İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

set up   (kurmak)

They then set up an employment registry for women.

Temporary shelters were also set up near Acapulco.

In its place, she set up the micro-finance system.

box set   (kutu seti)

The suggested retail price for a box set is $99.99.

DVD box set, as well as VH1's "Behind the Music".

A planned BD box set release in 2012 was cancelled.

set off   (ateşlemek)

She and Mrs. Cheney set off alone with a dog team.

The column set off from Chu at 6 am on 3 January.

Kelly set off three minutes before the backmarkers.

set aside   (kenara koymak)

Land was set aside for Atomic Scientists as well.

Some have been set aside for public open space.

Cave Hill Cemetery set aside plots for the Union dead.

set a new   (yeni bir set)

The 2004 season set a new record with over burned.

The film set a new record for box office sales.

He set a new Irish record of 22.14 and finished 19th.

first set   (ilk set)

Straight pool is the game played for the first set.

The first set of strikes ran from February 15 to 22.

The first set of risks are related to key management.

set forth   (ortaya koymak)

This work set forth results from earlier years.

The types as set forth in the Civil Code are: The Qc.

The AA program of recovery is set forth in the Twelve Steps.

set sail   (yelken açmak)

The squadron set sail from Plymouth on 8 March 1690.

The Spanish fleet set sail on December 12, 1600.

She set sail for Norfolk, Virginia, on the 17th.

set during   (sırasında ayarlandı)

The plot of the poem is set during Oprichnina times.

This trilogy by Ferris is set during the War of 1812.

The film "Blood Diamond" is set during the civil war.

new set   (yeni set)

He ordered a new set of investigations and trials.

This new set of Pharaohs recorded "Li'l Red Riding Hood".

After World War II, a new set of opportunities opened up.

set fire   (ateşe vermek)

They then set fire to the area surrounding the manor.

Sardar set fire and destroyed the estate but freed Faddy.

They set fire to the southern wing first.

second set   (ikinci set)

The second set of six episodes aired spring 2011.

In the second set Nadal broke in the 3rd game for 2–1.

The second set represents the "group" class.

then set

They then set up an employment registry for women.

They are then set to find a trio of art thieves.

They then set fire to the area surrounding the manor.

set list

The set list was chosen from a selection of these:

This set list is representative of the first show in Perth.

It is included on the set list for the Sweetener World Tour.

set on fire   (Ateşe vermek)

Property and even human beings were set on fire.

The town is also set on fire by Turkish cannon.

Last evening they set on fire three buildings, near Esq.

set of all

The set of all sentences is denoted formula_7.

The set of all versors forms a 3-sphere in the 4-space.

The set of all permutations of "X" is "J".

record set   (kayıt kümesi)

Hank Aaron previously held the record set in 1976.

Their record set in 1997 lasted for 7 years.

The 13 runs tied a franchise record set in the 1956 World Series.

set theory   (set teorisi)

Axiomatic set theory was at that point not yet formulated.

The first development of set theory was a naïve set theory.

set to music   (müziğe ayarla)

This poem was set to music by Donald Swann.

According to Frits Staal, it is "the Rigveda set to music".

Some of her songs were set to music.

set against   (karşı koymak)

The previous record was 742 set against Colorado State in 2011.

The hole is set against the scenic backdrop of Linksfield Ridge.

According to some this alliance was set against the Serbian Kingdom.

set a record   (rekor kırmak)

This set a record for the largest audience at a film premiere.

In 1959, Jim Shoulders set a record of 16 world championships.

Bitcoin set a record high of 19,891 US dollars on 17 December.

set of rules

It also records a set of rules for building the melody.

Every trail may have a slightly different set of rules.

The United States has its own set of rules for domestic games.

originally set

Don Taylor was originally set to be Darnell's co star.

"Shinobi III" was originally set to be released in 1992.

The role of Marguerita was originally set for Chita Rivera.

film is set   (film hazır)

The film is set in and was shot in the Twin Cities.

The film is set to release on 2nd November 2018.

The film is set in the reign of King Louis XIII.

story is set   (hikaye hazır)

The story is set in 1793 in Carentan, in Normandy.

The story is set in the backwoods of North Carolina.

The story is set in the backdrop of Thoothukudi.

set back   (gerileme)

Work on the destroyer project continued after this set back.

The position permitted the cannons to be set back into the bastion.

Grenada's economy was set back several years by Hurricane Ivan's impact.

data set

codice_2 specifies the contents of the output data set.

