Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

straight sets   (juegos rectos)

He then lost to Denis Shapovalov in straight sets.

Kubot/Marach defeated Dlouhý/Paes in straight sets.

He then lost in straight sets against World No.

sets were designed   (los conjuntos fueron diseñados)

The film's sets were designed by Norman G. Arnold.

The sets were designed by Yuri Annenkov.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Anton Grot.

sets up   (establece)

The connection sets up based on the user dialing.

Jill kisses Patrick before he leaves and sets up.

He temporarily sets up base in the Greek Embassy.

sets off

Prabhu hides his love and sets off to find Karuppu.

The Martian sets off and lands in the United States.

He kills Sunderland and sets off for the swamps.

data sets

IEBCOPY copies, compresses and merges partitioned data sets.

The source data sets are not cataloged.

Mozilla publishes Common Voice data sets under a CC-0 license.

television sets

From 1950 to 1959, Bendix made television sets.

The images can be transferred to compatible television sets.

there were 4,000 television sets.

box sets

It also appeared on the box sets, "Afterglow" and "Flashback".

It was sold in different box sets and had accessories such as windows.

On all of the box sets, it states, "from the creators of the Gundam series".

different sets

Outgoing and ingoing tracks use different sets of motor proteins.

Several different sets were used.

Several different sets of lyrics have been set to the tune of "Night Train".

both sets

The following songs were performed during both sets.

Double first cousins share both sets of grandparents.

The rivalry between both sets of fans remains very strong.

character sets

Therefore, for international character sets, Unicode is growing in popularity.

Both of these problems also hindered the adoption of extended ASCII character sets.

The use of these custom character sets was generally incompatible between manufacturers.

open sets   (conjuntos abiertos)

The open sets of this topology are called cylinder sets.

So it can be written as the union of two disjoint open sets, e.g.

the smallest sigma algebra on "X" that contains all open sets "U" ∈ "T".

sets and costumes

At the Abbey, she designed the sets and costumes for revivals of W.B.

The sets and costumes were designed by Coward's friend Gladys Calthrop.

She began her career creating sets and costumes at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

sets forth

Each opinion sets forth the facts, prior decisions, and legal reasoning behind the position taken.

The Act of 2007 sets forth obligations for Bhutanese agencies and individuals as well as foreigners.

The views he sets forth here do not in all respects agree with the teachings of modern Catholic theologians.

then sets

Eddie then sets out to foil the kidnapping himself.

Elliot then sets some traps for Roman to follow.

Cardo then sets out a plan to kidnap Oscar.

train sets

The train sets are made up of following carriages:

As of August 2019, all 54 Azur train sets were delivered.

$1.1 billion of that would go toward purchasing 63 new train sets.

series sets

The 7800 series sets were formerly numbered as follows.

These were the last 205 series sets to be built from new.

Further sets, classified 7800 series, were added from 2003, modified from former Keisei 3700 series sets.

sets fire   (prende fuego)

Vikram arrests Vijayarayulu and sets fire to his palace.

Sawyer refuses, while Cale sets fire to several rooms as a diversion.

Anand is unable to bear this and immediately sets fire to his new Yamaha bike.

live sets

Many musicians also continue to include the song in their live sets.

Tracks from "Mega" began appearing in live sets as early as July 2015.

The photograph sparked accusations that Justice's live sets were faked.

all sets

For example, the class of all sets would be a proper class.

Not all sets are comparable in this way.

The cosets of Z in R are all sets of the form "a"+Z, with a real number.

skill sets

The surf breaks have a vast array of size and skill sets.

In autism, inertia can be described as a deficit in certain skill sets.

Other societal factors tend to result in men and women having different skill sets.

sets of points

In practice, edges are usually defined as sets of points in the image which have a strong gradient magnitude.

According to former notions, set theory included not only the general set theory and the theory of sets of points, but also dimension and measure theory.

Voting during the three shows involved each country awarding two sets of points from 1–8, 10 and 12: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting.

new sets

In 2005 publishing began of two new sets of audiobooks.

In October 2015, four new sets were released for Toys "R" Us Bricktober.

While past boats had merely sunk and were not intended for water use, these new sets could actually float.

several sets

It is calculated from several sets of air pollution data.

However, a binary operation may also involve several sets.

Compound parabolic dunes are coalesced features with several sets of trailing arms.

radio sets

For example, BA-1234/PRC would be a battery for portable radio sets.

They carried two radio sets but no written instructions or identifiable uniform or rank.

In some vacuum tube radio sets, a "Magic Eye" or "Tuning Eye" tube was provided to assist in tuning the receiver.

stage sets

Few props are used, and minimal or no stage sets.

After Wallace saw the elaborate stage sets, he exclaimed, "My God.

In addition he designs stage sets, objects and was curator of Indesem 2007.

first two sets

The first two sets were tightly contested ones.

The first two sets lasted a combined 2 hours and 13 minutes.

He had dropped just one game in winning the first two sets, but lost the match in five.

sun sets

A bonfire is set in the mountains to the west of the town, where the sun sets.

As the sun sets, Pinhead, who is another living puppet, climbs out of Neil's casket.

This is balanced by the summer solstice in June, when the sun sets after 22:00 and rises before 05:00.

film sets   (sets de filmación)

Filming took place in Los Angeles and film sets at Warner Bros. Studios.

the film sets in the Manchu era.Two aging martial artists get together once a year for a timed duel.

The film sets the sisters up as opposing forces, and a question quickly arises – who is more believable?

finite sets

Cardinality can be used to compare an aspect of finite sets; e.g.

All finite sets are countable, but not all countable sets are finite.

In the case of finite sets, this agrees with the intuitive notion of size.

sets of chromosomes

Most multicellular organisms have two sets of chromosomes; that is, they are diploid.

the genome of a single individual (J. Craig Venter) in which both sets of chromosomes were sequenced.

Fertilized eggs get two sets of chromosomes, one from each parent, and so larva develop into diploid females, while unfertilized eggs only contain one set from the mother, so develop into haploid males or drones.

sets it apart

This sets it apart from uncoupling agents such as protonophores.

A New York style bagel has many characteristics that sets it apart from other styles of bagels.

An athletic physique in a small size is what sets it apart from other pony breeds and warmblood horses.

sets designed

Compactrons simply don't exist in any TV sets designed after 1986.

It was shot at Elstree Studios with sets designed by the art director Duncan Sutherland.

The film's sets designed by art director Lionel Banks were acclaimed for their attention to detail.