İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

what seemed   (ne görünüyordu)

In the bottom of the second, Dodger speed made up for what seemed a lack of power.

In January 2018 Rheem Theatre closed its doors for what seemed to be the last time.

At first they mistook it for a bird, but quickly saw that it was what seemed to be a statue of a girl.

seemed more   (daha fazla görünüyordu)

The British public seemed more enraged at the Admiralty than at the Germans.

The Caldecott win came as a surprise as he felt other books had seemed more likely winners.

In particular, they noted that objects proportioned according to the golden ratio seemed more attractive.

seemed likely   (muhtemel görünüyordu)

Both had been for $20, so it seemed likely that she had made them.

Although diverse and strong characters, none of the four ever seemed likely to take over the oeuvre.

Shortly after the Test, he scored 226 against Kent to take Lancashire to a draw in a match they seemed likely to lose.

always seemed   (her zaman görünüyordu)

"...our show always seemed uneven to me.

It always seemed to be either bitter cold or raining or snowing.

It always seemed incomplete because I conceived it like a film, and what would you do without "Die Hard 2"?"

never seemed   (hiç görünmedi)

Zamora never seemed to recover from this loss.

Hubert's confessions never seemed convincing.

A wide range of reasons were given why Butt never seemed interested in women.

seemed so

Furthermore, life in general seemed so restricted.

It seemed so clear and simple.

He seemed so sure of where the fire began that they assumed he was an employee.

seemed too   (çok görünüyordu)

The Girondists lost ground when they seemed too conciliatory.

Nick seemed too rogue and brooding.