes.

The windows in the SIS building are triple glazed for security purposes.

There was a metal detector outside of the dining hall for security purposes.

security zone

Bazzi himself fled his home one night and slipped out of the security zone.

A protective security zone was then established and a free-fire zone declared.

His body was found near the Sri Lankan parliament inside the high security zone.

security matters

They are therefore much less concerned with security matters of an international level.

Afghanistan's intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), assists the ANP with security matters.

Albert is an OP Columnist for El Nuevo Dia de Puerto Rico specialize on intelligence, counterterrorism and other security matters.

security and intelligence   (セキュリティとインテリジェンス)

He has worked as a teacher, administrator, accountant and as a security and intelligence consultant.

The bill formalizes proper conduct and structures vis-a-vis the national security and intelligence agencies.

Salman bin Sultan has a bachelor's degree in military sciences and attended several courses in security and intelligence matters.

regional security   (地域安全)

In 2004, it proposed an entirely new East Asia Summit (EAS) framework as a forum for regional security issues.

Author of notable scientific articles dedicated to regional security of the state and the shaping of new regionalism.

Guatemala's major diplomatic interests are regional security and increasingly, regional development and economic integration.

collective security

However, collective security in the UN has not completely failed.

The organisation was founded as a collective security measure following Second World War.

While collective security is possible, several prerequisites have to be met for it to work.

security problems

In addition, there were a number of security problems with the implementation.

As an auditing tool, it can detect fraud, intrusions, and other security problems.

Members of the CCC have demonstrated and publicized a number of important information security problems.

security software

Some offer security software which includes parental controls.

Avast and AVG consumer security software are sold on a freemium model, where basic security features are free, but more advanced features require purchasing a premium version.

Xceedium Xceedium, Inc., was a network security software company providing privileged identity and access management solutions which was subsequently acquired by CA Technologies.

security against   (に対するセキュリティ)

105 Asayish offices provide security against ISIL on the frontlines across Northern Syria.

The most prized and contested rights that attached to benefices were inheritance and security against confiscation.

For a new block cipher design to have any credibility, it must demonstrate evidence of security against known attacks.

government security   (政府の安全)

Seeing potential enemies everywhere, leaders of the government security apparatuses began severe crackdowns known as the Great Purge.

On 16 May, government security forces backed by U.S. air support reasserted control over Farah after driving the Taliban out of the city center.

Abdul Basir Salangi, governor of Farah province, said that the clashes left at least 25 members of the government security forces and five civilians dead, and at least 300 Taliban fighters were also killed.

national security issues   (国家安全保障問題)

Since his retirement, Lofgren has written about politics, budgets, and national security issues.

While working for Fairfax Media he wrote mainly on national security issues and international affairs.

The group's stated purpose is to "provide information for concerned Americans about critical national security issues".

security and stability

The security and stability of the Persian Gulf must be assured.

This update addresses security and stability issues with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Entourage.

It requires a significant investment of resources, and poses incompatibility issues with IPv4, as well as certain security and stability risks.

security arrangements

In the eighteenth century many proposals were made for collective security arrangements, especially in Europe.

The mosque has a modern central air conditioning and sound systems, as well as full security arrangements, including bomb-sniffing dogs.

Producer Bunty Walia thought of replacing her with Vidya Balan, but she returned for the shoot later with necessary security arrangements.

security experts

As such, these measures can be performed by laypeople, not just security experts.

Regardless of their payload or their writers' intentions, most security experts regard all worms as malware.

At the same time, other makers have asked software security experts to investigate the safety of their devices.

local security

The string of local security acquisitions were intended to help CyberArk offer more complete security solutions.

Working with the Army or local security forces on the ground, the Tri-Pacers would drop phosphorus grenades (e.g.

The ALP is intended to provide a local security presence whose members are known to those that they seek to protect.