financial services   (金融服务)

ISO 20022 is widely used in financial services.

CMBKL is a private financial services provider in Kenya.

This is known as the "passporting" of financial services.

bus services   (巴士服务)

The local rail and bus services are well developed.

There are regular bus services to all the towns.

On Sundays they were replaced by three bus services.

health services   (健康服务)

Following health services are available at Rajbiraj.

Call girls operate via delivery health services.

Some health services are provided by Israeli clinics in the camp.

passenger services   (旅客服务)

None of them has never offered passenger services.

About 25 airports have scheduled passenger services.

The station is not used for passenger services.

social services

There is a day care, social services building and a post office.

They also work in social services and with intercultural projects.

Upgrading social services and infrastructure has become a necessity.

services such

Urban services such as water or sanitation are minimal.

This health care system offers many services such as...

SPHVs study and provide the public with services such as:

goods and services   (货物与服务)

In 1990 its imports of goods and services was about 25%.

Exports of goods and services are worth over 70% of Swiss GDP.

food and other goods and services) provided by their employers.

train services   (火车服务)

The following train services call at this station:

The train services are operated by Trenord and TiLo.

products and services   (产品与服务)

EmbroidMe offers promotional products and services such as monogramming.

Ayeyarwady Bank offers retail and commercial banking products and services.

It has the ability to provide specialty products and services all 50 states.

public services

There are several ways to privatize public services.

In most cases public services are services, i.e.

There are no public services on Crane Island.

education services

Anne are in the health and education services sector.

Special education services have been very limited in Zambia.

It serves students grades 6 to 12, along with special education services.

medical services   (医疗服务)

There are no emergency medical services on Fair Isle.

Trauma Team can be employed for rapid medical services.

It is similar to spa resorts but with medical services.

other services

Many of the other services were little changed.

These cards serve as a gateway to other services the school offers.

The Navy shares the same discipline problems as the other services.

services between

There are no night services between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Passenger services between Inverell and Moree ceased in 1983.

There are also regular shipping services between Honiara and Auki.

special education services

It serves students grades 6 to 12, along with special education services.

Lebanon School District provides a wide spectrum of special education services.

5% receive special education services and 9% qualify for free/reduced price meals.

emergency services   (紧急服务)

The first call to emergency services was at 5:38 a.m.

Security forces and emergency services arrived shortly afterwards.

The Battalion raised funds for emergency services in the wake of 9/11.

support services

Further support services include editing, dubbing, scanning and film recording.

The Marine Corps cooperates with the Navy on many institutional support services.

HP Cloud Operation Services—Provides support services for a company's cloud environment.

services are provided   (提供服务)

Medical services are provided by a mobile clinic.

Facilities management services are provided by Sodexo.

All services are provided between 05:30 and 22:30 hours.

services provided   (提供的服务)

The services provided by the "Sundew" were taken up by .

Among the services provided by the hospital are as follows.

care services

Patient care services resumed five days later.

It provides a broad range of health care services to veterans.

Only one in three mothers had access to child health care services.

church services

However, regular church services still take place.

The Zuiderkerk was used for church services until 1929.

He rented a pew and occasionally attended church services.

provide services

Both provide services to Jewish and non-Jewish students at Drexel.

The company built up many carriers’ partnerships to provide services.

The London Fire Brigade provide services for the area and Greater London as a whole.

services including

It offers services including patrol, K-9 unit and school resource officers.

They provided a variety of services including educational, legal, and health services.

After Microsoft acquired Skype they also got their mobile services including GroupMe and Qik.

security services   (安全服务)

His girlfriend was known to French security services.

By now he was known to the security services.

SSP stands for security services processor.

local services

All trains are local services and stop at all stations.

The trains were used on local services to Southport until 1945.

It will continue to be the site of local services on Remembrance Sunday.

rail services

All rail services are operated by Croatian Railways.

GmbH" with the aim of providing rail services.

services company

LG CNS India is an offshore IT services company.

Andrews was employed by IT services company Volante for several years.

In 2016, HomeAdvisor acquired the German home services company, MyHammer.

services are operated

Train services are operated by Arriva and Breng.

The train services are operated by Trenord and TiLo.

