Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

selected to play   (seleccionado para jugar)

Alex Hewett was selected to play the "middle April".

Thomas was also selected to play in the 2002 Pro Bowl.

Meena was selected to play a leading role in the film.

not selected

Only Middle Tennessee was not selected for a bowl.

Zabransky was not selected in the 2007 NFL Draft.

He was not selected for Iceland's Euro 2016 team.

selected to represent   (seleccionado para representar)

In 1996, Gartner was selected to represent Australia.

A sequence of colors has to be selected to represent the data.

Forstner was selected to represent Austria again in Rome in 1991.

players were selected

Five Stanford players were selected in the 1971 NFL Draft

The following players were selected in the 2005 NFL Draft.

The following players were selected in the 2004 NFL Draft.

film was selected   (película fue seleccionada)

The film was selected to appear on various International film festivals.

The film was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

selected to compete   (seleccionado para competir)

Eighteen top players were selected to compete in these tournaments.

The teams selected to compete in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 are:

Five teams have been selected to compete, named after regions of Afghanistan.

players selected

In the draft, Alabama had seven players selected.

Cincinnati had six players selected in the draft.

The ACC had 5 players selected in the 2018 WNBA draft.

then selected

Spencer was then selected for group command.

Myspace and FremantleMedia then selected the top 10 contestants.

These proprietors then selected the governors and other officials in the colony.

randomly selected

"Case:" These beans are [randomly selected] from this bag.

These teams will be randomly selected.

The remaining team from pool four was matched against a randomly selected team from pool one.

selected through

All were selected through wild cards.

The sample for the research is selected through random sampling.

Students for this program were selected through a competitive exam.

selected to participate

He was also selected to participate in the Home Run Derby.

Four European teams are selected to participate in the tournament.

Fifteen entries were originally selected to participate in the grand final.

again selected

Tupou was again selected for New South Wales City.

He was again selected to the First Team All-CAA.

He was again selected for a five match ODI series in India.

selected for preservation   (seleccionado para preservación)

It was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

It has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry.

The film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in 2002.

selected as part

He was selected as part of the 23-man squad for the tournament.

He was selected as part of the senior squad for the UEFA Euro 2016.

Finch was selected as part of Australia's 2015 Cricket World Cup squad.

first selected

Beltz was first selected for Australia in an U23 quad scull in 1999.

The first selected players are present from the first team in Greece.

Enright was first selected at full-back for the Munster team in 1981.

selected based

Elders were selected based on their piety and spirituality.

Scholars are selected based on a set of eligibility requirements.

The students are selected based on their performance and potential.

later selected

Redfoo later selected Derry for the live shows.

He was later selected to undergo Special Forces training.

He was also later selected for the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

carefully selected   (cuidadosamente seleccionado)

The next tree species were carefully selected.

He carefully selected interviews and public appearances.

Give them only carefully selected garbage."

selected to serve

McConnell was selected to serve as a Democratic whip in November 2016.

She was the first Wisconsinite ever selected to serve on the committee.

In 1999, he was selected to serve as the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

selected to join   (seleccionado para unirse)

Zhang was selected to join the national team in 1997.

Born in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, Kadam was selected to join the Pune F.C.

In practice only motivated volunteers are selected to join the army in Norway.

originally selected

Trisha Krishnan was originally selected to do the lead role in "Sathyam".

Fifteen entries were originally selected to participate in the grand final.

The Red Rock Corridor Commission originally selected commuter rail as the mode for the Red Rock Corridor.

selected because   (seleccionado porque)

Eiffel was selected because of his experience with wind stresses.

This material was selected because of its low neutron absorption cross-section.

However, the letter "K" was selected because it was phonetically distinct from other letter-name rations.

player selected   (jugador seleccionado)

When the race began, each player selected to go 1 or 3 spaces.

The Great Danes had one player selected to the preseason all-CAA team.

The Bears had one player selected to the Preseason All-Conference Team.

selected to host

In 2016, Nassau, Bahamas was selected to host the 2017 edition.

5 Austrian cities have been selected to host the 2010 Championship.

Florence was selected to host the 2013 UCI World Road Cycling Championships.

before being selected

He joined the Wallingford Wildacts before being selected for the under-16 England team.

Hughes attended Saint Louis University before being selected with the eighth overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft.

Smith was originally from Lockington and attended Assumption College, before being selected in the 1989 National Draft.

selected to attend

Students apply and must be selected to attend Jane Addams.

Klein was selected to attend the National War College in 1979.

Top Marines were selected to attend to the train and its famous documents.

team selected   (equipo seleccionado)

Each team selected 12 players for the tournament.

In the NFL Draft, the team selected Ed Reed with the 24th overall pick.

In total the team selected six Newfoundlanders and a total of fourteen players.

team was selected   (equipo fue seleccionado)

The team was selected national champion by Dunkel.

The team was selected national champion by Berryman.

The team was selected national champion by Alderson.

selected to take

Burnett was selected to take on Din Thomas in the fifth show of the season.

Also, this was the first time Jack wasn't selected to take part in the Limbo Challenge.

The next year, Woolery was selected to take over as the firm's new chairman starting in 2015.

selected first

Lafrenière was selected first overall in the 2017 QMJHL draft by Rimouski Océanic.

He was selected first overall in the 2017 NBA G League Draft by the Northern Arizona Suns.

Groulx was selected first overall by the Halifax Mooseheads in the 2016 QMJHL Entry Draft.

films were selected

The first four films were selected based from the script submission.

Nominated films were selected by film scholar and critic Tony Rayns.

