Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

continued to serve   (continuó sirviendo)

Morse continued to serve in the Senate until 1968.

It continued to serve as an OTU until October 1943.

The squadron continued to serve until the war's end.

not serve   (no servir)

A woman could not serve as a kohen in the Temple.

He did not serve in the cabinet of Walter Weir.

"We do not serve God for salvation, but from salvation."

elected to serve   (elegido para servir)

To date 142 individuals have been elected to serve as AMs.

He was elected to serve in Tromsø municipal council in 1987.

Bill Linehan was elected to serve the remainder of Kelly's term.

continues to serve   (continúa sirviendo)

Segal continues to serve as the project's director.

It continues to serve as a community social center.

Boyd continues to serve as the group's president.

licensed to serve   (licencia para servir)

WPBQ WPBQRadio is an online radio station licensed to serve the world.

KAAJ-LP KAAJ-LP (103.9 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve Monticello, Utah.

KPET KPET (690 AM) is a radio station licensed to serve Lamesa, Texas, United States.

woman to serve

She was the first woman to serve in this position.

She was the first woman to serve in the Marine Battalions.

She was the first working woman to serve as WTUL president.

appointed to serve

Each member is appointed to serve a three-year term.

Khalif was appointed to serve as U.S.

Nevertheless, Prothero was appointed to serve as Ridgway's lead defense attorney.

intended to serve

They are not intended to serve abroad.

Wat Pho was also intended to serve as a place of education for the general public.

Although intended to serve the Danish mission further north, it accomplished little.

built to serve

The custom mill was built to serve local farms.

It was built to serve children with deficient eyesight.

In 1871, the small mission church of St David's was built to serve Ely.

serve the community   (servir a la comunidad)

Two churches serve the community.

KIYE KIYE (88.7 FM) is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Kamiah, Idaho.

Recently he has retired as the President of AICU, but still continues to serve the community.

did not serve

He did not serve in the cabinet of Walter Weir.

Sinatra did not serve in the military during World War II.

David Schmitz says this policy did not serve U.S. interests.

later serve

Mac Tichenor, Jr.'s brother, Warren (who would later serve as U.S.

This structure would later serve as an impervious core for the completed dam.

Lieutenant Monroe was wounded during the battle and would later serve in Congress.

continue to serve

As of 2019, Brittany Ferries continue to serve the route.

Today (2012) the Columban Sisters continue to serve on six continents.

He would continue to serve in the Oregon State Senate until his retirement in 1959.

serve the needs

to better serve the needs of the northeastern states.

A few grocery shops are there to serve the needs of the locals.

It was founded to serve the needs of the Ukrainian immigrant community in Baltimore.

serve the station   (servir a la estación)

London Buses routes 79, 204 and 223 serve the station.

Stagecoach Buses routes 5; 17; 18; 19; and 46 serve the station.

London Buses routes 34, 102, 144, 444 and 491 serve the station.

better serve

to better serve the needs of the northeastern states.

These higher speeds better serve the longer distances involved.

It was expanded in 2008 and was added to better serve customers.

only serve   (solo servir)

Secondary zones contain nodes that can only serve as replicas.

However, he would only serve in that post for a year before being named to the first of two Senate stints.

The first such election was set for 1951, meaning that Hynes would only serve a two-year term, rather than a four-year term.

order to serve   (orden de servir)

Male slaves were castrated in order to serve as harem guards.

In 1960, Oguntoye renounced her British citizenship in order to serve in the Nigerian judiciary.

The Baltimore American Indian Center was established in 1968 in order to serve the needs of this community.

serve both

In some cases, a single document may serve both purposes.

Both services serve both the city centre and the suburbs.

Secondary forest roads serve both sides of the Plamondon Creek valley.

designed to serve

XAP was designed to serve as the system of record for the data that it maintains.

The businesses in the area were largely designed to serve the needs of customers during the horse and buggy era.

It was designed to serve as a handheld computer device that translates English into one of 40 different languages.

used to serve

"Tay Koh Yat" buses used to serve the area.

