İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

separate species   (ayrı türler)

It is now considered to be a separate species.

However, it is probably a separate species.

Molecular analysis confirms that they are separate species.

separate occasions   (ayrı durumlar)

It was a position he held on three separate occasions.

Emma claims to have met Jesus Christ on two separate occasions.

George Saitoti has held the position twice on separate occasions.

became a separate   (ayrı oldu)

It became a separate princely state in the 17th century.

In 1924 it became a separate urban district.

Parisienne became a separate model in 1959.

separate ways   (ayrı yollar)

The group went their separate ways in early 2000.

In 1906 Huntington and Eberle went their separate ways.

Belasco and de Mille chose to go their separate ways by 1891.

separate entity   (ayrı bir varlık)

Delta Sigma ceased to exist as a separate entity.

In January 2002 they became a separate entity Aragua F.C.

HUF is a separate entity for the purpose of assessment under the Act.

separate municipality

Veisiejai town has a separate municipality status.

Limbricht was a separate municipality until 1982, when it was merged with Sittard.

McCallion advocated unsuccessfully to preserve Streetsville as a separate municipality.

own separate

The Michigan State Police continued its own separate investigation.

3a), but deserves its own separate sense of this definition (“Motif,” def.

Spain and the region of Aragon, as hosts, had their own separate pavilions.

separate company   (ayrı şirket)

In 2003, Acronis was spun off as a separate company.

Velodyne spun off Velodyne LiDAR as a separate company in 2016.

Eiffel later established a separate company to manage the tower.

separate entities   (ayrı varlıklar)

They are separate entities with strong data control rules.

The building is currently operated by two separate entities.

His list included Luna and Diana Lucina as separate entities.

considered a separate

The Manipur population was formerly considered a separate species.

Because of these differences, the fossils are considered a separate species.

Having quieter machinery and other improvements, it is considered a separate class.

separate state   (ayrı devlet)

Those slaves were freed by later separate state and federal actions.

Goa retained this status until 1987, when it was declared a separate state.

separate building

The QEH auditorium is a separate building from the foyer.

It is currently displayed in a separate building at Fram Museum.

The county built a separate building for the insane asylum in 1870.

no separate

At first the school had no separate existence.

There is no separate insignia worn by warrant officer navigators.

The oil tanks themselves had no separate coolant controlling systems.

completely separate   (tamamen ayrı)

A value of one would imply that the two populations are completely separate.

Operation: Sundevil was in action at the same time, but it was completely separate.

The songs are completely separate other than their use together as the album's name.

separate genus

the jaws) for it to be classified as a separate genus.

In 1856, Krøyer described "Bispira" as a separate genus.

In 2008, Roger Benson named a separate genus "Duriavenator".

separate school   (ayrı okul)

Previously it was a separate school district.

TCDSB is a public separate school board, whereas TDSB is a public secular school board.

Due to the danger of land travel, a separate school was established at Fort Barry in 1913.

went their separate

The group went their separate ways in early 2000.

In 1906 Huntington and Eberle went their separate ways.

The couple went their separate ways.

used to separate

Membranes can also be used to separate ethanol and water.

Gaseous diffusion had been used to separate isotopes before.

TCAP is used to separate the transactions into discrete units.

separate sections

The sensory trail consists of 9 separate sections, called pods.

The line is made up of two separate sections, with the total length at .

The station consists of two separate sections, one for each line, at the same level and 150 metres apart.

not separate   (ayrı değil)

The wick is not separate from the fuel in a rushlight.

This does not separate the country by borders of states.

The deal did not separate WGBB’s value.

separate buildings

The school comprises two separate buildings.

The school has many separate buildings.

Whilldin designed the structure to appear as two separate buildings.

separate legal

The code covers three separate legal proceedings.

However, KXMA-DT2 airs separate legal identifications and commercial inserts.

The estate of a Free Judge was a separate legal entity with "dominium" rights.

separate groups

There are about 60 songs, in a few separate groups.

Initially, players competed in separate groups over three days.

Such behaviour can be shared by a group of animals, but not necessarily between separate groups of the same species.

entirely separate

Truphone's SIM based products are entirely separate from the Apps.

by a groove in the stem) or appear entirely separate (a dimorphic areole).

The Council of Europe is an entirely separate body from the European Union.

separate parish

In 1802 Morbio Superiore was a separate parish.

Since 1626, Castel San Pietro, has been a separate parish.

Alveston became a separate parish in 1846.

separate companies

They were built by two separate companies which had common ownership.

The publishing house and the chain of bookshops were divided into two separate companies on 1 October 1994.

