more sensitive   (より敏感)

Cobalt-based catalysts are more sensitive than their iron counterparts.

The more sensitive the detector, the narrower its optimal working point.

The Advanced Virgo aims to be 10 times more sensitive than the initial Virgo.

very sensitive   (非常に敏感)

In contrast, P−2 is very sensitive to steric factors.

Although tough, an elephant's skin is very sensitive.

Chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity.

highly sensitive   (高感度)

It is also highly sensitive to light, which is its primary synchronization.

He was highly sensitive to noise and preferred absolute quiet when writing.

Mosquitoes are also highly sensitive to changes in precipitation and humidity.

sensitive information   (機密情報)

facilitating confidential exchange of sensitive information.

The controversy around the public disclosure of sensitive information is not new.

Unauthorized access is a concern and can result in users gaining access to sensitive information.

most sensitive   (最も敏感)

SQUIDs are the most sensitive magnetic sensors known.

The most sensitive thing we do.

Of the MRI sequences, diffuse-weighted imaging sequences are most sensitive.

less sensitive   (感度が低い)

It could have been portrayed in a less sensitive light.

It is less sensitive than pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN).

61 MHz when protium is at 400 MHz) and is much less sensitive.

extremely sensitive

She loves music and is extremely sensitive to sound.

"P. hastatus" has an extremely sensitive sense of smell.

Its ears are pointy and triangular, and extremely sensitive.

politically sensitive

This is particularly true for lawyers who take up politically sensitive cases.

In Francoist Spain Maravall avoided some of the more politically sensitive topics of his work.

Deemed too politically sensitive, the scene was re-edited and the branded posterior featured "SB" (for Shaw Brothers) instead.

sensitive areas

These are sensitive areas because they protect public drinking water.

There are other special procedures used in sensitive areas which reduce the power of Parliament.

The goal of the plan is to mitigate human impacts to ecologically sensitive areas within the park.

sensitive data

If encryption keys are not managed and stored properly, highly sensitive data may be leaked.

This naturally implies that the threat of sensitive data loss is minimised through salting hashes.

The act of storing large amounts of sensitive data on physical storage media naturally raises concerns of security and theft.

environmentally sensitive   (環境に敏感)

The forest is protected as a section of the environmentally sensitive Pine Barrens.

It has not yet determined how this will be done in the most environmentally sensitive fashion.

The area is environmentally sensitive, especially the reed beds on the north bank and the flora and fauna of Yellow Island in the middle of the river.

particularly sensitive   (特に敏感)

This type of construction is particularly sensitive to earthquakes.

Compact fluorescent lamps are particularly sensitive to switching cycles.

Pre-clinical studies suggest that T-cells are particularly sensitive to nelarabine.

sensitive issues

The film was noted for creating social awareness on sensitive issues such as rape and domestic violence.

Opposition to the goals of Hitler is a moral touchstone that has implications for several sensitive issues.

Weiquan lawyers have also challenged the application of state secret laws, which are sometimes used to prosecute individuals who disseminate information on politically sensitive issues.