Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

first session   (primera sesión)

The first session being held on 29 November 2004.

School started its first session in the year 2005-06.

A total of 21 students enrolled for the first session.

recording session   (sesión de grabación)

A second recording session was held in March 1926.

Tina travels to London for Roger's recording session.

The Barlows' recording session concluded in April 2008.

practice session   (sesión de practica)

Qualifying was held after the first practice session.

In 2005, a timed Friday night practice session was introduced.

Final practice session for Saturday was cancelled due to rain.

legislative session   (sesión legislativa)

The legislative session began on January 19, 1891.

Those changes were eventually made in the 2002 legislative session.

The first legislative session in the new capital met in December 1847.

session musician   (Sesión musical)

He was also a session musician who played guitar.

He was also a session musician for Sun Records.

Allison also worked as a session musician.

session musicians   (músicos de sesión)

Relf is backed by session musicians on 3, 8, and 13.

Studio City Sound roster of session musicians:

Relf and Page are backed by session musicians on 15 and 16.

special session   (sesión especial)

Johnson returned home after the special session concluded.

Congress returned and assembled in special session on September 19.

In July 2019, Cox shut down a special session on gun control after only 90 minutes.

training session   (sesión de entrenamiento)

and complete a training session.

The arena was inaugurated with an Oilers training session on 1 October.

At the end of August 1996, he broke his ankle during a training session.

second session   (segunda sesión)

The second session was held at Tarepur in Silchar.

He was replaced by William Nesbitt for the second session.

The first session and second session lasted for 90 minutes each.

qualifying session   (sesión de calificación)

A qualifying session happens before the start of the event.

The qualifying session for the GT300 category was just as hectic.

The forty-minute qualifying session was held on Friday afternoon.

joint session   (sesión conjunta)

He also addressed a joint session of Congress.

The results were certified by a joint session of Congress on January 8, 2009.

The Congress met in joint session on February 19, 1862 and certified the result.

regular session   (sesión regular)

The regular session adjourned sine die on June 1, 2009.

The Mississippi State Legislature awarded her a formal recognition during the 1999 regular session.

26th Oregon Legislative Assembly The 26th Oregon Legislative Assembly had its regular session in 1911.

session work   (trabajo de sesión)

He also did session work for the label as a guitarist.

Johnny Gustafson was also included in the session work.

Micco does session work and plays weekly with a number of bands.

parliamentary session   (sesión parlamentaria)

The parliamentary session was closed at 9:45 pm.

In total he met during 1 day of parliamentary session.

In total he met during 6 days of parliamentary session.

morning session   (sesión matinal)

The morning session also featured a tight spell of 13 overs by Ring.

Having been second fastest in the morning session, Chilton was tenth behind teammate James Nash.

Towards the end of the morning session, the second new ball became available but Bradman decided to bide his time.

jam session   (sesión improvisada)

The terms "drum jam" or "jam session" could be substituted.

He participated in a jam session and radio performance with Louis Armstrong.

In his review for Allmusic, Scott Yanow stated "essentially a bebop jam session...

first practice session   (primera sesión de práctica)

Qualifying was held after the first practice session.

Ty Dillon was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 47.182 seconds and a speed of .

Kyle Busch was the fastest in the first practice session with a time of 50.865 seconds and a speed of .

session was held   (se llevó a cabo la sesión)

The second session was held at Tarepur in Silchar.

A second recording session was held in March 1926.

The third session was held at Mandalay in Burma.

plenary session   (sesión plenaria)

On 22 and 23 July the two committees met in a plenary session.

The Frente Amplio filed a motion to request the vacancy to be debated in the plenary session of the Congress.

The Senate, in a plenary session of 20 December 2006, ratified the referendum to be voted upon by the Andalusian public 18 February 2007.

session drummer   (baterista de sesión)

), Hungary's most wanted session drummer Gergely Borlai.

Anthony Brewer was hired as a session drummer to record on a few tracks on the album.

In 2001, Alex was a session drummer for Tobias Sammet's symphonic/power metal opera Avantasia.

each session   (cada sesión)

The fastest lap would be recorded for each session.

The Academy typically graduates between 50 and 60 Cadets each session.

After each session, they recorded down their comments about the experience.

final session   (sesión final)

The third and final session finished after 50 minutes.

England had taken 9 wickets in the final session of the fourth day.

Trump won the match 13–6, after just three frames of the final session.

studio session   (sesión de estudio)

The Game posted a video of him in a studio session with 1500 or Nothin'.

From 1969 to the early 1980s Mays worked as a studio session musician in Los Angeles.

An important event took place when she accompanied her husband "Little" Louie Vega to a studio session.

afternoon session   (sesión de la tarde)

His greatest contributions were renovating the school hall and starting the afternoon session.

The finals, in the afternoon session, saw him finish in 1:00.00 which was good enough to give him the bronze medal.

Both share the same school grounds: primary education is held in the morning session where as the is in the afternoon session.

during the session   (durante la sesión)

The pair had added 171 during the session.

Civil observers reporter of violations during the session.