The former Ashton Gate station used to serve the Ashton area and Bristol City F.C.

He used to serve as the director of China Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum for eight years.

serve as president

DM&E has had three men serve as president of the railroad:

He was the first Arizona mayor to serve as president of the organization.

Dr. Balch is the first woman to serve as president in the college's history.

serve only   (solo servir)

Other nodes serve only to route data.

Lincoln had pledged in 1846 to serve only one term in the House.

They would serve only in units and under officers of their state.

selected to serve

McConnell was selected to serve as a Democratic whip in November 2016.

She was the first Wisconsinite ever selected to serve on the committee.

In 1999, he was selected to serve as the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

volunteered to serve

After the meeting, 45 attendees volunteered to serve in the company.

Wales In 1916 Thomas volunteered to serve his country in World War I.

He volunteered to serve in the V-5 Naval Aviation Program in June 1942.

able to serve   (capaz de servir)

Thus it was able to serve the whole country.

"If you are able to serve, serve," he said.

He felt no longer able to serve the military in any aspect.

members serve

House members serve two-year terms without term limits.

The members serve for a nine-year term.

The five members serve as principals in the five units of ESS.

allowed to serve

Since 1975 women were allowed to serve in medical and music band functions.

Both voting and nonvoting "ex officio" members are allowed to serve on committees.

When Gracchus replied affirmatively he asked if he was allowed to serve with the Romans.

serve more

None of the men found guilty would serve more than six years in prison.

No individual can serve more than two consecutive terms as National Commander.

Trams only run above ground and serve more stops than the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn.

began to serve

In 1952 she began to serve in the x-ray area.

In 1974, the airport also began to serve international flights.

Hofman began to serve on the research staff at the World Center.

serve students

Deaf schools often serve students of the state in which the school resides.

A learning disability and a speech therapist are on staff to serve students in grades K-12.

Gary Charter Schools Gary Charter Schools serve students who reside in Gary, Indiana, United States.

serve all

Due to the free transfer passageway, all exits serve all platforms.

Cullen Middle School and Yates High School serve all of Cuney Homes.

The measure passed and the library began to serve all township residents as well.

serve the area

The bus lines 907, 913, 991 and 999 serve the area.

"Tay Koh Yat" buses used to serve the area.

An Anglican church to serve the area was provided in 1854.

routes serve

Four MBTA Bus routes serve Oak Grove station.

The bus routes serve South Brooklyn as well.

, the following routes serve White Rock Centre exchange:

does not serve

Amtrak currently does not serve Davenport or the Quad Cities.

Göteborg Landvetter, however, does not serve as a hub for any airline.

There are many situations in which bracketing does not serve to disambiguate.

serve the city

Miyazaki Airport and Miyazaki seaport serve the city.

Regional trains serve the city every hour.

Naha Airport and Naha Port serve the city.

refused to serve

On the same day, some of Suharto's allies refused to serve in a new cabinet.

On being elected, Beackon for instance stated that he refused to serve his Asian constituents in Millwall.

During the Yugoslav Wars, he refused to serve in the military and instead volunteered at various refugee centers.

serve as executive   (servir como ejecutivo)

Blabey will serve as executive producer on the movie.

Leiden will serve as executive chairman until April 2023.

Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert serve as executive producers.

called to serve

One day a bailiff called to serve them with notice to quit.

One, Jackson MKabela, was called to serve as mission president in Zimbabwe.

By 1888, he felt called to serve in the African missions and entered the Society on 21 December of that year.

sentenced to serve

In December 2012, he was sentenced to serve two years in prison.

On October 29, 2013, he was sentenced to serve 37 months in prison.

Already serving 5 to 15 years on weapons charges, he was sentenced to serve an additional 25 years to life.

now serve

The six terraces now serve as event space overlooking the river.

Incidentally, both King and Collins now serve together in the United States Senate.

These crumbling blocks of monolithic stone now serve only for grey toads and snakes to nest under.

meant to serve

The film was meant to serve as a series pilot, but it was not picked up.

