Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

prison sentence   (sentencia de prisión)

Woodcock received a 21 year prison sentence.

Looting carries a fifteen-year prison sentence in Syria.

After her prison sentence, she moved back to Port Byron.

death sentence   (sentencia de muerte)

Therefore, his first death sentence was commuted.

His civilian death sentence for Jackson was not.

On October 26, the jury recommended a death sentence.

life sentence   (sentencia de por vida)

Soon after his arrest, he received a life sentence.

Cefili received a life sentence for the murders.

It was like her life sentence was reprieved."

jail sentence   (sentencia de cárcel)

In April 1997, he received a 13 year jail sentence.

He was released from this jail sentence in 2006.

a chicken) carries a mandatory jail sentence of 2 years.

suspended sentence   (Sentencia suspendida)

He received a suspended sentence of two years in prison.

He received a two-year suspended sentence.

He pleaded no contest to misdemeanors, suspended sentence.

maximum sentence   (sentencia máxima)

The charges carried a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The charges carried a maximum sentence of twenty years' imprisonment.

A section 2 charge carries a maximum sentence of six months' imprisonment.

sentence was commuted   (la sentencia fue conmutada)

Therefore, his first death sentence was commuted.

Her sentence was commuted to life and she died in prison.

His sentence was commuted to life.

serving his sentence   (cumpliendo su condena)

Amouee is serving his sentence at Evin Prison.

He died on 20 February 2010 without serving his sentence.

He was ordered to begin serving his sentence in September 2011.

first sentence   (primera oracion)

One such instance is found in the first sentence of "The Metamorphosis".

Feminist associations denounced the first sentence as "very bad precedent".

Schopenhauer reiterates this in the first sentence of his main work: "The world is my representation."

sentence of death   (sentencia de muerte)

On March 28, 1984, the jury recommended the sentence of death.

Because she had returned from penal transportation without permission, she received a sentence of death penalty.

With the abolishment of the death penalty on May 30, only the sentence of death was replaced by mandatory life in prison.

sentence was reduced   (la sentencia fue reducida)

The same year, the sentence was reduced to 5 years.

The sentence was reduced to 12 years in February 1950.

After an appeal, the sentence was reduced to 16 months.

sentence structure   (estructura de la oración)

The basic sentence structure is Subject Object Verb.

Czech syntax has a subject–verb–object sentence structure.

Paragraph and sentence structure in New Guinea Highlands languages.

sentence of life   (sentencia de por vida)

He received a sentence of life in prison in that case.

In February 2016, he received a third sentence of life imprisonment.

The murder charges carried a potential sentence of life without parole.

minimum sentence   (sentencia mínima)

The Accessory charge carried a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years to life without parole.

Swellings lost the appeal against his conviction and sentence, although Sorton won a two-year reduction on his minimum sentence.

(The maximum punishment stipulated by the laws that he broke, were 10 years in prison and a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years.)

received a sentence   (recibió una oración)

She received a sentence of 16 years in prison.

He received a sentence of life in prison in that case.

Earl Kemp received a sentence of three years and one day.

sentence was later   (la sentencia fue más tarde)

The sentence was later commuted to transportation.

This sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment.

same sentence   (misma oración)

Swartz received the same sentence.

Generally, it is not ideal to mix the impersonal pronoun one with another pronoun in the same sentence.

Rather than changing a word or using a positive, words like nobody, not, nothing, and never would be used in the same sentence.