İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

see below   (aşağıya bakınız)

This area is a protected Natural area (see below).

(His son was also called Thomas Ludlam, see below.)

It is now used as an Islamic centre (see below).

not see   (görmemek)

However, the film did not see a theatrical release.

He does not see her, but he does sometimes hear her.

the referee did not see, and the goal was not awarded.

see what   (neye bak)

She then rings Kathleen to see what Sonny is up to.

People began to come out to see what was happening.

You just do what you do, and we'll see what happens.'

see how   (nasıl olduğunu gör)

So I'll be Father Ted, we'll see how it goes."

To see how this might come about, consider the variety .

Therefore, we can see how important guard digits can be.

did not see   (görmedim)

However, the film did not see a theatrical release.

the referee did not see, and the goal was not awarded.

The referee did not see, and the goal was not awarded.

see above

Squirrel went on to become Hawk's Shadow (see above).

Cuckoo clocks are a popular example; see above.

Third, it is algebraically closed (see above).

able to see   (görebiliyor)

However, he is not able to see only one future, but several.

As a psychologist, Norman is able to see through the illusion.

From such a distance he would not have been able to see any detail."

want to see   (görmek istemek)

I want to see some places I've never seen before."

"If you want to see the transaction events (from ?

Now both Blue and Wheelhead want to see him dead.

wanted to see   (görmek istedi)

You wanted to see that Shakespearean monster."

Maudie says that she wanted to see the Psammead again.

"I was young and wanted to see the world.

titular see   (Titular görmek)

The bishopric remains a vacant and titular see.

It is also a titular see in the Roman Catholic Church.

Its name is given to the Catholic titular see of Casius.

episcopal see   (piskoposluk görmek)

It also continued to function as an episcopal see.

The vacancy of the episcopal see was declared again.

Augustine established his episcopal see at Canterbury.

see each   (her birini gör)

Carlo and Nadine then continue to see each other.

They continued making trips to see each other.

Agrippina and Nero would see each other on short visits.

never see   (asla görme)

They've taken her away from me and I'll never see her again.

The tragedy was that we knew we would never see each other again.

Though you never see her face, she's come to symbolise Sydney for me."

came to see

Ultimately, Barnabas came to see Julia as a useful ally.

People from all across the country came to see the buses.

When his father came to see him he was imprisoned as well.

see more   (daha fazla gör)

As time went by, they began to see more of each other.

"Thanks to the Internet, Muslims see more of the world.

To see more films he worked as a gatekeeper in a nearby theatre.

goes to see

He goes to see Kernel and Kirilli in the hospital.

After the meeting, Connor goes to see Jane again.

Then, despite everything, he goes to see Elsa.

see each other   (birbirlerini görmek)

Carlo and Nadine then continue to see each other.

They continued making trips to see each other.

Agrippina and Nero would see each other on short visits.

went to see

Bob says, "I went to see the movie "Forrest Gump."

He often went to see the games of Júbilo Iwata.

Everyone was afraid when they went to see Kasi.

surprised to see   (görmek şaşırdı)

Chary is surprised to see Deeksha's investigation and decide help her.

At the police station, Stella is surprised to see Stephen there, alive.

The audience was surprised to see her with the absence of the baby bump.

began to see

However, most teams began to see problems in 2010.

I think he began to see what he might do on his own".

As time went by, they began to see more of each other.

only to see   (sadece görmek için)

People came to this theatre for an experience, not only to see a show.

Gary returns to the Street only to see a police car outside his house.

The two met at Night of Champions, only to see Mysterio retain the title.

see themselves   (kendilerini gör)

I want them to see themselves, because they did disrespect me also.

As Olwen Hufton argues, these women began to see themselves as the "defenders of faith".

Some contemporary Muslim Albanians in Albania see themselves as being the "purest" Albanians.

possible to see   (görmek mümkün)

On a clear day, it is possible to see Ruapehu.

It is also possible to see distant Taranaki and Ruapehu.

It is possible to see clams and starfish underwater by the shore.

wants to see   (görmek istiyor)

"It is not what the world wants to see.

Silla is pleased but still wants to see Claudio torn by beasts.

Cole retreats inside but states that he wants to see his children.

see through   (arasını görmek)

Promises to do only what she can see through to a finish.

But Masha is far too smart not to see through the boys' plan.

As a psychologist, Norman is able to see through the illusion.

shocked to see   (görmek için şok)

He is visibly shocked to see the Stark boy again.

I was so shocked to see the way the kids got it.

She is shocked to see Chandru among the group and is deeply hurt.

see whether   (bakalım)

It will be fascinating to see whether it will transfer to the UK.

They undress him and thoroughly checks him to see whether he has hidden anything.

The centre compares the measurements to the catalogue to see whether it is a known object.

ability to see

The ability to see color also decreases in old age.

