Фразы и примеры предложений

television series   (сериал)

She starred as Nami/Kai in this television series.

Pasha starred in three television series in 2016.

It is the fifth television series of 4 Lions Films.

drama series   (сериал)

She played Sutra on the Netflix drama series "Sense8".

The drama series aired for almost 16 years.

He has worked on the NBC drama series "Friday Night Lights".

first series   (первая серия)

The first series started airing on 14 August 2012.

This role ran for six episodes of the first series.

The suspension was unchanged from the first series.

second series   (вторая серия)

Filming of the second series began in August 2013.

The second series began airing on 20 August 2012.

There is currently no DVD of the second series.

book series   (цикл книг)

He is best known for his book series, "The Witcher".

"Breach" is a 2005 comic book series from DC Comics.

A television series is also based on the book series.

animated series   (мультсериал)

This list includes live-action and animated series.

", as well as in the animated series "The Simpsons".

The Canadian animated series "What's with Andy?

series against   (серия против)

Maroussi then lost the 3rd place playoff series against Aris.

A good series against India in 1967 established him in the team.

Astle was selected for the ODI series against West Indies in 1995.

comedy series   (комедийный сериал)

He also has a half hour comedy series for UKTV 'Henry IX".

In 1990, they created and executive-produced the comedy series "Wings".

In 2015, she appeared on the short-lived comedy series "We Have Issues".

original series   (оригинальная серия)

It is Netflix's first Colombian original series.

The original series aired 10 episodes in 2012

", and the Netflix original series "Santa Clarita Diet".

new series

This new series was made the bestseller in the 1990s.

In 1995, a new series of notes was introduced.

A whole new series is being released during June 2019.

film series   (серия фильмов)

In the film series, Ryuk is voiced by Nakamura Shidō.

Evil, the villain in the "Austin Powers" film series.

It is the first installment in the "Fallen" film series.

anime series   (аниме сериал)

ADV Films licensed and released the anime series.

Maiden Japan has now licensed the anime series.

ADV Films had licensed and released the anime series.

through a series

Players navigate through a series of screens.

Users can query results through a series of search options.

humans) through a series of lower forms.

web series   (веб-серия)

A five-part web series titled "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The web series has been released in 7 languages in India.

Soremekun has directed the following films and web series.

documentary series   (документальный сериал)

In 2004 she narrated the documentary series "St Jimmys".

It is named after the BBC TV documentary series, "The Blue Planet".

He appeared in the BBC documentary series "The Death of Yugoslavia".

series premiered   (премьера серии)

The series premiered on February 12, 2019, on BET.

The series premiered to critical acclaim in 2012.

The series premiered on October 26, 2015, on CBS.

series finale   (финал серии)

The show won again in 1998 for its series finale "Flip".

The series finale aired on January 21, 2011.

The series finale aired on January 5, 2008.

series based

A five-part series based on Ender's Shadow.

A five-part series based on Ender's Game.

anime series based on Bandai's Data Carddass arcade machines.

comic book series   (серия комиксов)

"Breach" is a 2005 comic book series from DC Comics.

Dell Comics adapted the series into a comic book series in 1962.

In the "Hatchet" comic book series, Jack's backstory is revealed.

third series

This was the A's third series title in four years.

A third series started on 4 September 2006 on ITV.

The programme was not renewed for a third series.

series created   (серия создана)

The manga is a single volume series created by Oh!

Dead Grandma Dead Grandma is a 10-episode comedy Web series created by Will Kindrick.

"Babylon 5" (1994–1999), a space opera television series created by J. Michael Straczynski.

series began

Filming of the second series began in August 2013.

The series began where the original one left off.

The second series began airing on 20 August 2012.

animated television series

It is based on the "Beetlejuice" animated television series.

The Shmoos would later have their own animated television series.

Cartoon show to have a movie based on the animated television series.

series called

As of May 2013, Gil is filming a TV series called "The Avatars".

In August 2012, ABC ordered a pilot for a series called "S.H.I.E.L.D."

Pico considers his four books as a series called the "Teebs tetralogy".

game series

The home team won each game in the five game series.

It is part of the "Top Gear" game series.

Baseball is a baseball video game series.

series aired

This three-hour series aired on PBS in April 2011.

The series aired on Sky One in the United Kingdom.