By making these separate companies, these owners were able to exclude the money from consideration of deals.

separate parts

"Breaking Dawn" is divided into three separate parts.

Kismet has three separate parts.

Symphonic repertoire often involves separate parts for trumpet and cornet.

separate schools   (ayrı okullar)

Hopkins is divided into three separate schools.

Etz Chaim and RIETS, while separate schools, had a close relationship.

Two are Roman Catholic separate schools: Holy Saviour School and École Val-des-Bois.

separate and distinct

Though the two are related, they are separate and distinct.

They prefer to remain separate and distinct from mainstream health care.

Chestnut is a color similar to but separate and distinct from Indian red.

go their separate

Belasco and de Mille chose to go their separate ways by 1891.

The two work together to escape, but soon go their separate ways.

He and his partner Ben Bailey split up and go their separate ways.

form a separate   (ayrı oluşturmak)

It was not expected that the LM would split to form a separate party.

In 1986, he left to help form a separate practice, Wallman Clewes Bergman.

"Linear" circuits and systems form a separate category within electronic manufacturing.

separate areas

This species is found in the western Pacific Ocean in two separate areas.

At the time of the manganese mining, Port Kaituma had three separate areas.

They kept sheep, cattle, and had separate areas for dumping dung (ash mounds).

kept separate   (ayrı tutuldu)

JWICS, NSANet are all kept separate.

In home-cooking, these individual styles are still kept separate.

Those provisional ballots are kept separate from the regular ballots.

separate peace

The colony made a separate peace that respected its internal status quo.

Moreover, the Hermunduri were broken in the Marcomannic Wars and made a separate peace with Rome.

At the same time, an initiative by Sokollu Mehmed Pasha to achieve a separate peace with Venice, foundered.

separate group

Biocatalysts (enzymes) are often seen as a separate group.

These two backstage areas allow for separate group conversations.

Alpha Delta Sigma existed as a separate group from Delta Sigma, Alpha chapter.

separate family   (ayrı aile)

Recognizing Tremandraceae as a separate family would make Elaeocarpaceae paraphyletic.

When treated as a separate family, it consists of two genera, "Gastrotheca" and "Flectonotus".

"Dryomyzidae" were previously part of "Sciomyzidae" but are now considered a separate family with two subfamilies.

several separate

Volcanic activity has been subdivided in several separate cycles.

and are perhaps better treated as part of several separate formations.

The act comprises several separate titles with varying subject issues.

separate language   (ayrı dil)

In the medieval period, Danish emerged as a separate language from Swedish.

He also proved in many literary forums that Sambalpuri is a separate language.

Most linguists list it as a separate language rather than as a dialect of Arabic.

separate incidents   (ayrı olaylar)

In 1994, two were lost in separate incidents.

McGowan pleaded to conspiracy and to two separate incidents of arson.

Two separate incidents involving sexual misconduct between employees and inmates brought to light in 2001.

separate identity   (ayrı kimlik)

Longtime residents regret the loss of the town's historic name and separate identity.

Estrada's manager said he was trying to establish a new and separate identity from "CHiPs".

It appears that the Cail company kept its separate identity and did not merge with Fives-Lille until 1958.

separate units

The site consists of three separate units.

Prince" that was composed of 2 separate units: Mr. King and Prince.

The two battalions, while sharing a depot, operated as separate units.

considered separate

Permanent establishment of non-residents are considered separate entity.

Long vowels and "ě" are not considered separate letters in the alphabetical order.

This suggests that the spoken varieties may linguistically be considered separate languages.

separate branch

Ndoro–Fam may be a separate branch of Benue–Congo.

Harold C. Fleming (2006) proposes that Ongota is a separate branch of Afroasiatic.

He is the first philologist to prove Albanian as a separate branch of Indo-European.

separate section

Each category is described as a separate section below.

Drug-induced hepatitis is discussed in a separate section above.

For references to Ross 780, see the separate section in this article.

remained separate

That company remained separate from Oriola.

Despite their proximity, the stations remained separate for 91 years.

The two sides came under a single owner in 1941, but the units remained separate.

separate civil

It was made a separate civil parish in 1866, having been made a separate ecclesiastical parish in 1853.

An advertisement in the "Edinburgh Courant" for 1754 reads: Boroughbridge became a separate civil parish in 1866.

Hillingdon was an ancient parish, and had within it the chapelry of Uxbridge, which became a separate civil parish in 1866.

separate but equal   (Ayrı ama eşit)

The Gary System also incorporated the Jim Crow concept of separate but equal education.

In fact, it was not long after that the Court developed the "separate but equal" doctrine in "Plessy v. Ferguson", in practice allowing discriminatory treatment of blacks.