The FRGC data set contains 50,000 recordings.

Data set A data set (or dataset) is a collection of data.

not set   (ayarlanmadı)

The bill does not set out any minimum penalties.

This trilogy is not set in the world of the Broken Empire.

Welch did not set out to be a writer.

set free   (serbest bırakmak)

In eternal harmonies Your spirit now is set free.

Sharon was later set free to go and be with her family.

They were set free by Bucky when he liberated the planet.

instruction set   (komut seti)

The Thumb instruction set is also covered in detail.

It reveals further quirks of the Nova instruction set.

The microprocessor implements the PDP-8 instruction set.

boxed set   (kutulu set)

In 2008 the three albums were collected into a boxed set, "".

In 2014, a CD version of the anthology boxed set was released.

A 2096-page boxed set was issued by Aladdin Paperbacks in 2013.

set the stage   (sahneyi kurmak)

Two events set the stage for the protest.

These changes set the stage for the biggest moment in the franchise's history.

Celebrated performers from within the country and abroad set the stage on fire.

complete set

In 1972, a complete set sold for $20,000.

Once we admit it, NOT is realized and we have a complete set.

In 1273, a complete set of the "Tripiṭaka" cost 3000 "kyats".

set the record   (rekoru kır)

He surpassed Ed Reed who set the record in 2004.

Aaron went on to set the record in Atlanta two nights later.

He set the record for the most matches as captain in the Ranji Trophy.

set foot   (ayak basmak)

Visitors barely set foot on the cave floor.

A temple was built on the specific location where she set foot.

Sargento Mayor Juan de Salcedo was the first Spaniard to set foot in Paete.

film set   (film seti)

The film set a new record for box office sales.

It is a sweet small-town romantic film set in Kanpur.

The film set several records at the Chinese box-office.

set down   (indirmek)

This sentence set down case law for future claims.

He attempted to set down on a river bank, but his jet exploded on impact.

Aristotle set down rules by which knowledge could be discovered by reason.

third set

The third set represents the "others" class.

Both players held, requiring a third set.

She committed 31 unforced errors in the second and third set.

set in motion   (harekete geçirmek)

Now you have set in motion a positive circularity."

The saw is then started and the table set in motion.

Therefore, massacres of the enemies of the people must be set in motion."

set a world   (bir dünya kur)

Later, they set a world record in this event.

She set a world indoor record in the 5000 meter run in 1990.

On 23 September 1972 she set a world record that stood for eight months.

set within

The chapel has two tombs set within its walls.

It is set within a brick surround.

The game is a 3D dungeon crawler set within the locations of "Persona".

character set

ISO/IEC 646, like ASCII, is a 7-bit character set.

ISO 5427 ISO 5427 is a character set developed by ISO.

The character set is based on codepage 437.

another set   (başka bir set)

Five years later, another set was auctioned for $60,500.

There was another set released in 2011.

Yet another set of claims was centered on the Hindu goddess Kanya Kumari.

set design

She also worked on set design for several films.

The set design of "Solaris" features paintings by the Old Masters.

For the theater, Jason worked with direction, set design and acting.

records were set   (kayıtlar ayarlandı)

A total of 13 new championships records were set.

A couple of new championship records were set.

Many batting records were set in this period.

different set

It also had a different set of voting mechanics.

Every trail may have a slightly different set of rules.

Three versions of the single were released, each with a different set of B-sides.

same set

The same set was also released on September 23, 2013 in region 2.

The same set of initialisation numbers is used by Bratley and Fox.

However, Kuratowski finiteness would fail for the same set of socks.

game is set

The game is set in the American Wild West of 1876.

The game is set 500 years after the original.

The game is set in May 1975, Kenya, within the region of Mokowe.

helped set

In 1976, he helped set up the Salamander Oasis Trust.

This helped set the car up for a specific circuit when required.

He became an intimate of Wilson and helped set up his administration.

each set   (her set)

The first team to reach five games wins each set.

There are also 55 cards in each set instead of the normal 30.

Next we might try specifying the least element from each set.

own set

She has her own set of motives, including revenge.

Agent manufacture presented its own set of problems.

For example: Each noun class has its own set of pronouns.

final set

At 3–2 in the final set Davydenko broke to lead 5–2.

The final set lists were largely based on the results.

The final set of thirteen episodes was broadcast in 1972.

series set

Unlike the other series set in the Cosmic Era, "C.E.

They also released a complete series set on May 13, 2008.