However, the journal is not meant to serve as a governmental mouthpiece.

It can be traced back to 1858, and was meant to serve as an alternative to the standard uniform jacket.

chosen to serve

She was again chosen to serve in this capacity after the 2008 elections.

O'Hara was chosen to serve as the track's first President and Managing Director.

After Everett became separate, Evans was chosen to serve as its first Town Moderator.

agreed to serve

He agreed to serve three to eight years for this crime.

In a 2008 plea bargain, he agreed to serve a prison term of up to years.

He agreed to serve as a presidential elector for John Adams in the 1796 election.

often serve   (a menudo sirven)

Individual directors often serve on more than one board.

Memorial halls often serve the functions of village halls.

He would often serve as uke, for Ueshiba during his early morning classes.

required to serve

degrees required to serve in particular E.G.C.

The great majority of these troops were required to serve for three years.

Every able bodied man and woman is required to serve ostensibly for 18 months.

expected to serve

She is expected to serve two three-year terms.

The new turbines are expected to serve for the next 25 years.

Jackie Levine was expected to serve as a co-executive producer.

person to serve   (persona para servir)

Gragg was the only black person to serve on the board at the time.

He is openly gay and is the first LGBTQ African-American person to serve in the Illinois legislature.

The last person to serve as a buffer between the two, father Benjamin Warner, died on November 5, 1935.

serve the same

Both serve the same purpose and are described as one (i.e.

Both serve the same purpose of transporting oxygen in the organism.

The dill leaves may be mixed with butter, making a dill butter, to serve the same purpose.

women to serve

He also supported the creation of commission to consider allowing women to serve as deacons.

It prepares men and women to serve the church and community in a climate of growing religious liberty.

Angle joined UNMC in 1971 and was one of the first women to serve as chair of an academic medical department (pediatrics).

serve as natural

They also serve as natural insecticides.

Bacteria serve as natural hosts.

Plants serve as natural hosts.

station to serve   (estación para servir)

The B&ER opened a station to serve Thornfalcon village in 1871.

The opening of the line on 1 June 1865 saw the opening of a station to serve Coryton.

Freight facilities were intended to be provided at the station to serve the nearby quarries.

serve the remainder

On 10 June, he was ordered to serve the remainder on probation.

Bill Linehan was elected to serve the remainder of Kelly's term.

Robert Consalvo was elected to serve the remainder of Conley's term.

members to serve

The members appoint alternate members to serve in their place.

The Town Council appoints one of its members to serve as Chairman.

The Chairman of the Commission is selected by its own members to serve for a one-year term.

serve no

The sheep serve no purpose for cultural ceremonies of any kind.

The columns are decorative only, and appear to serve no structural purpose.

The driver of the Walmart truck, Roper, accepted a plea deal in which he pled guilty but would serve no jail time.

serve the public   (servir al público)

To maintain personal conduct in such a manner as will enhance the stature of the profession and its ability to serve the public.

But the real issue is about how well institutions they operate in (markets, planning, bureaucracies, government) serve the public.

Taxpayers were never given a vote to permit profit-seeking ventures on state lands which have historically existed to serve the public good.

serve the growing

SICPA quickly moved to inks for printers to serve the growing demand in the Lausanne region.

In 1910, the Philips company erected new houses to serve the growing need for employee housing.

This church was inaugurated in 1993 to serve the growing community in the most modern part of Ħaż-Żabbar.

serve overseas   (servir en el extranjero)

Two of his four children volunteered to serve overseas in that conflict.

The regiment also had four Territorial battalions, although only two would serve overseas.

It was later re-activated in 1898 for the Spanish–American War, but did not serve overseas.

serve the new

The airport was constructed in 1966 to serve the new, growing community of Indian Lake.

These will serve the new bus complex as well as the international airport.In 2019, the Baku suburban railway opened.

In 1958, a field was purchased at the Folly to enable an approach road to be made to serve the new secondary schools.

did serve

Nevertheless, Jasta 47 did serve through war's end.

