İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

seems likely   (muhtemel görünüyor)

This seems likely to be a member of a new family of viruses.

It seems likely that some of his strong works pre-date 1930.

It seems likely that the "Spratt sands" were actually named after him.

what seems   (ne görünüyor)

Two young men tumble over each other in what seems like a war scene of shipwrecked sailors.

After a while of what seems to be a good relationship, she begins to realize something is wrong.

to carry out what seems to be a surgical strike as he was killed in a room and "nobody else was hurt.

seems more   (daha fazla görünüyor)

The people in the Village are seems more spiritual.

While Oliver is hesitant about trusting her, Dinah seems more open.

The Iranian Shi'ism seems more tolerant on this point than Sunnite orthodoxy.

seems unlikely   (olası görünmüyor)

Some accounts say Riley locked the saloon doors before shooting, but this seems unlikely.

Over the following months, as Wolfe seems unlikely to return, Archie opens his own detective agency.

This motif is rare as the process resulting in its formation seems unlikely to occur during protein folding.

seems not

He seems not to have found work as a musician.

Finally, the child seems not to need any mothering at all.

The later Peripatetic school seems not to have been so kind.

seems to indicate

Witness testimony at his trial seems to indicate that he emigrated to London in 1888.

The sacral knot worn at the back of the neck seems to indicate that she is a priestess or even a goddess.

This seems to indicate that all type Ia supernovae convert approximately the same amount of mass to energy.

now seems

This now seems to be incorrect.

The population now seems to be stable; the reasons for the fluctuation are unknown.

Caleb's narration now seems erratic and disorganised, implying that he has gone mad.

seems very

Although it seems very plausible, it is about impossible to test.

It seems very likely the "Kimberella" was a member of the protostomes.

They have no garden which is a great shame as the soil seems very rich.

seems clear   (net görünüyor)

It seems clear, Alexander's most trusted men backed Perdiccas.

Towards the end it seems clear that Kitty is poised to kill herself.

It seems clear, however, that the river itself was named after the tidal crossing.

seems to know

I asked what happened and he said nobody seems to know.

He seems to know about Lili, but claims that he cannot see the fairy.

No one seems to know his name.

seems to suggest   (öneriyor gibi görünüyor)

However, he seems to suggest that historians are as fallible at interpreting the facts as the rest of humanity.

Much seems to suggest that many traits of Mesoamerican architecture were governed by religious and mythological ideas.

The root of the word seems to suggest pride in being 'meat eaters' rather than people who scrounge for vegetables for sustenance.

never seems

"He never seems to run out of funny things to say—scrupulously never tells anything off-color."

It was originally announced that the station would be called "Rees", but that name never seems to have been applied.

As David Louis Edelman notes, the prescient Steerpike never seems to be able to accomplish much either, except to drive Titus' father mad by burning his library.

seems probable   (muhtemel görünüyor)

Firstly, it seems probable that the axe marked the scene of a fatal accident.

It seems probable that the murder was committed elsewhere and that parts of the dismembered body were dispersed for disposal.

That he was rich seems probable; for he appears to have occupied himself for a time with commerce and afterward with agriculture.

name seems

Dr. Weird's name seems to be a tribute to Dr.

The name seems to belong particularly to the north of Scotland.

Oddly enough, her real name seems to have been changed to "Janis."