The ARP sequence then takes place during the session initiation sequence.

evening session   (sesión de la tarde)

Wickets continued to fall regularly through the day, and Australia was eventually dismissed for 322 during the evening session.

In September 2007 OSE established evening session for Stock Index Futures and Options.The trading hours is from 16:30 to 19:00 (JST.

Going into the evening session with a 16–9 lead, Trump won two straight frames to win the match 18–9 and claim the 2019 world title.

next session   (próxima sesión)

The Amps' next session was with engineer Steve Albini at his Chicago studio.

Davis died in 1968, with the Oregon Legislature paying tribute the next session in 1969.

The trial continued during the next session, and Smith was removed from office on January 25, 1867.

same session   (misma sesión)

During the same session he advocated the abolition of capital punishment.

A cover of Sepultura's "Propaganda" was recorded during the same session.

The GWR had a Bill in Parliament in the same session as the Wenlock Railway's Bill.

final practice session   (sesión de práctica final)

Mark Winterbottom set the fastest time in the final practice session, held on Saturday morning.

Kyle Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 51.550 seconds and a speed of .

Kurt Busch was the fastest in the final practice session with a time of 76.163 seconds and a speed of .

live session   (sesión en vivo)

He also did an improvised live session in 2017 with Peter Broderick.

She also performed the song on her own for a live session on BBC Radio 2 in January 2017.

The band recorded a live session for John Kennedy on XFM and toured the UK with Shonen Knife and Leggy.

session guitarist   (guitarrista de sesión)

The album was completed with session guitarist Louis Metoyer.

He was also a session guitarist for Franklin and other musicians.

After he had graduated, Batio looked to become a session guitarist in his hometown.

not in session   (no en sesión)

The track oval is open for public use when school is not in session.

Long also continued to teach when the legislature was not in session.

Both schools have at least ten clubs that meet while school is not in session.

session player   (jugador de sesión)

He has served as a session player on albums by Todd Rundgren and Jill Sobule.

Hurley is still an in-demand session player who works with a number of different acts.

Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman was brought in as a session player, appearing on "Sabbra Cadabra".

third session   (tercera sesión)

The third session was held at Mandalay in Burma.

Trump was 14–10 ahead at the end of the third session.

During the third session, rival Pope Gregory XII authorized the council as well.

second practice session   (segunda sesión de práctica)

In the second practice session, Biffle was quickest with a time of 30.629 seconds.

Kyle Larson was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 14.874 seconds and a speed of .

Joey Logano was the fastest in the second practice session with a time of 22.858 seconds and a speed of .

last session   (última sesión)

He was President pro tempore during his last session.

On their last session, Hans raped Lili.

But, by 28 February 1955, this group realized its last session.

session held   (sesión celebrada)

In its session held on 20 February 2013, the University Council of Danube University Krems elected Mag.

In addition to the two shows, there was also a question-and-answer session held at the ECW Arena itself.

In 1983, Kerans was elected by his peers as the Speaker of the House for the biennial legislative session held in that year.

academic session   (sesión académica)

The academic session starts from January to December.

After grant of affiliation by Panjab University, the first academic session (2007–08) commenced with 185 students.

She repeatedly acted as Chairman of the Senate and as Committee of Deans during the 2014/2015 academic session She married Joseph Fuwape.

session players   (jugadores de sesión)

Garrett used The Wrecking Crew as session players on the whole album.

The album was recorded in Roy's studio, and featured session players on drums and bass.

Among the session players were country music singer Carson Robison on guitar and Arvid Franzen on accordion.

opening session   (sesión de apertura)

The opening session was held at Westwood on 26 June.

Trump won the first two frames of the opening session, with breaks of 51 and 63.

Additionally, a "piano-laced" track was conceived for the album in its opening session.

test session   (sesión de prueba)

Each test session is 60 minutes long.

In November 2004, he set the fastest time at a Misano di Gera d'Adda Minardi test session.

Team AON's Tom Chilton was a surprise fourth fastest, backing up his performance from Fridays test session.

session took   (sesión tomó)

The session took place at the Buenos Aires Hilton in Buenos Aires.

The final recording session took place in July at Epworth's studio.

The overdubbing session took place at Westlake Audio on Santa Monica Boulevard.

first recording session   (primera sesión de grabación)

Ruffin's first recording session with the group was January 9, 1964.

Lennon's band the Quarrymen covered "That'll Be the Day" in their first recording session, in 1958.

By 2001, the band had secured its first recording session, a live session at Urbana's WEFT radio station.

session took place   (la sesión tuvo lugar)

The session took place at the Buenos Aires Hilton in Buenos Aires.

The final recording session took place in July at Epworth's studio.

The overdubbing session took place at Westlake Audio on Santa Monica Boulevard.

during a session   (durante una sesión)

James Cleveland, and Dorothy Norwood during a session in 1967.

"Sisters of the Moon" emerged from a jam during a session at Village Recorder in Los Angeles.

Sinatra was at the studio hanging out with a band during a session and the session finished early.