Фразы и примеры предложений

sent back   (отправлен назад)

After the season, he was sent back to the minors.

The following year he was sent back for cocaine use.

He was sent back with a legion to garrison Arretium.

sent off   (отправили)

On 30 October, he was sent off against FC Eindhoven.

He was never sent off or even reprimanded during match.

Should a player score or be sent off, a drink must be taken.

then sent   (затем отправил)

They are then sent on what Paul calls a "good job."

Ivens was then sent to Stony Mountain Penitentiary.

He was then sent to the Army of the Alps in Nice.

sent a letter   (отправил письмо)

Not long before Luke had sent a letter to Cora declaring his love.

The Guyanese government sent a letter to Venezuela on 8 January 1969.

Horiuchi sent a letter of testimony that he did not know these facts.

sent home   (отправили домой)

Burr was soon captured, and the men were sent home.

Heyman was escorted from the Coliseum and sent home.

During World War II, many missionaries were sent home.

sent to prison   (отправлен в тюрьму)

They even hurt more than getting sent to prison.

Marcello refuses to name Simone and is sent to prison.

In 1996, he was convicted of fraud and sent to prison.

sent down   (ниспослали)

Alleyn is sent down from London to investigate.

was sent down in a destiny making night.

He was sent down into the hollows for Operation Hollow Storm.

before being sent

But he recovers before being sent back to the Philippians.

In 1906, he played 10 games and batted .250 before being sent to the minor leagues.

Bragadin's skin was then paraded around the island, before being sent to Constantinople.

later sent

From there he was later sent to study in America.

He was later sent on loan to Pistoiese, Lecco and Gubbio.

He is later sent to capture rogue Dinobots for the Autobots.

sent away

After an unhappy childhood, he was sent away to a school.

Katharina was sent away to Prague to work as a children's maid.

In May 1548, Elizabeth was sent away.

sent a message   (отправил сообщение)

Leavitt sent a message of change.

The Athenians also sent a message to the Spartans asking for support.

One month after Page sent a message to Wilson, the U.S. Congress declared war on Germany.

sent a delegation   (послал делегацию)

Instead, South Korea sent a delegation to Singapore to monitor the summit.

Japan also sent a delegation and participated to the 1867 World Fair in Paris.

Al-Amin then sent a delegation to Marv, asking al-Ma'mun to return to Baghdad.

sent to live

François was sent to live with his grandparents.

He was caught by police and sent to live with his grandmother.

After her death, he was sent to live with his grandmother Antonia Minor.

letter sent

They embraced Islam peacefully on 630 AD upon receiving the letter sent from Muhammad through 'Amr ibn al-'As.

The letter sent out to parents saying the school would become and academy on 1 July was sent out on Monday, 4 July.

It was marketed by Zircon as "Channel F Jet-Stick" in a letter sent out to registered owners before Christmas 1982.

government sent   (правительство отправило)

The British government sent a telegram requesting help.

The Chinese government sent $1.2 million in cash to Pakistan.

The Guyanese government sent a letter to Venezuela on 8 January 1969.

sent troops

Bakr then turned to Abbas, who sent troops to Bakr's aid.

The Dutch sent troops to quell the riots.

China sent troops into Tibet in 1908.

sent letters

sent letters to Salas showing their support.

Claudius and Aristobulus had sent letters to each other.

The Jews sent letters of complaint to Emperor Maximilian I, who rebuked John III.

immediately sent

Seder immediately sent Cockfield an inquiry regarding his status.

Alyattes immediately sent an embassy to Miletus and agreed a peace treaty.

The regiment was not immediately sent South because the Army hoped for a quick victory.

sent on loan   (отправлено в кредит)

As part of this, Kinkladze was sent on loan to 1.

He was sent on loan to Haarlem in January 2009.

He was later sent on loan to Pistoiese, Lecco and Gubbio.

sent through

Usually, the DHCPOFFER is sent through unicast.

Mail to other zones might be sent through a Zone Gate.

The cheque has to be handed over in person or sent through mail.

sent an army

In 733, Charles Martel sent an army against the Frisians.

Purnananda Burhagohain sent an army to oppose the invaders.

But the fire worshippers sent an army after the pious pair.

sent to jail   (отправлено в тюрьму)

Biaggi was sent to jail and lost his seat in Congress.

Kathir was then sent to jail for this crime.

Guodong, Zach and Jianhao get arrested and sent to jail.

arrested and sent

Guodong, Zach and Jianhao get arrested and sent to jail.