The 7800 series set cars are numbered in the "78xx" series.

full set   (tam set)

Postal Service to create a full set of stamps.

The full set of regulations can be found here and here .

The club runs two senior sides and a full set of junior teams.

set designer

The most popular set designer was Lazare Meerson.

Barker began her work in television as a set designer, where she met her husband.

Hans Poelzig grew up in Berlin and became a world-famous architect and set designer.

set apart   (ayırmak)

Some books that are set apart in the Masoretic Text are grouped together.

"Over and over, Washington said that America must be something set apart.

In context, therefore, a holy order is set apart for ministry in the Church.

set to work   (işe koyulmak)

He had also set to work on "The Sapphire Necklace".

Orwell meanwhile set to work on "Nineteen Eighty-Four".

The shears, needle, and thread set to work.

novel is set   (roman hazırlandı)

The novel is set in the 1960s in Batavia, New York.

The novel is set in 1750s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The novel is set in various locations in the Milky Way.

set new   (yeni ayarla)

Cardinals set new RISP mark, other highlights.

Zharkova set new Ukraine's national records in freediving.

She also set new Ukraine's national records in the discipline.

set of points

Let formula_8 intuitively represent a set of points in time.

The set of points "w" in the open disk with exactly "n" preimages is open.

Examples include a closed interval, a rectangle, or a finite set of points.

series is set

The series is set in another German city, Cologne.

The series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The series is set during the military rule over Goryeo.

set to begin   (başlamak için hazır)

Tickets sales are set to begin in April 2018.

The first residents were set to begin moving in that month.

It is set to begin on May 23 in Valencia.

immediately set   (hemen ayarlandı)

He immediately set about rebuilding the team.

He immediately set the team to work on "An Artist's Model".

He renamed it "Claremont" and immediately set about enlarging it.

initially set   (başlangıçta ayarlamak)

Knights are initially set up on each player's first .

The show was initially set to be released in March 2018.

He initially set up business at Curtiss Field in Long Island.

television set

All one needed was a keyboard and a television set.

He also won a 42-inch LG plasma television set.

A top hat appears on top of the television set.

set the tone   (sesi ayarla)

This symposium set the tone for Warhol's reception.

The stories often start with a teaser to set the tone.

Her work in this area set the tone for the work of the Council.

set the fastest

On returning to the track he set the fastest lap of the race, finishing fifteenth.

In November 2004, he set the fastest time at a Misano di Gera d'Adda Minardi test session.

Mark Winterbottom set the fastest time in the final practice session, held on Saturday morning.

live set

In 2004 they recorded The Honest Hour, a live set.

In 1995, "Joe Dirt Car", a two-CD live set, was released.

I know Led Zeppelin also played 'Fresh Garbage' in their live set.

finite set   (Sınırlı set)

For example, is a finite set with five elements.

A finite set with "n" elements has 2 distinct subsets.

Let "X" be a finite set with "n" elements.

set between

The anime, unlike the manga, is set between 2051 and 2071.

In "" (2005), which is set between the first film and "Stitch!

The trophy is a human skull set between a pair of rugby goalposts.

story set   (hikaye seti)

It is a love story set in Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The film is a mystery story set in Cambodia in the Khmer Rouge era.

It's a love story set in the world of fashion and advertisement industry.

standards set

The curriculum is based on the standards set by the Jharkhand School Examination Board.

Women in India were now challenging the double standards set in place by ancient "shastras".

In 1952, the high standards set by the "Nepean Times" newspaper was recognised when it was awarded the W.O.

set pieces   (parçaları ayarlamak)

He sometimes took the set pieces for Al Ain FC.

Four of Lincoln's goals came from set pieces.

On that day, Lángara scored twice from set pieces around 50 metres out.

game set   (Oyun seti)

The game set an attendance record with 6,120 at the arena.

"Desolate" is a survival game set in an open world environment.

The 14-inning game set a World Series record for longest game by innings.

set number   (set numarası)

The cards have both a set number and a subset number.

In January 1952, 4EPB set number 5001 entered service on the line.

The tracklist for We Sing 80s was announced over a set number of weeks.

no set   (set yok)

There are no set plays unless your team has them.

One consequence of it is or, in other words, no set is an element of itself.

They have no set colours or markings (although certain markings are discriminated against).

all set   (her şey hazır)

Bond is now definitely all set for the Seventies".

She is now all set to venture into other South Indian languages.

You're all set to go home.

set before   (önceden ayarla)

It is set before the events of "Resistance 3".