The services are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

provides services

It provides services to the oil and gas industry.

Maximus also provides services for child support programs.

Currently, it is the only synagogue in Indonesia that provides services.

services include

Telecommunications services include Nepal Telecom, Ncell and UTL.

Online services include a forum called Ubiquity and Tech News digest.

Products and services include:

following services

The following services currently call at Sauwerd:

The following services currently call at Loppersum:

The station is served by the following services:

religious services

All religious services at the church are open to all.

She participated in religious services every day, and visited the sick.

The Dutch were not allowed to hold any religious services on the island.

intelligence services

The intelligence services penetrated the Bremen SPD during 1934.

He works for AXE – a secret arm of the US intelligence services.

legal services

The prison administration offers vocational courses and legal services to the prisoners.

In April 2018, Axos Bank purchased the Chapter 7 business of the legal services company Epiq Systems Inc.

Most large law firms in Quebec offer the full range of legal services of law firms in common-law provinces.

services through

Wachovia provided global services through more than 40 offices around the world.

Generally, a money transmitter markets its services through a network of agents.

VCE provides services through partners to plan, design, and deploy Vblock Systems.

providing services

Hagar started providing services to Afghanistan and Vietnam in 2009.

There are currently 17 ESUs providing services to 261 public school districts.

was providing services to around one million of households living in 10.000 villages.

services operated

It was logical that internal air services operated from there.

Passenger services operated 1944-71.

Passengers services operated between Crewe via to Middlewich and .

management services

Facilities management services are provided by Sodexo.

Below is a comparison of notable customer feedback management services.

Part 2 of the Act seeks to regulate the provision of claims management services.

streaming services   (流媒体服务)

Music streaming services currently refer to it as Peter Gabriel 1: Car.

Music streaming services currently refer to it as Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch.

We want to see streaming services like VEVO and Spotify in the German market.

ferry services   (轮渡服务)

CityCat ferry services link South Brisbane to other riverside suburbs.

There are numerous daily bus and ferry services between the two cities.

The city has regular ferry services to the Balearic Islands and Algeria.

scheduled services

There are no public scheduled services at Finkenwerder.

In 1921, KLM started scheduled services.

The local airport has a hard runway but no scheduled services.

government services

Taxation is the most appropriate way to fund local government services.

No person shall have a right to government services in any other language.

She works closely with immigrant communities to help navigate government services.

freight services

The line is primarily utilised by freight services.

However, freight services continued to use the line.

The line is still open for freight services.

educational services

Further educational services are provided at the Cambridge Public Library.

FESF provides educational services, with particular focus on Deaf children and youth.

In the 2009-10 school year, the district provided basic educational services to 1,902 pupils.

professional services

NIOM continues the work with the same staff and professional services.

Severa (disambiguation) Severa is a professional services automation tool.

These people are permitted to offer their professional services directly to the public.

services during

Seventeen students died in the armed services during World War II.

'Abhaibhubejhr Pharmacy') and provides Thai massage services during the day.

There are Christians and Musims who offer their services during the Vela celebrations.

all services

Eurostar cancelled all services.

On top of the management all services are provided and secured by WANBound.

They thus became the primary source of information and referral for all services.

range of services

A range of services are available for members including a bookshop.

Brazil's diversified economy includes agriculture, industry, and a wide range of services.

NECA represents electrical contractors from firms of all sizes, performing a range of services.

services rendered   (提供的服务)

both for services rendered to industry during the war.

To honour Hans for his services rendered to Drenthe and its language."

In view of the exemplary Statesmanship and dedicated services rendered to the state by late Sri.

banking services   (银行服务)

It has 1,362 branches where it offers banking services.

Mobile banking services have just started to be offered.

Banks available for banking services are :

community services

Remaining residents were integrated into community services or other state-operated programs.

The community services began its activities in 1897, the Swiss Post established an office in 1911.

The Sara Lee Foundation was founded in 1981 to formalize Sara Lee's dedication to community services.

armed services

Seventeen students died in the armed services during World War II.

In 1914, 927 Leysians joined the armed services and 146 of them died.

It claimed that over 900 pupils had gone on to careers in the armed services.

worship services   (崇拜服务)

Anglican worship services are open to all visitors.