He is arrested and sent to Kresty Prison in Saint Petersburg.

He was arrested and sent to Paris, where he was immediately released.

sent into training   (отправлено на обучение)

The colt was sent into training with Todd Pletcher.

The colt was sent into training with Horace A.

She was sent into training with Joseph Lieux.

sent a telegram

The British government sent a telegram requesting help.

On 28 April, General Siilasvuo sent a telegram to Finnish Commander-in-Chief C.G.E.

Rauschenberg sent a telegram to the gallery declaring "This is a portrait of Iris Clert if I say so."

sent to work   (отправили на работу)

He was sent to work for a captain in Southold, New York.

38 boys and girls were sent to work as slave laborers in Germany.

Nikki was originally sent to work as a kennel maid at a dog kennel.

again sent

Hera once again sent another giant, Tityos to rape Leto.

He was again sent to parliament in 1393 and January 1397.

In 276 BC, King Zhaoxiang once again sent Bai Qi to attack Wei.

sent overseas   (отправлено за границу)

The unit was sent overseas to North Africa.

He was sent overseas and served in England, Italy, and the Netherlands.

He underwent military training at Trentham in 1918 but was too late to be sent overseas.

sent his son

Claiming Hormizd sent his son to Heraclius' court.

Umayya sent his son Abdullah as head of the expedition in Sistan.

The Raja of Pagar Ruyung at that time sent his son, Raja Lenggang.

not sent

All attempts failed and reinforcements were not sent.

Spain has not sent many people, and has not won many medals.

The offenders were not sent to prison.

subsequently sent   (впоследствии отправлено)

The Allies subsequently sent him to China for a few months.

Hannibal subsequently sent them as emissaries to raise all the Celts in Italy.

Emperor Shunzong subsequently sent messengers to mediate between the two circuits.

father sent

A poor old father sent his sons out to learn trades.

When Camille was twelve his father sent him to boarding school in France.

After refusing to fight in a war, his father sent him to join Night's Watch.

sent up

Huggins sent up Cedric Durst to bat for Grabowski.

fighter aircraft from JG-1, JG-26 and JG-2 were sent up to intercept them.

The handful of jets that were armed were sent up with one or two missiles.

sent against   (отправлено против)

Geary and Prince were sent against the Confederate right.

.And in Ad, when We sent against them the withering wind.

The following year he was admiral of a fleet sent against the French.

sent several

He had sent several songs to them, and the last one was "When Susannah Cries".

Once, in the next few years it sent several detachments in Strandzha and the Rhodopes.

He also sent several works, subject to censorship at home, to be published in the United States.

sent another   (послал другой)

Bragg sent another request for the force's surrender.

Hera once again sent another giant, Tityos to rape Leto.

On September 7, Burnside sent another brigade led by Brig.

sent into exile   (отправлено в изгнание)

In 1941, the Nazis arrested him and he was sent into exile.

Those who refused were sent into exile.

Andocides was found guilty, and sent into exile for the fourth time.

sent envoys   (послал посланников)

The Bulgarian ruler sent envoys to ask for tribute for the new fortresses.

In 1690, the company sent envoys to Aurangzeb's camp to plead for a pardon.

Several maritime Asian nations sent envoys with tribute for the Chinese emperor.

sent abroad

He was sent abroad (1842), as a pensioner of the Academy.

He spread the rumour that the museum's objects had been sent abroad.

As the joint AFBiH began to develop, troops began to be sent abroad.

first sent   (впервые отправлено)

The Q-Net was first sent to combat in Afghanistan in 2010.

They are first sent to Quailin, before crossing the border to Vietnam.

The privates were first sent to "Stalag" camps for processing and were then put out to work.

sent to investigate   (отправлено на расследование)

At dawn, a squadron of lancers was sent to investigate the "kraal".

, engaged in gunnery practice in Chesapeake Bay, was sent to investigate.

Two troops of British cavalry were sent to investigate what was happening.

sent to study

From there he was later sent to study in America.

By this time, students sent to study abroad had started to return.

As a youth, Karelitz was sent to study under Chaim Soloveitchik of Brisk.

sent word

Castilla simultaneously sent word to García Moreno that he wished to meet with him as well.

He also sent word to his friends in Benin that a Finnish acquaintance of his would be coming to the country.

Trapping them in a ravine, they proved stronger than she had anticipated, and she sent word to the city for re-enforcements.

sent a team   (послал команду)

Mexico sent a team of three riders to the Games.