There are multiple victory conditions that can be set before each game.

This record was set before any car or aeroplane had attained such a speed.

decided to set

On 30 July 1945, the government decided to set up a Justice Laboratory.

Leavitt left the grocery business and decided to set himself up as a financier.

Eight years later, the city of Munich decided to set up a permanent guard watch.

set upon   (üzerine koymak)

Sadazo returns during the child's funeral and is set upon by his mother.

The protesters were violently set upon by the state sponsored Sandinista Youth.

The Cathedral is set upon a hillside on the Katajanokka peninsula overlooking the city.

record was set   (kayıt ayarlandı)

The old record was set in 1995 by David Ozio, who toppled 1,070 pins.

The track record was set by Ronnie Jamroży (62,79 sec on 13 April 2009).

This record was set before any car or aeroplane had attained such a speed.

set was released

A 40th Anniversary Blu-Ray set was released in 2014.

The DVD set was released on 20 October 2009.

A DVD box set was released in Japan on February 20, 2008.

team set   (takım seti)

The 1990 Aggie team set a school record of 471.1 yards per game.

While winning the 2003 title the Dutch team set a new world record.

Senderos came up through the youth team set up at Swiss club Servette.

set for release

The film was set for release sometime in 2012.

The album is set for release in 2018.

It is set for release in 2020 for PC.

set several

She set several new records in the WPRA and the PRCA.

He set several pitching records at Spring High School.

Apollo set several major human spaceflight milestones.

later set

He later set up similar courses in Quba and Baku.

The mall's opening date was later set at May 15, 2019.

Sharon was later set free to go and be with her family.

novel set   (roman seti)

The "Gold Coast" by Nelson DeMille is a novel set in the area.

At one point she planned to write a historical novel set in Lombardy.

"Tinder" (2013) is a historical novel set during the Thirty Years War.

government set   (hükümet seti)

In 1982, the Chinese government set up the Shanghai Economic Area.

In July 1922, the government set up a Cabinet Trade Policy Committee.

As of January 1, 2005, the government set the foreign exchange rate at US$1=ERN15.

then set up

They then set up an employment registry for women.

An embassy was then set up and six samurai stayed on.

The institute then set up four research branches, i.e.

set around   (dolaşmak)

The act was set around a story line.

Parts of it are set around the town of Whitby, where he spent summer holidays.

"Fat Friends" is set around a slimming club in the Headingley district of Leeds.

set a precedent   (emsal teşkil etmek)

These set a precedent for worldwide construction.

This project set a precedent in the field of heat power tariffication .

This was the first time 512(f) had been enforced in court, and set a precedent.

helped set up

In 1976, he helped set up the Salamander Oasis Trust.

He became an intimate of Wilson and helped set up his administration.

In 1924 Aldred and Patrick helped set up a journal called "The Commune".

set to expire   (süresi dolmak üzere)

In November 2009, her contract with Mnet Media was set to expire.

Rickey's contract as general manager was set to expire on October 28, 1950.

The treaty was set to expire after 10 years, but was broken after only 10 months.

set includes

The set includes six minifigures.

The set includes the feature on Blu-ray, DVD and An Unearthly Child DVD.

This 2-disc set includes a full-length studio CD and a full-feature live DVD.

set a school   (bir okul kur)

Season total of 229 assists set a school record.

Taylor also set a school record with 45 career touchdowns.

The total, 662, set a school record.

set up camp

The party can either set up camp, or rest in an inn.

The Belgians later retreated to Turnhout, allowing the Dutch to set up camp.

Known as the Bonus Army, they set up camp in a Hooverville in Anacostia Park.

set to take   (almaya hazır)

Marches were set to take place in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Originally, the entire tournament was set to take place in Kochi, Kerala.

Kyle Larson, Allgaier's teammate at Turner Scott who was set to take over the No.

set containing

It is the smallest convex set containing .

"Deer Avenger: Stag Party" is a box set containing the first two games in the series.

In Japan, it was released as a 2-disc set containing Compact Disc audio and DVD video.

company set   (şirket seti)

In 1981 the company set up its first international subsidiary, in Germany.

Virgin Money Giving is a charitable not-for-profit company set up by Virgin in October 2009.

Lagan Engineering is a jute machinery manufacturing company set up in 1955 in Angus in Champdani.

single set

Venezuela were eliminated after not winning a single set.

Single horns use a single set of tubes connected to the valves.

And additional variation uses a single set of 6 cards, and regular dice.