İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

parents separated   (ebeveynler ayrıldı)

When she was five years old, her parents separated.

Soon after Wright turned 14, his parents separated.

Her parents separated when she was 6 or 7 years old.

couple separated   (çift ayrılmış)

The couple separated in 2013, and divorced in 2015.

Following Reed's pregnancy, the couple separated.

The couple separated after ten years in 2011.

widely separated   (genişçe ayrılmış)

Coastal shipping links widely separated parts of the country.

Male flies have an exceptionally long second segment and widely separated eyes.

In Dyson's version of the theory life evolved in two stages, widely separated in time.

separated when   (ne zaman ayrılır)

Her parents separated when she was 6 or 7 years old.

Scherzinger's parents separated when she was still a baby.

His parents separated when Adam was young.

separated from each   (her birinden ayrılmış)

The cells however remain discretely separated from each other.

The two centres are separated from each other by "Bundesstraße" 448.

They are well separated from each other and also from the dorsal fin.

separated according

The school is dual medium; Afrikaans- and English-speaking pupils study under one roof, but classes are largely separated according to mother tongue.

became separated   (ayrıldı)

Childe became separated from the main party and was lost.

Blown north towards Newfoundland, the ships became separated in fog.

About two to four millennia later, Great Britain became separated from the mainland.

not be separated   (ayrılmamak)

The various entries may or may not be separated by "episodes".

Where teams still cannot be separated, a draw shall take place.

Cells which always attach to something cannot be separated by the CCE.

grade separated

The grade separated crossing will be on a long, high rail bridge.

As a part of the GO Transit Rail Improvement Program, the West Toronto Diamond was grade separated.

The scheme includes a central reservation safety barrier, a hard shoulder and six grade separated junctions.

become separated   (ayrılmak)

However, the characters become separated once more.

She realised it had been most unwise to become separated from her girls.

Recombination allows alleles on the same strand of DNA to become separated.

not separated

As a rule, syllables in given names are not separated.

They appear as the last character in a word, and are not separated by a space.

It is located on the curb lanes of Logan and Glover, and not separated from regular traffic.

then separated

They kept company for 20 days but then separated off Java.

The two boxers were then separated.

The Baltic then separated opposing military blocs: NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

now separated

A wall now separated East Berlin from West Berlin.

The triangular bailey is now separated from its motte by Castle Lane.

Consequently, the house and estate are now separated from the Renishaw baronetcy for the first time in the family's history.

later separated

He married in 1979 and later separated from his wife.

Together they had daughters Nava and Lisa, but later separated.

The couple later separated around 2010, having been together for 20 years.

geographically separated   (coğrafi olarak ayrılmış)

The 417th was a geographically separated unit of the 57th Wing.

It is geographically separated from the similar black hickory ("Carya texana").

The squadron is geographically separated but operated from Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.

parents separated when   (ebeveynler ne zaman ayrılır)

Her parents separated when she was 6 or 7 years old.

Scherzinger's parents separated when she was still a baby.

His parents separated when Adam was young.

separated from other   (diğerinden ayrılmış)

Most of the tracks are separated from other rail services.

113.2 km are separated from other rail services, 31.9 km are shared with regional and cargo traffic.

Dysprosium can then be separated from other rare earth metals by an ion exchange displacement process.

separated to form

In 2008 that part of the parish was separated to form the new civil parish of Wheatpieces.

In 1963, the southern section of Uzzano was separated to form the comune of Chiesina Uzzanese.

In 1993, the Administrative Village of Galur, Tanah Tinggi, Kampung Rawa, and Johar Baru was separated to form the Subdistrict of Johar Baru.

physically separated

The country has two parts physically separated by Malaysia, making it almost an enclave within Malaysia.

The daerah of Temburong is physically separated from the rest of Brunei by the Malaysian state of Sarawak.

The two houses of the Federal Assembly are physically separated, with the State Duma residing in another part of Moscow.