They sent a team of 1 participant in 1 sport.

Belgium, Italy, Germany and France each sent a team with eight cyclists.

sent via

Vocabulary phrases, quizzes, and short sentences were sent via SMS.

This was part of the pro-immigrant political message they sent via their music.

The students are sent via boats onto the dangerous island base of the Wild Seven.

sent messengers

Gybich, meanwhile, has sent messengers out to search for his daughter.

King San sent messengers to the Liu Song dynasty at least twice in 421 and 425.

Henry had also sent messengers to Stanley asking him to declare his allegiance.

eventually sent   (в итоге отправил)

Instead, they were flooded by requests and eventually sent out 10,000 copies.

He was eventually sent back to Fort Abraham Lincoln and Fort Totten in Dakota.

Some 35,000 were eventually sent on transports, of which 17,000 did not survive.

letters sent

Livestock could be traded for fresh stock and letters sent back to the States.

Her mother responded with recipes written in Hindi on onionskin paper in letters sent via airmail.

"Big Mess" was inspired by letters sent to a game show host by someone using the name "Cowboy Kim".

sent him back   (отправил его обратно)

Later a well wisher fostered him and sent him back to school.

Cao Cao treated Gu Hui generously and sent him back to Jiangdong.

There Charlemagne crowned his son as co-emperor and sent him back to Aquitaine.

parents sent

Whitehall's parents sent him to boarding school at age 8.

His parents sent him to the English college at the University of Leuven.

Because of concerns about the war with Sweden, his parents sent Hocher to Innsbruck in 1635.

sent forward   (отправлено вперед)

Troops sent forward to Serre found that its defences had been destroyed.

A line was selected for consolidation and ten machine-guns were sent forward.

Union artillery opened fire and pickets were sent forward to meet the assault.

sent to fight   (отправлено на бой)

28,000 men were sent to fight in World War I.

The trial resulted in Hughes' being sent to fight in Sicily in 1943.

They ordered that anyone strong enough to hold a rifle be sent to fight.

sent a copy   (отправил копию)

In 1975, he recorded a demo and producer Pete Carr sent a copy to Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Records.

In August 1929, he sent a copy of "The Spike" to John Middleton Murry's "New Adelphi" magazine in London.

As a result, Saturn sent a copy of the award to select customers who bought an Aura before it was awarded.

force sent

However, once he defeated the Roman force sent against him, more rebels joined him.

The force sent to Javakheti was commanded by him, jointly with the brothers Mkhargrdzeli.

Operation Alba was an Italian-led multinational peacekeeping force sent to Albania in 1997.

troops sent

He was joined by troops sent by his brother Geoffrey and Philip II of France.

Iranian government troops sent to reestablish control were blocked by Red Army units.

There, Afonso hoped to be able to unite with any troops sent by his ally, Louis XI of France.

messages sent

Pictures and messages sent through Snow are only accessible for a short time.

The unit was able to figure out the alphabet and associated numbers for the messages sent over this circuit.

In any communication model, noise is interference with the decoding of messages sent over the channel by an encoder.

often sent   (часто отправляется)

Bobby is often sent on errands for food or information.

The civilians were often sent into battle without rifles.

He was often sent to the masthead for several hours at a time.

team sent   (команда отправила)

The team sent an NFL-high and franchise-best nine players to the 2011 Pro Bowl.

She was the only Scot to be part of the British team sent to the 2016 Judo World Championships.

Each team sent a squad of nine riders, which meant that the race started with a peloton of 180 cyclists.

sent directly   (отправлено напрямую)

The illiterates are sent directly to the Army Beta room.

Also, pictures can be sent directly from Picasa using a Gmail account.

Daily topical features sent directly to users' mobile phones are also planned.

sent a force

He even sent a force to attack Luni on the Italian coast.

He arrived in Kirman in 651 and sent a force under Rabi ibn Ziyad al-Harithi to Sistan.

The following year, 478 BC, the Allies sent a force to capture the city of Byzantion (modern day Istanbul).

sent north

His body was then sent north to Baltimore.

The regiment drilled for two more months after which the "Fourth Brigade" was broken up and sent north on August 2, 1861.

Eventually Inchcolm was abandoned, and Luttrell was sent north in March 1548 to captain Broughty Castle which dominated the Tay and Dundee.

sent many

Spain has not sent many people, and has not won many medals.

The Canadian Tour has sent many players on to PGA Tour success.