She also has the ability to see and speak with the ghost of Det.

It has been shown that she has the ability to see (and control) ghosts.

difficult to see   (görmesi zor)

NGC 6118 is difficult to see with a small telescope.

It is difficult to see due to its camouflaged colors.

This is not very difficult to see, e.g., for .

easy to see

This is also easy to see directly from the path integral.

It is easy to see that this pregeometry is a projective geometry.

The "Los Angeles Times" said "it was easy to see why it was never sold."

see all   (hepsini gör)

You then see all three off them performing in an empty hall.

From where you can see all of San Pedro and the municipality.

"Chenocetah" is a Cherokee language word meaning "see all around."

live to see   (görmek için yaşa)

I love my country and want to live to see it again.

She would never live to see the house completed.

The ball club, however, did not live to see the actual centennial.

see no   (hayır gör)

I see no alternative, no other hope for you."

However, they could see no higher.

He could see no issues with the proposed tests, and they were approved by the AWTSC.

see action   (eyleme bakın)

F4U-4: The last variant to see action during World War II.

This unit would see action in the Second Battle of Caloocan.

He was deemed questionable before the Virginia Tech game, but did see action.

does not see

He does not see her, but he does sometimes hear her.

She claims Donald does not see her losing her own temper.

He does not see eye to eye with his father.

please see   (bakınız)

For more information, please see French Flemish.

For press summary, please see link to press clips below.

List of celebrations For lists of celebrations, please see:

happy to see   (gördüğüme sevindim)

His siblings aren't too happy to see him.

Everyone is very happy to see each other.

I’m extremely happy to see it back."

come to see

It is Flipper, who has come to see Sandy off.

Tourists come to see the fjords for which Norway is famous.

After that he was informed that a monk has come to see him.

time to see   (görme zamanı)

As a result, with his studies, he has little time to see her.

Two young women arrive just in time to see him racing away from the corpse.

He revived in time to see one of his friends, Filippi "Prete-Vecchio", being shot dead.

enough to see

A few seconds is enough to see what someone is doing."

It is unknown if Marcia lived long enough to see Trajan become Emperor.

Empress Elizabeth, however, did not live long enough to see the palace.

see why

John Fearnley commented, "Now I see why these people have hits.

The "Los Angeles Times" said "it was easy to see why it was never sold."

I don’t see why people have to see gender all the time and make it a thing.

see list

(For more information, see list of fruits.)

For pirates of fiction or myth, see list of fictional pirates.

Earlier, at least 12 trolleybus systems existed in Spain; see list.


"The Brain of Morbius" – see below).

In 1876, gold had been discovered in the Knysna Forest – see Millwood, South Africa.

Two point sources will each produce an Airy pattern – see the photo of a binary star.

see table

In contrast, there were 26 extortion attempts (see table on the right).

Television's channel 1 frequency range was moved to 50–56 MHz (see table below).

Pharmacokinetic properties (see table 3) are important when new drugs are developed.

see section

For details and sources, see section on history.

This method is the base for several "ellipsographs" (see section below).

The false-positive rate with screening is about 2–5% (see section Screening below).

unable to see   (görememek)

Kahoko is unable to see Lili during the final selection.

The crew was unable to see the Moon for much of the outward cruise.

Madhu witnesses the murder of Julie but is unable to see the murderer.

see figure   (şekle bakınız)

Most spectacularly, a live frog (see figure) was levitated.

For a simple overview of the development of ARBs, see figure 3.

A tricopper ensemble contains types II and III copper (see figure).

still see   (hala görüyorum)

Today people can still see the head that came out of the painting.

Didrik throws his spear after Wiðga, and one can still see it today.

It is said that one can still see the marks of the worm on Worm Hill.

desire to see   (görme arzusu)

"You have manifested the desire to see before you my head on a plate.

During the interview Williams expressed the desire to see the hare again.

While there, he expressed a desire to see an American prairie before returning east.

see image

(see image) Tombstone of Samson Wertheimer at Vienna.

They are defined by the set of light cones (see image).

In Skwomesh or Squamish, may be replaced by the digit (see image at right).

only see   (sadece Gör)

I only see words suggesting an empire's downfall."

You can only see that in the three-hour version."

If you only see the surface, it's trashy soap opera.

see the world   (dünyayı gör)

"I was young and wanted to see the world.

The man said he wanted to see the world, and would return in three years.

In 1912, Rockwell took a break from his studies deciding to see the world.

order to see   (görmek için sipariş)

Blue sneaks into the quarantine in order to see Torch.

I knew there were – and in order to see that day, I must live.

God decided to create humans in order to see them live the Joyous Life.

common to see   (yaygın)

It is especially common to see Rattlesnakes in the area.

It was also common to see charges of sexual misconduct and corruption.