Currently, worship services are held from June through September.

The lower inner court is used primarily for various worship services.

services were held

The first services were held in a log schoolhouse.

Funeral services were held at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan.

Funeral services were held at his home prior to that interment.

services within

Coach buses are used for longer-distance services within and even outside Botswana.

NYAS operates a freephone helpline providing access to all its services within England and Wales.

It operates scheduled and charter airline cargo as well as passenger services within Alaska and Canada.

services run

During the peak, services run every 15 minutes.

consulting services   (咨询服务)

Materials testing and consulting services also generate income.

TNIOM offers consulting services in questions related to dental biomaterials.

Mulroney's defence stated these payments were in return for consulting services.

health care services

It provides a broad range of health care services to veterans.

Only one in three mothers had access to child health care services.

Approximately 90% of the population had access to health care services.

related services

The group comprises the construction, property and related services.

Aside its product portfolio, ThalesNano also offers chemistry related services.

It also includes a Critical Care Center for emergency and trauma related services.

services are available

Following health services are available at Rajbiraj.

Both DSL and FTTH services are available.

Lebukhali is the last place till where bus services are available.

line services

It is serviced by V/Line Traralgon line services.

It is serviced by V/Line Maryborough line services.

services offered

Some of the services offered on the WANSecure firewall include:

There are 3 types of train services offered on the metro line 14:

There are 2 types of train services offered on the metro line 21:

transport services

There is no Government road transport services.

Public transport and vital transport services are closed-down on Christmas day.

(1950), commenced its business of passenger transport services from 15 May 1974.

programs and services

The website is for a list of programs and services.

These regulations cover access to all programs and services offered by the entity.

The association provides programs and services to the precision machining industry.

mental health services

While there, his primary focus was on the organization and financing of mental health services.

The hospital provides medical, surgical, paediatrics, obstetrics, gynaecology and mental health services.

The adjacent St. Bernard's Hospital regaining its old identity to provide mental health services once more.

express services

Ulsterbus operates regional and express services from Derry.

The trains feature ATC devices and stop notifiers for express services.

At first, patronage was light enough that express services were not required.

postal services   (邮政服务)

Essential services includes banking and postal services.

Principal cargoes include wood, food, postal services and fuel.

The postal services of many countries have long relied on bicycles.

regular services

The church no longer holds regular services.

Next day, regular services commenced under a new timetable.

The Anglican church, "Christ Church" holds regular services.

services operate

The following marine services operate from the Long Wharf:

Some services operate direct to the Belconnen Town Centre.

Two main local bus services operate; 'Wexford Bus' and 'Local Link'.

military services

Some military services develop their own concept of vulnerability.

He was knighted for his military services in 1547 by John Dudley, Earl of Warwick.

The system largely consisted of land assignments from the state in return for military services.

fire services

Paid fire services in the city of Montreal date back to 1863.

One of the biggest aviation fire services is operated by BAA.

The total budget for fire services in 2014-15 was £2.9 billion.

online services

This coincided with growth in pay-based online services, like Prodigy, CompuServe, and GEnie.

South Carolina Federal offers online services and information 24-7 via its website,

Low-cost, high-performance modems drove the use of online services and BBSes through the early 1990s.

variety of services

His company continues to provide a variety of services for the railroads.

They provided a variety of services including educational, legal, and health services.

St John's offer a variety of services, traditional and informal, contemporary services.

information services

He co-founded IQ Resource, a business media and information services company.

In 1963, Chandler was hired by CBS News as its director of information services.

GM's OnStar subsidiary provides vehicle safety, security and information services.

emergency medical services

There are no emergency medical services on Fair Isle.

The hospital offers basic 24-hour emergency medical services.

They began CPR until emergency medical services personnel arrived.

services as well

Contacts and calendars can be synchronized from other services as well.

Can also support SIP, PRI, analog, and hosted PBX voice services as well.

The franchise system provides localized services as well as large scale disaster recovery.

services across

There are local bus services across the area, but some are infrequent.

The company provides IT services across several unique industry verticals.

There are many city buses and taxis providing services across the city and Bodh Gaya.

library services

The automation of library services is through an RFID library card.

The Carnegie Colored Library was a turning point for library services in the segregated South.