Chatham sent many sons to Europe during World War II as part of the North Shore Regiment.

instead sent

He was instead sent to a desk job in the war supplies department.

Tres Way tried for his first career field goal but instead sent it flying to the left.

When the United States government blocked his admission, he was instead sent to a military college in Russia.

regiment was sent

Our regiment was sent out to repulse them.

The regiment was sent to Helena, Arkansas, where disease began to take its toll.

The combined regiment was sent to Louisville, Kentucky, where it was mustered out in August 1865.

troops were sent

More British troops were sent and Martial Law was declared.

This was the last time troops were sent to quell public unrest in Switzerland.

On arrival in England the AA troops were sent to various AA training camps to reform.

sent to radio

The track was only sent to radio in Australia.

"I Miss You" was sent to radio in early 2004.

was sent to radio stations in March 2013.

sent to all

A letter signed by renowned business leaders sent to all U.S.

Decisions should give full reasons and a copy sent to all parties.

Letters were sent to all 350,000 investors, explaining the strategy.

sent a messenger   (отправил посыльного)

She Saihua did not like the ugly and untalented Cui Long and sent a messenger for Yang Ye.

He sent a messenger to Winchester to order him to hold the ground and prepare for further combat.

Sun Quan then sent a messenger to check with Lu Xun, who confirmed that it was Lu Yin who told him.

sent representatives   (послал представителей)

Only 70 of the approximately 700 Greek cities sent representatives.

That record was held until Miss World 2008 where 109 nations sent representatives.

In modern times, various Evangelical denominations sent representatives among the Syriac peoples.

message sent   (сообщение отправлено)

An email message sent in the early 1970s looks very similar to a basic email sent today.

"The message sent to [them] ... was clear: We don't pay you to think, we pay you to repeat."

An "acknowledgment" is a message sent by the receiver to indicate that it has correctly received a data frame.

never sent

Weizsäcker never sent his memo to Ribbentrop.

He was never sent off or even reprimanded during match.

It was, however, never sent.

army sent

The Arab army sent to reimpose it was routed.

The league was later defeated by the Ottoman army sent by the sultan.

As a result, the Egyptian army sent eight armored tanks to north Sinai.

sent to reinforce   (послал, чтобы усилить)

Also sent to reinforce the defenses and established his ammunition dump.

The third battalion was sent to reinforce the French troops in Switzerland.

Additional police and RENEA officers were sent to reinforce the town and locate the attackers.

letter was sent

This advice was rejected, and a further letter was sent to Herennius.

The third letter was sent from Lisbon after the completion of that voyage.

Pritchard was apprehended after an anonymous letter was sent to the authorities.

initially sent

He is initially sent to the Moon, but arrives at Qem instead.

They were initially sent by train to concentration camps in Bulgaria.

The terrorist groups had initially sent the new recruits to the fire.

sent more

As the French sent more knights to attack him personally he fled the field.

Immediately after the act, she sent more letters to Ferroni to make the suicide appear believable.

In 2018, Book Aid International sent more books than ever before - just under 1.3 million - to 25 countries.

soon sent

Constantius soon sent Julian off to Gaul.

He was soon sent to Moscow to study at the Moscow Conservatory.

The group auditioned for NBC and was soon sent off to work in Cleveland.

having sent

Fourteen thousand "fédérés" came from the province, every single National Guard unit having sent two men out of every hundred.

The RGS, having sent more than a hundred people to search for Fawcett in the intervening years, declines to send another expedition.

These pits are shown on the 1882 Ordnance Survey map but are "disused" by 1904, having sent the last load of coal by the railway in 1867.

trade that sent

He was acquired by the Rangers as part of the trade that sent Rick Nash to the Bruins.

Pingris played a few games with Air21 prior to the trade that sent him to the Purefoods TJ Hotdogs.

The Saints previously acquired the pick in a trade that sent Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals.

mother sent

Her mother sent her and her sister to the uncle to learn from the uncle.

In 1920, Collazo's father died and his mother sent him to live with his brother in Jayuya.

When he was 10 years old, his mother sent him to Saigon to study, living at his uncle's house.

when he sent   (когда он послал)

He hesitated until 5 p.m., when he sent only two and a half brigades forward.

He is first recorded as an artist in 1790, when he sent two drawings to the Society of Artists in London from an address in Dublin.

He held this position until December 27, 2011, when he sent a note to his employees stating the company was to close due to unpaid debts.

colt was sent   (жеребенок был отправлен)

The colt was sent into training with Todd Pletcher.