The series aired from July 5, 1943 to July 6, 1945.

series produced

It was the first TV series produced by MGM.

Second series produced in colour.

The list of programmes and series produced by Knickerbockerglory include:

limited series

Studios promoting "Fence" from a limited series to an ongoing one.

As well, there have been numerous limited series featuring the group.

When the limited series concludes, he is also leaving the monthly title.

reality television series   (реалити-шоу)

She was a judge on ABC's reality television series "".

as part of reality television series "Så mycket bättre".

Man v. Food Man v. Food is an American food reality television series.

series such

Pérez acted in other series such as "La Riera", "Oh!

He is also known from Flemish TV series such as:

Burkina produces popular television series such as "Les Bobodiouf".

manga series   (манга серия)

A second manga series titled was developed by Sunrise.

The manga series is written and illustrated by Katsuwo.

The manga series has over 3.5 million volumes in print.

anthology series   (антология серия)

In 2014, he played Mahesh in anthology series "Yeh Hai Aashiqui".

He was cast in an episode of the religion anthology series, "Crossroads".

Gavin also appeared periodically on television in various anthology series.

series follows   (серия следует)

The series follows each of the brothers in turn.

The series follows the Angels on a mission to find U.S.

This 13 part series follows the Vivid girls for 6 months.

series of articles   (серия статей)

This led to a series of articles with Douglas H. Blair.

Ramanbhai Neelkanth responded with a series of articles in "Jnan Sudha".

He plans to write a series of articles telling exactly what he has done.

drama television series

is an Indian romantic drama television series.

[[Category:Lists of American crime drama television series episodes]]

Reef Break Reef Break is a French-American crime drama television series.

series regular

In January 2010, Raver was promoted to a series regular.

St. Esprit was promoted to a series regular for season 2.

In season 15 she is promoted once more to a series regular.

throughout the series

Drake has several girlfriends throughout the series.

He recruited several men throughout the series.

His appearance changes constantly throughout the series.

series of events

Through a series of events, both George and A.J.

This series of events sharpened his belief in human dignity.

Historically, this series of events is extremely improbable.

series of books

It is based on the series of books by George W. Peck.

1 Ladies' Detective Agency" series of books.

He wrote a series of books in his lifetime.

series was released

The G6 series was released with Android 8 "Oreo".

In 2016, a ninth film in the series was released.

In 2001, a soundtrack to the series was released.

fiction television series

Richard Faraday is an actor on a science fiction television series, "Star Peace".

In 1993 she was cast on the science fiction television series "Babylon 5" as telepath Talia Winters.

Davros Davros is a character from the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who".

radio series

The radio series was adapted by Patricia Cumper.

In 1954 he then produced the BBC radio series "The Starlings".

The TV series was adapted from the radio series "The Cases of Mr.

concert series   (серия концертов)

The volumes also covered concert series and necrology.

In the 1980s, this led to a concert series.

He serves as the first male performer for the concert series.

final series

In his final series, he scored 301 runs at 33.44.

The 36ers went on to lose the grand final series 3–2.

He finished 24th in the final series points.

series starring   (сериал с участием)

Two series starring Jace Norman were the lead-in and lead-out around the ceremony.

() is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young.

The story was dramatised as part of the Granada TV Holmes series starring Jeremy Brett.

finals series

The table does not include finals series attendances.

The premiership is always decided by a "finals series".

The finals series will be expanded from four to eight teams.

anime television series   (аниме телесериал)

A new anime television series titled Uchi Tama!?

An anime television series titled "Re:Stage!

An anime television series adaptation was announced in the "Good!

playoff series   (серия плей-офф)

The team then lost the 3rd place playoff series to Panionios.

Maroussi then lost the 3rd place playoff series against Aris.

The Trail Blazers thus won their first playoff series since 2016.

entire series   (вся серия)

The entire series is available on the STV Player.

The entire series was written for children ages 4 – 8.

The entire series is also licensed to Netflix.

fourth series

Carla Lane became sole writer for the fourth series.

The fourth series began airing on 22 July 2016.

A fourth series of ten episodes was commissioned in 2015.

reality series   (серия реалити)

In 2016, Collins took part in the ITV reality series "".

", reality series "", "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?"

In 2017, he narrated the ITVBe reality series "Spa Wars".

series ended

The series ended in October 1953 with issue #127.

This series ended on a cliffhanger in Issue 28.