From 1906 to 1941 she headed children's library services for the New York Public Library system.

healthcare services   (医疗服务)

2023); and the provision of healthcare services by licensed institutions.

Screens and clearing around the settlement as well as upgraded healthcare services were recommended.

E Health Point provides preventive and curative healthcare services as well as access to drinking water.

goods or services

It could be paid in cattle, goods or services.

Production is the act of making goods or services by applying labor power.

The carrying capacity of a stock of capital is the level of demand for its goods or services it can support.

television services

On the third floor are booths television services.

Cable and satellite television services are available throughout Canada.

Official regular television services began on 1 March 1975 from Brunei-Muara District.

services available

NBP provided browseability ("what are the names of all the services available?")

All utility services available to community residents come from outside of Reese.

Johnson tripled the number of Secretary of State services available online at ExpressSOS.

ambulance services   (救护车服务)

Medical and ambulance services are provided by the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

St John provides ambulance services for approximately 90% of New Zealand’s population.

The company operates ferries, local bus services, truck transport and ambulance services.

special services

It is used for special services and programs.

High church Anglicans held special services on the anniversary of his death.

These engines were however used commercially for special services with great success.

services provider   (服务提供者)

CMBKL is a private financial services provider in Kenya.

Orbitera Orbitera is an American cloud services provider.

NNIT is currently (2017) the third-largest IT services provider in Denmark.

services sector

Anne are in the health and education services sector.

Its business is primarily oriented towards the services sector.

The services sector is by far the main source of employment in the city.

web services

All of the company's development platforms now support web services.

EDI via web services (a.k.a.

WS-Inspection lists groups of web services and their endpoints in an XML format.

police services

In most Canadian police services the rank of inspector is the first above that of staff sergeant.

The rank is not used in the German police services; there the equivalent of inspector is "Kommissar".

Funerals specifically for fallen members of fire or police services are common in United States and Canada.

services industry

Yohannes began his career in the financial services industry.

Brazil has a diverse and sophisticated services industry as well.

He was employed in the financial services industry for over 30 years.

services throughout

It operated scheduled and charter services throughout Mexico and the USA.

These two stations broadcast relayed services throughout regional Victoria.

NPA built health centers and occupational health services throughout the country.

basic services

Stoven has few basic services.

MTML has, since 2005, already started its ILD & CDMA based basic services in Mauritius.

A large proportion of fatalities in the country are attributed to a lack of basic services.

regional services

It is a stop for long-distance and regional services.

It is exclusively used by regional services.

The mountain houses radio towers serving numerous local and regional services.

charter services

The airport never succeeded at attracting any regular charter services.

By the end of the 1920s Newell had commenced operating charter services.

It operated scheduled and charter services throughout Mexico and the USA.

shared services

Nexstar continued KFXK's and KLPN's shared services agreement with sister station KETK.

As part of the acquisition, WUPW entered into a shared services agreement with Raycom's WTOL.

Nexstar continues to operate KFXK and KLPN under a shared services agreement with sister station KETK.

advisory services

It also provides a range of financial advisory services.

In 2009 WTS enlarged its service portfolio by offering financial advisory services.

He also served on the board of directors of free-enterprise advisory services firm, FTI Consulting.

municipal services

The village receives its municipal services from the Matte Binyamin Regional Council.

Others have suggested a "planned shrinkage" of municipal services, such as fire-fighting.

This regional council provides various municipal services for the villages within its territory:

additional services

VANs may provide a number of additional services, e.g.

There are also nine incorporated boroughs which may provide additional services to a section of town.

Trains are generally two-hourly off-peak and hourly peak-time, with additional services stopping at peak-time.

such services

Customers with such services may be entitled to a grandfather clause.

The competition is fierce between the companies offering such services.

New Brunswick and Northwest Territoires Councils once offered such services.

services currently

The following services currently call at Sauwerd:

The following services currently call at Loppersum:

The following services currently call at Stedum:

provided services

The BRHA also provided services to residents in southwestern Manitoba.

Amicus Bank briefly provided services under its own name through Bell Sympatico's portal.

In 1973, UOB then acquired Lee Wah Bank, which provided services in Malaysia and Singapore.