The ACLU's plan was to demonstrate that the "separate but equal" policies governing the Southern discrimination were illegal because blacks were never, in fact, treated equally.

separate rooms

The dining area is split into three separate rooms.

However, a blackout leaves everyone locked in separate rooms.

After the hurt she had caused, they spend their wedding night in separate rooms.

separate town   (ayrı kasaba)

Evander however stayed a separate town.

Wangen-Brüttisellen now incorporates Wangen bei Dübendorf, which was at one time a separate town.

However, both continued to use their separate town halls, with Weymouth's being rebuilt around 1774.

made a separate

The colony made a separate peace that respected its internal status quo.

Moreover, the Hermunduri were broken in the Marcomannic Wars and made a separate peace with Rome.

Dobovlje was administratively separated from Brdo in 1992, when it was made a separate settlement.

separate unit

After 1973, Football started as a separate unit and took the name Mizoram Football Association.

The Force effectively ceased to exist as a separate unit after the British attack on Mers-el-Kébir.

In 1916, the Marine Branch was set up, before being established as a separate unit in 1924 and renamed as the Marine Police.

separate locations

The cabin has appeared in three separate locations.

This site comprises two separate locations.

The site is in the Forest of Dean and is at four separate locations.

formed a separate

They formed a separate PCTLT under the leadership of Babič.

Adductor hallucis is part of this group, though it originally formed a separate system (see contrahens.)

In 1922, Czechoslovak communists had formed a separate trade union centre, "Mezinárodní všeodborový svaz" (MVS).

number of separate   (ayrı sayısı)

In this way a large number of separate islands are formed and can grow independently.

The standard is in the process of being published as a number of separate documents, which ISO calls "parts".

The Connecticut Colony was originally a number of separate, smaller settlements at Windsor, Wethersfield, Saybrook, Hartford, and New Haven.

became separate

India and Pakistan became separate independent countries.

After Everett became separate, Evans was chosen to serve as its first Town Moderator.

Misato merged into a neighboring community, and in 1946, again became separate, as did Goeku.

not a separate

It is not a separate currency, but is a local issue of banknotes denominated in the Danish krone.

Jews were generally seen as a religious group (not a separate race), thus being a part of the "Arab family".

The network is not a separate legal entity of any description in any jurisdiction, and does not provide services.

create a separate   (ayrı oluştur)

However, unlike Samuel Holdheim, he did not want to create a separate community.

He was leader of the movement to create a separate Diocese of Aba, now a reality.

Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer led the movement to create a separate organization that became known as the PGA Tour.

become a separate   (ayrı olmak)

By the mid-1990s, intelligent design had become a separate movement.

However, when the FLT ignored their plight and made a move to become a separate party.

Today, there is a proposal that area again become a separate municipality with the name Dunavski Venac.

separate room   (ayrı oda)

Whenever the Israelites camped, the Ark was placed in a separate room in a sacred tent, called the Tabernacle.

This resulted in security entering the house and Woodburn was ordered to sleep in a separate room for the night.

As such, it is recommended that these types of debriefings occur in a separate room from where the simulation scenario took place.

separate division

Fiume town and district forms a separate division.

Prior to this, there had been a separate division under the board for tuberculosis-related issues.

Blacks were enrolled in their own camps, and the CCC operated an entirely separate division for Indians.

separate pieces

It is constructed from two separate pieces that are bolted together.

They remain as separate pieces, which in many teaching scenarios, may be more ideal.

The road has two separate pieces in Virginia, joined by a relatively short section in West Virginia.

split into separate   (ayırmak)

The 285 pupils were split into separate male and female classes.

In 1943, Attica and Boeotia was split into separate prefectures.

The buildings have been split into separate lists for each district.

separate times   (ayrı zamanlar)

De Eguiluz was accused and tried for witchcraft three separate times.

Between 1997 and 2011, "Queens of Noise" was re-released on CD six separate times.

San Francisco and Dallas faced each other in the NFC Championship Game three separate times.

separate organization

In March 1974, Tommasi launched the NSLF as a separate organization.

The SFSO is a separate organization from the San Francisco Police Department.

The school was originally affiliated with the First Christian Church, but became a separate organization in 1982.

separate languages

At least six separate languages are identifiable.

No evidence is presented for treating these as separate languages.

The Ogoni think of the cluster members as separate languages, however.

separate district

The city itself is also designated as a separate district within the region.

In 1996 the Tehsil of Bhimber was removed from Mirpur and made into a separate district.

The district of Lapuz, a former part of La Paz, was declared a separate district in 2008.

separate events

Split-screen techniques have been used to show two separate events happening simultaneously.

