sergeant major   (曹長)

Joe Team's sergeant major and debuted in 1986.

He declined to be commissioned and was demobilised as a sergeant major.

Later he attended the Hellenic Army NCO School and graduated as sergeant major in 1914.

rank of sergeant   (軍曹の階級)

He completed his training with the rank of sergeant.

Graves attained the rank of sergeant before leaving the armed forces.

With the rank of sergeant, he was assigned to the 1st Infantry Regiment.

staff sergeant   (軍曹)

He was discharged in 1946 with the rank of staff sergeant.

He was in the United States Army as a staff sergeant from 1945 to 1947.

The ranks of corporal and staff sergeant were not carried over into the new agency.

first sergeant   (最初の軍曹)

At this time, he was a first sergeant.

During the Balkan Wars, he was promoted to the rank of first sergeant.

Doundoulakis was promoted to first sergeant and awarded the Legion of Merit in OSS-Cairo.

police sergeant   (警官)

He was striking a fallen police sergeant with the hammer when he was shot.

He appeared twice in NBC's Columbo playing a police sergeant in 1972 and 1973.

On August 29, three BLA members murdered San Francisco police sergeant John Victor Young at his police station.

promoted to sergeant

In 1955, she was promoted to sergeant and oversaw policewomen.

He was promoted to sergeant in 1895.

In 1981, Gilmore was promoted to sergeant and assigned to King City.

master sergeant

Feller toured the world as a master sergeant.

Kirkpatrick rose up to become a master sergeant was awarded the Bronze Star.

He joined the Australian Army in 1923, and attained the rank of master sergeant.

platoon sergeant

A technical sergeant was often designated a platoon sergeant, acting as second-in-command.

Francois joined the United States Marine Corps, serving as a platoon sergeant in World War II.

An infantry Gunnery Sergeant may serve as a weapons platoon sergeant or as the Company Gunnery Sergeant for a rifle company.