Now, it is much more common to see children participate in and view a punta dance.

going to see   (görmeye gitmek)

"But if I don't, then I am going to see it as a failure.

The prince insisted on going to see it.

We are now going to see the consequences of that with what Jenny is going to do.

did see

He was deemed questionable before the Virginia Tech game, but did see action.

Clemons did see an uptick in his passing numbers as he averaged 9.9 assists per game.

Between 1942 and 1943, military operations were limited, although the front did see some action.

see fit   (iyi görmek)

GMs are free to distribute experience as they see fit.

He favored giving schools more autonomy to do as they see fit.

Chafee and ETV money is administered by each state as they see fit.

people see

Nonetheless, many people see the 1920s as the heyday of the Esperanto movement.

He is one who punishes with fetters and the whip...Therefore, my people see that you live in peace."

hard to see   (Görmesi zor)

It was hard to see it in the day time, you know".

It was generally very crowded and hard to see the full stage.

It is not hard to see how to do this.

what they see

One problem is the disparity between their life and what they see on television.

In the "Dallas Observer", Luke Y. Thompson wrote:"A lot of people are likely to be surprised by what they see.

Bobbie Johnson of "The Guardian" said that many Web surfers have "scoffed at what they see as a cynical attempt to cash in."

chance to see   (görme şansı)

He then got a chance to see Kant at Königsberg.

She trades the power of the Aram for a chance to see her daughter again.

Around the Azores, the best chance to see blue whales is February to March.

see photo   (fotoğrafı gör)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

Some of those features have subsequently been lost (see photo).

These have been lost or obscured by subsequent exterior residing (see photo).

metropolitan see

In Christian times, Gangra was the metropolitan see of Paphlagonia.

On January 8, 1546, he was promoted to the metropolitan see of Toledo.

He was promoted to the metropolitan see of Palermo on October 10, 1544.

opportunity to see

Growing up in Aylesbury, Stringer had the opportunity to see a number of touring bands.

First Elsa keeps this to herself, but she uses every opportunity to see Lola and keep into contact with her.

While in London in advance of the London Paralympics, Perales had the opportunity to see Michael Phelps swim.

when they see   (gördüklerinde)

[...] What do children do when they see naked people?

Babbit gets a ladder when they see a bird .

Miyoko and Professor Mangetsu cry when they see the truth.

see the article

(For more information see the article on the Lê Dynasty).

"For more on these councils, see the article Conseil du Roi."

For quantized gravity theories, see the article quantum gravity.

get to see   (görmek için)

You get to see Malay villages along the ride and with beautiful and calming scenery. gave a review of rating 3/5 stating "Avunu is cinema one doesn't get to see often.

"So viewers got to see Carol and Susan wed on "Friends", but they didn't get to see them kiss.

information see   (bilgi bkz.)

For additional information see photo gallery above.

For more information see Aqua-lung#Trademark issues.

For more information see [[Greco-Turkish relations]].

wish to see   (görmek istemek)

Chuck describes his wish to see a "better solution for everyone."

He sends Riley home, but fails to express to her that he doesn't wish to see her again.

While many Guianese wish to see more autonomy, support for complete independence is low.

see diagram   (diyagrama bakınız)

Ng3-e4 (see diagram) Euwe's knight forked Lasker's queen and rook.

Nxd4 (see diagram) Paulsen vs. Busch, Düsseldorf 1863: 1. e4 e5 2.

The rock cycle illustrates the relationships among them (see diagram).

see today

At this point the Canadian city came to resemble what we see today.

In 1972 improvements were made to runway 17/35 to what we see today.

The replacement bridge is as you see today with no supporting column.

ever see   (hiç görmedim)

It is also the most savagely murderous and numbing hand-hacker (not a gun in it) you will ever see anywhere."

The Philadelphia Mint then began the largest production of three-dollar pieces the denomination would ever see.

BBC boxing commentator Mike Costello referred to it as "The best punch you will ever see in a British boxing ring".

lived to see

She was wounded once but lived to see liberation in 1918.

She never lived to see the publication of her thesis results.

Ogilvy lived to see the Restoration.

see much

You have to be within 12 hours of maximum to see much."

In 2015 Berkani signed with Basket Lattes where she still didn’t see much playing time.

Welles finishes by saying "Because I look to the future...and I don't see much humanity left".

allowed to see   (görmesine izin verildi)

Prisoners are allowed to see visitors and practice their religions.

Only wing Christophe Dominici had been allowed to see it beforehand.

An augmented reality app allowed to see an animated version of the "GRRR!"

t see   (görmüyorum)

But I was far away and I couldn’t see properly."

We won’t see its like again, I'm afraid."

[…] I don’t see him anywhere."

t see   (Görmüyorum)

But I was far away and I couldn’t see properly."

We won’t see its like again, I'm afraid."