The series ended in February 2019 with its 13th issue.

series titled

A new anime television series titled Uchi Tama!?

"Weekly Manga Times" also featured a series titled .

A five-part web series titled "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

television drama series

is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network.

It will also be adapted into a Chinese internet television drama series.

Shorr Shorr is an Indian television drama series that aired on Sahara One.

won the series

England won the series 1–0, with two Tests drawn.

Huisman won the series championship over Van Es.

Marsh won the series final on 9 December 2007.

championship series

The Hillman Imp led in the British championship series.

Branches organise race championship series and track days.

In game 1 of the championship series, Sanford defeated Newport 6-5.

series creator   (создатель сериала)

are among series creator Matt Groening's favorite lines.

It was written and directed by series creator Donald Glover.

They were written and directed by series creator Joss Whedon.

novel series   (серия романов)

The novel series has over 3 million volumes in print.

graphic novel series through comic publisher, Oni Press.

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

video game series

Baseball is a baseball video game series.

It was the first game in the "Blue's Clues" video game series.

The game is part of the "Mary-Kate and Ashley" video game series.

comic series

He also acted in a number of radio comic series.

The "Asterix" comic series has been translated into Breton.

Studios "Hellraiser" comic series (2011).

series of matches

The following weeks saw the duo break out into fist fights, which led to a series of matches between them.

Havok then moved into a feud with Alicia, with the duo facing off in a series of matches throughout mid-2011.

In early 1982 the two also fought in a series of matches in Japan with Arnold Skaaland in Roussimoff's corner.

television series created

"Babylon 5" (1994–1999), a space opera television series created by J. Michael Straczynski.

Wild District Wild District () is a Colombian web television series created by Cristian Conti.

Grand Jury (TV series) Grand Jury is an American drama television series created by Mort Briskin.

series between

This ran for one series between 2008 and 2009.

The Red Sox swept two consecutive series between April 13–18.

It was a tri-nation series between Australia, England and New Zealand.

series written

He also has his own audio series written by and starring Atherton.

"Vassalord" is a josei manga series written and illustrated by Nanae Chrono.

is a light novel series written by Sou Sagara, with illustrations by Kantoku.

wrote a series

He wrote a series of books in his lifetime.

He also wrote a series of librettos for Benjamin Britten.

1938), who wrote a series of papers about the disease in 1976.

published a series

They also published a series avant-garde books, which formed the a.r.

She has published a series of art books in African wax textile for children.

He published a series of books on religious history, mainly on Bön and Buddhism.

series was produced

The series was produced in St. John's, Newfoundland.

The series was produced by Hats Off Productions.

The series was produced by Manish Goswami.

series ran

The series ran for two seasons and ended in 1983.

The series ran for 10 episodes and will have 2 ova.

The series ran for 120 episodes; ending in 1968.

racing series

He left the sport in 1994 and pursued other racing series.

He competed in various racing series.

GM has also used many cars in the American racing series NASCAR.

series that aired

is a New Zealand weight and diet reality series that aired on TV3.

Shorr Shorr is an Indian television drama series that aired on Sahara One.

Real Monsters", an animated series that aired on MTV's sister channel, Nickelodeon.

series lead   (ведущий серии)

With the win the Dodgers took a 1-0 series lead.

The Cards now had a commanding 3–1 series lead.

Nebraska extended their series lead to 48–18–2.

series including

Cypress Gardens has hosted over 16 major movies and television series including:

He started racing in various one make series including Mazdas and Volkswagen Polos.

After writing for television series including "Great Castles of Europe" and the "F.B.I.

series of short

Greene constructed his first aircraft in 1907, in which he made a series of short hops.

There are also a series of short video recordings of the machine in operation on YouTube.

He moved into the film industry making a series of short comic features with Al St. John.

cartoon series   (мультсериал)

It preceded the popular cartoon series "The Flintstones".

Unlike the cartoon series, the Pink Panther is shown speaking.

Reynolds is best known for his cartoon series, "Reynolds Unwrapped".

ongoing series   (продолжающаяся серия)

Also, Bruce appeared in another ongoing series, "".

With the ongoing series "Estonian Documents".

", which led to the launch of a "War Machine" ongoing series.

long series   (длинная серия)

Lilanga began a long series of exhibitions.

It is one in a long series of such anthologies by Manning-Sanders.