Thirteen short films were selected for its inaugural edition in 2018.

teams were selected

The other four teams were selected at-large.

It is assumed that these teams were selected on an invitational basis, but that is not confirmed.

Representative cricket teams were selected to tour each other, resulting in bilateral competition.

selected for inclusion

The article was selected for inclusion in the book "The Best American Science Writing 2007".

A final issue with the Bible is the way in which books were selected for inclusion in the New Testament.

It was a favorite of former U.S. President John Adams, and was selected for inclusion in the Harvard Classics.

subsequently selected

Magny was subsequently selected as a cast member of .

He was subsequently selected for the three-match T20I series against Bangaldesh.

French subsequently selected eight members of the faculty to be the first fellows of the college.

selected among

Nominees with small font weren't selected among the finalists.

He was selected among Iran's reserve men for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

The winners are selected among all the entries made to our Golden Nymph Awards.

teams selected

The teams selected to compete in Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018 are:

The remaining rounds have teams selected with no regional restrictions.

The head coaches of the competing teams selected their All–Conference Team.

selected to become   (seleccionado para convertirse)

Every year, a sixth grade student is selected to become the May Queen.

Out of that, only a few hundred were selected to become members of the MSP.

Robinson was one of four women selected to become part of the group which became En Vogue.

initially selected

At the 2014 auction he was initially selected as a replacement.

FN initially selected the 20mm Hispano case as a basis and necked it down to 15mm for the FN-BRG (15x115).

Choreographer Raju Sundaram was initially selected to direct the film but later he was replaced by Suresh Krissna.

internally selected   (seleccionado internamente)

The last time Switzerland internally selected their entry was in 2010.

Angelina was internally selected to represent France in Belarus with her song "Jamais sans toi" which was released on 15 October 2018.

On 21 January 2019, it was announced that Serhat had been internally selected to represent San Marino in the 2019 contest in Tel Aviv, Israel.

selected works

The following are selected works by Bernhard von Wüllerstorf-Urbair: ("German").

In 2007, selected works from Christian Nebehay's art collection were auctioned at Sotheby's in New York.

After his death, his selected works in three volumes were published in the Soviet Union, Hungary, and East Germany.

eventually selected

He was eventually selected by St Kilda at pick 83.

The new design was eventually selected by the Army as the OH-58 Kiowa.

LE(A) was to be set up outside London; Andover was eventually selected.

personally selected   (seleccionado personalmente)

The publisher said the pope personally selected Hammond.

Mr Fink had also personally selected all of the directors.

She personally selected Savage, a contract starlet at Columbia Pictures, to play her.

selected again

He was selected again for the 2014 edition, netting twice.

The 2012 summer tour of South Africa saw Farrell get selected again.

He was never selected again.

selected to go

Only one skier from Uzbekistan was selected to go.

He was selected to go to the semi-finals.

When the race began, each player selected to go 1 or 3 spaces.

selected to perform

Among the artists he selected to perform was fellow Puerto Rican ex-Menudo member Ricky Martin.

Recorded auditions are submitted in the spring, and only two or three groups statewide are selected to perform.

One of 14 symphonic bands selected to perform at The 2001 National Concert Band Festival Indianapolis, Indiana.

site was selected   (sitio fue seleccionado)

Erected in 1973, the site was selected on the basis of Williams's theory.

The site was selected for its proximity to the New York State Thruway and Westchester County.

Finally, a building site was selected outside the former village of Kelkheim on the road to Fischbach.

selected to replace

In 1957 the FD was selected to replace the Sharpie at the 1960 Olympic Games in Naples.

Meanwhile, speculation remained for months as it was unknown who would be selected to replace Galliano.

He was selected to replace Conall McDevitt as MLA for South Belfast and became an MLA on 16 September 2013.

having been selected

Like Jean-Claude, Asher is fantastically handsome, having been selected for his beauty by Belle Morte, the vampire that made him.

On 8 August 2010, Robinson retired from international football with immediate effect, despite having been selected for a friendly against Hungary.

The current LIU program now competes as the LIU Sharks, with the new nickname having been selected by polling of alumni and students of the two campuses.

name was selected

The name was selected by a committee who chose not to add the words "Alternative Learning Center."

The name was selected via contest, with 30 people among 76,000 entrants proposing the winning name.

The name was selected in the NameExoWorlds campaign by Panama, during the 100th anniversary of the IAU.

specially selected

The locale was specially selected for the low density of its Muslim population (20.7%), as an additional security measure.

The battery and its escort in the comparatively open country south of China was specially selected by the enemy for attack.

Also on disc one are 10 specially selected, previously unreleased original mono reference mixes, with Ross’s original live vocals.

ultimately selected

The Thurman Street location was ultimately selected.

UTSA was ultimately selected for their first bowl game in program history, the 2016 New Mexico Bowl.

He was ultimately selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the draft (26th overall) after the team traded up to make the selection.

selected from among   (seleccionado de entre)

In most categories, the winner is selected from among the nominees by plurality voting of all members.

A "Table Master" is randomly selected from among the players to lead the game and arbitrate disagreements.

The Yamtuan Besar is selected from among the four leading princes of Negeri Sembilan ("Putera Yang Empat").

selected to make   (seleccionado para hacer)

However, on 3 June 2007, he was selected to make his Test debut for Australia against Wales at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Each year a leading engineer is selected to make a presentation, from their own perspective, on a topical issue in engineering.

Finalists are invited to a live pitch event where the most promising solutions are selected to make up that year's Solver class.

selected the president

Voters chose four electors to the Electoral College, which selected the president and vice president.