Vinzzent did serve as one of the jurors.

In 1814, West did serve as a delegate to the Hartford Convention.

serve as both

He continued to serve as both mayor and a member in the Legislature.

During his tenure, he would serve as both head coach and athletic director for the school.

Located throughout the body wall, these structures serve as both structural support and defense from predators.

created to serve

The lake was originally created to serve as a reservoir for a mill.

He founded two organizations, and Musée des Arts et Métiers, which were created to serve as educational tools for the public.

The new parish, organized by father George Shea was created to serve the faithful of the northern part of the city apostle and the surrounding area.

assigned to serve

She was assigned to serve in the North Sea against German surface units counteracting German efforts to sow mines in British waters.

Arriving in Orenburg, Pyotr reports to his commanding officer and is assigned to serve at Fort Belogorsky under captain Ivan Mironov.

After his ordination, Lissner was assigned to serve in Whydah in the Kingdom of Dahomey, which was then undergoing increasing control by France.

continuing to serve

Once it was possible to return they did so and rebuilt the abbey, continuing to serve pilgrims until the end of the 18th century.

In 1998, Gibson joined Dr. Taylor Wang and others in forming Encapsulife, Inc., with Gibson continuing to serve as its president.

The Royal Indian Navy was split between India and Pakistan, with senior British officers continuing to serve with both navies, and the vessels were divided between the two nations.

forced to serve

The prisoner was the forced to serve as guide.

Ye, officers, are forced to serve the barbarians and ye feel no shame!

Yet he finds himself forced to serve those individuals that are "beneath" him.

serve up

Blanchet House can serve up to 1,000 meals a day.

Nevertheless, the band does serve up some God orchestrated moments."

The airport now has 1,705 meters runway and ready to serve up to ATR 72/600.

serve the town   (servir a la ciudad)

Its main function is to serve the town of Cabot, home of the famous Cabot Creamery.

While it did pass near Quarryville, it did so on a high fill and did not descend to serve the town.

The Plumbago Creek was dammed to provide a reservoir to serve the town and mill's water supply needs.

asked to serve

He was asked to serve as Provost again in 1985.

In 1994, Aluko was asked to serve in the administration of General Sani Abacha.

In 2007, she was asked to serve as the Ranking Minority member of the Kansas Ways and Means Committee.

serve as head   (servir como jefe)

LaVar Ball continued to serve as head coach.

Weld to serve as head of the Massachusetts Board of Education.

Takao Nakao returns from Ultraman Orb to serve as head of writing and series composition.

serve the people

It is growing every day with new companies moving in to serve the people of the Hills District.

There are few Banks along with ATM facilities serve the people living in Sheoraphuli and nearby areas.

Whiteman station will serve the people around Brabham and Henley Brook areas and those visiting Whiteman Park.

serve during

There were no breaks of serve during the entire match.

In 1917 Hale joined the Red Cross as a nurse to serve during WWI.

Surviving vessels went on to serve during the French Revolutionary War and Napoleonic War.

longer serve

could no longer serve as the central dynamic, and filmmakers moved on to different topics.

If their wife dies, they are forbidden to remarry; if they do, they may no longer serve as a priest.

When a flag is so tattered that it can no longer serve as a symbol of the United States, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.

no longer serve

could no longer serve as the central dynamic, and filmmakers moved on to different topics.

If their wife dies, they are forbidden to remarry; if they do, they may no longer serve as a priest.

When a flag is so tattered that it can no longer serve as a symbol of the United States, it should be destroyed in a dignified manner, preferably by burning.

serve the purpose   (servir para el caso)

"What Kind of World" would serve the purpose of tackling both arguments.

Divisions serve the purpose of simplifying conference scheduling during the regular season.

A private English boarding school has also been established to serve the purpose of the "nouveau-riche".

schools serve

Four other primary schools serve Breightmet.

Madawaska's schools serve Madawaska, St. David, and Grand Isle.

Mostly the Central Suburban League public high schools serve the North Shore.