direct sequel   (直接の続編)

A follow-up game, "Prisoner of Ice", is not a direct sequel.

It is the direct sequel to 1997's "".

There were a few attempts to develop a direct sequel to "Franko".

sequel titled   (続編)

A sequel titled "Sandakozhi 2" was released in 2018.

A sequel titled "" was released on October 12, 2018.

A sequel titled "" was released in January 2007.

sequel series   (続編)

A sequel series started serialization on August 2019.

The success of the series spawned several sequel series.

second sequel   (続編)

It is the second sequel to the 1992 film, "Beethoven".

In 2019, the second sequel "The Border" was published.

The second sequel, "", was released on December 7, 2008.

first sequel   (最初の続編)

In 2015 the first sequel "The Cartel", was published.

It was the first sequel in film history.

The film is the first sequel to the documentary "The Last Party".

sequel entitled

The operetta spawned a sequel entitled "Hannerl".

A sequel entitled Let's Talk About Me Too was released in 1997.

The PlayStation version of the game received a sequel entitled "".

sequel was released

A sequel was released called "Capitola's Peril".

In 2007 a sequel was released, "Louisville Babylon 2".

A second sequel was released in 1993, "Army of Darkness".