İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

setting up   (kurma)

His forte was setting up cars for specific tracks.

He is working on setting up a music school in Ningbo

KINFRA is setting up an industrial park in Puzhakkal.

setting a new   (yeni bir ayar yapmak)

She jumped a distance of 14.49 m, setting a new Israeli national indoor record.

A total of nine players from LSU were drafted in 2013, setting a new school record.

Khan knocked Lo Greco out in 39 seconds of round 1, setting a new record for himself.

setting off   (ayarlamak)

Lyra destroys the machine, setting off a series of explosions.

By setting off a fire alarm, Jay manages to evade Boyer and Lomas.

Law enforcement was sent in and the park was bulldozed, setting off a protest.

before setting   (ayarlamadan önce)

He and Sancho undergo one more prank by the Duke and Duchess before setting off.

She practised law for about 14 years before setting up an educational institution.

He was the giver of laws, and his oracles were consulted before setting laws in a city.

campaign setting   (kampanya ayarı)

It features 96 pages of monsters unique to the Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

Additional builds were added in "Primal Power" and the Dark Sun campaign setting.

The module includes campaign setting material on Blackmoor and the Thonian Empire.

setting fire   (ateş yakmak)

They hide in their burrow while Slade tries trapping them by setting fire to its entrance.

He eventually reaches a breaking point and knocks a gas lantern over, setting fire to his house.

There are reports of the attackers setting fire to single houses to dislodge persistent defenders.

rural setting   (kırsal alan)

Before the industrial revolution, Aalen's economy was shaped by its rural setting.

He felt he could better recover in a rural setting from his lengthy preaching trips.

Known throughout Ireland as Violet Hill, the College has occupied its rural setting since 1829.

setting the stage   (sahneyi kurmak)

Clifford follows her on the train, setting the stage for a tender reconciliation.

Stengel called on Bob Kuzava, who retired Snider, setting the stage for Billy Martin.

He placed 5th at the Olympics, setting the stage for his success over the next four years.

setting a record   (kayıt ayarlamak)

He had six touchdown returns, setting a record for most returns in a single season.

These episodes were watched by 8 million viewers, setting a record number for the series.

In September 2006, he won his first gold record, setting a record in sales in the Peruvian market.

responsible for setting   (ayardan sorumlu)

He was also responsible for setting up "Manjusha Museum" in Dharmasthala.

After the war, Degrond was responsible for setting up a women's section of the CFIO.

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting the broad direction of the association.

setting aside   (kenara koyma)

They argue that Banquo is merely setting aside his sword for the night.

He wrote it after setting aside an early attempt to compose a symphony.

So, setting aside her rivalry to please a guest, she visits Matsuki at her huge inn to ask for help.

including setting

He also known for setting up goals, including setting up a brace, in a 3–1 win over Bradford City on 28 February 2009.

The Parliament of Scotland of 1695 enacted proposals that might help the desperate economic situation, including setting up the Bank of Scotland.

Environmental applications have mostly been collaborations with larger projects, including setting up of weather stations at high altitude locations like Mohare Danda.

urban setting   (kentsel ayarı)

Her first book with an urban setting was "Peter and Butch".

Dancehall mostly focuses on love songs in an urban setting.

The aim of the group was to make three dimensional work within an urban setting.

natural setting

This is due to its mild climate, natural setting, and well-developed infrastructure.

Pieter Boel revolutionized animal painting by working directly from live animals in a natural setting.

The people in a work can be a single man or woman, pair or small group of people as they work, play or just exist in a natural setting.

record setting   (kayıt ayarı)

The Club held the Hebberley Shield from 2002 to 2009, a record setting run, and now again in 2013–2014.

Reilly followed up her Olympic experience with a record setting 2012-13 season for the Bryant Bulldogs.

Her plan was to leave from Newfoundland on a record setting transatlantic flight to London on Christmas day.

setting sun   (Batan güneş)

Errigal is known for the pinkish glow of its quartzite in the setting sun.

The Red Lanterns supposedly stared at the setting sun to gain the ability to invoke lightning.