His widow, Marjorie, said he had suffered a long series of illnesses.

began a series

", began a series of successful albums and singles.

The Dodgers began a series with the Giants at AT&T Park on July 5.

Meier added halfings in 1982 and began a series of fantasy vehicles.

made a series

He made a series of conjectures on class field theory.

GoPro made a series of job cuts in 2016-2018.

Collaert also made a series of prints after de Vos' drawings.

produced a series

He also produced a series of etchings of birds.

STUG also produced a series of newsletters.

Sauter produced a series of portraits for the Schott family.

series of novels   (серия романов)

He is well known outside Spain for his "Alatriste" series of novels.

It is the third book in the "Hap and Leonard" series of novels by Lansdale.

The franchise has been the inspiration for a series of novels and comic books.

time series

Support for various time series analysis methods.

Elements of a time series are often called ticks.

Prometheus collects data in the form of time series.

series published

There are several series published by the Estonian Folklore Archives.

Wee Sing Wee Sing is a songbook series published by Price Stern Sloan.

The Studio Leonardo colors a large part of the comics series published in Spirou.

other series   (другие серии)

", "The Closer", "Nip/Tuck" and among other series.

Unlike the other series set in the Cosmic Era, "C.E.

Pérez acted in other series such as "La Riera", "Oh!

series was broadcast

The whole series was broadcast after 1994 on TV Nova.

In Canada, the series was broadcast on Global.

The series was broadcast on Israel's Channel 10 in 2012.

series featured

The series featured Kevin Brown and Austin Pendleton.

when the series featured sport's most overrated athletes.

The second production series featured several improvements.

series was created

The original Athene series was created in 2007.

The series was created by Waco O'Guin and Roger Black.

The series was created by Ronald D. Moore.

series of concerts

In 1972 Carter presented a series of concerts in Australia.

At the end of 2002, a "best of" album was released and she played a series of concerts.

American rapper Bow Wow was slated to headline a series of concerts in the Fall of 2008.

previous series

They were situated in the base camp used in previous series.

Staff from the previous series are working on the production.

"I usually played as wealthy contravida in my previous series.

comedy television series

La Job La Job is a Canadian comedy television series set in Montreal, Quebec.

He took fourth position in the reality comedy television series "Maharaja Lawak Mega".

He played Dr "Mac" Macartney in the comedy television series "Green Wing" (2004-2006).

television series produced

It was the first animated television series produced by BET since "Hey Monie!".

W'z W'z is a 2019 anime television series produced by Frontier Works and animated by GoHands.

The Lost Saucer The Lost Saucer is an ABC network television series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

series features

The women's series features 12 teams in each tournament.

The series features seven main characters.

The series features four main characters.

television series based

In 2017, a television series based on the film, titled "", premiered.

They also appear in "Thomas & Friends", the television series based on the books.

A television series based upon the books was produced for syndication in 1992–1993.

series of small

While at Turkey Point, there were a series of small raids and skirmishes.

In October, he wiped out a series of small French garrisons in the Battle of Cervera.

The wings are dark blackish brown and fasciated with several series of small white spots.

series entitled

There is also an online series entitled Aleksanteri Papers.

A spinoff TV series entitled "" was produced from 1996 to 1998.

They also publish the PAU series entitled "In the Service of Science".

main series   (основная серия)

In the main series Petrov remained with the Campos team.

The company regularly released new games in the main series.

He represented Pori Aus in 1972-1981 during the main series.

series featuring   (серия с участием)

There is a web series featuring stories from the books on YouTube.

An animated series featuring Tenida started airing on "Zee Bangla".

As well, there have been numerous limited series featuring the group.

series broadcast

These are all the series broadcast on Rishtey in Europe.

These are the series broadcast on the Asian feed on Rishtey.

is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by GMA Network.

lecture series   (серия лекций)

Gray Symposium and lecture series in Gray's honor.

The first lecture series took place in 1998.

NBI presented a variety of lecture series.

during the series

Mia develops an interest for writing during the series.

Many characters departed and arrived during the series.

The following teams and drivers competed during the series.

television series starring

() is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young.

Yeonnam-dong 539 Yeonnam-dong 539 () is a 2018 television series starring an ensemble cast.

Voice 2 Voice 2 () is a 2018 South Korean television series starring Lee Ha-na and Lee Jin-wook.