[…] I don’t see him anywhere."

see for example

For the details see for example Brigo and Mercurio (2001).

in 1991 and used in a series of statistical approaches (see for example,).

This atmosphere contrasts with the later Ottoman mosques (see for example the works of Suleiman the Magnificent's chief architect Mimar Sinan.)

people to see

This makes it easier for people to see patterns in the data.

Azzam was one of the last people to see Qutb alive before his execution.

I think it'll be good for young people to see the consequences that come from drugs.

see him again

They also frequently ask me if I think I will see him again.

I've spoken to his family about this, that they might never see him again.

Caitlin awakens from her state, but is furious and does not want to see him again.

see here   (buraya bakın)

(For a list of CYP3A4 inhibitors and inducers, see here.)

For the full list see here.

He prophesied "when you see here many horses gathered, the Romioi are coming".

see picture

These ranged from deformed jaws to cyclopia (see picture).

A blot has the highest probability of being hit when it is 6 points away from an opponent's checker (see picture).

This method is mostly used for coatings, but can also produce single crystals several millimeters in size (see picture).

wished to see   (görmek istedim)

Poigai wished to see Vishnu's face continuously but could view only from the simmering light of the lightning.

see things

Users often see things differently from programmers.

So you see things are all gloomy with me just now, and my own health is wretched.

He yanks Cole's liquor bottle away from him, telling him that he needs to see things clearly and they must decide which side they are on.

see combat   (savaşa bakın)

Woolson was a drummer whose company did not see combat.

It was the only fighter unit from the Commonwealth air forces to see combat in the Battle of Britain.

However regiment did not see combat anymore and Cresswell served on Maui, Hawaii until the end of war.

details see

For the details see for example Brigo and Mercurio (2001).

(For more linguistic details see Etymology of electricity.)

For more details see reciprocal lattice.

go see   (git gör)

The Skipper and Gilligan go see Mary Ann.

He and Dubbie go see him in Virginia.

You have to go see all that shit.

expect to see   (görmeyi ummak)

People hear what they want to hear and see what they expect to see.

One can expect to see 2-5 oil trains and 1-2 ethanol trains per day.

Traffic density varies, but on weekdays, one can expect to see 15 to 20 trains during daylight hours.

see the film   (filme bak)

In 2007, Gene Wilder said he chose not to see the film.

More than 100,000 people went to see the film in two weeks time.

Fans could see the film by buying tickets through his official site.

see the light   (ışığı görmek)

The horse wins, but it takes a car accident for Martin to finally see the light and the error of his ways.

The wind grew stronger and the snowfall increased in intensity making it impossible to see the light house at Cape Spear.

Bennett further noted that the Burns and Schreiber guest performances involved "routines that would never see the light of day on U.S.

see anything   (herhangi bir şey gör)

Those eyes can't see anything, can they now?"

Jiang Ji replied, "I don't see anything good.

[...] I cannot see anything 'chosen' about them [the Jewish people]."

see many   (çok görmek)

The 2006 season would see many highs and lows.

Here we can see many tombs, in which a typical construction is seen.

In the artist's word, "I loved to look from my window and see many old buildings.

comes to see

Pavan comes to see Mishti and they reconcile.

Russ comes to see his son, Max, after Jacqui tries to stop him seeing him.

Clorivière intends to leave France forever and comes to see his son for the last time.

pleased to see   (gördüğüme sevindim)

Tom happily agrees, stating that he is pleased to see Matt is doing better.

Mahaprabhu was extremely pleased to see him and after offering His obeisances He invited him to stay for lunch.

Molly arrives at Ray's recital late and is pleased to see Ray is wearing the tutu Molly designed for her earlier.

see people   (insanları gör)

Wolverine tells Iron Man to see people before potential.

Now we see trees, now we see people."

You see people from all backgrounds.

see what happens   (ne olduğunu gör)

You just do what you do, and we'll see what happens.'

I would love to do more, but we'll see what happens."

Ray was aware of the risk, saying "let's see what happens.

uncommon to see   (görülmesi alışılmadık)

It is not uncommon to see a female smoking hookah.

It is also not uncommon to see the three dots set extremely tight.

Its also not uncommon to see these cakes directly used in earthen ovens.

others see

Charles Anang and others see Hannah as a "type" of Mary.

However, others see consent as essential.

Xu Shao cautioned Liu Yao, "Ze Rong doesn't care about how others see him.

see map

Several farmhouses also fronted the Rock Island railroad tracks (see map).

It is to the east (see map) of Highbury Wood National Nature Reserve (NNR).

Like the rest of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is divided into lieutenancy areas (see map on right).

see another   (diğerini gör)

I'd like to see another movie if it was done right."

When we see another person suffering, it can also cause us pain.

He was a player and a great storyteller and we'll never see another guy like him.