The colt was sent into training with Horace A.

The colt was sent into training with Frank Carter at Chantilly.

sent to other   (отправлено другим)

They were landed in Rio de Janeiro and sent to other regions.

In September 1942, the Japanese Americans were sent to other locations and the camp was torn down.

Much of this is sent to other states accounting for over six percent of all of Mexico's energy output.

sent south

A small force had already been sent south to recapture South Georgia.

The ship was then sent south to provide support to the Canadian cruiser.

Brigade groups from 49th Division were sent south to support other British formations.

men were sent

Burr was soon captured, and the men were sent home.

By 8:30 AM, Junot's men were sent into action.

28,000 men were sent to fight in World War I.

sent a large

In addition, Israel sent a large team to assist in the rescue operation.

Ruricius sent a large detachment to counter Constantine's expeditionary force, but was defeated.

After taking control of Delhi, Marathas sent a large army in 1772 to "punish" Afghan Rohillas for Panipat.

sent to school   (отправили в школу)

In 1830, he was sent to school at Dedham, Essex.

Shortly after his father's death in 1721 he was sent to school in England.

Its charity work ensures many families are fed, clothed, housed, and children sent to school.

even sent   (даже отправил)

He even sent a force to attack Luni on the Italian coast.

I sent my replies to him and even sent care packages to him.

None would listen to him and he even sent an E-Mail to Elsa Bloodstone.

sent emissaries

The Ottomans sent emissaries to encourage emigration.

Dąbrowski sent emissaries before him to Poznań, to evaluate the situation.

Hulagu sent emissaries to Qutuz in Cairo, demanding submission to Mongol rule.

sent to kill

Tensions rise as Wyatt accuses Thomas of being sent to kill them.

All the mafia soldiers sent to kill Cavataio "were veterans," Grado said.

Originally a foe of Natasha Romanova sent to kill her, they later became allies.

sent to join   (отправлено присоединиться)

At one point, he was sent to join the Danish resistance.

Smith was sent to join Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth's expedition to Constantinople in February 1807.

After commissioning "Stork" was sent to join the Commander-in-Chief, China, and operated in Malayan waters until 1939.

sent an embassy   (послал посольство)

Alyattes immediately sent an embassy to Miletus and agreed a peace treaty.

In 1077 AD, king Chulien (Chola) Ti-hua-kialo sent an embassy to Chinese court for promoting trade.

The Arab Islamic Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan (r. 644-656) sent an embassy to the Tang court at Chang'an.

sent messages

President Pranab Mukerjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent messages of condolence.

The prince was so love-sick that the king sent messages to implore them to put forward the wedding.

Following the declaration in Gjirokastër, Zografos sent messages to local representatives in Korçë (gr.

captured and sent

They were soon captured and sent to close confinement in Montreal.

The crews were captured and sent to Winchester where they were hanged by orders of Alfred.

During that siege the Captain and 20 men of Company K were captured and sent to a POW camp.

forces sent

The rebel groups attacked NDH institutions and ambushed Ustaše and Home Guard forces sent as reinforcements.

In 52 BC, the Helvii held the border of the Roman province against an invasion of forces sent by Vercingetorix.

Auxiliary forces sent by duke Eric II of Pomerania, temporary ally of the Teutonic Knights, did not enter the battle.

sent an envoy   (послал посланника)

Sher Ali sent an envoy seeking British advice and support.

In early 1620 Sahaidachny sent an envoy to the Russian tsar.

Ghazi sent an envoy to Éxarchos saying that he wanted to negotiate.

king sent

The king sent for the priest to marry his daughter to the general.

The king sent him to the States to treat with them on the latter subject.

Finally, the king sent him.

sent an expedition

Salm sent an expedition by Talha b.

In 1631 Murga sent an expedition against a "palenque" "next to the Rio Grande of the Magdalena".

The Spanish sent an expedition that reached the island in July 1635, but their attack was ineffectual.

division was sent

Early in 1917 the division was sent to Ireland.

In November 1944, the division was sent to Nienburg in Germany, where it was to be reformed.

The division was sent to France in August 1915 under the command of Major-General Sir James Melville Babington C.B.

having been sent

On 30 May 2015, he won the Scottish Cup with ICT, despite having been sent off for a last man foul.

When Sappai returns (having been sent by Subbu to fetch fruits), Singaperumal beats him up severely.

McGuffin, having been sent away by a grieving Charles, confesses to his sins and sends two priests to the manor.