In Cebu, she performed for both the Finance Ministers and the Defense Ministers in separate events.

Where two or more teams are tied, they are ordered by the same tie breakers as in the two separate events.

separate teams

The USBWA first named separate teams in 2017–18.

The separate teams all arrive at their respective planets.

KU has separate teams in these sports.

separate entrance

Retail space with a separate entrance is located in the basement.

The museum main level is wheelchair accessible via a separate entrance.

A separate entrance provides direct access to the street outside the theater.

difficult to separate

Septic arthritis can be difficult to separate from less serious conditions such as transient synovitis.

Additionally, given Caligula's unpopularity among the surviving sources, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Even though Hall enjoyed helping people in her work, she found it difficult to separate her feelings while being a caseworker.

divided into separate   (ayrı olmak)

The page is often divided into separate compartments (See, for example, ).

The exhibits are divided into separate periods and grouped in various showcases.

In German military practice, communications were divided into separate networks, each using different settings.

separate village

Modern history began on 1 January 1993 with establishment of the separate village.

Until the 1970s, Višnjica was a separate village and a suburban settlement of Belgrade.

It was a neighbourhood of Şahna called Küçük Şahna ("Little Şahna") until sundered and declared a separate village.

separate station   (ayrı istasyon)

WMGT began as a separate station affiliated with the DuMont network.

On September 5, WMYG became a separate station and joined MyNetworkTV.

Although KXJC was considered a separate station in its own right, it was a semi-satellite of KXJB.

separate divisions

Prior to 1997, the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division was two separate divisions.

Under the new rules, women do not skate in separate divisions; all races are mixed gender.

ALPA created two separate divisions in 1960, one for pilots, and one for stewards and stewardesses.

separate system

South Africa has a single national judiciary; there is no separate system of provincial courts.

Adductor hallucis is part of this group, though it originally formed a separate system (see contrahens.)

Zanzibar equally lacks a separate system for children and, with no separate detention centers, under-18s are mixed with adults in the prison.

separate category

A separate category consists of telescopic camera cranes.

A separate category of ngarambi was young boys going through initiation.

"Linear" circuits and systems form a separate category within electronic manufacturing.

remain separate   (ayrı kal)

The combustion chambers and firetubes remain separate.

The associations administrations would remain separate.

They prefer to remain separate and distinct from mainstream health care.

decided to separate

They eventually decided to separate, but not officially.

Honduras decided to separate from Mexico on 1 July 1823.

Nicaragua decided to separate from Mexico on 1 July 1823.

separate business   (ayrı iş)

On 1 April 1989, London Buses was divided into 11 separate business units, one of which was Selkent.

When she and her partner later had a disagreement, Ellsworth opened a separate business in competition.

On 1 April 1989, London Buses was divided into 11 separate business units, one of which was East London.

separate categories

There are two separate categories involved and one cannot be reduced to the other.

This classification is often subdivided into two separate categories for para-Alpine skiing.

Children have separate categories for boys and girls, and are divided into two or three age groups.

separate province   (ayrı il)

Finally on 1 April 1871 it became a separate province as Ajmer-Merwara-Kekri.

In 1932, Aden was separated from Bombay and made a separate province, and Sindh became a separate province on 1 April 1936.

created a separate

Consequently, Congress created a separate offense under 18 U.S.C.

Satyavrata (or) Trishanku (for whom Viswamitra created a separate heaven) 37.

In 1991 the Queensland Government created a separate Court of Appeal with a President.

separate class

A separate class of surnames derive from the names of noble clans.

Having quieter machinery and other improvements, it is considered a separate class.

In traditional taxonomy, birds were considered a separate class that had evolved from dinosaurs, a distinct superorder.

separate community   (ayrı topluluk)

It was located in what was then a separate community on Winnipeg's periphery.

However, unlike Samuel Holdheim, he did not want to create a separate community.

Bramalea was created as an innovative "new town", and developed as a separate community from the city.

separate administrative

It is close to Tongatapu, but forms a separate administrative division.

Resident deans have separate administrative and personal email accounts.

Some type of separate administrative structure exists at almost all academic institutions.

separate city

Helsinki's subdivision system uniquely divides Pikku Huopalahti as belonging to 3 separate city districts.

In ancient times the port of Piraeus was a separate city, but it has now been absorbed into the Athens Urban Area.

In the Soviet sector, a separate city government was established, which continued to call itself "Magistrate of Greater Berlin".

separate area

Kawanayama-chō is a historic, formerly separate area.

Contemplation is a separate area.

Private dances of a more raunchy nature are sometimes available in a separate area of the pub.