In Ireland there was a belief that the souls of the dead departed westwards over the sea with the setting sun.

instrumental in setting

John Beloff and Joshua Snyder were instrumental in setting it up.

He was also instrumental in setting up the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia and was its founder and Chairman.

Rai was instrumental in setting up the India Infrastructure Finance Company and was also on the Board of this company.

before setting up   (kurmadan önce)

She practised law for about 14 years before setting up an educational institution.

He served as an army surgeon before setting up practice in Dublin where he became wealthy.

She moved to further positions at Quorum, then Coopers, before setting up her own design company.

setting an annual

The parish council has responsibility for local issues, including setting an annual precept (local rate) to cover the council’s operating costs and producing annual accounts for public scrutiny.

setting the record   (kaydı ayarlamak)

It can be heard in "Alone in the Dark" after setting the record on the Gramophone in the Dance Hall.

He had long runs of 21 and 32 yards in the drive before setting the record on a 6-yard run to the 3.

Choosing to pretend they hardly knew her in the media scrum following her death, it is only now that he is setting the record straight.

involved in setting

They were involved in setting up the gallery's foundation in 1980.

He was involved in setting up several union branches in the building sector.

Marguerite was involved in setting up the "Garrow-O'Leary" escape line with Ian Garrow and Pat O'Leary.

clinical setting

In a clinical setting, these two ptoses are fairly easy to distinguish.

A medical simulation centre is an educational centre in a clinical setting.

These include: In a clinical setting, three species make up 80 to 95% of all isolates identified.

setting forth

The final agreement is always a negotiated document setting forth fees and other terms.

Newman has authored a number of important opinions setting forth the law of patents in the United States.

Upon learning that he is setting forth, she rushes to the railway station, but is not on time for the train's departure.

setting new   (yeni ayar)

He finished season with 25 goals, being top scorer and setting new record.

In 1992 he won gold in both the 100m and 200m breaststroke setting new world records in both distances.

There is online competition in trying to finish the levels as fast as possible and setting new world records.

school setting   (okul ortamı)

The college is an alternative to the traditional school setting.

It was also used as the high school setting for the hit TV show "Glee".

The book consists of six lectures designed to be delivered in a law school setting.

thus setting

Khan won the poll, thus setting up the fight.

When reserves acquired by AEMO are dispatched they are bid in at the MPC thus setting the spot price at the maximum level.

In 1995 Mathis retained his USBA belt with a point win over contender Alex Garcia, thus setting up a fight with Mike Tyson.

main setting   (ana ayar)

It was also the main setting of McLaren's cartoon, "Tooned".

The main setting is fictional Ashley Court in the Malvern Hills in England.

The main setting of the strip is Fingerpori, an imaginary Finnish small town.

setting the fastest

An additional point was awarded to the driver setting the fastest qualifying lap for each race.

<nowiki>*</nowiki>A driver must finish within the top ten to receive a point for setting the fastest lap of the race.

At the East season-opening race at New Smyrna, qualifying was rained out, allowing Deegan to inherit pole position after setting the fastest practice time.

musical setting

Finn Coren also created a different musical setting for the poem on his album "".

", was given a musical setting in 1916 by Walter Greatorex, an old boy of the school.

A metric version titled "Quicumque vult", with a musical setting, was published in "The Whole Booke of Psalmes" printed by John Day in 1562.

fantasy setting   (fantezi ortamı)

These characters embark upon imaginary adventures within a fantasy setting.

The game involves searching for thirteen lost artifacts in a fantasy setting.

It takes place in a space fantasy setting where multiple races contest possession of the universe's last star.

new setting

"Cross" is a sequel to "Chrono Trigger" featuring a new setting and cast of characters.

Rhode Island was the new setting, with Tom Soares replacing Daniel Rey at the mixing and production table.

For the fifth edition, released in 1994, a new setting was created, dubbed "Chronopia", that had a darker tone.

historical setting

The historical setting dates around 520 BCE before the Temple has been rebuilt.

By Series Three, the surrealism and anachronisms were well entrenched and the plots had very little to do with the historical setting.

Tarabnameh Tarabnameh is a long musical "mazhake" by Bahram Beyzai, in which multiple stories are interwoven together in a historical setting.