İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

first segment   (ilk segment)

The length of the first segment is 309.41 km (192.26 mi).

The first segment of the trail runs downhill for 0.9 mile.

The first segment opened in 2004, and a second segment opened in 2008.

final segment   (son segment)

The final segment to US 1 opened on November 7, 2014.

More significantly, the final segment of the ride is different.

In 1992, the final segment of I-39 opened north of Bloomington.

second segment   (ikinci segment)

A second segment of the highway, , begins at Fed.

The second segment was much more difficult to produce.

The length of the second segment is 399.05 km (247.96 mi).

each segment   (her bölüm)

Black spots found on the head and ringing each segment.

Abdomen reddish brown in each segment with greyish tinge.

There is a yellow dorsal line can be seen on each segment.

segment between   (arasındaki segment)

Once completed, Metrolinx will acquire the track segment between Bramalea and Georgetown.

The entire route is paved except for a Class 4 gravel highway segment between Nipawin and the Manitoba border.

The earthquake occurred in the middle segment between Litang and Dewu (德巫) of the Litang-Dewu fault zone (理塘-德巫断裂带).

line segment

The only one-dimensional polytope is the line segment.

The first stage of the design is a single "toothpick", or line segment.

The centre of the Sun lies on this straight line segment, but not at its midpoint.

segment called   (segment aradı)

Each episode would start and end on a segment called 'Floella's house'.

His love of the music in 1960s inspired a radio segment called "Old Guy Radio".

Another regular character was Uncle Wes (played by Tom) in a segment called "Woodsy Wisdom".

market segment   (pazar segmenti)

To address this growing market segment, Atari came up with the "ST1".

Thus AMD completed its dual-core product portfolio for each market segment.

Industry research company Gartner uses "secure web gateway" (SWG) to describe the market segment.

short segment

A short segment would then be shown.

The local NPR station features a short segment titled "Hawaiian word of the day".

A separate, short segment of 87 Avenue runs between Groat Road and 109 Street, serving the University of Alberta.

third segment

Cast The third segment is a remake of the episode "It's a Good Life".

A third segment was cast in August 2013, and the fourth in September 2015.

Abdomen has a pair of lateral long hair tufts arise from the third segment.

last segment   (son segment)

As the last segment of the program, Bell interviewed a celebrity guest.

Besides, in the last segment of the show, Shekhar often sings to the live band on the show.

The singer begins the last segment of the show singing two songs from her upcoming studio album.

northern segment

The northern segment was originally part of SR 267 and was built around 1950.

The northern segment of Bays Mountain reaches higher elevations, averaging above with peaks reaching up to .

NSB further criticized that trains running on the northern segment did not run the shorter distance to Holmestrand.

southern segment

Its southern segment is relatively low in elevation (up to about ).

Around 150 Ma sea-floor spreading propagated northward into the southern segment.

The mountain is on the southern segment of the Wasatch Range, though it is not connected to the main range.

abdominal segment   (karın bölgesi)

The genital opening is usually located on the underside of the second abdominal segment.

The genitalic structures are telescoped into the last abdominal segment in all extant beetles.

Additionally, the males have convergent carinae on their sixth ventral abdominal segment (sternite).

large segment

So-called 'English Canadians' include a large segment who do not identify as Christian.

He was viewed with sympathy by a large segment of the public and many people refused to report that they had seen him.

A large segment of this industry is dedicated to the development and operation of various projects for missile defense.

eastern segment   (doğu kesimi)

The eastern segment was redesignated MS 594 in 1958.

At 97 Street it becomes the eastern segment of 167 Avenue.

The roadway had an eastern segment built by the end of 1953.

new segment

Kevin Mayer was named as the new segment's chairman.

From 2017, a new segment for Special Utility Vehicles was created.

The year 2016 added up a new segment to the glory "Startupedia - The Development Dialogue".

western segment   (batı kesimi)

In 1960, the western segment was built.

111 Avenue also has a western segment which continues west of Mayfield Road.

The western segment was constructed in the 1980s and was opened in several stages.