sense of self   (自己の感覚)

In saving her, he begins to save some of his own sense of self.

The advertisements encouraged women to rediscover a sense of self.

This helps the mind having the ability to experience or to feel a sense of self.

true self   (本当の自分)

They get to know each other's true self and live happily ever after.

Takako comes back to her true self realizing that she loved Sasame too.

Alternatively, it can be motivated by one's inner reflection and true self (soul, Atman, Brahman).

younger self   (若い自己)

He described his younger self as a "dickhead".

In the video, an older X attends the funeral of his younger self.

The adult Carol managed to pull her younger self and Bart into the future.

former self   (元自己)

After a few months in London, he began to seem more like his former self again.

This is a heavily battered and eroded formation that is only a remnant of its former self.

The Prologue is set in "A place once designed for spectacle, now only a shell of its former self."

self titled   (自己タイトル)

They released an EP, "Clean" in 1995 and a self titled album in 1996.

In 2017, Ahmir released their commercially self titled album, "Ahmir".

In 2006, Davies recorded UK black metal band Niroth's self titled album.

future self   (未来の自己)

Kenneth's future self protects them in a field of energy, negating the attack.

However, unlike his previous future self, the cloned Bart is completely on the side of his fascist teammates.

Keith - His future self came to get his soul and called Keith hopeless, but he went on to prove his future self wrong.

self defense   (自己防衛)

Thompson was not arrested, as the shooting was ruled self defense.

However, when Tshalkhia attacks him, Mindia kills him in self defense.

Fencing traces its roots to the development of swordsmanship for duels and self defense.

own self   (自分自身)

I love a woman that has her own self, her own heart and mind.

Another motive that drives flirting is developing one's own self esteem.

The weasel destroys the basilisk by its odour, but dies itself in this struggle of nature against its own self.

past self   (過去の自分)

In this alternate future he was able to steal the speed of others, a power he used on his past self.

Becky frantically makes a phone call, pleading for her past self to prevent Cal from hurting Travis.

He spent all his time and money on one thing: creating the cyborg girl to save his past self about 60 years ago.